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VINE VOICEon March 9, 2010
This is the third "Cross The Line" set from TNA wrestling which combines 3 sets of PPV's together for one low price. Now these PPV's happened during a period of TNA where various changes where happening within TNA taking place setting up the company for the biggest push & growth in it's entire history.

Turning Point '09
This was the first PPV after Bound For Glory & so much changed inbetween that time as Booker T left the company, the Main Event Mafia stable that dominated TNA for a year was gone, Sting's future was unknown, a newcomer came into the company by the name of Desmond Wolfe (the former Nigel McGuiness) and the biggest change was the announcement of Hulk Hogan was coming soon to TNA.

X Division Champion Amazing Red vs. Homicide - This was the solid opening match that you would expect from the X Division that was filled with various spots & moments like Homicide reversing Red's moonsault into a cutter, Red's twisting DDT off the top rope, and Homicide just showing his "out of control" nature here with his tactics of biting & ripping the face of Amazing Red while also getting a piece of Don West at ringside. This was a fun way to start the show.

Knockouts Champion O.D.B. & Knockouts Tag Team Champions Taylor Wilde & Sarita vs. The Beautiful People - This was a special six woman (trying to be politically correct here) tag match where all the Knockouts championships were on the line with whichever champion lost the match would lose their belt. With Madison Rayne not being that took along while Lacey being the worst worker of everyone to the point where the crowd did the "You Can't Wrestle!" chant & one fan had a "Lacey Von BOTCH!" sign, they spend more time in this match posing than anything else with Velvet Sky heavily carried her team here with even pulling out an octopus move that got an Antonio Anoki reference from Mike Tenay. This was about as good as you would expect but would definately give you more respect for Velvet Sky's inring ability.

TNA Tag Team Champions British Invasion vs. Beer Money Inc. vs. Motor City Machine Guns - This was one of those triple threat matches that had so much action from start to finish that there wasn't a dull moment including an unique double team move by the Guns & Beer Money that was so disturbing that Taz & Tenay jokely didn't want to call it. While this was a good match, this was more about what happened outside the ring between Eric Young & Kevin Nash that shocked everyone...Eric Young more than anyone else.

Steel Cage Match: Tara vs. Awesome Kong - After these two just kept getting into it for weeks now, the only way to end this match was inside the cage. Both women delivered the strong performance expected here as Kong used the cage as a weapon against Tara by squashing her into it, doing a giant swing into it, and even delivering a suplex into the cage. Both women went outside of their usual offense to deliver more punishment such a missle dropkick off the top rope by Kong & Tara delivering a flying bodypress off the top of the cage. Out of all the cage matches involving women (and some of the men) in TNA, this was the best one in the copmany's history.

Matt Morgan, Hernandez, D'Angelo Dinero vs. Team 3D & Rhino - After weeks of Rhino & Team 3D being at each other's throats, Rhino convinced them that TNA was out to take them out of the company & replace their spots with the young talent like Morgan & Hernandez. The big question here was weather Hernandez & Morgan could trust the returning Dinero while D'Angelo was out to prove himself to his partners & eventually did so by "taking the bullet" for Hernandez at one point in the match. This wasn't an all out brawl but at the same time, the match was so well done that it didn't need to be one with this being a real standout performance for "The Pope."

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Bobby Lashley vs. Scott Steiner - This was a feud taken from the pages of the classic Rick Rude/Jake Roberts feud where Steiner was obsessed with Lashley's wife Krystal...even down to where Steiner would wear tights with Krystal's picture on them. This started off as a brawl on the floor with a chair being used early on as Lashley dominated. The match eventually went back & forth between both men with Steiner eventually bleeding. As expected in a Falls Count Anywhere match, they took this outside of the ring to the backstage area where Lashley broke a 2x4 over Steiner's face that got a Jim Duggan reference from the crowd before Steiner took this fight to the spanish announce set & used a weapon he's very familiar with to score the upset. This was a very good brawl & Lashley's best performance in TNA up to this date and definately a way better performance than you would expect going in.

Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe - This was the PPV debut of Desmond Wolfe (the former Nigel McGuiness) and after weeks of attacking Kurt Angle & leaving him laying, Kurt got his chance for revenge here. Kurt played a smarter game than expected here as he remained one step ahead of Wolfe & counter the moves that were used in previous weeks by Wolfe in his attacks against Angle. Wolfe was able to work over Kurt's arm with moves like a keylock while being able to reverse Angle's trademark moves like the Angle Slam into a DDT. Kurt used various submission moves of his own that we aren't used to seeing from him such as a side triangle choke while also being able to deliver six german suplexes at one point. All I can really say to summerise this match is that this was a wrestling (not sports entertainment but pure straight WRESTLING) fans dream here as both men came into this match studying each other so hard that they had the answer to everything expected from their opposition. To modify a pun from Kurt himself...this was awesome, it was damn awesome!

TNA Champion A.J. Styles vs. Daniels vs. Samoa Joe - For the first time since Unbreakable 2005 (if you don't count the 2006 PPV's of Against All Odds & Destination X), these three meet once again in a rematch of one of the most famous matches in TNA history. With the conflict between the friends in Daniels & A.J. Styles, Daniels punched A.J. right at the start of this match & later showed that he wouldn't be overlooked in the match with various moves like applying a double submission on both A.J. & Joe at the same time with a Camel Clutch/Boston Crab combination. A.J. Styles pulled out various moves that he don't see from him on a regular basis like the Fosbury Flop twisting dive to the outside while later being monkeyflipped into a powerbomb by Samoa Joe. It should be noted that Daniels was without a doubt the M.V.P. of this match & was a performance that elevated a talent...even in a losing effort which has been needed from him since he came back to TNA earlier in the year. I can try to pick out some of the highlights like I just did but this is one of those matches that I seriously can't describe as it lived up to the hype based off the quality they had 4 years earlier but it was given but these three men delievered a match completely different than their previous three that was quality in it's own right that resulted in "Screw Hulk Hogan" chants from the fans. An instant classic...nothing less.

This was one of the best TNA PPV's of all time. You had possibly two of the best back to back main events in the company's history while others on the card stepped their game up & put on a higher level of performance than usual (Velvet Sky, Tara & Kong, Bobby Lashley, Scott Steiner, ect.) Not everything on here was perfect but it was damn sure good & this is worth the price alone.

Final Resolution '09
This was the final show (minus an all Knockout episode of Impact) before the arrival of Hulk Hogan to TNA so this was TNA's last attempts to tie up some loose ends before Hogan's arrival but little did many people know that this would be the last PPV appearence of various things that fans became too familiar with when it came to TNA from the "face/heel" entrance tunnels to the six sided ring.

TNA Tag Team Champions British Invasion vs. Motor City Machine Guns - Knowing the fast paced/high flyin' style that MCMG like to use, British Invasion tried to ground the Guns in this match eventhough it didn't really work as they still were able to pull off their offense & did such moves as sterio bodypresses to the outside along with their heavy kicks. This was one a very fun opening match between both teams from bell to bell as Mike Tenay put it best, "The Guns did everything in this match...but win."

Knockouts Champion O.D.B. vs. Tara - This was the beginning of their series of matches based off the fact that O.D.B. felt that Tara was a "diva" tredding on the territory of the "Knockouts." This was a back & forth match between both divas that even saw Tara pull out Tajiri's old Tarantula move. This was a good match & the best one in their series over the next two months but keep watching afterwards as the post match interview got real emotional.

Feast Or Fired Match: Samoa Joe vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed vs. Cody Deaner vs. Robert Roode vs. James Storm vs. Kevin Nash vs. Kiyoshi vs. Rob Terry vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Homicide vs. Eric Young - A "Feast Or Fired" match is TNA's version of WWE's "Money In The Bank" where there are 4 briefcases hung up on a different pole with 3 of them containing a title shot at a championship (World, X Division, Tag Team) and the 4th one being the "Fired" case which would result in being fired from TNA. The rules are that you have to climb the poll & pull down the case to claim ownership but unlike the previous year, you don't have to exit the ring with the briefcase in order to claim it. Now a couple of notes here but Kevin Nash was escorted to the ring by the winner of his "forgotten" Big Sexy World Tour valet contest, all the heels in the match were members of the World Elite stable, and . This was your typical multiman match as these normally are but the main stories being told here were the continued problems between Rob Terry & the World Elite when he disobeyed a direct order while the World Elite targeted Beer Money based of their issues in the past & the irony behind the two men fighting over the eventual "Fired" case since both ended up leaving the company after this event. One of those matches that are good as expected.

