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VINE VOICEon June 21, 2011
Platform: Mac DiscVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Roxio has made an enemy today.
Unless their e-mail tech support produces stellar results, their name is forever tarnished in my mind and I will never purchase their crap software again.

Okay, installed smoothly, has nice tutorials, looks pretty good. Doesn't work.

Before you claim pilot error: I am using the latest Mac OS on a new MacBook Pro with 4GB. I was running no other apps at the time. I used the built-in OEM DVD drive. I used new, clean media. I installed updates to Toast. I did everything correctly.

First project was to burn some sample files taken with a FLIP camera onto a DVD. That actually went smoothly. It was about a 1:1 conversion time. My minor complaint are that the media browser is kind of slow and clunky and is not good when you have hundreds of files, and doesn't support drag-and-drop (although it supports the "finder's" drag and drop. Oddly inconsistent.) It's much more convenient to simply drag-and-drop your video files from Lightroom 3, or perhaps the finder, than to use their browser.

I've never fully understood the full concept of this software since so many of the things (like making audio or data discs) you can do natively in the Mac desktop or from inside of iTunes. The ONLY REASON I wanted this software was to burn HIGH-DEF files onto a standard DVD. (Yes, I know it will hold much less than a Blu-Ray disk would - that's not the issue.)

Then things got bad...

FIRST - in microscopic type you'll find that this particular feature, which is highly touted on the packaging, isn't included!!! That's like buying Macaroni and Cheese and finding out the cheese is sold separately. Idiots. You have to pay another $20 to download the HD plug-in! And then these rip-off artists, straight out of sleazy used car dealer school, try to sell you a backup disk for a whopping $17 extra, AND THEN, they try to sell you undercoating, er, I mean, a $6 insurance policy. Apparently if you lose your computer or have to otherwise re-download the software THAT YOU PAID FOR, they won't let you unless you coughed up the six buck insurance UP FRONT. WHAT A SCAM!!! If you fall for it, you end up paying an extra $43 on top of what you already paid, to get a feature that is supposed to be part of the package!

Then things got REALLY bad...

Okay, so I went to burn 10 minutes of high-def Flip video. It chugged away for OVER AN HOUR and then LOCKED UP at the 99% mark. For kicks, I tried it again, with 1 minute of some different video. Again it LOCKED UP at 99%. IT LOCKED UP BAD. I couldn't eject the disk - I couldn't exit the program ("Abort" was active, but it too locks up). You have to use Activity Monitor to force quit the app. EVEN AFTER A RESTART I couldn't eject the disk! DISK UTILITY wouldn't even eject the disk! I did a hard-power restart, and the Mac wouldn't boot - you could hear it trying to make sense of this bad disc, but never got past the blue screen. I've never seen such behavior in a Mac. Finally, on the SECOND HARD POWER CYCLE, the Mac said "enough of this s***!" and kicked the disk out and proceeded to boot fine again.

If you look on Roxio's own user forum, YOU'LL SEE THAT THIS IS A COMMON PROBLEM, YET THEY CONTINUE TO SELL BAD SOFTWARE, and they continue to rip you off for the plug-in that doesn't work either. This software has a lot of other features, most of which I don't care about, and based on this experience, I doubt I'll take the time and suffer the frustration of trying them, so you're on your own there.

As a software engineer myself, it's hard to say this, but this company needs to fail, or reorganize or something. Every engineer responsible for shipping this P.O.S. code should be booted out of the industry. If you worked on this project, don't even dream of submitting a resume to my company. Go to work tomorrow and punch your boss in the nose for limiting your future opportunities.

I spent hours of my life composing this review so you won't have to suffer my frustration.
Please click that this review was helpful, so these jokers get the message that they can't sell non-functioning products.


Another lame finding, and I'm not sure this Roxio/Sonic's limitation or the Blu-ray standard, but it limits you to 98 video files on a disc. That might sound like a lot, especially considering you only get about 30 minutes of video or less on a standard DVD, but as most home movies (such as done with the Flip) are made up of dozens of 3-10 second clips, I had only filled up half the DVD before Toast complained that I couldn't add any more files.

