Customer Reviews: The Odd Life of Timothy Green (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)
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on August 4, 2012
I went to the prescreening of this movie and loved it. I'm a big fan of Jennifer Garner and a new fan of Joel Edgerton (Warrior was absolulutley amazing!) This movie has a great combination of humor, sadness, and love. The movie is rated PG, but it's not really a movie I would think my kids would enjoy mainly for the adult emotions that I think are present in the movie. The storyline is pretty simple, a couple that cannot have children are surprised by child showing up at their house one night and beliving he came from the garden (due to the leaves growing on his legs) they make alot of parenting mistakes, but love their new child. All while Timothy has a secret he isnt telling them about his leaves...Overall I will be buying this movie when it's released!
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on August 21, 2012
So often people complain that current films lack quality matched with wholesome family films of years gone by...well needless to say it is here. What I am thoroughly impressed by is that this was put out by Disney and yet didn't feel like the typical live action Disney film. I was blown away by it's depth and it's heart.
For children it is a good lesson on tolerance and compassion. For parents and teachers it will hit straight to the heart. The young couple are pitch perfect in their performance and is probably Garner's best film aside from Juno. The young boy playing the title character will impress you with his depth, sweetness and will steal your heart.
What I love about this film is it's simple reminder of how we all put such a value on superficial ideals and status. I think what this films showcases is that despite failing never give up, even if you fail again. That you don't always have to be the best at something not to have great value. To let pure love lead our lives, minds, and hearts. That children don't have to be a star athlete or a next American be considered a great gift that should be honored and not abused or taken on lightly.
I truly love this film greatly. I will be adding it to my collection and would highly recommend this for a gift or purchase. This film is recommended for 7 years old and up. Be embraced by the magic of Timothy Green. It's not odd, it's wonderful.
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on August 20, 2012
When Cindy and Jim Green learn that they are not able to have children, they spend one final evening imagining what their child would have been like (a name of Timothy, a talented artist, a big heart, honest to a fault, etc.). They put all those qualities in a box and bury it in their garden in their effort to "move on." But unusual things happen that night - a huge storm rains only on their house and a little boy named Timothy (with leaves growing out of his ankles) shows up in their house, muddy and naked.

He immediately calls them Mom and Dad and, after realizing that he is a magical gift from the garden, they welcome him and the challenges of parenthood, learning along the way.

The plot is fantastic and a little plodding. After all, it's basically following a fairly normal ten year-old about his everyday activities. The real joy of this movie is the characters (and the talented actors who portray them). There are lots of meaningful messages in this film about what constitutes a family, what it means to be a parent, balancing protecting children and allowing them to grow, and honesty. I teared up several times and I certainly wasn't the only one in the audience pulling out the tissues.

There's nothing very surprising or shattering about this film, but sometimes it's good just to be reminded to take joy in the simple/important things in life.
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Once upon a time, Walt Disney Studios made family-oriented movies with a message, wrapped around the small joys and trials of ordinary life. Turns out they still do. "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" has an unexpected if charming premise, but the story is mostly about ordinary people working through a variety of family and life issues. It is a sentimental movie, but the laughs and the heartstring-tugging will work for most viewers.

Once upon a time in a small town, a young couple, Cindy and Jim Green (Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton), frustrated by their inability to conceive, bury their hopes and dreams about a child in a box in their garden. A strange overnight storm presents them with Timothy, a young boy who is a miracle in more ways than one. Cindy and Jim will be challenged to provide instant parenting to Timothy, and to explain his sudden appearence in their lives to their respective families and neighbors.

The movie layers multiple sub-plots one on another, including a dying parent and a distant one, sibling rivalries, an uncaring boss, a townwide crisis over a closing factory, a kid's soccer team, and a young girl looking for a kindred soul. Timothy will play a role in each of these sub-plots, which are populated with an exceptionally solid supporting cast. The movie telegraphs its ending, but it still manages to be both moving and entertaining. "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" is very highly recommended as a family movie.
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on August 15, 2012
It is unusual for a movie to be released mid-week, but this one opened Wednesday and so I was able to go on opening day. I was quite pleased with this fantasy film and think it contains excellent messages. Like the story "Tuck Everlasting", it is packaged in a family-type wrapping, but in many ways it is a fable for adults. There is a lot of symbolism that will be lost on younger children, and I think it can be watched by ALL but appreciated more by older children and adults.