Elimation Match: Matt Morgan, Hernandez, D'Angelo Dinero, Suicide vs. Team 3D, Rhino, Jessie Neal - As a result of losing a previous tag match on Impact, Hernandez had to be alone for the first 5 mins. of the match & if he lost...his entire team lost. This match had some confusing moments with the eliminations but was solid overall as both Morgan & Hernandez were put over strong in the beginning & end of the match but the biggest highlight here was Jessie Neal was on a recieving UNPROTECTED end of one hell of a chairshot from Hernandez.

Last Man Standing Match: Bobby Lashley vs. Scott Steiner - Unfortunally Scott Steiner injured his leg early in the match to the point where he was heavily limping throughout the match so this wasn't the quality they delievered the previous month but Steiner worked extremely hard & even pulled off the top rope Frankensteiner in his condition. Again, this was ok just knowing the circumstances.

Foley's Funhouse Rules Match: Mick Foley & Abyss vs. Raven & Dr. Stevie - Despite the crazy title, this is really just a hardcore match as Foley & Abyss were out for revenge for the fire incidents on Foley's eye & Abyss' leg caused by Raven & Stevie in the previous weeks. As you would expect, they brought out all the plunder (Dusty Rhodes reference) & fought everywhere from kendo sticks, trash can full of weapons, barbed wire baseball bat while fighting in & out on the ring to the stage & ringside. One moment to look out for was Stevie being wrapped in barbed wire on a table before Foley delivered his classic elbow drop. If you like hardcore matches, this is for you.

Three Degrees Of Pain Match: Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe - This was TNA's verson of WWE's "3 Stages Of Hell" match where it was a 2 out of 3 falls match where each fall had a stipulation/gimmick to it. In this case, the first fall was pinfalls only while the second was submission only with the final fall being won by escaping the steel cage. The Six Sides Of Steel was surrounding the ring throughout the entire match but the rule for the first two falls were that you weren't allowed to use the cage or else you would be disqualified. The first fall saw heavy matwork from both men as Angle focused on Wolfe's back with moves like a powerbomb into the corner turnbuckle & a series of german suplexes. The second fall was the best fall throughout the match as both men used various unique submissions along with various counters for each one in a match that resembled an MMA style including european submissions by Wolfe along with Angle using the figure four and at one point an anklelock being countered into a figure four/hammerlock combination. The third fall heavily showed the heavy effect previous two falls had on both men as both Angle's arm & Wolfe's ankle were limp while mixing more brawling into this match as Wolfe was heavily bleeding to the point where Tazz described the ring as a "murder scene." This wasn't an instant classic like their previous match but this was a damn good followup with the first two falls being the best moments of the match as it played to both mens strengths.

TNA Champion A.J. Styles vs. Daniels - It was clear in the opening moments due to both men knowing each other for so long that they were both well scounted & had various sequences of counter-wrestling. Maybe a foreshadowing of what was to come in the future but you started to see a different side of A.J. Styles in this match as he was trash talking Daniels at various times in the match while Daniels heavily focused on A.J.'s back by doing various things like applying the crossface along with a moment where he back suplexed Styles then dropped him back-first across the top rope & turnbuckle. As expected, this just had great moments of action but one that really stands out was Daniels going for a slingshot over the ropes into a hurancanrana but Styles instead powerbombed him on the floor...resulting in a huge knot on back of Daniels' head from the thud. An excellent competitive back & forth match that saw the performance from Daniels that we've only seen in a small percentage of his performances since his return to TNA.

Final Resolution was a stepdown from Turning Point as far as quality goes but it still ranks as one of the best overall cards in company history. The only thing really negative I can say about this PPV that TNA could control was the fact that this really came off as an infomercial to the January 4th episode of Impact where Hogan was set to make his debut as there was constant plugging of that show & at times at the expense of the PPV they were putting on right then & there...almost making everything on this card an afterthought.

Against All Odds '10
Unlike how all the previous "Cross The Line" PPV sets had 3 PPV's in order of when they happened, Against All Odds happened two months after Final Resolution as TNA decided to release the previous PPV, Genesis, on it's own as that's the PPV that was the first one under the Hulk Hogan/Eric Bischoff era of TNA with the various changes that came with it such as a normal "traditional" four sided ring along with various new talent coming into the company. This PPV was based around a one night tournament (similar to WWE's King Of The Ring) where the winner would get the World Title shot at the Lockdown PPV.

