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on July 17, 2005
I have had several Timex watched over the past few years, and by far this is the best looking one I've seen in the market, however it's missing some standard functionality in most Timex watches.

* You can use this as a dress watch, it's very stylish.
* The quality of the band seems very good, at least it seems like this is really stainless.
* Comes with indiglo light, 2 alarms, 2-time mode and the standard ironman features: chronograph, timer, etc.

(I hope Timex reads this feedback)
* I wish it had a 5-minute snooze backup alarm which I had on my prior Timexs.
* I used to have a 25th Anniversary Triathlon and I loved the weekday alarm, instead this watch comes with an alarm that you can set for a specific date, I don't anticipate using this feature ever.
* It doesn't have a night mode, usually if you hold the indiglo light it would switch to a mode which doesn't require you to hold the indiglo button to keep the light on.
* The set button is the same as the Indiglo light button. I found this makes setting the alarm extremely difficult while in the dark.
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on May 21, 2007
Yes this is the watch featured in the movie "Stranger than Fiction", but more on that later....

This is a nice and stylish watch that you can wear pretty much anywhere. The price comes at a very modest ~$60 line, which is a great value and a nice failsafe gift for those in need.

Features -

Backlight, Lap timer, chronograph and alarm along with the regular watch mode which displays time, date, and day of the week.

Weaknesses -

backlight seems to favor power saving with a very unimpressive but functional light. You can read the time, but don't expect anything flashy.

Alarm is utterly USELESS. Only a faint repetitive beeping noise that goes on for about 15 beats. Completely inaudible on a crowded street and useless for waking you up.

Watch is HEAVY. For those that like a sturdy feel, this is good, but don't expect to forget you're wearing this watch. On the bright side, my left arm needs a little more workout than my right.

Disappointments related to the movie -

The watch looks the same from the outside, but feature-wise is very different and I'm not talking about it's life saving capabilities (though it may be sturdy enough to stop a bullet)

If you notice in the movie, the backlight is BLUE and the watch shines the backlight while beeping to awake Crick. This feature doesn't exist.

Biggest dissappointment for me was that the analog and digital watch AREN'T CONNECTED like in the movie. That cool scene where Howard was fixing his time with just the analog dial - not happening. You have to set each one manually, and for some reason they don't like to stay exactly in sync.

Bottom line-

Judging by price and style alone, you should be adding this watch to your cart now! Just don't expect any revolutionary features and you'll be a happy camper. Personally, I would pay a bit more just to get a more exact representation of the watch in the movie, but overall I'm happy with the quality of the watch I have.
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on June 26, 2007
I absolutely loved the film Stranger than Fiction and when I discovered the watch was obtainable I had to have one. Everything others have written here about the differences between the movie watch and the real thing are true. And it makes me wonder why Timex isn't taking all the thoughtful comments here and using them to make a special edition of this watch that does the movie version proud?

The most important thing would be synchronized digital and analog systems. Right now the differences between the two are stark. After painstakingly synching them you can see as - right before your eyes - they quickly go out of sync. And I'm not talking about hours or days. You can see it happening in just one minute. Also the Indiglo is probably the worst I've ever seen. It's dim and will only stay on for TWO SECONDS.

And, I have to ask, why did Timex design the hands of the watch so they block the digital readout? It's not hard to come up with a better design. Also the picture of the watch is not what it looks like. The watch face is grey, not white. I'm uploading a "customer image" so you can all see what it really looks like.

All in all it's a handsome analog watch with a overly complicated and slightly annoying digital system. Mostly, though, this watch has a ocean of wasted potential. And, really, is there anything more irritating than wasted potential?
review image review image
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on December 29, 2005
I've owned 4 previous Timex Ironman watches. They really are tough watches. My first one, I wore out the face of it so bad that i couldn't read the time anymore. My second one ended up at the bottom of a bay, but since that one was good for 200m, I sure it's still working at the bottom. My third one pretty much gotten beaten up like my first one which looks like a pitbull used it as a chew toy.

This watch has a nice dual purpose usage where it's for the active people that uses lap and countdown timer. Only down point I found with this watch is that the countdown timer is a bit trickier to use since it uses what they call 'Loop', Loop 1 is Count Up, Loop 2 is Count Down, Loop 3 is countdown repeat. I preferred their other countdown version where it just says CR, CU, CD, a bit more intuative than remembering what Loop 1,2,3 does.

The watch is a bit heavier than I though it would be, but it does feel solid and the Stainless steel band has a nice lock to it, though I already have scratches on it.

The Indiglo DOES have a night feature, you just have to hold the Indiglo button til it says Hold to activate it.

