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on January 6, 2012
I received this watch as a Christmas gift this year. The watch is robust a feels great. The band is made of some type of cheap-feeling, but comfortable, rubber compound. It's a bit odd paying this much for a watch and receiving what feels like a cheap band. That said, it does the job and I'm not certain which alternative I would prefer.

The watch looks fantastic. Everyone that sees it comments about how good it looked. One friend said, "This is a Timex? I had no idea they made such nice watches." Another buddy mentioned, "That's a sweet looking time piece, it looks like an aircraft instrument." I agree whole-heatedly. There are a lot of watches out there that provide the tools we like to have, but this is the only one of two I've seen which is completely analog. Casio has one similar, but it looks half as interesting as this Timex.

Something that will be a negative for most people will be the tide feature included in this watch. If you're a person who needs to know the tide, you're an avid sailor and probably know the tide schedule already. For the average person, it's a novelty. I actually use it as a joke with my wife at time. I'll push the button to see the tide schedule and remind her that "high tide is just 2 hours away.". It's a bit pointless. An altimeter or stopwatch would be much more valuable in this instrument.

As for the other two gauges, the temperature and the compass. Both work, but not very well. The compass needs to be completely flat to be accurate. This involves taking it off and setting it on a flat surface. This is fine in an emergency, but not practical when wearing on a wrist. The temperature gauge, as noted in every other review online, is made horribly inaccurate due to body heat. Despite this, I still like having it on my watch. I can hang it in my tent at night, or place it in my front jacket pocket when I'm walking outside. Also, if I'm at home, I leave it on my nightstand and glance at it as needed. All in all, the gauges are more of a novelty than accurate measuring instruments.

Just two weeks after receiving this watch as a gift, I picked it up from the nightstand and the temperature gauge was reading 40º warmer than the actual temperature. I checked out the compass and it was roughly the same amount off kilter. It's anyone's guess how much the tide was off. The return process was painless on Amazon.com. When I get the replacement unit, I'll spend a few weeks with it again and update my review as needed.