D'Angelo Dinero vs. Desmond Wolfe - This first two rematches from Genesis along with this being their third match against each other with "The Pope" strongly having the crowd behind him. Since these two were very familiar with each other, they put on a different match than their previous two with Pope being able to counter some of Wolfe's unique moves & apply them onto Wolfe himself throughout the match. This was a setup from their Genesis encounter and a good opening match.

Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan - The current Tag Team Champions face off in a "battle of the big men" encounter. Both men displayed mutual respect towards each other in the beginning with clean breaks before getting more physical with Morgan starting showing off a "heelish" side by telling Hernandez to stay down at one point after he didn't get the pin. There was a point in the match where Morgan didn't catch Hernandez coming off the top rope which hurt Hernandez's ribs so Morgan focused on that throughout the match. Towards the end, it was Morgan taking advantage of Hernandez & even "doing whatever it takes" to win which didn't please his partner after the match...but one highlight to look out for was just the visual of Hernandez doing his "British Bulldog" vertical suplex where he held Morgan in the air for at least 20 seconds.

Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson (WWE's Mr. Kennedy) - Kurt dominated this match early before Anderson took advantage of Angle hitting the corner & proceded to take the dogtag that Angle wears to the ring and blade his forehead causing Kurt to bleed. Anderson from there focused on Kurt's head as it continued to bleed & eventhough Kurt was able to make a comeback, further damage to his head via an exposed turnbuckle post & the mic check was too much for Kurt but it was the aftermath of what Anderson did that made sure this issue wouldn't be over.

No Disqualification Match: Mick Foley vs. Abyss - Eric Bischoff made this match a No DQ so both men could deliver the best performance possible & even made the threat that if the barbedwire baseball bat wasn't used during the match, Abyss would be forced to remove his mask on Impact. This was one of those matches where it was more about telling a story than putting on a good match as Abyss didn't want to hurt Mick in anyway so he kept refusing to use the bat (and the thumbtacks later on) while Mick tried to use some "tough love" on Abyss since he refused to deliver the performance Bischoff wanted. There was a funny moment at one point where Abyss stole Foley's sock & used it so Mick found a sock of his own (you have to see where he got it from) to have a battle of dueling socks. Abyss ended up using the thumbtacks by instinct to advanace but checked up on Mick & helped him remove the tacks after the match.

Team 3D vs. Nasty Boys - This started off as the multiman brawl that you expected but it settled down in the ring with the Nasty's escaping to the outside whenever 3D started to build some momentum. This happened once too often to the point where Ray absolutely drilled Sags from behind & took out a cameraman in the process. Team 3D tried their hardest here to carry Knobs & Sags to a good match & had some OK moments but things just never came together here with Knobs injuring his forearm later in the match, Sags just completely botching an attempted move by Brother Ray, and just too much stalling & rest holds by the Nasty Boys. The only other thing noteworthy here past that moment with the cameraman was the suprise appearence towards the end of the match...that the camera completely missed.

D'Angelo Dinero vs. Matt Morgan - Dinero tried to use his speed against Morgan but eventually got caught with Morgan heavily working on exausting the Pope by taking his wind away with various slams & even choking him against the ropes while still showcasing an heelish ego...however it was Pope capitalizing on a missed move by Morgan to advance to the finals.

Abyss vs. Mr. Anderson - This was another rematch from Genesis the previous month. Anderson tried various moves against Abyss that had so luck such as a cross bodyblock where he bounced off Abyss & an attempted bodyslam where he couldn't lift Abyss one inch. Abyss took the fight to the outside where he dished out punishment to Anderson before Anderson was able to rebound in the ring by focusing on Abyss' knee with various dropkicks. Eventhough Abyss' mask as on the line in the previous match with Foley, it did play an important part of this match as well as Anderson used it to advance to the finals.

