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128 of 135 people found the following review helpful
on April 28, 2011
I have 5 watches. From a Seiko self-wind to a WWVB controlled watch to a Timex Iron-Man. This is by far the best watch I have ever owned. Why? I cannot hear the wheezy anemic alarms on today's watches. This watch has a vibration mode selection that works every time. It has three alarms and a "occasion" alarm to keep track of long-term reminders. I use all three alarms to remind me of appointments. The only downside is you cannot set any alarm to a specific day of the week. Weekdays, weekends and future dates are all that is available. The "occasion" alarm initiates at 8am on the day set, so that doesn't do much good if you want Thursday at 2pm for example. I get around this by setting an alarm sometime the day before, or just ignore the alarm on undesired days. The watch also has a "snooze" feature. After the alarm stops, if you don't turn it off, it will remind you again in 5 minutes.

This watch also has another great feature. You can "hide" unused functions. The individual alarms, occasion, hydration, chrono and timer can be hidden so you don't have to cycle through them all when setting the watch. A lot of thought went into this watch.

The big plus is the timekeeping accuracy. It is well within 1 second per week. My Iron-Man is 1 second per day. The WWVB watch has unreliable lockup. The second time zone can be set to view 24 hour time which I use for GMT, leaving the local display on 12 hour.

The first thing I did was change the heavy, irritating, hot rubber buckle band to a metal band for convenience. The unmovable N-E-S-W bezel is rinky-dink but I ignore it. The watch has a nice Titanium color.
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94 of 103 people found the following review helpful
on April 1, 2012
I realize it is April 1st (April Fool's Day), but my review is not a joke or prank. I'm in my early 60s, a grandmother, and still work full time.

I guess when you hit your 60s you can lose some of your hearing. I can no longer hear my watch alarm which is very frustrating. Everyone else can, but not me! So, I went looking for a watch with a vibrating alarm and what better place to look, then at Amazon. I was hoping to find a woman's watch with this feature, but all I could find were men's watches. I read the reviews on this watch and thought I would give it a try.

Vibrating Alarm - The reviews said it was hard to find where to set the vibrating alarm. I was prepared for the worse, but I had no problem. You have the cholce of three alarm styles: Chime only, Vibrate only, or Both. I use vibrate only. Think about it. With vibrate only, you no longer disturb anyone else when your alarm goes off. There are three alarm sets. I use two of the three alarms daily, and the third one when I need it. I haven't used it yet to wake me up. I need to try that, but if I miss it the first time, it is programmed to doze for 5 minutes and go off again.

Watchface - The watchface is large for a woman's wrist (duh - It is a man's watch), but I can read the face WITHOUT my glasses. I also very much like the indeglo feature. Instead of lighting the entire face of the watch from the top, it is backlit so the time and date figures light up. Much, much easier to read.

Strap - I don't know of what the strap is made. It probably has rubber in it. It is molded, black, flexible, totally water resistant, and TOTALLY manly, but I am getting use to it. One feature of the strap that I really like is that two little squares of the molded design at the end are raised. They fit into an opening in the strap guard. The strap guard will not slip and holds the end of the strap securely close to your wrist. It doesn't catch on anything, which is really great no matter what your wrist size.

Rating - Ok. I was going to give it 4 stars, because it is a large man's watch on a woman's wrist. But, after re-reading my review I changed it to 5 STARS. Other than the size, I love it and it's vibrating alarms and would recommend the watch to anyone.
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20 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on May 19, 2013
Isn't it funny how in some areas of life, paying more doesn't always get you more? Take watches, for example. My fancy, self-winding, umpteen-jewel, heirloom-quality watch doesn't hold a candle to this Timex in terms of pure functionality.

The vibration alarm is the key feature. It allows you to be notified of alarms and countdown timers in environments when you would be unable to hear (or would not want others to hear) them going off, such as in a library, the cockpit of a plane, or while scuba diving. For those with hearing impairment, it is equally useful. It is surprising to me that this feature is not standard on almost every digital watch, but I suppose one well-designed watch is sufficient.