The film starts by dealing with the painful reality that many couples face when they are told they are not able to conceive children. In their grief, the couple writes on pieces of paper about what they had dreamed for their child. He'll be artistic, he'll score the winning goal in a game, he'll be kind, and he'll have all the qualities that they have themselves, etc. They bury these in a box in the garden and overnight a miracle happens. The child they had dreamed of appears in their garden. This leads to interesting and humourous consequences.

This movie has a number of lessons. Children can learn from how the story embraces the idea that it's okay to be different. Having something unique about you is good, and you don't need to be ashamed to show it. Also, moms and dads are human and are doing the best they can. Sometimes they make mistakes, but are figuring out a lot of things as they go. The deeper theme which is more likely to be appreciated by teens and adults is about how children are a gift that is not to be squandered. We see the various "pitfalls of parenting" and mistakes that parents make in real life. The parents are shown as well meaning but making mistakes as they try to figure out what to do. Parenting is shown as a learning process too! Also, the idea that we have only a certain amount of time with our children comes across very clearly. We have valuable opportunities to touch each other's lives, but time passes quickly.

I didn't really understand what "brief language" they were talking about in the review, but during the second viewing I think I heard the "h-word" a couple of times. One character says, "Oh dear God" and I think the obnoxious sister character may have said God's name once quietly. I am very sensitive to such things, but was not offended by this movie at all. In fact it was advertised as having a G rating here in Canada. My personal preference would be that they prayed for a child. In the story we assume it is magic, but we don't know the source of the miracle.

I found this movie to be quite moving and was thinking a lot about the story after I left the theatre. This film really has a bit of everything: depth, humour, lessons, and a bit of romance too. The cinematography, especially the scenes with the Autumn leaves, is very beautiful and you can tell the director is good because of his attention to detail. I also like how the couple has a loving marriage and treat each other with kindness and respect. It's just so nice to see a clean movie that also contains depth that can be appreciated by people of all ages. It's a keeper! :)
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on October 31, 2012
Jim and Cindy Green are a couple struggling with infertility. For a long time, they have invested their emotions, their effort, and their dwindling finances into trying to have a child. After their arduous efforts fail, they find themselves sitting across from their infertility doctor, who sheepishly tells them that they have exhausted their options, and that pregnancy will not happen for them. They are devastated, but decide to spend one last evening dreaming about who their child would have been, in an effort to mourn and move on. Disney magic happens, and their dream son, Timothy, grows up overnight from their garden. He has leaves on his shins. He also has a navel, but I'm not sure why. Jim and Cindy spend the next two hours or so adjusting to having a son, working through their feelings towards other parents they have known, and by their own admission, making mistakes. Timothy disappears, but encourages Jim and Cindy by telling them that they were always ready to be parents. A year passes, and Jim and Cindy decide to pursue parenting through either adoption or foster care.

The movie is good for people considering adoption. The Greens grieve their infertility in what seems to be a healthy manner. They struggle with the desire for Timothy to keep secrets, before finally realizing that it's healthier for him to share his unique story. They defend Timothy from members of their family who criticize him unfairly.

There are some concerning aspects to the movie, and if you're considering adoption, it'd be best to know going in: the Greens have a terrifyingly bad interview with an adoption social worker. The worker is cold, rude, rushed, and uncaring. I've interviewed hundreds of adoptive families and trained several other adoption workers. We're not as mean as the social worker in this movie. Don't let her scare you away.
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on February 15, 2013
I have a rule. I do not buy movies on Blu-Ray unless they are worth watching numerous times over. This movie certainly meets that requirement.

I could not be more happy with this film. It is uplifting and beautiful. I cannot recommend this film more strongly.

