Customer Reviews: Timex® Men's T49859 Intelligent Quartz Compass Tide Temperature Silver Case Black Strap Watch
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on June 28, 2012
This watch is absolutely beautiful. Not to mention it can do a lot of really cool things. The temperature feature is the only thing that isn't exactly what you would think. You have to take it off for about 10 minutes before the reading is accurate, however if you know that going in then it is no problems. The way that the compass feature works is really quite impressive and is nice to show people. The tide function is great and overall this watch is one of my favorites that I own. Worth the money.
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on September 18, 2013
I purchased this watch because I live along the coast and engage in activities where knowledge of the tide cycle is important. To be frank I did not expect a great deal from the watch and thought it would be, perhaps, a useful novelty. After set and use for the past week I must say I am impressed by the accuracy of all the functions. I set up the compass using a Brunton compass and found the watch compass to equal the Brunton once set for the area declination. The watch face is smaller than a field compass but still reasonable to use for way finding navigation. The tide indicator must be adjusted from time to time as the tide cycle creeps a few minutes a day but short of a computer or tablet device the watch does as fine a job as any wrist watch I have looked at. A tide adjustment once a week will keep the tide indicator working with as much precision as I need for coastal activities. The band is large enough for my large wrist and I find the silicon material more comfortable than the harder rubber bands on other products. Negatives are but two. One, the indicator pointer and watch hands all make for a lot to look at at certain times of the day and it take a few seconds to decipher tide from time or temp from time etc. Second, the temperature seems slow to react to ambient temperature once you remove it from your wrist. The instructions do call this out and recommend "several minutes". I would recommend this watch to anyone needing tide and direction information in a compact unit.
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on September 9, 2014
I watched over 10 videos and read over 20 reviews on this E-Tide watch.
I was a bit skeptic able at first reading the reviews before buying, I am glad I did!
This watch is incredibly accurate! Even on my wrist the TEMP was true and accurate to local forecast, even when the directions say to keep off your wrist at least 10 mins for accurate readings.
The TIDE indicator is accurate to the T.
COMPASS is accurate to magnetic north or true north, your choice when setting up.
Here is what I found with the negative reviews on this watch...Simply the people who were dissatisfied with this product did not set up the watch as the directions indicate, if you follow the directions this watch is true and accurate as it boasts!
I highly recommend this watch to all outdoors man, especially fishermen!
If you are not tech savvy, do not buy this watch, it is unfair to list negative reviews when a non tech savvy person does not know how to function this watch!
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on February 20, 2015
I was looking for a watch with compass and thermometer for long time and was really exited about this watch but after a month the tide and thermometer stopped working and the compass need a calibration anytime I wanted to use it and now even with calibration North is way off. Does keep good time but I didn't buy this watch for that.
Update: after another month the watch stooped working and the crown fell off. Compass stopped working.
Update: after six month the crown fell. Now it can not even tell the time. I guess everyone who buy times should be aware that this is a cheep watch that will not last long, but less than a year? Timex should not be proud with there products
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on December 9, 2014
This is a nice looking watch on the wrist. I'll start by saying that it does take a day or two of wearing to see the hour/minute hands correctly - the 4th hand function indicator can be confused with the time hands especially when close together. Humbly, I'll admit that I almost missed a Corning Glass Museum show time the day after receiving this watch due to confusing the hands! But it's not a big deal as your eyes will quickly adjust to separating them as you wear it. The face also at first seems a bit busy, but as you wear it, you appreciate how well it actually uses "white space" and isn't too busy in reality. The face itself is atypical of Timex which usually plasters their name across the center portion so the subdued Timex logo at 12 and subdued product brand at 6 is a nice feature of the face. The date window is round with a chrome ring at the 6 and so much nicer than the typical 3 o'clock position. I mention these things that you can obviously see from the photo to point out that this doesn't look like your typical Timex and gives a much better impression as far as looks go. The compass-point bezel is multi-directional and those are 1 degree E/W longitude markings on either side of North btw, which helps you adjust for declination.