Yet another lame finding: and again, I don't know if this is their fault, or the DVD standard - but as Toast burns all these clips as individual movies (rather than chapters) you can't skip any scenes by pressing the CHAPTER+ keys! And you know how boring some home video can be! I hope future editions (if they're still in business) can support generating these files as chapters.


While the shameful sales practices remain, I will give them half-credit that not long after my rant, they released an update that fixed the "stuck at 99%" bug and the resulting disc appears to be recognized on all BluRay players - however I then ran into another bad problem. The navigation formatting of the disc was not correct - it was not playing the correct clip with the correct "chapter". Many of the clips would end up jumping back to the first clip, and most would never get played at all. I wish I could give you more information on this, but I got so exhausted with trying to figure out their bugs that I just worked around it...

I am now successfully using their software, but in a very limited way: when I want to make a disc of my home movie clips, I pull them all into iMovie, add my titles, and then export a single HD video file of the whole project (I've exported as 720p and 1080p), which I then drag into Toast. After several discs, I think I can now proclaim that Toast has no problem with transcoding a single HD video file onto to a standard DVD-R disc for playback on a BluRay player, but I hate software that "trains" you to work differently or limit your options in order to work around their bugs. If you can live with this major limitation, go for it, but let's hope a better product is on its way someday.

Also keep in mind: I am reviewing this single feature. I have not used Toast for its other capabilities.


Here we are, almost 3 years later, and this product is still giving me headaches. I use this product maybe once every 6 months, so it's hardly been any kind of value for me considering all the grief it has caused. Now a new thing...

A couple of months ago, I switched Macs. I couldn't just clone the old one, so I basically just transferred my apps and data from the old Mac to the new one. Of course, the one piece of software that did not work was the HighDef plug-in that I complained about so bitterly in the past. Now, as you recall, I did not pay for their idiotic "insurance policy" and had long since forgotten about it, so today, when I tried to re-download the plug-in THAT I PAID FOR to the new computer, it would not let me. EVEN IF I HAD paid for the insurance policy, it expires after 2 years, so it still would have refused me. So... I'm completely screwed by Roxio AGAIN. Apparently I have no right to access a digital file that I paid for unless I pay them another $20 extortion money. Is this even legal? What would the trade commission say about this? - they don't give you a hard-copy and you're screwed if you switch computers in the future. I HATE THIS PRODUCT, AND THIS COMPANY IS THE MOST INFURIATINGLY NON-CUSTOMER FOCUSED COMPANY I'VE EVER HAD THE DISPLEASURE OF WORKING WITH. ALL THEY WANT TO DO IS NICKLE AND DIME YOU TO DEATH INSTEAD OF PROVIDING A PRODUCT THAT THEY WILL SUPPORT. I think I'm going to spend the $300 and just buy Apple's Final Cut Pro - assuming IT has high-def capabilities built in. How are these clowns still in business?


OK. Since I was taught to say nice things as well, I will commend Roxio for one thing. As I mentally prepared myself to do battle over the stupid HD plug-in fiasco, they actually responded to my inquiry. The fist answer wasn't very good, but when I explained it again, they actually sent me a pointer to a utility to help me reinstall the plug-in and it worked... and I didn't have to give them another twenty bucks. So, thank you Roxio, for resolving this issue in a proper manner.
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on April 19, 2011
Installation went smoothly, but afterwards I could not launch any programs. The problem was that the main Applications folder "Toast 11 Titanium/" had restrictive permissions. Easily fixed, but annoyingly stupid.

I wasn't about to waste time on this piece of junk without applying all available patches first. The program installed as version 11.0. When I launched Toast, it immediately offered to download version 11.0.2 and I went for it. After a long slow download, failure to install. No explanation, beyond "please contact manufacturer for assistance." I tried this twice, rebooting my computer between tries. Fail.

I visited the Roxio website and found a (huge) patch available for download. It was only version 11.0.1 but I went for that. After downloading it for about half an hour, I was able to install it. I launched it and it immediately offered to download version 11.0.2. Another long slow download, but the installation was a success!

I now have the latest version 11.04 installed. The program works OK for simple tasks such as ripping a CD. For such tasks, it is easy to understand and use too. However, the program promises much more than simple tasks. Whenever I attempt a task that is not simple, Toast crashes in the middle of the task. When processing video files, "middle" can mean "after 90 minutes of waiting." If this sounds unpleasant, that's because it is. The worst of it is that Toast promises features that require a certain amount of effort on the part of the user. For example, non-linear editing of a video file. When the program crashes, you lose effort as well as time. Bad, bad, bad.

