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on December 27, 2013
The good:

-I really like the design of this watch. it's got a very appealing retro 1930s/40s look to it, which is exactly why i wanted it. The Chronograph hand is unobtrusive and i actually like that it's not solid orange. The color scheme and layout are perfect, and the high contrast of yellow against brown makes it very readable even in low light. In most reviews i wind up talking about how the picture doesn't do the watch justice. This isn't the case here. I think that the design/colors of this watch lend themselves to being accurately photographed, because every picture i've ever seen of this watch looks exactly like the actual product. So if you like the way this watch looks as pictured, then rest assured that you'll be pleased with it when you get it.

-The infamous Timex "ticks so loud you can hear it across the room at night" issue is completely absent from this watch. It's very quiet.

-It keeps excellent time. I set it to the U.S. atomic clock about a week ago and it hasn't lost a second.

-The PVD coating seems well done and looks good.

-The backlight is bright without being obnoxious. Bright enough to see the time, but not so bright that it unnecessarily drains the battery.

The not so great (but not really all that bad):

-It has a tachymeter on the inner bezel. Yay. Tachymeters look nice but nobody really ever uses them. (i'm sure SOME people do, but i've never met any of them in my life.) A telemeter would have been more useful, or even better, 13-24 hour markers (since this is clearly a military style "field watch"). Oh well.

-In fact, there are no hour markers of any kind, but if you're someone who prefers analog watches you really shouldn't need them.

-The lume on the hands is terrible. I do like that even the chronograph dial hands are lumed, but I timed it from a full charge, (Yes, i have finally gone THAT crazy.) and it went from bright to unreadable in less than 10 minutes. Not a big deal for me because I generally don't care too much about lume on watches, and I care even LESS in this case because the watch has a great backlight. (Complaining about the lume on a watch with a backlight kind of feels like complaining about the oars that came with your speedboat.)

-The chronograph hand on mine is (slightly) misaligned, resting halfway between 59 and 60. Adjusting it one tick forward makes it come to rest on 1. It doesn't bother me though, as i timed this watch with another chronograph and the chrono keeps perfect time, which is all i care about. But if minor aesthetic imperfections irk you, know that many of the product photos i've seen of this model elsewhere have very slightly misaligned chronograph hands.

-The backlight is activated by pushing the crown. Sometimes if you flex your hand the wrong way you can activate this by accident. It's already happened a couple of times that i've been doing something and looked down to see that the backlight is on due to the position of my hand/wrist. This may or may not be a problem for overall battery life in the long run.

[EDIT 6/14/14: I've taken to loosening it by one hole from where I originally had it. It still sits well, is very comfortable, and doing this eliminates the problem completely.]

-Chronograph only measures up to 30 minutes. Not a big deal since there's a constantly running hour hand on the watch, and if you remember where the hour hand was when you started the chrono, you should be able to reasonably work out how many 30 min cycles it's gone through already.

-Others have commented on the quality/durability of the leather strap, particularly about the thinness of the material connecting the strap to the spring bars and possible tearing after a few weeks. I can't speak to this yet, since i haven't had the watch that long, but I'll come back in a month or so and let you know how it's holding up.

[EDIT 6/14/14: Still holding strong, although I don't wear this every single day, nor do I use it as an "outdoors watch". I'd suggest a NATO band for that anyway. This watch would probably look spectacular on one of those.]

A final word on price... I've kept an eye on this watch on Amazon for the last couple of months, and let me say that the price has been absolutely ridiculous at certain points. This watch retails at Walmart for about $60, because that's what it's worth. At one point it was going for at least 3 TIMES that here, which is messed up. Don't get suckered by out of control automated pricing programs, or people who think that having the only 2 or 3 of something in stock on Amazon gives them free license to rip you off. just wait for it to come down, or go order it on for $60. (Sorry sellers, but there's supply/demand, and then there's just being a jerk.)

EDIT: Added pictures to show what I mean about the chronograph hand being slightly off, as well as a few pictures in varying natural light.
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on February 10, 2013
This excellent watch is surprisingly feature- packed; even more so than the product description lets on! The truglo is not strictly- speaking glow in the dark: it is actually a backlight which can be activated at any time (for whoever didn't know). It still gives an epic blue glow that you'd want, and it can also be held down to automatically activate whenever you use the chronograph or adjust the watch! On top of all this, the chronograph also has a 'split' function, allowing you to pause the s timer then continue again. This is awesome if you take a mid- bread during running or something and don't want to include it in your lap time. This watch has been engineered excellently. Timex haven't let us down in terms of hand accuracy and articulation of time. Even the small second- hand dial at 6:00 points directly at each individual second marker without any lag or inaccuracy that I can see. The same goes for the chronometer; the 1/20 of a second timer doesn't spin, per say; it actually 'ticks' between each fraction of a second. You will NEVER get decimal readings or unreadable portions of time. Every 20th of a second is clearly articulated, making it an incredibly satisfying tool for breaking PBs.
Finally, I come down to appearance. As you can see in the picture, the watch face is quite busy. However, the colour scheme is perfect, and helps to make it look less intimidating and off- putting. When it comes down to it, this is a beautiful watch, with the black casing and gorgeous leather strap. Both the functionality and appearance of this watch could suit adventuring, sports and casual dress events, although the brown tones of it make it perfect for an outdoors situation.
All in all, this watch is packed with intelligent and well- engineered features which are as practical as they are accurate. I absolutely love this watch, it suits me. The question you have to ask yourself is "does its appearance suit me too?"
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on May 29, 2015
Picked up 5 of these recently for my bachelor party.

