Customer Reviews: Titanic: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Collector's Anniversary Edition
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on March 26, 2012
This is one of my all-time favorite film scores, and I am a tremendous film score buff. As a maritime historian with a particular interest in the "Titanic," the score for this movie has captivated me from day one. I bought the original CD in November of 1997, before I ever saw the movie, and all these years later, it remains my favorite James Horner score. So it was with great anticipation that I picked this re-release up.

The pros: CD's 1 - 3. Discs 1 and 2 of this 4-CD set are exact track and content match re-releases of "Titanic" and "Back to Titanic." That said, the two discs have been digitally re-mastered, and they sound absolutely fantastic - better than the originals. Incredible. These two discs alone are worth the price of the set, even if you have the originals to compare them to. Disc 3 contains much of the music that would have been played aboard the ship, as recorded by I Salonisti - the musical ensemble who starred in the film. Very nice selections, and the quality is great.

The cons: CD 4. Much of the music on this disc is simply unbearable. They are antique recordings, but many of them were recorded long after "Titanic" sank in 1912, and bear a distinctly '20's and '30's feel. They would feel right at home in a score for "The Legend of Bagger Vance," but strike no chords to Titanic's era. The earliest recording comes from 1914, and the last was actually recorded in 1946! Even worse, not only are the recordings made in a much later, much "jazzier" style than would have been heard aboard the "Titanic," but the actual pieces playing don't bear any resemblance to the instruments used aboard the liner. A far better choice would have been to bring in a string ensemble, such as I Salonisti, to record those same pieces - or others - in a style that would have been heard in 1912.

Also, the much-touted quartet of baggage tags are not faithful reproductions, and bear the likeness of a ship from a much later era; finally, the "historical" commentary called "Ship of Dreams" running from pgs. 30-33 of the booklet contains numerous historical errors, perpetuates a number of popular misconceptions, and is a general mess.

On the whole, this should have been given a bit better attention, but it's well worth the price for CD's 1-3.
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on April 12, 2012
I had originally bought the film soundtrack back in 1997 after the movie had come out because the music was so amazing, but for years I had felt that there was so much missing. Somehow I missed the follow-up album, Back to Titanic which included many of the "missing" tracks from the first one such as Nearer My God to Thee and An Irish Party In Third Class. None of this matters now that this Collector's Edition is available!

Here's how this set breaks down:

Disc 1 :: The original soundtrack, remastered. I have the original and after listening to both of them, I can tell you that there is a difference! This new copy is much more crisp and you can almost hear things not found in the original. This could play into the fact that I'm using studio monitors rather than standard computer speakers, but either way, it sounds much better!

Disc 2 :: The original follow up soundtrack, Back To Titanic, remastered. I never owned the original, so I can't compare, but this disc also sounds amazing and it's so nice to get to hear some of the other important musical selections that didn't make it to the original soundtrack.

Disc 3 :: Background music, remastered. You can finally hear the instrumentals that are mostly used as background music without all the dialog and other sound effects. In the film, these tracks were used to set the scenes and in some cases were not heard through their entirety or were too soft to pick up much from it.

Disc 4 :: The music on this disc never appeared in the film, but was added to the collection because they were popular songs during Titanic's era. If you like to listen to early 1900's music, then this cd is a really great trip back to the past! I loved it, but for those of you looking only for music from the film, you can skip this one and focus on the first three discs.