Also superior to my fancy dress watch (and the Casio it replaced), this Timex does not gain or lose more than a second or two, even after several months.

The display is clean, large, and easy to read. The backlight takes a little getting used to, as it illuminates the digits only, in contrast to the entire face, as I was accustomed to, but it works well. The crystal (the glass on the face of the watch) is particularly flat and clear, compared to other digital watches.

The countdown timer works far better than the Casio Ironman it replaced ever did -- there is no "pre-vibrating" alarm, nor is there any control lockout that delays shutting it off -- odd design choices that always annoyed me about its predecessor.

You can choose to set 3 different time zones, and the alarms will go off at the appointed hour in whichever time zone you have selected as default on the main screen. This can be both good and bad: on the one hand, you don't have to do math to figure out when an alarm will go off if you are in a different time zone than usual. On the other hand, if you set one to remind you of a daily event (say taking a medication at the same time each day), then you will have to adjust them accordingly.

The watch is very lightweight, and quite comfortable. Its appearance is understated, and the silver-painted bezel (the ring around the face with pointless compass directions on it) is not as shiny in real life as in he photo on Amazon.

The countdown timer can be set up to 23:59:59, and you can set increments of one second (some watches do not allow that).

As another reviewer stated, alarms can be set to go off daily, weekends, or weekdays; it would have been nice to be able to select specific days of the week, but oh well.

I have not encountered any problems with the battery in the 4 months I have owned the watch.

Relatively intuitive user interface (if you have been using digital watches for any number of years, the buttons, their placement and operation, and the markings that indicate their function will all make sense to you instantly or nearly so).

Waterproof to depths you are unlikely to visit or survive without a JIM suit.

In summation, this watch works better than any other I have ever owned, and I am confident it will provide me with many years of service.
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69 of 80 people found the following review helpful
on May 2, 2011
This is a very comfortable and large watch. I like large watches, so this is a plus. The display is very readable! The crystal is slightly recessed for protection which is another plus. Oh, and I like how the extraneous functions (like hydration alarm and occasions) can be hidden so that they are in the background. It's also nice that I can have 3 time zones on my wrist-1 for local time and 2 others of your choice.

Something that's really nice and adds to making the watch comfortable and getting compliments is the band. Timex took the nice black rubber watch band from their Iron Man watches and put it on this Expedition watch! The first time I saw this band on a Timex I didn't think it looked as nice as a steel band, so I bought an Iron Man with a steel band that I still have. I put that on one wrist and this watch on the other and this one is definitely more comfortable. The rubber molds to every bend of your wrist. Just use a little Armor All original rubber car cleaner and protectant to make the rubber softer.

Now for the cons...the hourly chime doesn't vibrate out of the box. This is why I wanted a vibration watch. I work in a loud environment and cannot always here the hourly chime. But there is a way to work around this. First set the watch to combo vibrate and audio. Then set the watch to chime. On the countdown timer set it to countdown repeatedly to 30 min. Then at the top of the hour right after you hear a chime, start the countdown. Now leave the timer running all the time and you have a watch that chimes and vibrates on the hour and then vibrates on the half hour. Just take it off at night and keep it in a different room so you don't hear it and then put it on in the morning.

The other con is that when the watch is set to combo vibrate and audio that it cannot do both simultaneously. It beeps twice and then this is followed by five vibration and light flickers.
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15 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on October 20, 2014
Watch band broke in the 3rd month of ownership.
review image
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on June 11, 2013
I love getting up early, and would prefer not to wake my wife (or bunk-mates when I'm camping w guys). A vibration alarm makes sense. So I purchased the Timex T49851 Expedition, along with the Casio equivalent, the W735H-1AVCF. This is a review of both. They are within dollars of one another.

LOOKS - Personally I think the Timex looks more modern, more "socially acceptable" if you're inclined to wear it in many situations.

WEIGHT - Both are lightweight - the new durable resins simply do not require weight for strength. Don't despair over lightweight with either.