Conclusion: I think this is a great watch and can recommend it as a stylish-accessory. It does a fine job keeping time and in the end, style and time-keeping are why we wear watches. If you want the other instruments, consider purchasing a device that is meant for those measurements.
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on February 14, 2013
I love this watch. It is so nice to have the functions this watch brings to the table. I watched alot of videos before buying this watch and like any watch it is operated and sometimes the operator is the problem. Temperature gauge will show your body temperature to within 10 degrees if your wearing it. So if you want the outside temperature let the air wear it for a few minutes not your wrist. The compass is quite accurate when on the wrist but even more accurate if laid flat like a map. If you need perfect north to head north then get a guide. I love the tide feature being from the coast though you may need to callibrate this to your regional tide times. Time and date are fairly standard. The hour and minute hands will glow for quite a while after being in light but I have not tested the time for that. The indiglo is the true indiglo. I use it to find my key hole for the door at night. I did not like the band but that is an easy fix. It is well made and very flexible considering its strength. I would recommend this watch.
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on May 20, 2012
I bought this watch 2 years ago from REI on sale. So far the watch has held up well to the abuse of winter,rain,heat and me! Does everything I want it to do(yes you do need to remove it from your wrist and let it sit to get a "true" temp reading but.....YOU HAVE TO DO IT WITH ANY watch that has this option)The watch face is LARGE and if you have a smaller wrist you might not like the fit. It feels solid(a little heavy?)and the band is great(Much nicer than the one on my Casio Pathfinder)And gotta love the analog face...looks great at a great price! Just wish it was solar powered......
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on August 1, 2012
The watch is light then others watch I ever have.Temperature sensor is accurate I testing with digital termomether in my House there was no any diference -the problem is when you have the watch on your hand its diferent becouse you have 36° outside is 22c° that you can see on your watch something between this two temperatures,but when you put on your table in few minutes you can see exact temp..Compas works too well but I had first time with adjust and calibration .....And strap is realy nice material and I like just whole watch......for this price excelent Design...
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on January 9, 2015
This is the second version of this watch that I have purchased. I am a sailor of small vessels and find having the current tide level on my wrist quite convenient. I also live near the water and walk the beach with the dog at low tide a couple of times each day. Though this watch and the original one I purchased both function well, the watch band was a problem with the first. It was made of leather and though quite attractive, it needed to be removed a number of times during the day to avoid getting wet. If course that caused watch band deterioration. To make matters worst, I could not find a replacement for the band as it is 16mm it has ears at the attachment points that are difficult to obtain. A silicon watch band makes a lot of sense for this watch or at least the availability of the appropriate watch bands. Another problem that this watch has are the control buttons. they have a ridge between the top and where they enter the case. These catch on everything. A better arrangement would to have buttons that do not project from the case so they can be caught on lines of fabric. The reason that I give it 5 stars is that I could not find any other watch that offered the tide capability within this price range. Time, Tide height, Compass reading and Temperature work well. Some might critique the compass due to its small size, I recall an incident when I was off shore on a vessel delivery and the main steering compass became damaged and a one inch compass on a ski jacket became useful in making port in reduced visibility. The thermometer, of course will be effected by your body temperature. If a temperature reading is required it is necessary to remove the watch from your wrist for a while.
In spite of these comments I am happy to own both of these watches.
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on September 9, 2014
I had been looking for a tide watch for the past few months. I didn't find very many options. Most advertised tide watches only cover 200 beaches around the world which is great for surfers but I'm a sailor on San Francisco Bay and wanted something a little more accurate. My other option was a smart watch but I wasn't sure it would really be practical for me. I found several models from Timex and decided after reading the reviews to buy this one. I've been using the watch for 5 days and love it!! The tide feature is pretty accurate. In 5 days it's probably only off by 15 or 20 minutes according to the estimates by NOAA for the area where my boat is berthed. The temperature is affected by your body temp, but after checking the temps over the past few days it's pretty close to take 10 degrees off for body heat. I haven't used the compass much but it does appear to work fine too. Some reviews complained about the buttons and crown. They are durable, solid and don't appear to cause concern of breaking. The band is silicon and fits very comfortably. I wear my watches a little loose and it feels great. It has some stretch so if you want to tighten it down it would still be flexible and comfortable. So far I'm very happy with the purchase and don't want to take it off. It looks good with casual wear but could be worn with a suit as well. I would recommend this watch to anyone looking for a well built and solid tide watch.
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on August 15, 2014
I love this watch. I sail along the New England Coast all Summer and was looking for a tide table watch. This timepiece does a good job and the indicators are very visible. The silicone band is the most comfortable I have ever worn and after the second day I called Timex and ordered two more bands. The exposure to sun and salt water on a daily basis is hardest on the straps. I highly recommend this watch
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on September 12, 2012
I read good reviews about this watch. It looks great and feels like it is built tough. The temp. sensor never would read anything but 80 or 90 deg. even when I left it in the fridge for two hours. The compass never moved smoothly and after 4 days stopped working all together. I don't live next to the ocean, so I am not sure about the Tide indicator, but I wouldn't be surprised if that was wrong also. I called Timex and they were awesome! They said if my brand new watch didn't work and if I had filled out the registration card, then if I paid the shipping I could send it to them they would take a look at it and try to fix it but no promises. WOW! Awesome product support! Looks great but don't waste your money.
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on April 9, 2013
The watch does NOT work as advertised. I set the time when I bought it and a few weeks later had to reset as it was off a few minutes. I use an iPhone app to get the exact time and I'm not too concerned with a few seconds a month. Minutes are a big error. Additionally, the sweep second hand does not line up with the marks on the watch. Something simple in assembly that Timex couldn't get right. After three months the compass failed. When you do the calibration it shows magnetic North fine. You push the crown in to complete the calibration then press the compass button to test - 45 degree error. Re-calibrate, works in cal mode accurately, push crown in, test, 45 degree error. DON'T TRUST THE COMPASS. Junk!! They are also $103 on eBay. (8/5 update) The watch was returned to timex who promptly sent an email acknowledging receipt. It has been three weeks in repair. The watch was returned to me and not repaired. They also did not return the box but did send it in a plastic bag. The compass has a 45 degree error that cannot be repaired by Timex. Don't expect timex or amazon support.
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on October 1, 2015
Like this watch a lot! Fit and function are great! I had 3 requirements for a watch. 1) Indiglo. I hate the wimpy little light you get if there is no Indiglo and luminous hands are not always enough. I must have gotten a 2nd gen because the Indiglo on mine is bright and illuminates a large enough area that it works fantastically. Even in the dim light but not full dark that makes it hard for me to see things like that. Having said that, the luminous paint on the watch hands is bright and lasts a long time on this watch! 2) Analog. I feel like a digital watch is something I wore as a kid, and now that I've grown up, it looks silly IMO. 3) The band could not be leather ( Starts to stink after a while) nor could it be metal links ( The wife complains about it getting caught in her hair) and while this is a little softer than I expected, and it feels a little unusual, it is very comfortable. The Compass works well, the Thermometer reads close enough after you have taken it off your wrist for a while, that I can hang it up at night when camping and get a good idea of how hot/cold it is. I have not run to the beach enough to test the accuracy of the Tide indicator, but I imagine that will be close enough as well. The watch looks good, tells time, is visible when I want it to be, is comfortable to have on, and even has a few doo-hickies on it that are cool.
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