Customer Reviews: Timex Men's T2N647 "Weekender" Watch with Black Nylon Strap
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on November 25, 2011
I originally bought this watch and the nearly identical Timex Men's T2N649KW Weekender Gray and Orange Watch (impulse buy while at TARGET) to take on a vacation to Europe about 2 months ago, and it is one of my favorite watches. (See my other review on the grey watch elsewhere.) I love how light (weight) the watch is, and due to the price point, I don't worry about it getting lost or damaged. Yet it still looks great whether you dress down or dress up. The Indiglo feature is great, especially when traveling across time zones (and me wanting to check my watch at night frequently).

I love the detailing of the strap bands as well, with the two metal bands that keep the excess strap in place. (These are typically the flimsy bands that wear down on my other watchbands - not a chance here!) The fact that the bands are easily interchangeable and replaced inexpensively is a bonus. You can easily change up the look of your watch.

For the price of a typical "decent" water-resistant casual men's watch, now I have three Timex Weekenders: one with the grey face (T2N649KW), this one with the black face (T2N650KW) and one in white (T2N651KW). THREE of these future classics shipped to you for under a hundred bucks. What are you waiting for?
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on June 24, 2012
I was looking for a nice casual watch I could wear when I don't want to be too flashy. I also wanted the watch to be "expendable". The plastic webbing band and utilitarian face combined with a little shine on the case fit the looks department. At around $25, it wouldn't be a tragedy to replace either.

The watch has an Indiglo light, but you won't ever need to use it except in pitch black because the watch hands have a mirror finish that will catch almost any light. When not even a glimmer of light is around to reflect, the face light clearly illuminates without being distractingly bright. In short, you would have to be practically blind to not be able to read the watch in just a glance in any lighting condition, which is something I can't say for many watches I have worn before.

I generally have trouble wearing watches, they tend to bother my wrist. I have no trouble with this watch! Between the light weight and plastic webbing strap, I can even sleep with it on.

Appearance & sound:
I have received a number of complements on this watch. Ticking is audible but low, shouldn't be a problem unless you sleep with it on your pillow.

I have had the watch now for a couple of weeks, and it hasn't lost any time at all. Not that I really expected it to, but I felt it was worth mentioning in a review for a watch.
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on August 17, 2011
I purchased this as a replacement for a Timex Camper which was also a great watch. This watch is heavier and larger than I expected but looks great and can be worn with everything from a t-shirt to a suit. The hands do not glow but the face is backlit, something i prefer because it's easier to see when you need it. It's simple and usable and it is the best watch I've seen in the price range that is a simple, modest, and sleek design. The case is well made as is the band. However, I have to keep the watch at the last hole in order to wear it at the appropriate tightness. So if you have a large wrist you may consider purchasing a replacement band. I wanted something I could wear with anything that wouldn't get hurt if it got dropped in water and would hold up for years. So far this has been nothing but a great purchase and I would highly recommend it to anyone. On a side not I picked mine up for around $32 shipped on ebay so look around because I promise you can do better than the price listed on the timex website.
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on June 12, 2014
This watch has absolutely everything a normal person needs in a watch. If you need more, there's a good chance that people talk about you behind your back - and not about good stuff.

1. This purely analog. Why is that good? I'll tell you why - nobody needs digital. If you need to know that it's 10:12 and not 10:15, you're going to die of a heart ache due to stress. If someone asks you what time it is and you say "10:12", they're going to look at you like you're crazy. Just say, "around 10:15" and get on with your life.

2. This also has the digits for "military time", aka: the time most of the rest of the world uses, yet most of us too stubborn to use. Have you ever set your alarm for 7AM only to mix up the AM and the PM and be late for work? You know why? Because you're a stubborn American so don't go complaining about foreigners "taking our jobs" when you're lazy to switch to "military time" and be done with that issue forever.

3. There is no timer, no calendar, no phases of the moon and all that other nonsense.
- You need a timer? Hint: if the second hand is on the 9/21, it takes 30 seconds for it to get to the 3/15. If it's somewhere else, do the math and repeat.
- You need to know what the date is? Look at a calendar. It's going to mess up in February, April, June, September and November anyways. You're more likely to get the wrong date than say, "Boy, I'm glad I know the date!" Like anyone uses checks anymore anyways. You're on Amazon so there's a chance you haven't filled out a check in years.
- Need to know the phases of the moon? Look up in the sky. It's not rocket science - it's astronomy.

3. The look doesn't make you look like you're in love with you.
It's chrome with a black face, white numbers, black band and a red second hand. There's nothing pompous about this tool for time calculation and nobody will want to steal it. Why not? Because it looks practical and practical people work jobs and don't steal watched. (Sorry, **watches )

4. The face glows.
You push the one knob on it and the face illuminates so you can see how long it's been since you purchased such a practical watch - day or night.

5. It's water resistant.
I didn't say water proof, so don't go diving with it - though I'm sure it'd be fine if you swam in the pool with it or forgot to take it off before you got in the shower. You probably won't shower with it on because you're not Jason Bourne. You're probably Ken from Marketing.

6. The strap/band is no nonsense.
- Are you a vegan? Lucky you because no animals were killed in the making of your killer watch - unless you count the dinosaurs that became the oil that made the nylon.
- Is the band stinking because you've doing manly things in it like carrying bags up cat food up to your upstairs apartment in the middle of July? No problem - it slips right off and you can wash it with any soap you want. No more fiddling with pins that shoot off like missile into your carpet, never to be seen again until they destroy your vacuum cleaner a month later.
- Is it wearing out? Yes, the nylon is a touch cheap, so it may fray. You can either singe it with a lighter or you can replace it. Just look for "Timex Weekend band" on Amazon and $8 and 2 days later (if you have Prime) you'll have a new band that you can slip on in literally 3 seconds.