Another nice feature is that you can turn off the digital face and just have the Analog time for the classy look, though the only way I found that I can do this was to use the "recall' function, but it leaves you 4 dashes in the lower background.

My only real problem with this Timex is the Alarm/Chime is very low compare to my previous Ironman watches, so it's a problem when your using say the countdown repeat in the gym or in a city setting.

I'll see how long this one will last me, yes I'm very rough on my watches, you should see the abuse my wrist and hands get and I'm not even in construction.
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on March 19, 2006
You won't find a better combination of style, functionality and ease of use in a timepiece. I really don't like walking around in a plastic Casio-style watch so this traditional looking watch from Timex caught my eye. There are other semi-dress style watches that have stopwatch functionality, but none that you can actually see without a magnifying glass. I constantly forgot to bring my stopwatch to my daughter's track meets and now I always have one with me. Plus, I can turn off the digital readout and it looks great when I am wearing it for work. It seems (and feels) well made and well worth the money.
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on November 3, 2006
As a runner I have owned many Timex digital watches in the past. But while I needed a watch with a countdown timer for my runs, I had grown tired of black bands and functional designs. This watch, though it possess all the functions I need...countdown timer, 100 hr chrono, fairly loud beeper...has real aesthetic advantages. This is especially true when the digital readout is turned off. The watch then becomes a sleek fashion watch with only a small, almost invisible logo to indicate its mass-market heritage.

One added benefit: because I have weak vision, I have discovered that the phospherescent hands on the dial make it easier than I imagined to tell time not only in the dark, but--with a tilt of the wrist--in low light as well. The effect is subtle--when the wrist is tilted the dial itself seems to darken and raise the contrast...but it works for me. In bright light the dial with the big digits on the dial is bright and crisp. Some may find the digits too busy, but then, you can always just turn them off.

My one complaint: poor design in the buttons for the countdown timer require you to turn the backlight on (and thus drain the battery) each time the countdown timer is reset...which for me is every day. Some complain about the thickness of the watch, but it feels solid and handsome to me.

This is Timex's class act.
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VINE VOICEon June 28, 2006
This watch is close to perfect, I have one for daily wear and the "rubber" band version for exercise. I prefer analog, and the bonus is the large digital date, easy to read dual alarms and countdown timer. I use them all regularly, though I normally leave the date display off. The 42 lap timer is also magnificently readable, I just don't need it much.

This watch is so much better than those tiny six point type digital displays hidden in the face of a typical analog watch. I NEED to use the date and I can't see those small ones without glasses.

My only criticism, and it's minor, is that the watch is notably heavy.
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on September 16, 2007
I have read with great interest all of the other reviews. I personally have not encountered any of the aforementioned difficulties with this watch. In fact, it has performed brilliantly and without incident. Each function does exactly what it states that it will and the sheer attractiveness of this product is beyond what any picture can reveal.

The owner's manual leaves a lot to be desired as it does not address all of the many functions of this watch. Perhaps more attention should be afforded to function and less to appease multiple language pundits. Most definitely, the watch band adjustment should be mentioned; however, it isn't difficult. Timex needs to realize that the band is as much a part of the overall watch as the machination is.

I personally am pleased with the green Indiglo which makes time checks easy in the dark. It is a cool effect having an emerald glow as opposed to the traditional cast. The formal dress appeal of this watch is an added bonus as well. In fact, this watch works well in formal or casual settings...a complete ensemble, if you will.

Your investment is secure in this Ironman offering. I have owned several Ironman watches over the years and all of them have been accurate, reliable, and attractive. This model is no exception.
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on March 19, 2009
The band on this watch broke within 6 months. I have searched for another band, but Timex makes this in such a way that you have to buy a whole new watch to get the band. I noticed, while researching, that another person got stuck with this trick also. I feel so disgusted looking at this watch that I want to just throw it in the trash now. It still looks like brand new, but the little flimsy clasp with the Ironman symbol on it (right where it clips onto the watch) separated. The next time I bought a man's watch, I spent triple the money (NOT ON A TIMEX) and that watch is doing great. If Timex keeps pulling this trick, I'll never buy another Timex watch as long as I live...I'll do my research before buying next time IF I ever decide to buy another Timex.
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on July 22, 2007
I was very impressed with this watch, while viewing the movie, and was even happier, when the watch exceeded my expectations. It is a very durable, clean watch, with an easy to read face. I found no use for the 2 lap combo, but I would never use this feature with any other watch. The watch is well built and very classy. I can wear it to a formal occasion as well as at my kids soccer game! I love the dual digial analog feature. I turn off the digital at formal occasions and the watch has quite a classy look to it. The safety clasp is nice and the 2 button press, is excellent for removing the watch very easily. I recommend this watch to anyone.
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