DISPLAY - The display on the Timex is much larger and all functions are easier to see, although the smaller LCD digits of the Casio are bolder. Still, I prefer the Timex because I never had to squint at little icons or labels.

OPERATION AND PROGRAMMING - Both are fine. You fiddle with them, you read a little of the manuals, you'll do fine. The Timex functions with Timex functionality, the Casio with Casio functionality. I do prefer the Casio's instant changeover to another function when you press a button. The Timex will, for example, display "CHRONO" and then go into the chrono mode. No biggee.

ALARMS AND FEATURES - The Timex has more, so many more in fact that you have the option to hide some of them (which I did, although I still kept more readily available than were offered on the Casio).

WAKING YOU UP - They differ here. The TIMEX beeps (or vibrates, OR COMBINATION) - and the vibration is 7 vibrations, and the beep is pretty loud. The CASIO (I returned it, so I am speaking from recent memory) vibrates 5 times and then a short while later (sort of like a reminder) vibrates 5 times again. I do not think the Casio provides for a combination vibrate/beep event. Another point to note is that on the Timex in combo mode, the vibration goes off first, giving you a chance to awake and shut it off prior to the beeping (waking maybe you and folks around you).

FRUSTRATION FOR ME - I sleep like an appliance unplugged from the wall. I wore both watches to sleep (different nights, and/or set them for different times). NEITHER successfully woke me (by vibration only) out of a sound sleep. There's a new Casio being offered (more costly) called the GD350. It has a vibration alarm. I do not expect it to be a whole lot more vibration-effective than the Casio I returned. Perhaps I am wrong in that expectation. I do like the potential to quietly vibrate me into some notification DURING THE DAY, when I am around folks, so the vibration alarm remains a nice feature, on either watch.

BATTERY LIFE - Here's where the Casio wins hands-down. The Casio tells us it has a TEN YEAR battery. I LOVE that! The Timex is likely a year or two or three, depending upon how many times you ask it to vibrate, beep, etc. Ten years is a wonderful thing for a watch battery, and if longevity of function is your priority, the Casio wins hands-down. BTW - the new Casio GD350 says the battery is good for 5 years. Still pretty excellent. All of the watch instructions tell you battery life is based upon usage of function.

MY BOTTOM LINE - I am wearing the Timex. I returned the Casio. They are both great watches. I still wish a vibrating alarm watch could wake ME up, but likely it would need to be 110 volt-powered, plugged into the wall, activating a kitchen blender motor strapped to my wrist.

HAVING OWNED IT AWHILE: - The display on the Timex is so readable I can see it easily while bike riding, even while wearing Polarized sunglasses. I cannot speak to that ability for the Casio, as it was the one I returned. I still love my Timex, by the way. Very satisfied. Also, after having it and needing/wanting to change timezones etc it is very intuitive once you get the hang of it, and you needn't refer to the manual down the road. Great watch.

Adding to my review a few years later - I do love this watch. I DEFINITELY wish the crystal was not so scratchable. It's a rugged watch with a sadly wimply crystal that is not up to the task. How much more would it have cost Timex to install a glass crystal instead of a plastic one? I'd pay the difference.
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14 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on December 2, 2011
Two things that I was looking for in this watch: Vibration Alarm and Accuracy. Couldn't be happier with both. I go to casinos fairly often and trying to meet others at a certain time while depending on either a watch's alarm or cell phone's alarm and/or vibration just didn't do it. You just can't hear it over the noise and the phone is usually in a pocket and the vibration is not felt. This watches vibration (and sound) is on the wrist so it works just fine. There are 3 alarms and all work real well for my purposes. The accuracy can't be beat either. I'm a "time freak" and this watch has to be accurate to the second hourly or daily whenever I can check it with a known source. This watch runs about 1 second fast every 3 1/2 days. Only complaints that I have (but I knew of this before I bought it) are that the face is a bit large for my wrist. I'm 5' 4" and probably have a medium size wrist. It's not extremely large and with a large face, it does mean that the time can be read more easily. Also I read about the crystal not being rated the "hardest" meaning that it may scratch easily. Not taking a chance, the first thing I did was to spend $5 and put a plastic cover over it from "Ghost Armor". It's much the same protection as if you protected your "smartphones, or iPads from scratches. Also have not had a problem with the battery as others have written about nor do I expect to go diving, swimming or take a shower with my watch on so I cannot comment on whether it leaks or not and have not had any condensation issues. I do workout 3 times a week with it on and have gotten it wet though normal hand and dish washing.
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18 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on February 11, 2012
Well here it is less than six months and the watch has frozen again. While in stop watch mode I hit the light and everything freezes. This happen twice in less that six months. No more Timex for me.