7. It doesn't take pretending like you read the directions to set.
One knob - got it? You pull it away from the watch and set it to whatever the hell time it is. Just push it back in and you're set. No AM/PM nonsense to deal with, but I already mentioned that.

If you want a watch that sync with your digestive system and reports back to the mothership so you can sync your iTunes library of Puddle of Mudd's Greatest Hits, this isn't the watch for you. If you want a watch that will tell you the time when you look at it, night or day, this is your lucky day, bud. I'm sorry that it doesn't tell you which way is North or tell others how much money you make, but if you need that, it's probably "time" for you to get realistic about the purpose of a watch. :)
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on June 2, 2015
Let me start of by saying that I love the Timex brand. I have owned many Timex watches in the past. I am especially a fan of the "expedition" line and currently owned a timex ironman. Timex Men's IRONMAN Watch T5K405 which I love!. That, however will be a separate review. Timex always make quality watches. And I am always satisfied with all the Timex watches I have purchased in the past. This watch however, sadly, not so much, and I ended up returning it back to Amazon only after 3 weeks of wear.

Maybe it is my mistake, and it is the way I wear it and/or my expectations are too high. But this watch is really flimsy, and not the quality that I would expect from Timex. I was very disappointed. I don't like writing bad reviews, but I thought I should warn you. And reading the one and two stars review for this, I am not the only one that have this problem.

The pros, what made me decide to purchase this this in the first place

1) This is a beautiful and sharp looking watch

-Watch face: Elegant and classic analog look that Timex is famous for. Simple and easy to read.
-Watch strap: sturdy nylon straps just like some of their rugged expedition line,

2) Easy to change straps, with one piece design. This is their main selling point.
It is nice that you can change the straps to match whatever you are wearing.The logic is, instead of owning several watches, which can get expensive, you can purchase different straps. I thought cool! I'm not that into the color-coding what I wear, but it is nice to have the option right? Also, the straps are easy to replace, it just slides under the watch face through two watchband spring bars on either side, you don't even have to take the watch apart. Which I have done when I need to replace straps for my old expeditions before. The idea is brilliant.

3) Price is affordable for a Timex.It is less than than $30. Nice!!What's not to love?

So what happened you ask?

It all comes down to one thing. IT is flimsy. More jewelry than watch.

The spring bar falls apart too easily. It snagged on my laptop bag twice as I was taking the bag off me and it just fell apart. The third time, that happened on the bus, on my way to school, I lost one of the bars. So, I had to take it off my wrist and could not fix it till I got home. Since I have an old timex, I just took one of the old spring bars, and replaced it. And you can buy backup spring bars easily on Amazon.
New Two Stainless Steel Watchband Spring Bar Pins For Watch Band 22mm I was a little annoyed, but I said to myself, that's fine, I really like the watch still and I don't want the hassle of returning stuff, I just have to be more careful wearing this.
Then, one morning I realized that the time on the watch is 45 minutes late. That was the final straw. Returned it the next day.
I know it is a $30 watch, but I still expect it to work properly, especially if it is a Timex. I could not recommend this. Buy at your own risk.
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on July 19, 2012
I bought this watch for my wife with the black strap on Amazon, and then got her an extra strap on eBay called bright coral, but it was really a dark coral or fuchsia red. My wife loves it, and she immediately put on the red strap. The contrast is striking and beautiful, and the red band goes well with the red second hand (see my two pictures). At 38mm this is a great size for women, but a little small for men. The reason is that the shiny bezel is fairly generous, so the actual black dial size is closer to 32mm. But what makes this watch so great, aside from the classic military style dial, is that you can get the 20mm Weekender or NATO style bands in many colors, and also stripes. Changing these slip-through bands literally takes about 20 seconds and requires no tools. Of course, it has 20mm pins, so rubber, plastic, or leather (lizard, alligator, or crocodile pattern) strap could be used, as well. The watch has a simple elegance to it and is easy to use as a fashion accessory. My wife is already talking about getting a couple more bands in different colors. The hands are shiny black, which don't have much contrast to the black dial, but they turn silver when the light catches them at an angle, and, of course, you can easily get the time with the Indiglo feature that lights up the dial (indispensable at night). This is a surprisingly good looking and very practical fashion watch for a bargain price. My wife says it's lightweight and very comfortable on the wrist, too.
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on October 9, 2014
So much for "water resistant". I didn't even submerge it! I was actually playing in the snow with my niece and nephew and when I looked at my watch, the window was fogged and the movement had stopped. Would not recommend.
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on June 11, 2015
Wish it had a date feature, but otherwise it's perfect.
After adjusting it to fit my 6-inch wrist, there are still 2 holes to make it yet smaller.
The only problem was the leftover length of strap.
Pics below showed how I handled it without cutting the strap.
review image review image review image review image
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on January 21, 2013
I like the watch except for one thing, the ticking is very loud. Can't leave it on my bedside table at night. Looks sharp and is the right price though. I've taken it to 80 feet while freediving, no problem.
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on May 3, 2014
The watch is functional and nice looking. However, I noticed a few things after a year of use.

1. Moisture started to build underneath the glass. I noticed this during this winter when it was cold and I would look at the watch when I was hanging from a subway "strap."

2. The hand/wind mechanism flipped, or snapped off. Not sure how this happened and nothing extraordinary related to regular use. The watch is now kaput. Note - I have never had this happen to any watch I've had over 5 decades of ownership. Kind of odd.
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