Unlike the Expedition-class watches, this watch is atypically quiet for a Timex.

The main reason for purchasing this timepiece were the functions. It's about the least expensive surf watch you'll find anywhere (like anything with 'baby' or 'wedding' attached to it means premium prices, so too 'surf' or 'diver' has the same effect on watch pricing)... Timex doesn't call this a surf watch, but that's what it is with the added function of a compass. The tide function came calibrated from the factory with the correct setting and was verified by visiting and tides4fishing websites. It was dead-on. The Compass function found magnetic North fine when it arrived. Following the instructions for calibrating declination was straight forward although forget about going to Timex site per the instructions for the declination OR tide tables... they ain't there (declination for your location can be found at Since this came up, I'm still very unimpressed with the instruction writers (hint for Timex, invest a couple thousand bucks and hire a technical writer who's native tongue is English and stop the translating already!)... nice watch with second grade instructions is a bit weird. Now for the Temperature function... well, I'm mixed about this one. I will say I've not checked it in water yet, but I have kept it off my wrist for more than the recommended 10 minutes and found it wanting in the accuracy department. It appears from my watch to be about 20 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. I've checked this in various locations with a reliable thermometer and keep coming up with the same difference. I attribute it to the aluminum/metal casing, but that's just guessing. It's not a deal to me as long as I know the difference (and it cannot be calibrated as far as I can determine from the instructions/Timex site/or the web), but just want to tell of my experience in case temperature is a big deal for you. [I will add this though, it turns out on my watch, at least, it reads nearly accurate temperature when the watch is ON my wrist than off... checked this in freezing and well above freezing and it registers truer temp than when off my wrist. Either a happy accident or they've re-calibrated at the factory due to high amounts of customer service calls]

Now for the shortcomings... The lume is typical Timex - very weak. It's on the hour/minute hands and on dots that mark the hours just above the chrome hour indicators and is like looking at an apparent magnitude star of about +6... a mere hint of light. The Indiglo supposedly makes up for that lack, and it does, although because of the tide markings "swoosh" you have to take a longer glance to find the hour/minute hands. The 4th hand is my biggest complaint, however. It has a blue tip on the sharp indicator end with a backwards arrow that points to nothing, but a bigger oddity than that is the round, non-indicator end with a pointer that would actually make a better working end than the blue tip end. It's functional, but just an odd design. Also - and I have to add this - when you push the Temp pusher (top right with blue shaft), the indicator sweeps first to the "beginning" of the temperature scale (where the C & F markings are) and then sweeps to indicate temperature (although it has a line indicating the start of the temperature scale and reads "temp" just to the left of the date, but ignores that one)... okay fine, letting you know it's taking the temperature... BUT, when you hit the tide pusher (bottom right) it sweeps to the center of the "WR 100M" marking which seems arbitrary and isn't that far from it's temp start position). Compass button (left bottom) just goes directly to the compass... this sweeping first thing is, to me, simply a battery drainer without any very useful function. One more critique... the second hand "walks", that is it doesn't line up with the second markings, but this is pretty typical on any sub-$300 timepiece, but just to let you know.

A word about the band... it's soft and comfortable, but it's also a serious dust magnet and it's not easy to clean dust off of rubber. Be aware that it's a 16 lug and flares to 22-23mm. A 16 lug band on a 46mm case is way too small... so if you want to change the band (and I recommend Rubbertech Silicone 22mm which are long-lasting and anti-dust attractive) you'll have to cut the sides to cover the lug-posts. The 22mm worked just fine and the Rubbertech was easy to cut with my Swiss Army Huntsman knife. Also note that the lug bars are screwed in, so you'll need TWO tiny (eye glass type) screwdrivers... one to hold a screw while you turn the opposite one (otherwise the screw will just turn the other)... also note that the screws are extremely tiny, so don't do this on a hard Formica top/surface or they'll bounce and you'll be hard-pressed to find them).

