Customer Reviews: Timex® Men's Classic EZRead Analog Silver Case Black Leather Strap Watch #T2N370
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on March 3, 2008
In my 67 years I have owned watches from an Ingersol Mickey Mouse when I was a kid all the way through a solid gold Concord that sells for almost $7,000. With a LeCoultre and a Rolex in between. But guess what? This Timex is just remarkable! As your eyes age, it's nice to have a high-contrast simple black-on-white display, and the Indiglo feature is priceless for low- or no-light conditions. The simplicity and craftsmanship of this watch has to be seen to be believed--the sweep second hand actually hits the marks around the dial with accuracy I almost never saw in my Swiss watches. That, to me, is a near-impossible task that only my most expensive watch managed (one of the reasons I bought it since I'm a perfectionist type). The Timex people have done an outstanding job with this inexpensive watch. The ten-year battery life is a bonus. I very highly recommend this handsome, simple, elegant timepiece! (I do not own stock in Timex.)
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on November 7, 2009
I am the type that has not had a watch for years; essentially since I started carrying around a cell phone that could tell me that time without worrying about carrying around another thing. I don't like going to the effort of carrying around something I'm not really going to use. However, I am now in nursing school, and will forever on need a watch with a second hand to take pulse and respiration rates. This made me sad. I tried to find an affordable watch that I could live with from Sears, Walmart, Target, etc, and utterly failed. If I found something that looked nice it wouldn't fit, it would be out of my newly-married college student price range, or be unreliable. After returning two watches that I "settled" with, I decided to try my luck on Amazon.

Here are the things I find important in a watch:
- Has a second hand. That works. For longer than a week.
- Will fit comfortably... Won't be loose, clunky, or excessively heavy.
- Will have a classic look that I can wear to work, parties, or whatever.
- Will fit in my extremely limited budget.
- Extras are nice, especially alarms and date.

This watch delivers with flying colors on all the important things for my needs. The price is great. I barely feel it when I'm wearing it, and the leather band fits around my wrist comfortably and prevents it from sliding down my arm when I raise my hand. It's very easy to read, it's extremely light, it's relatively slim, and its design is classy; it doesn't look cheap in any way (not expensive either, but not cheap). It's just trying to be useful and classic, and it succeeds.

As far as the last thing, alarms and dates and such, this watch does not have that. It has a day of the month thing on the face, but no month or year, so I'll probably have to adjust it occasionally (which is very easy, just not something I want to have to think about). No extras aside from what you see on the face of the watch, period. The only other complaint I have about the watch is the noise. The ticking noise this makes would lead not only Captain Hook to want to smash it, but many others. Especially when they are trying to study. If you point the face away from your ear, or cover it up, the sound disappears, but if you are propping your head up with that hand it's a lost cause. This isn't a huge thing, but it is worth noting.

All in all, I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase, and appreciate the fact that what I saw was what I got.
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on October 15, 2014
Received this watch and it looks much better in person than it does on the website.

The color is a nice darker brown, the dial is easy to read, and the holes are spaced very nicely for the perfect fit.

For $30, you cannot go wrong with this watch.
review image
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on February 29, 2008
This is probably one of the most accurate and best looking Timex watch of all time.The price is right even at retail.I have put my through the toughest of conditions,swimming in the ocean,jack hammering,heavy impact wrench use,you just cannot hurt this watch,It looks great with a suit or with jeans.This watch has a very expensive appearance especially if you put a good band on it when the original wears out.
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on April 2, 2011
I'm far-sighted and I need to remove my glasses to see up close. With a typical digital watch checking the time was a two handed maneuver. This watch is EZ to read on the fly, with a big face and bold numbers. And lemme tell you about the backlight! Bright as heck, you could use it to flag down a jumbo jet (almost). I appreciate that it's thin, and most of the face is used for the watch, not for some slidey compass gizmo that makes you look like Chuck Yeager or Indiana Jones. Loud ticking? BFD. It's a watch. If it keeps you up at night you have bigger problems than a loud watch. On the nightstand it's gonna be loud, so put it on top of something soft, you'll be surprised at the difference. Thank me later.

The thing about analog: I'm not a runner or an aviator, so I don't need precision chronometrics. If I really need an alarm, I use my phone. I bet my phone has a stopwatch if I really need one. When I check the time, I don't need to know that it's 7:56:48, I just need to know that it's almost eight. Loosey goosey.

Analog vs. digital: My kids have trouble reading an analog clock, and they're almost teenagers. If I walk into the TV room and say, "It's time for bed, it's ten o'clock," they'll say, no, it's nine-fifty-eight!" The main thing is, Analog shows the time in a relative way, Digital in an absolute way. The idea of "a quarter past one" doesn't exist in digital time; it's 1:15. The hour is shown in an elapsing, progressing, way, quarters, thirds, halves, VISUALLY, like a sundial. You don't need to know if it's precisely noon, just that it's lunchtime. Digital reduces time to a technical statistic, like cholesterol. Your brain has to interpret it into Time-time: "It's 11:26, um, let's see, thirty four minutes to lunch," too much mental energy. A glance at an analog watch and you know it's time to start those gastric juices a bubbling. A digital watch is useful only on New Year's Eve and at the birth of a baby.

I wear a watch 24/7, sleeping, making whoopie, showering, changing the oil in my car. I like to be able to check the time in the middle of the night. "Thank God, it's only 3:30. Back to sleep." My main worry is about getting a tan line in the summer. But my life is relatively worry-free. I hope yours will be, and this watch will help.

