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Format: Video GameChange
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on April 8, 2014
As an owner of the XB1 version, I got a chance to play the X360 version, and it is surprisingly not a whole lot different from the XB1 version. I mean the resolution and texture detail is noticeably lower on X360, but the XB1 has 6-8x the resources and yet it doesn't look that much better. It is basically the same game. Blueprint (the team that ported it to X360) did a very good job.

Performance wise, it's even more similar. If you watch Digital Foundry's performance analysis at eurogamer, the X360 version's framerate is a bit lower overall, but I'd say it's actually more consistent. XB1 runs at 60fps when nothing is going on, but dips to the 40s and sometimes the 30s when titans are on screen. The X360 version runs 40-50fps for the most part, always staying above 30fps. And for those who prefer a more consistent framerate, there's an option to lock it to 30fps, which also pretty much eliminates the screen tearing. This option is not available on XB1.

Anyone looking to buy Titanfall probably already know what it's about, so I won't talk about the game itself. I'll just say that it's a fun game. Revolutionary? Not in my opinion, but it's definitely good.

While Titanfall looks noticeably better on XB1, it is not a looker on any platform, and it is basically the same game. So if you already own an X360 and are still considering buying an XB1 for Titanfall, I would take a good look at both versions before you decide. You could possibly save $450-$500.
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on April 8, 2014
Extremely pleased with the 360 version. Bluepoint did an amazing job with this port. It plays identical to the Xbox One version, the only drawback is reduced resolution (obviously). The graphics look perfectly fine and the gameplay is very fluid. I'm giving this 5 stars to let 360 owners know that this is the full experience. No need to spend $500+ to play this game. Titanfall on Xbox 360 rocks!!
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on April 24, 2014
I don't know. I got the game. I played it for a few hours. I don't know. I'm not disappointed. I'm not pumped either. I would have given it 2.5 stars, right in the middle, if that was an option.
I love multi-player games. I really do. But I don't like NOT having the option of when I don't want to get my butt kicked around by a 12 year old kid across the country, that I can flip over to story-mode or campaign mode and have a modest mind numbing experience. I was a gamer before the majority of my fellow gamers even had a gaming system or a PC. Their baby-fingers weren't working like they would have hoped yet.
I know why they build games like this. It's a consistent money suck. I get that. But what worries me is when this game fades into obscurity.....Do you just trash it, because no one is playing it anymore? I mean, every once in a while I can sometimes find some honest nimrod standing alone on some map in the original Call of Duty and queue up for a few frags. But by and large all I find is heavily modded, God-mode punks, seeing how many points they can accumulate with as little skill that they can muster, but with what they can tack onto their systems and equipment. Must be a hoot for them. Point is....I can go to the story mode and have a reunion tour if I don't want to participate in the "fist-fight in the phone booth". I was a bit put off getting thrown into a room with people vastly out-levelling me right from the get-go, but breathed a little easier when I realized how large the maps are, so I could ease into the water.
Anyway, this game will "do". Was it worth the 60.00 bucks, or so, that I paid for it? Probably not.
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on May 3, 2014
There's no single player. I knew this going in and it was well advertised. Don't know why some reviewers were shocked. I actually like single player FPS so I'm knocking off a star just for that.

The multiplayer is ok. There aren't too many multiplayer modes. Attrition is the team deathmatch mode. I found it to be a frenetic mess and probably won't be playing it much. There is CTF which is fun. There is Last Titan Standing which is my favorite mode. Everyone gets a titan. It plays like a mech game more or less. A mode they don't have would be the opposite of Last Titan Standing which would involve no titans, just pilots. A mode like that would be more like typical COD. That's a mode I wish they had.

All in all, the game is part your average FPS and part mediocre mech game. Playing Titanfall really made me miss MechWarrior on the PC and MechAssault on the Xbox.
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on March 19, 2015
RIPOFF. Want my money back. I would not waste money on this for anyone I cared about. Im an adult over 21. Old enough to expect my money's worth compared to other first-person shooters. There are plenty of negative reviews highlighting the same concerns. Take a look on you tube as well. Angry joe reviews. Down right lazy, moronic, monotomus design all around with no point whatsoever. Run around and kill everyone insight. No story to invest in or to put war in context ( if that's possible) If that's not enough, the server connection support is ridiculously atrocious. I'm sure it was a big money maker with all the hype.

Purchasing this game cheats you of a full gaming experience. This is not a full game and requires you spend money investing in Microsoft BEFORE you can even have access to it.

