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on May 23, 2012
I still play the original GR.Which I believed set the standard for a tactical shooter.
The later titles I was very disappointed with and felt they were "Dumbed" down.
This review is my initial impressions and subject to change as I do in most of my reviews.

1)Graphics were well done IMHO everything seemed to be going smooth.
2)Sound is excellent I have a lot of hearing loss and had no problems hearing the game.
Even with a intercooler running.
3)Weapons were well rendered and the ability to customize is fun.I do gunsmith work on the side and can say some of the mods were impractical but it's a game.They all had their own distinct sound.I recommend choosing random for your weapon as I could spend hours changing parts.I would have liked a jam or 2 thrown in for a touch of uh oh.
4)Voice acting is good so far with the usual wisecracks and such as troops tend to do.
5)Some of the future tech is very cool I enjoy sneaking around with the cloak and the UAV is fun to use.
6)I enjoyed doing sync shots and the fire fights could get intense on Elite.
7)The controls were easy to learn not much of a learning curve.The Tutorials are make it easy to learn the game.
8)I like the challenges to unlock weapons and gear which make it worth going back to redux missions.
9)The hand to hand kills are a nice touch to the game.
Cons so far:
1)I find the maps a little to restrictive and not enough room to maneuver.
2)I have found the enemy AI to be very easy even on elite.Friendly AI seems decent so far subject to change.
3)I found I needed to get used to the camera angles.
4)The cover system seemed not to work well.As I play and get used to it I might change my mind.

My thoughts:
I approached this game with a open mind and find I am enjoying it.I like the sci-fi aspects of it.
As I have only played the first 2 missions I will not comment on the campaign length or the story.
Ubi-soft did a good job on the tutorials and there is not a big learning curve.I did find enemy AI a bit dumb but as I play I might change my mind on the AI of the game.The ability to customize weapons and load out for missions make this better than other shooters.I feel this game has a good cross of COD/BF and OFP.
Players will need to think and you can flank enemies instead of shooting it out with them.I would have like free roam like OFP DR as I felt the maps were to small not as bad as BF or COD.That is my opinion,I attempted to play like COD and found you would go down quick.I did find the stealth missions to be to easy IMO.This might change as I play.All in all I'm having fun with this game and have no regrets yet.I only hope the campaign is of good length as I feel that is lacking in many games today.
I have very poor internet in my area so I cannot do a review of online content.Please accept my apology on that aspect.
I will update this review as I play more and can't wait to get out of work to play.

Stay tuned for updates.

Update 5-24-12

After playing more I'm really liking this game.
I love using the UAV to scout ahead and mark targets for sync shots.The only habit I need to break is to not sit back during fire fights and just mark targets for my squad.I managed to not fire a shot during one engagement.
I agree with other reviewers on the cut scenes not looking as good as game play.To me that is minor and not worth trashing the game over.I also like that you do not get endless waves of enemies like other games once you secure a area it is secure.

I do have a few gripes.
1)I do not like the lack of control when you go into diamond formation during a rescue.
It seemed to me it was on rails and I really could not move or take cover.
2)Lack of control for your AI teammates I do not know why that is not on this game.
It would have been fun to issue basic move orders.I would have liked the ability to use formations such as wedge, line etc.All I can do so far is mark targets to focus fire on.The AI will move on it's own.

On a positive note your teammates do not get in the way of your fire and are good at reviving you if you get shot.
I like trying to do the challenges during the mission to unlock weapons.
I do find the missions to be short but that might change as I progress.
I am getting used to the cover system as I play.

Update 5-25-12
I'm finding as you progress you unlock more gear NVGs a UGV which kicks serious butt.
So far the story is progressing along with a semi-predictable plot.I'm sure there will be a twist somewhere along the line.The missions are starting to get a little more tactical and challenging.There is also a mission where you get to be a gunner from a Helo like GR AW2.Players can also issue orders to heal a squadmate.
I consider the campaign to be far superior to MW3 or BF3.I only wish I had better service to try it online.
I recommend trying to complete the challenges as it is worth it to unlock better weapons and parts.
So far I have found no glitches and framerates are smooth on my PS3 Fat.