Looks: Watch face has a sharp look, crystal clear glass with easy to read dials and numbers. I wasn't a fan of the leather strap so I threw on some 20mm Nato watch bands instead. The leather felt a little cheap to me and I personally think it would look better out the gate with a darker leather band. The leather band looks darker in the online photos but mine were pretty light colored.

Feel: Lightweight for how big the watch face is. It feels very comfortable on the wrist, especially with the ultralight Nato bands. The original leather band was too short for my wrist and felt tight.

Use: Easy to set the time and date right out of the box. The chronograph took a few attempts to get it down solid, but it's very easy to use after the first few tries. In fact I used it tonight to time pork chops on the grill and it worked like a charm. The leather band is tricky to get off but it uses the same watch band spring bars commonly found on most watches.

The date feature and indiglo light are an added bonus and I really like how the light goes on/off when you remove your finger. There is a method to change how long the light stays on which is detailed in the instructions. Overall, very pleased with the purchases and looking forward to handing these out to the boys.
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on January 20, 2016
This is a fantastic watch which I like a lot and would definitely buy again, but a few disappointments make it 4-stars, not 5.

- I have not been rough to this watch yet. It is designed to be a tough, "Adventure's out there!" type of timepiece, but somehow the crystal (glass) already has a small scratch. Seems like it might get really scratched with minimal outdoorsy use.
- The leather strap is breaking down and looking kind of gnarly just from a few drops of water from hand-washing. I'm not talking about the wear that amplifies the look; it looks odd. Fortunately, you can replace the strap with whatever you'd like from another leather to a Nato nylon.
- The crown is serrated and digs into my wrist since the strap buckle holes aren't quite right for my wrist circumference (7") to hold it away from my wrist without it being too tight. The sharp crown made a sore spot on the back of my hand which is now forming a callous.
- The watch sits rather high off the wrist (see pictures). It doesn't bother me, but will bug some folks.

- Chronograph: This is a great looking chronograph (stopwatch) with a tachymeter (calculates speed and/or distance). If you don't care about either function, they still make the watch look cool. The buttons press smoothly. Note: the chronograph is the traditional style meaning the big orange hand stays at 12:00 until you press the top button to start the timer. Once pressed, the big hand counts seconds, tallying minutes elapsed in the left sub-dial (up to 30 min). When you press the same button again, it stops the chronograph and the right sub-dial jumps to the 10th of a second at which you stopped timing. Press the bottom button and the chronograph resets. The bottom sub-dial is the second hand which is always rotating like a regular second hand. I like the whole set-up though I'd prefer if the chronograph could count up to 60 minutes instead of 30 since I use it to time how long I've worked on a project. As most people won't time anything that requires great precision, the 10th/sec sub-dial is a waste and could have been better used for day of the week or something else more useful for camping.
- Overall, the design is stunning with beige and black. See photos. Just for fun, I tried it with dress clothes. It's not my go-to dressy watch by any stretch, but makes for a fun change.
- Date window! I love date windows, though this one is very small and may be a challenge for some people to read.
- Keeps accurate time.
- Despite its imperfections mentioned above, the band is supple, genuine leather and very comfortable.
- Water resistant enough to (in theory) not have to baby the watch, other than the leather strap which you should try to keep dry, but if you forget to take it off when you sleepily hop into the shower, the watch itself should be fine.
- Lume and INDIGLO!!! The lume (glow in the dark hands) is better than most watches I own, but Indiglo is one of the greatest features ever. I honestly wish every watch of mine had it. Indiglo is a backlight that turns on when you press in the crown. It's perfect because so long as you can spare a hand or bend your wrist back to press the crown, you will always be able to read the face. See my pictures.

Bottom line: this is a watch worth having despite a few imperfections. It is functional, attractive, and gets complimented frequently. I'd definitely buy it again.

Hope that's helpful.
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on July 18, 2015
Well, I would really like to give the watch a 5 star rating but the watch arrived with a defect. The 1/20 counter doesn't reset to zero. It always resets to 1/20 (see picture). Waiting for my replacement.

