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Using the "try me" feature (it's an xmas present not opened yet), here's what it says: 7 whacky character phrases British accent guy: C'mon, get up, get up, get up! Get yourself in the lou, change your skivvies, fix your hair, fix a cup of tea mate, c'mon we don't have all day! Asian accent guy: Wise word for today - Be generous with your energy, be generous with your smile. A smile is like a toothbrush. Use it often to keep your teeth shiny clean. And don't forget to breathe - very important. Australian accent guy: G'day mate! How nice is the weather today. Crikey, you better jump in the shower before a dingo eats your breakfast! Asian accent guy: You wake up now. You been sleeping like 24 hour. No more beauty sleep for you! Look in the mirror - you need to brush your hair. You scare my wife! Jamaican accent guy: Good morning man, the sun is shine, the birds are tweet, what's wrong with this picture? You are still asleep! Stand up and greet the day, Greet the world brotha - no one can mess with you. Don't know why you're still in bed. Wake up man! Military drill sergeant guy: (Horns) Up, here we go! Up in the morning way too soon, hungry as a bear by noon, drop give me 20, ain't no way you're going back to sleep. Hup-hup-hup. Surfer dude accent guy: Dude, woah, wake up dude, c'mon focus, it's like time for your feet to hit the floor man, you're gonna have an awesome day dude, like totally off the wall dude! Jah, righteous! Hope this helps!
Nov 21, 2013 by carrefour
No chord, just batteries.
Nov 26, 2013 by Adam
The recordings are very clear. My only thought for you is that there might be a problem with some of the accents. Some might be demeaning to certain nationalities (stereotypes). But they are very funny and clear.
Dec 8, 2014 by Wilma J. Kanwar
no always sound
Jan 24, 2015 by mike schleicher
The batteries do last a while, but the vibration feature that helps wake you up stopped working. And because the alarm clock isn't super loud it makes it harder to wake up to.
Jul 30, 2014 by Brian LePoidevin
I have no clue what "decibel’" is.
Mar 16, 2015 by Krystal
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