Final thoughts I give this game 4 stars overall.
I enjoyed the campaign and the challenges will keep players going back to complete them.
It took me around 16 hrs to complete this game on elite.I felt it was to short hence why I gave it 4 stars.
I did find as you progress the missions got more challenging and I had to think and not charge in.
Gamers of all levels should enjoy this game it is simple to learn and well done.
As a Ghost Recon "Purist" I could have nit picked this game.I chose to approach it with a open mind and I'm glad I did.
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on May 25, 2012
Well, Ghost Recon is finally here. After all of the videos, hype, and especially the many release delays, could this game be worth it?

CAMPAIGN/STORY: The campaign is a 14 mission and 12 plus hour experience across the globe in order to track down the person responsible for smuggling a warhead.

GAMEPLAY: The game play is just outstanding. I have never played a military shooter that makes me feel like such a bad***. The game is based on being tactical, which means patiently sneaking around maps, eliminating enemies, and capturing the objective, without alerting an enemy, just like the Navy Seals do. With that being said, I feel like I am playing a gaming version of Act of Valor. With that being said, it is not a SEAL game, but it definitely has the essence of what one SHOULD be.

The game play is very fast and every movement is VERY responsive. When running to get cover, the camera shakes, reminiscent of the football game, Backbreaker Football. The shootouts are very realistic and intense, especially in the urban maps. There is just back and forth shooting. Meanwhile, civilians are caught up in the midst of it. Engage enemies carefully, when surrounded by civilians! Kill too many and the mission is over.

Cover can be manipulated by gunfire. Therefore, if an enemy is behind weak objects, such as wood, it can be shot through. This goes both ways for the player. Sometimes, cover cannot be relied on, too heavily because it CAN be manipulated by gunfire. Sometimes, the player can be "suppressed" by heavy gunfire. The player is virtually stuck behind this cover, until the heavy gunfire ceases. Meanwhile, camera shakes and the sixaxis controller vibrates vigorously.

The hit detection is also outstanding. No unloading a full clip to kill enemies. A few shots and "tango eliminated!" Hand to hand tactics can be used, as well. They are random action via snapping an enemy's neck, butting him with the weapon and "finishing" him off with a brutal stomp. I like using the stealth kills, such as snapping enemies' necks or shooting them in the back of the head from point-blank range.

Keep in mind, stealth doesn't ALWAYS apply during parts of certain missions. Sometimes, a mistake can be made by the player and alert enemies, which leads to massive firefights. In addition, when an objective is obtained, many enemies may arrive, which means also means a massive firefight. Reverting back to stealth, some parts of missions does NOT allow alerting enemies. In other words, if an alert is raised, mission over.

EQUIPMENT/GADGETS: A Ghost Recon game would not be a game, without gadgets. First, there is the infamous optical camouflage. The optical camouflage is the most important piece of equipment, which the Ghost have. This is what keeps the Ghost concealed, throughout the maps. Nothing has to be manually done to activate it. Just go in prone, crouch or find cover. Then, it activates. The only time the optical camouflage deactivates is when spotted or when firing. The optical camouflage cannot be seen from a distance, but if in the sight of an enemy, a warning signal will come up, which indicates suspicion upon the enemy.

The UAV is easy to use. Just send it through the air, and it spots each enemy throughout the map. Not to mention, it tells, which kind of weapon they have. Then, there is the sensor grenade. When thrown, it is able to detect nearby enemies on land AND through walls. Then, there is the magnetic X-ray. This device allows the player to detect enemies through solid surfaces, and detect metal objects, such as weapons. I once saw the engine on the inside of a truck. There are OTHER surprise gadgets to use on the game, but that is a secret......