Update 7/23/2015
I received my replacement promptly. I am very disappointed because I really wanted to like this watch but the quality is just bad and I should have trusted some of the reviews reporting this problem. The hour hand is just not in the position where it supposed be. When you set the watch to 12 o'clock the hour hand is at the 57 minute indicator and in the 6 o'clock position the hour hand is at the 27 minute indicator (see pictures). I know it is not an expensive watch (well official price is US 79.95) but that doesn't excuse the poor quality or makes it more tolerable (at least for me). This is just basic.
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on October 29, 2015
Great watch with an easily-read face. I've used mine as an everyday watch, though I haven't had much use for the stopwatch feature. Note that the chronograph has dials for 1/10 second, seconds, and minutes, so if you're measuring something small-scaled (less than a half hour) you may need more fidelity. My one complaint is that the watch is a bit thick for my thin wrists; but I find most watches have this drawback. The date is helpful, and the backlight is plenty bright. If you need an alarm, this is not the watch for you. Timex has always been a reliable choice, and this watch is no exception.
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on April 15, 2015
This is a solid-feeling watch with a sort of retro, WWII feel. Fantastic looking watch and was surprised I'd never seen it before. I'm attaching 3 pictures of it on my wrist, and you can see I changed the band to a waterproof black band (Mens Rubbertech (TM) Silicone Rubber Watchband Stainless Steel Deployment Buckle), which I think looks way better than the included leather band. This watch is waterproof to 100m, which makes it OK to shower with and even swim with. I have only had this one day but after a shower with it there were no issues. This black band is great and will review separately, but felt I needed it as, a) I thought the brown leather band didn't fit the mostly black watch, and b) leather isn't great with water.

One reviewer mentioned that the second hand stopped when the stopwatch function was used. Mine does not do that, so I suspect his watch wasn't working right. That shouldn't happen. When I start the stopwatch the second hand keeps going, as it should. The date is set by pulling the crown out one-click, which cycles the hour hand only through the days rapidly. Two clicks out and the minute hand will engage, allowing you to set the proper time. Of course the second hand stops when the crown is pulled out 2 clicks, allowing you to "hack" the watch. The indiglo works great, which is great because the luminous dials don't glow very long.

Things about the watch you should know going in. First, the stopwatch is only for 30 minutes. I haven't used it long enough to know if it continues after 30 minutes or just stops. Other reviews seem to indicate that it will just keep going. Second, the top right dial is for 1/10ths of a second. Eh...if you're going to be timing something down to the 1/10 of a second, use a digital. Third, the stopwatch function (and the second hand) tick at 1-second intervals and do not sweep through a second like mechanical watches (this is basically the way most quartz watches work, with some exceptions).

My overall impression of this watch is, "man, this is a lot of watch for under $50". It has quickly become my favorite. I'll be wearing this 24/7 for a month or so and will update this review if I need to. With an updated, waterproof band this watch rocks. Again, a very solid feel and doesn't feel or look cheap at all. Great job Timex.
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on February 8, 2015
Great looking, good quality watch! Great price too. It works perfectly with 20mm nato straps. Do yourself a favor and pickup some nato straps for your watches. Google 'cheapestnatostraps' After looking around for a while, they had the best prices. If you use the discount code 'facebook15' you get 15% off too. I think if you buy 5 of them, you get another discount as well. I uploaded a few pictures that show my expedition with a black nato strap.
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on March 20, 2015
Really wanted to like this watch. I'm an avid destination sailor and am on a quest to find the ultimate watch to fit my needs. Want something attractive and, out of the box, I really liked this watch. Comfortable weight, good size, and a nice mix between outdoor rugged and casual evening wear. Liked the indiglo, didn't love it as the hands aren't lit, but the design still makes it easy to tell the time in the middle of the night.

Reason for one star is simple. The watch doesn't work, right out of the box. Worked for a day or two, the chronograph sub-dials are all over the place, sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. One will set on 6, then 9, then 0, then who knows...another sub-dial worked fine for a while, now it's locked on 0 (yep, read the instructions to confirm I wasn't missing anything).

So, packing it up for a return today. Was considering an exchange but reading the other reviews, and having it be non-functional out of the box, figured I'll cut my (time) losses.
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on February 14, 2015
I've been wearing this watch for a few days and its really nice watch to wear around in indoors or outdoors. I got for $40 and its a solid watch! My only issue about this watch is the crown dial sticking out. If you wear the watch too loose on your wrist, you will feel the crown poking you. It is very annoying. The watch is a bit heavy for me. It likes to slide around my wrist and I have to keep adjusting every so often. The design and the price is just perfect for me to buy. Best looking watch so far in amazon.
review image
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