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on May 25, 2013
I have tested a speech device which has a similar pc eye module made by Tobii and it was awesome but retailed around $17,000. That model is for people with speech loss. This PCEye is geared more for the physically challenged. For people with limited hand/finger range this is a dream come true. I highly recommend it if you can afford the $3,900 price tag. I have written Tobii in the past and suggested a more affordable price so the average physically challenged (most likely unemployed) can buy it but they just don't get it. Drop it to $900-$1000 and you sell them. I'm waiting!

Update Dec. 5,2013
Well, my wait paid off Tobii slashed the price from $3900 to $1995 a couple weeks ago and I am now happy owner and user of the PCEye Go. This piece of technology will blow your mind away. I was not sold on day one or day two but as I practiced more each day I improved using it. After 10 of using it I love it.

It takes patience getting it setup and determining how far or near you need to be from your monitor or laptop for proper eye tracking. I am using a 22" wide screen which works well because Tobii's software installs a taskbar on the screen's right or left and use some screen space.. I am using Windows 7 and all seems stable. One small issue I had was tracking the bottom of the screen so icons on my Win7 were hard to gaze on to open. To fix that issue i moved the taskbar to the top of my screen. To do that right click start menu ribbon, select properties, click taskbar tab the select top. Also, within the eye gaze interaction software the screen area used to calibrate your eye movement can be adjusted. Tobii tech support taught me this today.

Now, I purchased directly through Tobii for personal reasons but regardless price plus shipping are the same. I am happy thus far i hoped it would cost less but a near $2000 drop caught my eye.
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on May 28, 2014
This product relies on Tobii’s PCEye technology. Tobii’s web site show this technology working in the car. The fact is I can’t get the product to function properly under the ambient light in my bedroom. To get even minimal performance I have to darken the room. I have ALS aka Lou Gehrig’s disease. I am totally paralyzed and I am on a ventilator. I am totally reliant on this and other Tobii devices to communicate with my family and caregivers. I bought this device on the idea that it would work outside or in the car. That and the fact that it would work on my Laptop as the dedicated Tobii device I use I horribly underpowered. Tobii’s main communication package is called Communicator. They will happily sell it to you for about $600.00. This package includes Quick Talk a text to speech application that I have been using since the beginning. This application is my primary way to communicate. It was unusable in ambient light and so was the Gaze Selection keyboard. After I figured out the ambient light issue I had my wife close the drape and turn off the lights and the Gaze Selection became usable somewhat. But Quick Talk was still unusable. This is a screen capture I sent to Tobii Support showing the issue:
as you can see I am most successful with the GS keyboard in the upper position. Tobii even did a remote session into my computer and tried different configurations to no avail. After working with them about a month I received the following email:

“Dear Ted Swanson:

I have spoken with a number of managers and engineers about your issue with Quick Talk. Thorsten and I have also discussed your situation.

Tobii provides a number of keyboards to our customers because everyone is unique in their abilities to use eye control and in their abilities to use our software. Since you are able to use the Gaze Selection keyboard successfully within Tobii Communicator, this is an acceptable solution to your issue. The GS keyboard works best for you and that is a good thing.

While some people are able to use the Quick Talk keyboard successfully (as you had wanted to), others find Expressive Board, Eye Control ABC, Sono Scribe, and Wordpower keyboards accurate for them. Providing many keyboards and the ability to make one on one's own is a positive feature of our devices because we can reach more people. Gaze Selection keyboard included. All of our keyboards are purposefully not made to be the same so that we can hopefully provide more people with the ability to communicate.

With that said, since you are successfully able to communicate with the GS keyboard, I am going to close this case. Thank you very much for your time and allowing Thorsten and I the ability to remotely log into your device and observe how you use the keyboards.

Have a nice day.

Alec M. Newman”

In other words “We would be happy to sell you another software package that may or may not work, but as far as we are concerned Communicator does not work for you. Sorry about the expense. You are on your own.” In my opinion this is reprehensible behavior for any Company. They seem to operating from the opinion that “A customer’s problem is just that, the customers.” IMO if you buy this product you are on your own.
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on April 6, 2016
Not impressed. First I don't like how the controller mounts to your display. It's mounting bracket is more or less permanently adhered to the display. It means you cannot return the product if you find out it isn't for your. 2nd there is a secondary piece of software you need to install (eye extension) for the controller to work with flight sims or other games. When I first got it it worked fine, once software upgrades came out it stopped working with an error message it could not load and to reinstall the software. Even Tobii can't figure it out and but gives suggestions on how to circumvent the issue. I have not had luck getting the issue resolved. In essence I have a $140 dollar piece of hardware that is glued to my display, won't work for what I bought it for and only assists with moving my cursor. I can't recommend it.
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on January 20, 2015
I really, really, really wanted this to work. I have a problem with my wrists that the doctors have not been able to successfully diagnose and need some other way of controlling the mouse, to avoid pain. Dragon software has a voice-activated mousing system that is not practical and too slow.I purchased a head mouse system, where you point your head to move the cursor. However, I found that after several months of using it it caused pretty bad back strain and neck strain (your neck is probably not designed to do this sort of thing). So I was excited to try this product which doesn't require moving the neck, but just the eyes.

In some respects, the product is brilliant. Moving your eyes is much faster than using voice software, or any other system to simulate a mouse. And when it works, it feels a little bit like it's reading your mind. The problem is that the accuracy of this product (at least as I used it) was very poor and sporadic.About 30% of the time, I would look at a button and it would click right on it (and the product would seem like magic). Another 30% of the time I would look at a button and it would click too high or too low or off to the side,and I would have to look above or below the item to properly click. And another 30% of the time, it would miss the target and click something wrong, in which case it would really mess things up.

I contacted support, and explained that the software claimed it had done a high accuracy set up. He recommended that I tried turning off the lights, which may have helped it increase accuracy to about 35%, but still not workable. I asked the support person if my experience was unusual And most people experience a high degree of accuracy, or if others have the same issues. Strangely, he said he would not be able to comment on that. I asked him if perhaps I could help the product by decreasing the resolution of my monitor, and he wasn't sure, but said he would get back to me. That was two days ago and I have not yet heard back. It looks like I'm going to have to return this… Very disappointing.
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on March 25, 2015
I have ALS, or MND, or Lou Gehrig's disease. Without this device I could not communicate, use my computer, or basically have any useful interaction with the outside world. This device is worth, for me, its weight in gold. I evaluated and tried several products that are comparable, either standalone eyetrackers or integrated solutions. This is the best bang for your buck and the best tracker I have used. It does have its limitations, like use in dim or bright light, but overall, I have not encountered a better solution to use my computer with my eyes.
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on March 28, 2015
Brilliant product. Once set up at the right angle and with calibration complete it works extremely well. Previously I relied on the mousegrid from Dragon NaturallySpeaking to navigate around my desktop and while Dragon is still the only way to go with dictation, nothing beats Tobii PC Go for its ease and speed of windows navigation. It has made my life a whole lot easier and I would fully recommend it to anyone who is not able to use a mouse.
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on November 21, 2014
Tobii's customer service is appalling. Have been trying to return a device and they do not answer the phone or return phone calls. This product seems to be crap, it does not work as well as the $100 EyeTribe I purchased as a test. In fact I can not get it to calibrate with my eyes at all, when I do not have a problem with the Eyetribe, save yourself a lot of money any buy from a company that stands behind it's products instead on one that stands behind an unanswered phone. The only positive thing I can say is that the Communicator software they sell separately for another massive amount of money works well and it works with other Eye tracking devices.
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