GRAPHICS/VISUALS: Contrary to what some opinions, the graphics are very good in their own kind of way, meaning not to expect vivid colored graphics of games, such as Max Payne 3, Uncharted or MW2. The Ghosts, weapons, enemies, and maps are very detailed and sharp. However, the player models, without the mask on some cut scenes look dated. However, keep in mind that this is 3D game! Therefore, the graphics SHOULD be enhanced with a 3D HDTV and glasses.

GUERRILLA MODE: This new mode allows up to four players to face 50 waves of enemies. Of course, the more successful a player is, the increase of difficulty in the enemies.

MULTIPLAYER: Multiplayer plays similar to single player, meaning it maintains its 3rd person game play. Cover is a necessity and so is teamwork. The modes in the game are more mission-based.

SOUND/VOICE: This game has Dolby Surround Sound. However, it is not quite as crisp as Battlefield 3 - Limited Edition. Still, hearing the weapons being fired is a realistic experience. Each weapon has its own distinct sound. Even the sound of the weapons being reloaded is authentic. The clarity in the Ghosts' voices during game play is just intense. The voices sound very gritty, especially when they inform each other on what is going on around them.

TEAM A.I.: Very smart and tactical. The player is in good hands with this group. They alert the player of the surroundings on the map. For example, if an enemy is spotted, they will tell the EXACT location and what type of weapon he has. Not to mention, they ONLY fire, when fired upon or given instructions to. With that being said, the team cannot manually be commanded to do anything, other than shoot. They mostly move about on their own. As a fan of the Rainbow Six series, that is sort of disappointing to me. However, I believe they do this on Future Soldier because it was very EXHAUSTING to command a squad and use all kinds of gadgets in the previous Ghost Recon titles.

The Sync Shot is outstanding. This is a feature that the developers of SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy Seals failed miserably to accomplish. The max of four targets can be marked via ground or UAV. In order to take down all four targets, one shot MUST be made by the player. There is nothing like commanding your team to mark targets, and simultaneously downing enemies with single shot in slo-mo, when this is done. On the contrary, mark less than four targets, and the team can be commanded to take out all three, simultaneously.

WEAPONS: A player can choose over 20 million weapon combinations in the all new Gunsmith mode. This mode enables a player disassemble and modify a weapon down to the barrel, gas system, magazine, muzzle, optics, paint, side rail, stock, trigger group, and the under barrel. In addition, the customized weapon combination can be tested out at the range.

VERDICT: If you are into tactical shooters, look no further than Ghost Recon Future Solder. The game has everything a player can want in a shooter, such as tactics, stealth, firefights, stereo sound, customizable weapons, gadgets, fast game play, and good graphics. The UbiSoft team took a lot of time to make this game, but it paid off and made this game definitely worth the wait. This is why I give this game five out of five stars.
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on May 22, 2012
The game requires 6.5gigs of hard drive space, there is a very small update already, it is PS Move (gunsmith use only) and 3D compatible, an it requires a Uplay account and passport code to play online (which is included).

I've always been a fan of the Ghost Recon games because of the third person military action as well as the strong stealth aspect of the game play. I have been waiting for some time now to get my hands on Future Soldier as I waited through all of the release-date push backs and delays. I must say it is an amazing game. The graphics are phenomenal, the control is tight and the over-all game play is very realistic and entertaining. Sync Shot is a really cool feature where you tag multiple enemies and your team takes all of them out instantly. I think I am more into being alone in the game, however working as a team greatly has its advantages in Future Soldier. The game is very well put together and I can tell a lot of time went into the menu, weapon and inventory system.

+ Well detailed graphics, very realistic and natural looking. The scenes and maps are very well laid out.
+ Perfectly crafted control and weapon system. Creating your own weapon is a blast.
+ The game is fast, controls are very well responsive and not sluggish at all. It is a smooth running game, no glitching or lagging.
+ Music, voice-acting and sounds effects are very well produced. I was blown away by the clarity and the level on my surround speakers.
+ Weapons are fully customizable and gadgets are very helpful. Camouflage is very cool.
+ Multiplayer is incredibly fun when you have the right teammates.