TNA Champion A.J. Styles vs. Samoa Joe w/Eric Bischoff as the referee - For those who didn't already know, Ric Flair at this is A.J. Styles' manager & due to what happened weeks earlier with Flair paying off the referee to help A.J. retain the championship, Eric Bischoff appointed himself as the referee to ensure Flair didn't get involved but was also warned by Hogan (the only time he appeared on camera for the record) that Eric had to call the match fairly regardless of his past issues with Flair. It should also be noted that A.J. Styles added some blonde highlights in his hair & even debuted his own robe (with a special hood) to go along with the "Next Nature Boy" gimmick. This match started off with Styles trying to intimidate Joe by attempted a shoulderblock twice but slapped Joe the third time only for Joe to respond by running right though him. Styles did various things that were straight out of Flair's playbook such as heavily working over Joe's knee to the point where Joe hurt himself when he did a suicide dive to the outside. Flair did get involved behind Bischoff's back but he got caught one too many times to the point where Bischoff lost his temper & took it out on Flair...but indirectly caused an issue with Joe who ended up losing his temper that cost him the victory in the end. This was the best match of the night as it was a different type of Joe/Styles match than you've gotten in the past with Styles working as the heel here along with the Bischoff/Flair involvement.

D'Angelo Dinero vs. Mr. Anderson - The finals of the tournament with the winner getting the title shot at LockDown. Before the match started, Scott Hall & Sean Waltman attacked Dinero backstage during his interview so Pope's ribs were heavily injured going into this match. This match told the story of Anderson being absolutely ruthless here taking advantage of Hall & Waltman's attack by going after Pope on the entrance ramp while just beating him down & willing to take the win anyway he could...even by countout while Pope just never gave up and kept fighting back to one point where Anderson got too cocky & predict victory (the only way Anderson can) only for Pope to still kick out & eventually take advantage of one missed move by Anderson who win the title shot at LockDown.

Against All Odds was a PPV where all the matches told good stories & also setup future storylines to come but the quality itself was nothing more than "average" with the exception of the main event which was a step above everything else on the card but didn't match the quality from their previous classic encounters.

In the end, Turning Point was one of the best shows in TNA's history while Final Resolution was a stepdown but still a very strong show with Against All Odds being one of those shows that was good but had nothing really standout in the end but this is definately a triple pack that I have to recommend.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on September 17, 2010
I had just recently bought TNA's Cross the Line Triple Threat volume 3 because i wanted to see the two tremendouse Kurt Angle vs Desmond Wolfe matches that everyone was talking about near the end of 2009 and these two matches didnt disappoint at all. Also, the A.J. Styles title defense's were also great. I'm not going to give reviews for every match of all three dvd's but the co-main events from Turning Point and Final Resolution were all 4+ star matches that are worth the price of purchasing the dvd alone. On a scale of 1-10, i would rate Turning Point as a 8.75 out of 10, Final Resolution as a 8 out of 10 and Against All Odds as a 7.25 out of 10. The bonus features on all the dvd's are good too, in particular the post-match comments by wrestlers were fun to listen to as they talked about what happened out there during the match. Another special feature that was great was on the Turning Point dvd which was the [...] christmas commercial. All in all for $[...], this is a must buy for Tna fans as well as wrestling fans in general.
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on May 9, 2010
This DVD collection contains the final two Pay-Per-View events of 2009 (Turning Point and Final Resolution), as well as the second Pay-Per-View of the Hogan/Bischoff era (Against All Odds).

Turning Point 2009 was an excellent Pay-Per-View headlined by the triple threat heavywaight title bout between Aj Styles, Samoa Joe and Daniels. These three wrestlers had previously headlined TNA's Unbreakable 2005 event, only for the X Division title (which is the equivalent of the old Cruiserweight championship in WCW/WWE). Like their previous match, this match was amazing and possibly ranks as the best TNA match in the company's near eight year history. Other matches on the card included the first meeting between Kurt Angle and Desmond Wolfe. Desmond has only joined the TNA roster a few weeks beforehand, and this match proved why him and Kurt are considered to be two of the most techincally sound wrestlers in the industry today.

Final Resolution was another great PPV, which saw a few of the fueds that started at Turning Point. There was a 'Three Degrees of Pain' match between Kurt Angle and Desmond Wolfe. This match is similar to the three stages of hell matches that the WWE occasionally had during the Attitude era, and really showcased the skills of both combatants. There was also a great match between the British Invasion and Motor City Machine Guns for the TNA Tag Team titles. The show was headlined by the heavyweight championship match between Daniels and AJ Styles. this was another excellent encounter between the two of them, who have fought each other many times. While I enjoyed this PPV, I prefered the Turning Point Pay-Per-View.