Roxio has a solid reputation as a vendor of sketchy software, going back decades. Toast 11 does nothing to improve that reputation.
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on April 18, 2011
Spent 2 weeks trying to get the audio/video capture part of the software to even load . Not helpful responses from roxio support. The CD burning part produced some CDs that didn't even work in my CD player. I think they rushed this out the door without a debug. Returned for refund. No more toast or roxio for me.
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on September 5, 2011
Roxio's Toast is a half decent product, but unfortunately this is overshadowed by the fact that it hasn't been updated for MacOS 10.7/Lion. Despite the fact that Roxio has had 8 months to make Toast 11 compatible with Lion (1 1/2 months since it was released and 6 months with the beta), they still haven't made it compatible. Toast in prone to crashes and Spin Doctor, one of the best features which allows you to record off the web, won't even work. To compound this, Roxio make it as difficult as possible to contact them directly about this and, when you can get through, all you can do is leave a message and not have your calls returned. To knowingly sell software for $80 that they know is incompatible with the current OS is truly disgraceful, only made worse by their terrible customer service. If you are running your Mac on OS 10.7/Lion or are planning to update to it, I would strongly advise you not to buy Toast 11.
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VINE VOICEon August 23, 2011
Platform: Mac DiscVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've experimented with a number of Roxio programs in the past. As the years tick by, Roxio becomes sloppier and sloppier. So, I suppose this is my own fault for believing that they can ever recoup their former elegance.

Toast 11 installed effortlessly. That is the only bonus with this program.

As noted by another reviewer, not everything is included with your purchase. The investment is just shy of one-hundred dollars ... and, then one finds her/himself pulling out the old credit card again. That's borderline vulgar.

So, after plunking down a few more bucks, what happens? Well, as others will inform you, the program freezes, and freezes, and freezes. It teases the user with the potential to work ("Ohh, I think it's okay this time!") and then it just stops. Pretty cruel.

As with another of Roxio's products I recently tried (Roxio Creator 2011), I explored the product for a few hours and then uninstalled it. Life is too short to mess with bad programs.
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on May 30, 2011
I bought this product to use to transfer music from my record player to ITunes on my laptop and later burn some music to cds
I have had this Roxio toast Titanium for about a month with no success.The first problem was that after downloading the installation disc a message came up that the folder Toast Titanium cant be opened because you dont have permissin to see its
No instructions about what to do to get permission. No phone number to call. I then registered the product Then asked
for help. Their response fixed the permission problem.
Still not able to input with record player. Another contact with resulted in brief comments on burning ITune contents to
CD, nothing on my problem.Perhaps I didn't ask the right questions but that does not excuse the lack of poor instruction or lack of
technical assistance by phone. Study of their instructions again showed that toast titanium installer could be used to install SDX
Audio Capture Software. assuming this might allow recording, I deleted the toast program , reinserted the toast installation disc
and downloaded the program again. No sign of the SDX appeared but the message that you dont have permission to see contents
is back
I am disgusted with Toast 11 Titanium and wish I had never bought it. I hope Roxio will smarten up and get some technical
phone assistance.
Thanks to Amazon for requesting this review
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on May 8, 2011
The main reason I got this product was to use it for TiVo Transfers.
UPDATE Software updated to 11.04. It's even more unstable. NOTHING HAS BEN FIXED.

This review is for Toast 11 Titanium version 11.0.2 (691)

Unlike past versions of Roxio Toast this one leaves much to be desired.
Stability is very poor. The TiVo player crashes if you try to scroll to a location.
The DVD and HD DVD maker crash if you try to edit. It does make DVD's and HD-DVDs with good results as long as you do not edit. After a few crashes you MUST reboot the mac to get Toast 11 to run again.

It is not clearly documented that TiVo conversions to iPad or ATV are limited/crippled to 640x480 pixels.
The downloads from TiVo work well and play in full resolution but the conversions are crippled to low resolution.