NOTICE: If your watch freezes like mind I suggest you take the battery out and put it back in. Since I wasn't going to spend the money and time sending this lemon back I removed the battery to reset the computer. It worked. But be warned that it takes patience and dexterity to reassemble the watch.

Yesterday I went into the watch. I found a weak battery. After changing the battery it became apparent that the root of all problems is the battery. The little motor that gives the watch vibration is power hungry. If you are experiencing problems change the battery. Its not simple but can be done with patience.

Update on July 21,2012:
Some have written that its common that vibration watches will require frequent battery changes. I agree. Like every two months. Buyer need to take that in consideration.

Update on November 24,2012
This watch died and a new battery did not revieve it. Buy this watch at your own risk.
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53 of 71 people found the following review helpful
on August 31, 2011
Update - OK, Timex e-mailed me instructions for setting the vibration alarm, because the instructions they send with the watch don't say a word about how to set the vibration alarm. Since the alarm was the only reason I ordered this watch, I was rather miffed and spent a ton of time looking for it. No phone number on the instructions either, and nothing on their website about the vibration alarm (at least nothing I could find). I did find a general customer service e-mail address, so I tried it and got a pretty quick response (less than a day). Setting the vibration alarm is not intuitive, you have to access it through the "set time" function - go figure. The quick response indicates to me they have to answer that question a LOT. Now if I could just get back the 2 - 3 hours I spent trying to find non-existent information...
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9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on April 19, 2012
I wanted a good travel watch,,, one that I could wear in any country without inviting a mugging or theft. I want an alarm, and I want a night light, and perhaps dual time zones.
The nice analog watches all have a great look, which is fine for the USA, but when I travel abroad, I do not want to think about glitz or bling ruining my day. Digital is sort of mechanically or digitally cool in a way, and VERY practical for time and alarms.

This watch has all the features I was looking for! As a bonus, the vibration alarm feature, offers other possibilities such as a count down for parking or when to catch the next train or even as a gentler wake up feature. There are three alarms plus countdown, plus birthdays and other alarms and many of the beepers sound different. Its easy to set them as you scroll through the options.

There are also three time zones and you can permanently bring any of them up to the watch face if you want.

Indiglo backlights up the numbers very clearly, and it stays on for 2-3 seconds, allowing you to tap and then see, rather than having to hold down the button. Love that feature! The face is moderately large so it is easy to see plus it does have its own look. Trust me the street bums know its a Timex and they will not care about you, unless you are wearing Bruno Magli shoes or something.

There are other variations of this watch, with different colors and materials to the bands and watch frame, and I believe they will all do the same thing. Simply pick the look you like best.

BTW, the alarm is kinda soft to medium but I think loud enuf to wake me up. The vibrate, if you program it, which can run with the alarm will def wake me up. Also BTW, the vibrate goes first, and then the beeper kicks in,, very smart if you wake up and hit a button to silence it before the beeper. You can select all this or not, for each alarm independently.

I actually thought the instructions were quite good, and explained every feature, even the more obscure ones I didn't even know the watch had.

This is a very well thought out watch and for $30+ bucks, I know I will enjoy using it. Good job Timex and the vendor shipped quickly and it was well packed.
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