While other games have a multiplayer feature as an side benefit, the creators of this game have elected to shortcut the need to be creative to make JUST a multiplayer option. Result: before even being able to load this game, 1. Users must spend money on getting internet access 2. buying a XBOX Live Gold Pass. 3. More money for a hard drive if you don't have one already (which I didn't).

Totally multiplayer. Totally online only. With intermittent server connection this game is particularly frustrating. Whyske a game totally online and not create servers sufficient enough to handle it? No way to play BY YOURSELF or try to master the complicated moves short of dying repeatedly by hidden snipers who have nothing better to do than sit in front of this game all day long. Sickening.

While every other shooter features some semblance of a story or plot to put some perspective on killing everything in sight, the game barely mentions a reason to invest your imagination and dedication to playing the game.

Having this TITAN machine turns out to be an elaborate means to kill yourself or others. Such a wasted opportunity to use this innovative technology for some potentially great entertainment.

Obliviously going after a specific market and eliminate the rest of us who don't care to play online, or multiplayer for the sake of cheap means to make a quick buck.

First person shooters are a favorite of mine but I Won't be supporting this company on anything.
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on October 22, 2014
After playing this for the first few days I loved this game, I was totally killin' it and I thought it could be my new AAA mp game but the more I played, the game starting getting less and less fun.

For the first few days, week, I thought I was amazing at this game, and then I realized everyone that I was killing was just AI, and then the more AI I killed the more boring it got, it got to a point where they got almost boring to kill just because of how easy they were to kill.

1 or 2 of the maps are the right size, big enough for Titans to be everywhere and move and small enough for Pilots (players) to get around easily, but there are some maps that are way too big for Pilots and you end up running across the map to get to the action or another hardpoint.

The other big issue I have w/ this game is the balance between Pilots and Titans. This was my very first concern w/ this game when it was first announced, how easily can Pilots kill Titans? And the answer is not at all, your "rocket launcher" isn't nearly powerful enough to take down a Titan, you can shoot the Titan 5-10 times and it still won't go down. The Titan weapons need to do more damage to be more balanced.

My last disappointment in the game is the limited mp game modes. There's all of like 3 modes that are the standard modes of pretty much every mp game, team deathmatch, hardpoint, and FFA I think, and in this game gen. that's unacceptable, so the game gets more and more boring as you're only playing about 3 game modes.

The free running mechanic as a Pilot are very fun and that was fun and set this game apart from others. Graphics were pretty good, nothing special but not bad. Calling in a Titan and watching it drop from the sky w/ the sound will never be anything less than awesome every time. Playing as a Titan is fun, and Titan on Titan battles can get pretty crazy. Story seems like it's non-existent, I don't even remember the story because it's in the background while you're playing, I mean you're way too distracted to pay attention to a story when you're in mp, but what I do remember it wasn't all that great, kind of generic.

I would recommend this game, it's fun for a while until it gets boring, maybe you'll enjoy it longer than I did, but I'd say the game is overhyped, I'll be looking forward to TF2 and see what changes they've made, if it is for better.
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on July 30, 2014
There are some pros and cons to the game, but I decided that the pros outweigh the cons enough for me to give it five stars.


The gameplay is great. Parkour in the game is seamless and easy to master. The controls are simple and make total sense. Any Call of Duty player will feel right at home in this game. It is currently my favorite game right now and has that great multiplayer experience that COD has been known for for so long (of course, the fact that a few COD developers were involved in the design helps). Titans are basically weighed-down versions of the pilot himself, and added a whole new sense of action to the game, which I loved. The weapons in the game are almost all really well done (see the cons) and seem balanced enough. There is enough of a variety for me to enjoy. A lot of people don't like the AI controlled minions, but I like them. While they are a little too easy, they do add some life to the multiplayer, and it is kind of fun to just burst into a room without any fear of dying and just take them all out. Of course, the real challenge in Titanfall comes in the titans and pilots.


The game takes a hard drive in order to run it. At first, I thought 1GB of Xbox storage would be okay, but it requires an actual hard drive, which was a first in any game I've tried. It also tends to kick me out of servers with a little more frequency than I'd like due to excessive lag and too much going on in the game at one (i.e. multiple titans exploding at once). With better internet connection, this could be resolved, but for slower connections, this could be a problem. The sniping in this game is not good, but that's because pilots move so quickly, meaning that you are stuck shooting at AI characters for points. Finally, a multiplayer campaign was not a good idea. No one likes to play campaign apparently, except for me. Because it's multiplayer, I have to find other people, but no one ever wants to play, meaning I'm stuck without the ability to play (however, Titanfall's multiplayer more than makes up for this.)

