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on October 13, 2014
Fun game. Doesn't have a lasting appeal but it's fun as you rank up. Once you hit max rank, it's not as enjoyable because you have nothing else to unlock but I find myself logging in and having fun for an hour or so at a time.
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on February 12, 2015
At first this game was pretty good, but as time went on there was no discipline of hackers, and it became a quagmire. It has no single player campaigns, so you are left with either cheating until they do something, or getting slammed a lot. Not much fun, probably will delete. Sad because it was a good premise.
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on March 16, 2014
It is hard to relate the high media scores with the game itself. I can hardly believe that this game, hailed as to be significantly focused on online multiplayer experience, eventually seems to be a junk food type of game decorated with some so called "fresh ideas" and "revolutionary concepts". My review on this game will be focused much on the gaming experience rather than pure graphic or game design mindset, which, though does not meet the standard of a 9/10 game, is acceptable to some extent.

To start with, Titanfall sounds pretty cool, looks pretty cool and is reviewed to be pretty cool. Thanks to great media work, we're all led astray to the following aspects:
1.great map with jet packs
2.Titan with great balance work and design
3.Must be different from other FPS(words like fresh, hype, new concept, etc)

However, as gamers, we need stuff more than simply "cool" and concepts of "fresh" with much to be specified. That is, Titanfall has poor gaming curve and game depth. This, as far as I'm concerned, makes it ridiculous if you check their statement on the back of the box "set the new bar for online multiplayer gameplay".


The pilots in this game are equipped with jet packs, which allows players to travel faster and in a variety of ways. With quick-rechargeable perks like cloak, adrenalin rush, the game pace is much faster than most FPS. Unfortunately, these factors, in most cases, simply results in disorder in gameplay, especially when combined with the "revolutionary" minions added to the battlefield, which will be explained later.


These giant robots are classified in classical style: tanks, half-tank and assassin. 3 Titans are more than enough...if worked properly. Unfortunately, you don't really wanna stay in titans for long due to its size, inefficiency for scoring and too fast a game pace. The perks for Titans are interesting but that's it.


I'm mostly disappointed at this part of the game. as primary weapons go, there are only 6 for Titans and less than 10 for pilots with very limited customize options. I can hardly sense anything that will "set the bar for future" in this category. As usual, there are assault rifles, snipping rifles, machine guns, shot guns and energy weapons. Just think of it, these classes finally expend to a weapon number less than 10 with 3 or 4 predictable upgrade options(you can only equip one of them). The only thing that might account for the word of "new" is the smart pistol, which, in my opinion is a OP one.

Balance&Match Making&Group Setting

I have to say the MM for this game is horrible. Players are simply thrown into games, regardless of their levels, skills(win rate, hit rate, etc). This seems to be fine with old COD serious. BUT we're here talking about 6 on 6 games(don't mention the minions, they are too week and serves merely a way for easy score). Just think about your LOL or DOTA experience. One teammate could have huge impact. To make it worse, it happens often that you have all 40 plus on one side and all 10 minus on the other. That's even not the end. The MM DOES NOT switch players between two teams in battles. The high level winners simply stick together, waiting for naive feeding lamb.

The fast pace nature of this game makes it so easy to snowball both trough level or weapons. especially when you got someone new to the game. You may just start your killing but the game is over. In addition, I'll have to say this grunts/minion idea is totally a joke. for numbers, you gain 1 point for killing a minion, 4 for a pilot. I've experienced the battles where the enemy won, not because that they had more kills on our pilot(in fact we were in the lead for this category) but that they all equipped smart pistols and killed our minions like reapers.(that's why this weapon is poorly balanced. One click, 5 men down) It is much easier to kill 40+ minions than 10+ pilot.

In fast pace games, you always want the most effective way to play. you may go for snipping for a taste but, come on, do you wanna do your snipping on the battlefield where 6 pilots hiding in buildings and a sea of minions with cloaking, fast wall run and double jump? there's no joy coming out of killing minions. When you finally snip down somebody, the enemy may have enough time to kill tones and tones of minions.

you don't have concept of lines or defense in this game due to its 6 on 6 group set and minions are useless. All these lead to poor game strategy. you don't really need to push or flank - the entire battlefield is in chaos with pilots jumping around and minions are randomly deployed. just equip your smart pistol with fast aim upgrade and cloak perk and go. if you have a bad lag, replace your smart pistol with shot guns. the shot gun in Titanfall is accurate, 6-8 rounds per clip and one-shot-to kill at far more than close range. These two weapons are so OP since its easy to get close with fast movement and jack packs in game, plus cloak. assault rifles and snippers are pointless in most cases.