Update: This watch works with the Men's Rubbertech (TM) Silicone Rubber Watchband Stainless Steel Deployment Buckle Black 18mm available on Amazon. Outstanding product.
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on December 15, 2010
Was ordered on Saturday the 11th, delivered on Monday the 13th. Basic standard shipping.

As for the watch. I have several nicer watches (Movado etc)but felt like I wanted something a bit more humble. The type of watch my Grandfather could have purchased in a drugstore 60 years ago. This Timex is as simple and functional as it gets. Clean lines, calfskin band, modest brass bezel and easy to read Arabic numerals. The one update to this watch is the indiglo function if needed (useful in the dark). I'm an attorney and wear this watch anywhere because that's where it fits. At $35 dollars it's the type of watch you want to have around.
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on August 6, 2013
I've been looking for a casual watch for these past few months and this beauty is the one. I was lucky to come across this watch as I was just about to buy a $500 Citizen I had my eyes on from the last visit to the store. The saved money is real handy for a kid still in school. And I'm sure you've assumed already, I ended up buying the Timex Reader and I don't regret it.

I already had an idea(a petty one) about what kind of watch I wanted. One with a leather strap, red second hand, simple ~40mm white face w/date, silver case. So it was awesome to find the Timex Reader. But after scrolling down the page and reading a few negative reviews about the absurd noise, pesky date setting and also the cheap price I was skeptical about the purchase. Whatever, I decided to just order it and see for myself.

Here's my some information about the watch if you're considering buying it,

The face:
It's white, just like the picture. I only say this because other watches by Timex advertise online a white face but are actually a yellow-creamy hue.
The Indiglo:
It's the colour teal and it also doesn't entirely light up the face of the watch. There's about half a centimeter of unlit area at the top of the watch. Think of it like a nearly-filled fish tank. It's a feature I won't see myself using much, so I care little about the defect.
The Band:
It's not as brown as the picture would make you think. Some reviewers agree that it's a Maroon Red. When you actually zoom in on the image, you can see the red that I'm talking about. Just assume that it's reddish and not brown for expectations.
The noise:
I'm a student with a PC and a fan always running. So obviously this small watch won't over power the noise. With the watch up to my ear, of course I hear ticking but I personally find the repetitive sound soothing. Just a tip, apparently if you put the watch FACE down it some-what mutes the sound from what I read from some reviews.
The time/date:
What do you do when you get a watch? You set it's time. Right away, I was super frustrated with setting time and date with this watch like other reviewers. A little side story, I kept pulling and pulling the crown to get a certain time setting and the ENTIRE CROWN came out! It looked like a metal toothpick. I was confused about what the hell just happened and sorta like when you drop a vase and sweep it under the carpet, I immediately shoved the little guy back in the hole without much thought. I'm not very technical when it comes it watches which would explain why I'm sounding like a stooge. Anyways, the watch still worked and I did end up figuring out how to set the time and it was a lot easier than I first thought. Throw away the instructions from the box and follow mine instructions below.

How to set time:
1. Set Day of Week (Thursday, Friday, etc.)
Pull crown out and move it clockwise. If the time is being adjusted, you're doing it right. Keep turning it to get the right day of the week. For me I had to keep turning 3 full days, essentially 6 full 12 hour rotations.

2. Set Date (1st, 4th, 29th, etc.)
Pull crown out A LITTLE BIT. So little that there's barely a gap between it and the watch case. Then move the crown and you can set the date.

3. Set Time (12:39, 1:04, etc.)
Pull crown out normally just like when you set Day of Week and just set time as you would any other watch.

By the way, when I say pull crown out, I don't mean entirely out of the watch like I did earlier. Once you pull out the crown and it seems it doesn't want to come out a centimeter more, then that's as far as it should go.

Overall, great watch, great price, great buy.
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I'm not a man, and don't like bulky men's watches on my small wrist - but I'm getting older and cannot read the microscopic dials on most ladies watches.

The dial is big enough to read without me having to cut my arm off, lay it on a table and step back 5 feet... and the Indiglo is so mild - in the middle of the night, I can press the light and I can easily read the time without a harsh light assaulting my eyes or without it being so dim, I have to nearly wake up all the way to read it.

For a large dial watch, the wrist band is fairly narrow, which is why I selected this watch. I also like having not only the date on the watch, but the day as well. I love technology and had a TI digital watch iin the 1970s and have had several digital watches in my time with many features - but I appreciate looking at an analog time piece.

My less than perfect review stems from two things:

1.) To set the day (not date), you have to crank the time around a full 2 rotations (24 hours) each for each day - this is tiring, but hopefully you only have to do it once.

2.) The leather wrist band is very thick. I had another Indiglo watch with a supple, nearly calfskin band, but the band wore out, other wise I'd put it on this watch. It's like having a saddle on your wrist and it's a little stiff. For it to be comfortable, I have to latch it at the last hole and wear it like a hula-hoop.
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on December 29, 2007
I wanted a watch that displays easy-to-read numerals plus both day and date. This watch meets those requirements perfectly and the cost is very reasonable. The large black numbers set against the white face make for easy reading, even for my 57 year old eyes. I would give it five stars, except the band that comes with the watch is too short for large men. I had to replace the one provided with a longer one. Also, the watch face is perhaps a bit petite for larger men, though I still like it. I strongly recommend this watch if you are 6' tall or less, and if you weigh 200 pounds or less.
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on December 13, 2010
Watch is fine for the price. My only real complaint is the second hand is very loud. So loud that I don't like leave the watch on my dresser at night because I can hear ticking as I try to sleep.
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