Although I did list a lot of cons to the game, I highly recommend this game for any COD fan or someone who just likes the fast-paced thrill of great FPS games.
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on July 2, 2014
Sometimes the tiniest change can have the biggest impact. Titanfall's take on first-person shooters offers the latest innovation, even bigger than adding the titans (human-piloted mechs) themselves. That change is the movement. Despite a shooter's POV display, it's always been essentially a two-dimensional affair.

Titanfall adds substantial verticality and that makes an immense difference. When I went back to playing Halo 4, I was really annoyed that I couldn't run up walls. What kind of futuristic super soldier can't jump more than a few feet? Spartans are strong enough to flip a tank with one hand but can't kick or punch holes in a wall to climb it? Boring!

At first, I thought the Titanfall maps were a little small, but I was still mentally in a two dimensional shooter mode. The more I explored the wall-running and parkour abilities, the more I realized the maps were much larger than they appeared. I've yet to see an aspect of a building in the map that you can't climb around, hang on to and hide in.

Then there's the titans. You can get in them and pilot them yourself, you can set them to follow you, and you can stop them to guard a point. Personally I like to have mine follow me around and bust heads if someone is trying to sneak up on me.

I'm using a 360, and though there was a lot of drama about the Xbox One requiring an internet connection constantly and Microsoft backing off that decision, at least on the 360 version there's no way to play the campaign without an internet connection. It's all multiplayer. The campaign is just a story with other people playing the opposing side. It's a little annoying since I like to play at odd hours but sometimes I simply can't because there aren't enough people online. It would be great if the game would fill in with bots.

The story itself is a little thin and frankly I didn't pay much attention to it. I do however, like the commentary, Halo-style, when you're doing well, they will say things like "You are dominating that pilot," or "he's going to hold a grudge." It's a nice twist instead of just yelling out your achievement (like Halo). it seems like someone's really watching you and encouraging you, the only problem is it gets a bit repetitive.

Sometimes I think that the era of the shooter may be coming to an end. Call of Duty and Battlefield are always slick, but they lack personality and creativity. Then Gears of War's horde mode was so ground-breaking it nearly became a requirement for all shooters after. I think 3D movement is going to do the same for future shooters. Two dimensions are just not enough.

Larry Nocella
Author of the novel, The Katrina Contract, available on Amazon
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on April 22, 2014
Titanfall is OK, and can be fun, but based on the hype I was truly hoping for a chance to reinvent my personal online experience. And this is because I truly suck compared to most FPS gamers. I am at best an average player that enjoys FPS's but the complete and utter suffering I have endured online during years of MW and COD have resulted in a series of premature abandonments of 60 dollar titles. Finally, for as much slack as it has received, Ghost's Squads totally saved my butt in online participation as I do OK and don't get slaughtered the minute I enter the field. With all the noise over Titanfall, I had hoped for a fresh chance to compete with all the other kids with its claims of original gameplay, so that I might have another opportunity to be OK online. But without the ability to practice in any way, no single player to try different styles, I still get butchered by the run-and-gunners. Sadly, Ghosts Squads (and the Ripper) still is a better online experience for the average (or below) player.
I will keep trying - I am better at parkouring, better at going up than across, but at the end of the day, competitive play is still the domain of the person who is twitchier than I.

I would like to add that I purchased this from Microsoft because they had a preorder 10 dollar store credit. Please, please never buy from them. I certainly won't again. I never received the credit, and trying to get this from MS has been absolutely painful. Long waits, getting passed around from the store to XBoxLive and back again without any resolution. Just astoundingly awful customer service, remarkably so.

BTW, and this has nothing to do with Amazon or the game other than I will never not buy a video game from Amazon again...finally got someone at the MS store to understand my problem, and she gave me a code after about 45 minutes of her talking to her supervisor. My guess is that she was just having a smoke break, cuz the code was just bogus. Seriously. Will never, ever, purchase from Microsoft again.
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on October 28, 2015
Personally didn't care for it. they have an interesting game concept, but needs a lot of work in other areas. Takes more than giant robots and par-cor to get me excited about a game. Map designs lead to camper's delight, and are big enough to encourage that practice.

Campaign was one of the worst I've ever played - no offline, true single player campaign, and the campaign advanced whether you won or lose the respective mission. Campaign consists of playing the "story" for one side, and then playing it from the other perspective. Cutscenes were absolutely boring.

Weapons were ok - robots were actually mildly fun at first, but got kind of repetitive. The human weapons were pretty similar to the Call of Duty mold, and there wasn't a very broad selection.
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