- Some of the cut scenes and the character models seem dated and less detailed than the actual game play.
- There is no slit-screen (couch) co-op in the game. All co-op is online.
- Like in past Ghost Recon games the area is limited and you are warned when you are leaving the area. It gives the appearance of a larger area, yet it still is quite linear.
- In combat your progression options are sometimes limited and you must stick with your team.
- There are a few small clipping issues like floating objects or your characters arms not linking around an enemies neck when doing a stealth kill, very minor though.
- In the snow levels you cannot see your footprints in the snow. Also when you are invisable you can still see your shadow, which you think the enemy would see.

Multiplayer is a huge amount of fun and quite a challenge, but it is a must to have good teammates. It makes it difficult when your teammates just shoot everything. When you get hit you can spawn back to a standard location or to a teammate. It is very fast paced and cover is the key. Cover is also important in single player, however with it is a necessity in multiplayer.

This may be the first time I have ever said this, but I enjoy the multiplayer much more than the single player. The single player is great and it is a very solid game, however the multiplayer is just so much fun.

I like having the option to play how I want to play in the single player campaign. Ghost Recon Future Soldier gives you a large area to work your way though, you could either go in guns blazing or you could take your time and sneak in and stealth take down your enemies. I have played one area over and over again until I am happy with the way it went down. It is very well put together and the maps are well designed and laid out. If you stealth sneak into an area and are seen, you will alert many more enemies than if you were quiet and careful and were not seen. It is a lot of fun and quite an enjoyable challenge.

The fictional futuristic style gadgets are very cool and as you progress through the game you get more and more, however you don't always have all of them for every level, it depends on the mission. The gadgets give you a heads up on the enemies and sometimes makes the game too easy, however using the gadgets in different ways and in different areas really mixes the game up and keeps it interesting.

Over-all Ghost Recon Future Soldier has met what I was expecting out of the game. I am very happy with it and I highly recommend this for gamers who want a smart military shooter. Future Soldier is not for gamers who are expecting another cookie cutter Call of Duty game. This game is smart and realistic in that you need to plain your missions and attacks and take your time. It is a stealth shooter which requires you to think. The movement and sliding from cover to cover is very fast and the controls come very naturally. Highly addicting game.

Game on!
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VINE VOICEon May 28, 2012
unlike a lot of reviewers who have only completed 4-6 missions and wanted to get their reviews up (i don't really blame them, but how can you review a product you've not finished?), i have completed GRFS almost twice now. my first play through took 12-13 hours, with several restarted checkpoints. if you're an FPS pro, you'll probably complete it under 10. if you like to take your time and plan (and try to complete specific challenges), count on an even dozen or more.

this is my first experience with a ghost recon game and i have to say that i'm very impressed. in an age where most shooters keep you on the rails and have you kill endless waves of enemies, GRFS is indeed a breath of fresh air. this isn't a monster-in-the-closet shooter. it takes time, patience (i admit to more than few expletives while playing), and lo and behold, strategy.

as with most shooters, plot is secondary. there are some bad russians. weapons caches. coups. yadda yadda yadda. we all know the drill. thankfully, GRFS has enough going for it that you don't really need an intricate plot to have fun. the set pieces are varied and dynamic - africa, russia, bolivia, pakistan, etc. the graphics look pretty good - somewhere between COD (dated) and BF3 (impressive). i was particularly impressed with the lighting and color during the last few missions. the artists did a fine job. i have a 3D TV and found the 3D to just be ok. nothing special. it didn't really add much to the game, to tell you the truth (batman: arkham city still has the best 3D, in my opinion). the sound, too, is pretty good. not BF3 good, but close enough. the controls are responsive, but a bit fidgity. several times i accidentally vaulted over cover and got my head handed to me.