Appropriate for families of all ages.
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MOVIE REVIEW # 46: " The Odd Life Of Timothy Green "

Director Peter Hedges (Dan In Real Life) wrote the screenplay from a story conceived by Ahmet Zappa that really encompasses simple family values. It has the passion in it enough to grab your heart strings - and tug a little on them - more than once.

The story is fanciful and magical in nature and has a touch of sci-fi thrown in, but the real thrust of this drama is the family unit. It's about parents and their children and how a small town deals with the drama's of a failing economy, bragging relatives and the gossip of neighbors that happens everywhere and anywhere you may live! It tends to slow down in a couple places - but there are very memorable scenes throughout.

Now, imagine not being able to have children, for whatever reason - and you and your spouse found a unique way of coming to terms with it - by `wishing' the qualities you would like your `dream child' to have and then in superficial way planting them in the ground.

Enter the element of magic, sci-fi or the `powers' from above - and a small child - played with such style, wit and humor by Cameron CJ Adams (Dan In Real Life) and you have a real family unit. His performances makes you smile more than once throughout the film and keeps you guessing about his motivations and origins.

The real heart of the movie is the wonderful performances the two leads do together of showing true parenting - played perfectly by Jennifer Garner (Alias, Juno, Daredevil) and Joel Edgerton (The Thing-2011, Star Wars - Episode 2 & 3). Their on screen chemistry they had was completely heart-warming and when adding Cameron into the mix, the scenes with the three of them was extremely real.

One other notable performance was by the amazing Ms. Dianne Weist (Edward Scissorhands, Parenthood) who gives perfect performance of a stiff, uptight and over-indulged boss of Jennifer - will make you remember her `chinny-chin-chin'! You'll have to see it to understand that reference! Dianne will definitely make you roll yours and even laugh more than once throughout the film.

Special note to composer Geoff Zanelli (Gamer, Secret Window) - who created a modern and audibly unique score for the film. It moved the emotions of comedy and drama very seemlessly and I believed helped in the overall ambiance and mood of the film.

This is a really good film for the entire family - a little short of story - but real in delivery. It portrays real people in a `magical-sci-fi' situation that brings forth what new parents are really dealing with. It also ends on a very happy note! Timothy Green is Green to go!
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on January 23, 2013
I went into this with no more info than the Amazon description. My 3 might be a bit deceptive, it was an enjoyable family movie with no shoot'em up, fung-fu, swearing, and not even many dirty looks much less anything dirty unless you count the muddy kid near the start.

The movie starts with a couple that can't have a baby hearing the news from the doctors that having kids is just not going to happen. On that sad new the couple decide to write down the qualities their kid would have if they had one and the movie magic begins. The movie is told after the fact as a story to child adoption case workers and the couple trying to explain their qualifications for adoption.

This is sort of Kyle XY & Phenomenon meets Richie Cunningham, and Happy Days is what sticks, in fact, I might say watching this is like 3-4 episodes of Happy Days the TV show back-to-back.

The movie does not even attempt to tie up loose ends, tackle obvious questions, like how does an 8 year old show up and no one questions where he came from, they just sort of glaze over that part.

So in the end this is a feel good movie that will be on the Hallmark Channel in a short while, for most I would say wait for the TV movie to come out, however, if you are looking for a break from the kill everything in sight movies, just want to relax with the family and see an enjoyable albiet sappy flick, this is a good choice.
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on June 13, 2013
Call me the Grinch but I expected (from all the great reviews) that this movie would have me in tears constantly and it didn't . I will say however it did have a few moments. I'd actually give it 3 1/2 stars.

Don't get me wrong, it was worth watching and I absolutely love Jen Garner (However I'd rather watch a couple episodes of Alias than this movie) . All in all , it was a pretty decent movie but I won't give 5 stars to something that is just pretty good. My ratings for movies go as follows:
1-2 stars - don't waste your time
3 stars -rent don't buy.
4 stars- would watch again.
5 stars - would watch it again several times.

bottom line = worth renting but not buying.
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