Against All Odds 2010 was a solid Pay-Per-View. The majority of the matches were staged as pat of a tournament to find a #1 Contender for the TNA heavyweight championship at the Lockdown event in April. These macthes were solid, tho due to the fact that the tournament was held over one night, the matches were quite short. The Pay-Per-View also saw AJ Styles defend his title against Samoa Joe, in another enjoyable match between these two former heavyweight champions. This PPV was another great event, although it is the weakest of the three PPVs.

Overall, this is an excellent DVD collection which really showcases the strengths of TNA Wrestling. The only disappointing thing is that the three Discs come in one DVD case rather than in three DVD cases. If your a TNA fan or are wanting to jump into TNA's programming, this is an excellent package to buy. Newcomers should also consider getting the No Surrender 2009 and Bound for Glory 2009 PPV's as these were also good PPVs.
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on October 14, 2010
Now, people reading this. Im not going to review PPV on this action packed set, but im definatly going to at least review the best matches on here.

Turning Point 09'
Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe
Of course, after seeing these two just fight the hell out of each other on iMPACT for like ever, after i found out that Wolfe was Nigel McGuiness from ROH Wrestling, and seeing all the titles he held, i knew this would be a classic from the get-go. And, that this match was featured on the Best of TNA 2009 DVD. But, to the match, this was just another phenominal part to a phenominal ppv. These two battled it out for about 16 minuets. And, every mineut was just nonstop action. This had its great moments like the huge frogsplash, and for Angle just to pull out a win was a great moment. Great, no, classic match here. 5/5

Triple Threat Match for the TNA World Tilte
AJ Styles vs. Daniels vs. Samoa Joe
Holy cow. I was so happy for the remake of this classic match from Unbreakable 2005. This was actually almost better than the one in 2005. Since these great wrestlers were more experienced for this match. And, since Daniels and Styles had a thing going here. But, this had some great moments. Such as the, almost botched 450 splash onto Daniels AND Joe. And, this was the first time since 05' that these guys have met up in a match all together.5/5

Ill finish this review soon.
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on July 4, 2014
This is honestly great for the first two dvds: Turning Point 2009 & Final Resolution 2009. I'm doing this review in 2014 and whenever I want good TNA Wrestling I seem to always go back to these two shows. This is before the Hogan/Biscchoff era and makes me wonder why they hired them. Because these two ppvs are arguable the greatest TNA shows ever. Great wrestling matches between Angle and Wolfe, awesome tag team title matches, Mick Foley in a great hardcore match, knockouts cage match, great Lashley/Steiner matches, ending out with 2 of the greatest ppvs main events. Well worth the watch!

As far as Against All Odds 2010 this ppv really just drags. While I absolutely love tournaments it just feels like it fails when it's compared with the other 2 ppvs. The only thing that really saves it is the awesome World Title main event.

Turning Point 2009 and Final Resolution 2009 is more than enough reason to get this dvd
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on August 11, 2010
So I'll write this review for the casual fan not a TNA diehard. So the first two ppvs in this set Turning Point and Final Resolution 2009 are both great ppvs and are a great example of the kind of performance TNA can put on the last ppv Against All Odds 2010 shows you the poor quality to which they have sunk over the whole of 2010. So while Against All Odds is nothing specail and easily forgettable Turning Point and Final Resolution are both fantastic and here is just a preview of what you will be enjoying: Kurt Angle vs Desmond Wolfe (Nigel McGuiness for you indy fans), AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe in one of 2009's best matches and lots of other great stuff like I said Against All Odds is the only let down and you can just skip it but the rest of the 3 pack is great order it and you won't regret it particularlly for those of you who are tired of WWE
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on August 4, 2010
You can't beat three DVDs in one box set. The pay per views each are about $40. The individual DVDs when they first came out were about $18-20 a piece. You get three pay per view events in one package...WOW! Worth the money if you are a TNA fan but refuse to buy ppv expensive events!
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0 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on April 30, 2010
this was a gud dvd with some great ppvs turning point was the best one for me all the matches were almost great final resolution was great too the main events were epic against all odds was aight but it was still gud but no too gud and i preferred the old cross the line pack with 3 DVD case this was just one case with three disc of the ppvs inside doesnt bother me much still high recommended especially if u just started watching TNA been a fan since 05
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