Inside the case, you get a really nice booklet with lots of pictures and information. There are also four stickers included that replicate luggage tags from Titanic. The whole collection has been done very nicely and is a GREAT upgrade from the original two soundtracks!
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on May 2, 2012
As a huge fan of the soundtrack to 'Titanic', I was excited when I saw that this soundtrack had been released. At last, here was an opportunity for the powers that be to fix the two major problems with the original releases - all the missing recordings, and those silly dialogue insertions into their recordings of "An Irish Party in Third Class" and "Come Josephine In My Flying Machine". However, caution prevailed - I resolved to borrow this soundtrack from a friend before buying it. I am so glad that I did. To my frustration, I found that, while some additional tracks from the excellent 'I Salonisti' and other groups had been included, apparently no one had the common sense to remove the movie dialogue from any of the songs featured. Why would anyone want to pay extra money to get the same music they bought before, still flawed with "Look, Jack, there's a boat!" and other nonsense? To my mind that detracts seriously from one's ability to appreciate and listen to the music. Shame on you, Sony Masterworks!
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VINE VOICEon April 24, 2012
There are a lot of Titanic haters out there, and I'm not one of them. James Cameron made an extremely romantic Hollywood epic that deserves the praise and billions of dollars to its name. You could probably sink 10 Titanics with all the tears created from this movie over the years, and all that credit goes to James Horner's magnificent and timeless score. While traditionalists will complain of his use of synth vocals and overuse of his "danger motif" one can't deny the visceral power of this score. Everyone and their mother can identify this score just from a few notes, and that speaks volume. If this music connects with that many people then James Horner was definitely doing something right. It's undoubtedly one of his most accomplished works and is a thing of pure beauty. For the 100th anniversary of the sinking and 15th anniversary of the film Sony has revisited the soundtrack. The 4 discs include remastered versions of the original two releases as well as a large selection of period music.

The score for Titanic is the best of James Horner and everything he offers as one of the greatest composers in the industry. Within the first few seconds of listening to this I was immediately transported back to the film and when you close your eyes something magical does indeed happen. It's powerful stuff when music lives within you and can be reawakened so easily. For people my age we grew up with this film and this score. I remember having the 2-VHS set of the movie and I remember having the soundtrack when I was little. The hymns and arrangements strike deep. There's something so richly romantic about it and everyone knows it. The tragedy that echoes throughout the entire score foreshadows everything that is to come right from the start. This is truly one of the most memorable scores you will ever hear and it's great to be able to revisit like no time has past at all.

Titanic has every bit of James Horner within the score. It's his score from deep within and represents everything he is as a composer. Titanic is not only one of the best selling soundtracks of all time, but one of the most universally recognized. This is a perfect time to revisit this wondrous score and Sony has given us the best presentation possible.
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on December 30, 2014
Ever since I first saw James Cameron's "Titanic" a few years ago, I now consider this one of my Top 5 all-time favorite films so to see this collector's edition boxed set collection available here at amazon, I just HAD to jump all over it ... The music not only has an overall "mystery" to it, but the feeling that you get while listening to it only seems to heighten the experience! Highly recommended to anyone who's a fan of the classic film!
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on February 21, 2015
Well worth every penny. GREAT deal.
The first CD is the soundtrack
The second CD is the music within the movie that we wish was on the soundtrack (Irish party, portrait, heart will go on, etc)
The third CD is more of music that was background in the movie but also some songs we wished we had already
The fourth CD is more obscure in that it I don't recall all of those songs or maybe they were going to be put in but not but they are beautiful pieces, don't sound quite as remastered as the first 3 CDs but it's nice.
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on October 29, 2014
Those who've seen the movie know the score pays due respect to the monumental tragedy that occurred in the midst of the vast ocean that cold & desolate night 100 years ago. It's a moving score that is certain to remind us of mortality in the face of our highest accomplishments as we go through our lives.
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on October 19, 2014
This is one of my all time favorite movies and soundtracks. And the 4th cd is music from the 1900's. I love that era of time and listening to the actual recordings gives you a sense of being there in those simpler times.
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on April 18, 2014
Titanic 4 disc is the soundtrack and back to titanic remastered along with a cd with music that was played on the titanic with a cd that i forget was on it it also comes with stickers based on white star line and a booklet based on the movies soundtracks
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on November 10, 2012
This CD was worth every penny. It's almost as if it was meant for me. I love the score, classical music, and music from the 1910-1940s. It's so enjoyable to listen to. It also comes with some Titanic stickers that I adore because I am obsessed with the movie and the history of the Titanic.
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