Titan fights are cool. But again, you're wasting too much time in Titian if you just try to take down the enemy titan.

Wrap up

Titanfall is a good game but not more than that. The excitement fades away after several days and it turn out to be pale. I still can't believe a multiplayer focused game can only offer this much. They have cool concepts, good ideas but not worked out properly. It try to offer more choices, but the fast pace nature forces players to simplification; It tries to bring dynamic battle experiences but the 6 on 6 set and minions simply reject that. It brings Titans but the Titans are shallowly designed and are not the most efficient choice in battles.

I didn't even mention the lack of game modes and player connection. 6 on 6 games require much better communication among players and most of my teammates don't even know how to use voice chat (press Z) since it's not taught or mentioned in the tutorial.

PS:I was actually thinking of ask for refund but one of my friends is a huge robot fan and he's pretty satisfied as long as there's a titan for him to drive.
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on October 18, 2014
You should know by now that there wasn't a campaign. It's was report in every media outlet before the game came out, and the small one they had was online orientated. If you play Call of Duty most people most likely don't touch the campaign becuase the bread and butter is in the multiplayer. Same goes for Titanfall. the game is great and once you get this 50 GB downloaded you'll enjoy it. Like any game now game is perfect and the same goes for Titanfall. Here are my issues with the game.

1 Titanfall need to do a better job of making teams even. I could be wrong with this but it seems that Titanfall is alway one sided until someone leaves the match.

2. Connection issues can really mess up a match. This will happen at least once without a doubt.

3.Did I mention I hate the concept of the Smart pistol, but maybe it's because I'm terrible at using it.

I think this game has a lot of promise and when Titnafall 2 comes out most of these gripes will be answered. I love this game more than Call of Duty. Call of Duty never made me feel comfortable playing because you could sit any where and pop shots. While in Titanfall you are always moving which is perfect. Enjoy!
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on January 10, 2016
this game is actually great. Note that i didn't get it from Amazon or anything, but i was hoping that this might help anyone who's looking around.
also note that some of my comments might be just stating the obvious, but it's also for those who have every little knowledge about this game.
this game requires CONSTANT INTERNET CONNECTION because this game does not have a mode where you can simply play offline and by yourself; you can play without "friends" with you, the game will just throw you into a "side" instead.
make sure that you have a GOOD GAMING PROCESSOR/computer. I have the pentium and it often froze and threw me out in the middle of a game, so i took the intel core i5 from my old computer and installed it in my new one. it works a little better but not as good as i would've hoped for.
i'm NOT A HUGE GAMER, so i don't have an awesome gaming computer/laptop and often run into glitches.

with this game, when you die; it'll show you how you died (which can be helpful and annoying), it'll also bring you back so you can continue the game. it's kind of similar to playing laser tag at the arcade
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on May 19, 2014
I bought this game at half was a good deal the game itself is pretty cool it was something that I needed, was way better than a Call of Duty series.. something new..
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on March 14, 2014
This game is awesome, I think its much better than the new CoD. The controls are pretty simple and the maps are great. Leveling and class sets are sweeter. Awesomeness all around!!
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on October 4, 2014
Titan Fall was not what I expected. I purchased it for my husband and perhaps did not read the fine print but I thought it would be like his other games where he can just play. This one apparently, has to be played in multi-player mode. He says it's a great game but that he would much prefer it if he could play single player. Considering the fact that it was a gift for him, I feel that I could have done a better job of shopping for him.
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on June 22, 2014
This could have been such a fantastic game, but it's not. Maybe EA rushed Respawn so this game would be out in time for the Xbone release. What you wind up with is half a game, and I cannot believe this was the original intent. Honestly it feels like half a game that you are paying full price for.