Overall, this watch was a fine purchase and one I'm certainly not regretting... it's a budget surf watch with an accurate compass that's reliable and looks fantastic both on the casual end as well as the formal end of the spectrum.
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on December 29, 2015
I bought this watch for the tide tracking function, and it works great for me! I have it set to my favorite fishing spot, which is a tidal marsh with a different tide timing than the beach nearby. For best accuracy tide clocks are best set at high tide on the new or full moon. I expect to check the tide clock monthly, not weekly.

Note that the tide clock feature won't work well in all locations - this holds for most (if not all) tide clocks. If you live in an area with a diurnal tide pattern (Gulf Coast) then you might be better served with a tide chart and a regular clock.
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on December 18, 2014
Coolest looking watch I have seen so far. Delivery took 17 days to reach me as it was delayed. The blue you seen in the picture isn't as dark as it looks. It's actually more Cyan looking which irks me as the colour somewhat blend in with the black. Initially I was contemplating as to whether I should get the Red one instead, but I'm no fan of Red.
PROS: Quality is solid even though Made in Phillippines and Strap Made in China. Case is stainless steel and the outer compass ring is resin. Smooth and bendy Silicon strap which some don't like but I really do like. Big watch face but not as huge as I imagined. The compass is quite accurate for me without calibration. Indigo button lights up the WHOLE face which is very cool.
CONS: Tide doesn't quite work for me. Not even near. Temperature is only accurate when watch is NOT worn on the wrist (Body heat affects the reading according to the manual.) Be sure to remove the watch to let it rest and 'cool' off. After several minutes or so, it's pretty accurate, trust me. The hour and minute hands look quite confusing for me at first. In the day, it's quite difficult to read the time, and at night, the luminous part of the hands aren't very obvious too. Nonetheless I will compromise those shortcomings for its cool looks. Oh, and the manual is hidden underneath the watch's plastic stand holder, just in case you've missed it. The manual recommends you to calibrate the compass before use fyi. Buy one during sale. I'm just wondering how long will the battery last since I played with the buttons every now and then :)
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on September 28, 2011
The watch is poorly designed, and if you do anything more than stand perfectly still with it, you're probably going to break off one of the buttons. They have ridges at the top, making them ideal for snagging on things and shearing off when you move your hand. I don't know why something designed to be worn on the wrist would be so prone to snagging and breaking. I received the first one, and in the process of gently removing the shipping plug over one of the buttons, the button snapped off. Amazon kindly replaced the watch, but with 10 minutes the new watch snagged on a ledge when reaching into a drawer and broke again.

Do not buy this watch. If they redesign the buttons and make them smooth I'd say its a great watch, but otherwise, its a watch for 10 minutes and a bracelet after that.
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on August 15, 2012
oversize case but very light, awesome display with bright dials and pointers, very sportive. Temp measure don't work very well except out of wrist. I'm very satisfied.Timex Men's T49859DH Intelligent Quartz Compass Tide Temperature Silver Case Black Strap Watch
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on February 1, 2016
The watch seems well made and looks good as it does in the pictures. However, it was a little larger than expected (not used to buying such things online yet so probably my 'bad') but after several days I noticed that a) I found it often quite hard to see the time because of their being four dials but also so many other elements the same colour as the minute and hour hands and b) the compass function, even when called up in the same place as a previous reading gave significantly different result and, yes, I was carefully keeping it level and c) the temperature function, as mentioned in other reviews, is really not all the helpful unless you take it off your wrist and wait a few minutes. I also wished it had an alarm. Now hopefully it was just me doing something stupid with the compass or I got unlucky with the watch, and also since am middle-aged have problems with looking at little things up close without the right size reading glasses etc. (though even with them sometimes hard to see without taking some time to figure out which hand was which, esp if one or more was clustered together near same place. So I really wanted to like this watch quite a bit, but found I just couldn't use it easily.
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