This is poor quality software.
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on June 6, 2011
I've been using Toast for over a decade, but I never remember any previous version being THIS creaky.

Upon installing you should IMMEDIATELY run the built-in updater, since even the versions downloaded direct from Roxio don't have the updates built-in.

I'm still having issues with painfully slow BD-R50 burns, random unexplained lock-ups, poor import video file support, and laughably bad AVCHD camcorder support. (Did you know those camcorders split the video files at the 4GB mark? Toast doesn't!) You also can't hide the mostly-useless new file browser, which takes up a lot of the screen. (Guys, Macs have Drag and Drop, and have for the past 15 YEARS!!)

I'd love to use some of the new features, and having an easy way to go from camcorder to Blu-ray sounds pretty darn good. Unfortunately, until they do some MAJOR bug fixing, Toast Titanium 11 (Pro) is a giant hunk of crap. I've kept my copy and gone back to Toast 10, hoping future updates will alleviate some of the pain.
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Platform: Mac DiscVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've really only wanted Toast to do one thing for me: convert Tivo files for use on my portable devices like the iPod, PSP, and now the iPad.

I know there are alternatives out there, but the allure of simplicity and possibility of automating the process has proven well-neigh irresistible. I've let myself be cajoled into upgrades with promises of "this time it really works" only to once again end up waiting for a fix to come "real soon now." I've written some fairly negative reviews of previous versions here and elsewhere.

I'm happy to report that my experience with Toast 11 Titanium Mac and Tivo-to-Go has been a good one. The audio and video sync up correctly. The editor, while still somewhat counterintuitive, does the job (the editor is useful if you want to excise commercials from a program or cut a talk show down to a single segment).

The one problem that came up (it stopped transferring files from my Tivo HD; it thought it was doing a transfer but nothing was being moved) turned out to be an issue on the Tivo HD which was easily resolved by re-starting the Tivo.

The editor, which is basically the same one used in Elgato EyeTV, has one oddity. After you've set your edit points, it's not really clear what to do next. In the EyeTV version, you choose "Compact" from a drop-down tool menu in the edit window. In the Toast version, there is no obvious next step. If you just close the edit window, it will ask to save and then take you back to Toast. Just closing a window where I've just done a bunch of work always makes me skittish. I would feel more comfortable if there were a choice to "Save edits and return to Toast" on the tools drop-down in place of the Compact choice in the EyeTV version.

The other minor annoyance it that it makes a new editable version of the Tivo file even if you have not done anything yet with the previous edited version. This means you have to wait for the editable version to be created and then re-do your previous edits in addition to any changes.

So it's great that it's working at last. Unfortunately, it's becoming less and less useful as more and more networks insist that cable providers block their programs from being transferred by software like Tivo-to-Go. At first it was premium channels like HBO that were blocked. Now I see even basic cable networks like Animal Planet are being blocked. At one time, I might have been annoyed; now my feeling is that if they want to keep me from watching their programs when I want, where I want, and on which device I want, I'll just watch something else. It's not as if there aren't a myriad of choices out there.
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41 of 45 people found the following review helpful
on March 15, 2011
Once your initial courtesy support ends, you are on your own. I'm having problems with v 10 that have not been resolved, and I'm beginning to doubt they ever will be.

I initiated my attempt for resolution with a web ticket. The first response was quick, but only provided general suggestions not targeted to my problem. I updated the ticket with a response within an hour or so and have not heard back since. It's been over a week.

Tried web chat several times and was told no one was available, then on my fourth attempt I finally got someone.

I gave him my web ticket number so he could see what the issues were. He then asked me for more verifying information in order to see the web ticket. Response from the chat agent was unacceptably slow. I would start my response immediately and send it within 15 to 30 seconds. His response would take several minutes. Approximately 6 questions and answers took almost an hour. I got the strong impression he was handling multiple support chats at the same time. Otherwise why would it repeatedly take 2 minutes to say "thank you for your information." Several times he asked me questions that I had already answered in the web ticket. I don't think he even read it. After an hour he said he'd have to elevate the problem to a higher level tech and it would take several days before I heard from them via email.

As of this point, my experience with Roxio tech support has been terrible. Perhaps the worst ever. This poor support is going to really make me think seriously before buying or upgrading any of Roxio's products.
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