So forgot about any kind of single player campaign. The "campaign" in this game is just a series of missions in multiplayer with a little voiceover mixed in. Once you complete those missions all you have left is random hookup online multiplayer stuff like Conquest, CTF, etc. They didn't even feel the need to add BOT support, so you can't even play a multiplayer game by yourself populated with bots for practice or whatever. Nope, after a short tutorial you are shoved right into the thick of it. And it's super cool neato for a while.

The matchmaking system is straight out of a console shooter game (ala COD) and it SUCKS. Several times I had to restart the process to find a game with enough players to even start the match, and this was on a Friday and Saturday night. I tried to play again on Sunday afternoon and the servers were very empty. Took a long time to get a match set up, like I would walk away for 10, 15, 20 minutes and no game started. Maybe the console versions play better with more people online, but in the middle of a Sunday today the servers were ghost towns. Quit, retry, wait. Rinse and repeat.

Oh and other reviews about COD kiddos pulling the same tricks and one shot kills etc etc is all true. I don't know if it's hacks or they are just awesome players, but I died A LOT without ever seeing it coming. And the titans are neat but don't last long, they don't take too much punishment before they blow up. And yeah if a guy jumps on you they can mess you up and you're powerless to do anything except get out and try to get them off. There should be a duck/roll or jump or some kind of anti-personnel move to shake them off, but there isn't.

OK so now you that you know what you're getting into... graphically the game is awesome and it runs smooth on my system (Phenom 2 + Geforce GTX 770) on highest settings.

Who knows, maybe they will slap on a single player campaign as part of DLC or something. Don't pay money for this until that happens, IF it ever happens.

Lucky for me Origin had this on a freeplay weekend, so I got to play all weekend for free and I decided it wasn't worth the purchase "sale" price of $29.99 on Origin.
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on March 13, 2014
You know when you keep hearing good things about an upcoming movie, and you're super excited to see it, and then when you finally leave the theater you think to yourself, "That wasn't as good as I was expecting" ? Yep, that's what happened here. This game got waaaaay overhyped. The bottom line is that while it's nice to have original IP being generated, there's barely a shell of a storyline and I have no emotional attachment to any side. I don't know why I'm fighting for a particular side. Are the separatists actually terrorists? Or are they fighting to escape from a tyrannical government? I don't know.

Graphics concerns - As I went through the tutorial, the vertical sync was screwed up and the bug messed up my framerate very badly. It seems glitchy, and at several points the game just crashed. Three times in the first hour of playing. In the actual game I don't seem to have frame rate issues, and the vertical sync issue isn't very noticeable at all. The graphics aren't as eye-popping as I was expecting.

Audio - The Dolby 7.1 surround sound is fantastic in my headset. No complaints here, except that the sound is ridiculously loud as you go through the company logo videos, then goes dead quiet.

As far as gameplay, color me unimpressed. It is cool to be able to hop into a titan fairly seamlessly, but I'm not a fan of all the AI. The jumping has weird functions where you'll be standing on a flat area near an angle and if you jump you'll bounce off to the side as though you were on the angle. I like the parkour style of movement, and I expect that since I'm really only a beginner to that kind of gameplay that I need to adapt and "start thinking with portals". I also think that maybe it's too easy for players to blow up your titan. And maybe it's just me being a total noob about the gameplay and that my survivability will go up as I play more. But speaking of titans, I don't feel like there's a whole lot of diversity between them even with all the customization options. Titan combat feels very basic so I think it's definitely the weakest part of the game. At least the pilots have a lot of diversity going for them. More than CoD, for sure... But I don't really feel like killing AI opponents really contributes to my team. If I wanted to kill AI, I'd play single play--- oh wait. Right. Additionally, the game modes are fairly typical.

Playing requires you to download and utilize the Origin system, which is a software management system and store, kind of like Steam. I can't stand added complexity, and this is the only game I have on Origin. I feel like this should have just been released on Steam. It means ANOTHER account with ANOTHER password and ANOTHER place where your personal information can be stolen if they get hacked. Resounding "Meh".

Lastly, this game is a 50 Gb download. If you're planning on buying this online, you'd better have a solid internet connection. It took me days to download, and it's mostly uncompressed audio files. Seriously, this game is only multiplayer. How the hell is it 50 Gb? There's no single player campaign that would take up resources.
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