speaking of having your head handed to you, you will die. a lot. if you're not careful, it doesn't take more than two or three bullets to take you down. sometimes another ghost (30k, Ghost Lead, Pepper) will come and revive you, but sometimes they won't. depends on the situation. the AI can be dumb at times, but they're also nutty accurate. they will also suppress you with heavy MGs and LMGs. stay in cover! always!

the challenges give you a reason to replay the game. each mission has a weapon challenge (kill x amount of guys with x gun), a tactical challenge (make to checkpoint a and exfil without raising the alarm) and a ghost challenge (finish with a ghost score above 60 - i have no clue how the ghost score is tallied, but hey). on your first play through, you simply won't be able to complete some of the challenges because the gun you may need won't be available to you or two tactical challenges will contradict each other and you'll have to pick one of the two, or three.

the highly touted gunsmith is pretty cool. sure, you have twenty million combinations at your disposal, but you'll probably find two or three guns you like best and stick with them. GRFS also has a gun range for you test out your creations (i've been wondering why COD or BF haven't been doing that for ages).

the multiplayer is OK. i played a couple of matches and didn't really find it all that compelling. it's kind of like uncharted's multiplayer, only with fancier guns and camo. guerrilla mode is pretty challenging. i tried it alone and lasted a round and a half. i'd like to try it with more people, but i don't know anyone else who has this game.

there's also subtle and not-so-subtle humor. towards the end of the game the ghost squad's gotta huff it up 15 flights of stairs to deal with some snipers. as they're ascending a flight of stairs, one of the ghosts says, "why do i feel like someone should be throwing barrels down at us" (donkey kong reference, i assume); in a cut scene you see a solder bragging about how he sniped a pilot out of a helicopter (obviously reference to BFBC2 bush wookies who think they're the hot shiz); and another time there's a veiled reference to russian strongman vladamir putin when the ghosts ask the russian president about a time who wrestled a grizzly bear to the ground. i'm not sure most people will catch the humor, but it's there.

all in all, i really had a great time playing GRFS. i'm already looking forward to another installment.
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on May 22, 2012
I have been playing this game since 12 this afternoon and man is it addicting! Intense firefights in almost every corner but it is easily conquered with a good squad! You can either play single or co-op campaign with up to 3 players online! With gunsmith you can create/customize more than 20 million authentic weapons! (but you have to unlock those items first by playing the campaign). I pre-ordered Future Soldier from GameStop and it turned out to be a great move because with the pre-order (signature edition) I received a bonus map, bonus weapons (mk14, ak-47) bonus headgear and bonus weapon skins which look great! There are 10 multiplayer maps and for those who pre-ordered may be more according to where you reserved your copy from. This game is definitely SQUAD based as Ghost Recon games always been. Without a cooperating squad you will not do well. Or at least I didn't it also helps to have your mic ON. You need to watch each others backs and remember this is NOT Call of Duty or Battlefield, where you can run and gun even though they are great games. The graphics are fantastic and although it may not seem as real as Battlefield I believe it is still amazing because what good would it be to have two of the same games?

I just finished playing Guerrilla mode with my buddy and what it is are waves of enemies who try to beat the crap out of you and according to the difficulty level you select. The enemies become much harder and their tactics also change as you go up in waves which there are 50. Now when you and your friend(s) die you will need to start from the very beginning of the waves.. I'm just kidding it let's you start from the last wave so if you are on wave 30 and fail you will start on wave 29 since you didn't complete 30. You will need your friend(s) to be in complete sync with you but it is tons of fun and I'm sure you guys will enjoy it as much as I have! And there are 5 default maps you can play in with another map locked which you can purchase using Uplay points. You receive more points with completing challenges which Uplay have put up and this goes for selected Ubisoft games such as Assassin's Creed.

The resolution output for Ghost Recon is 720p as it says on the back of the case but do not fear because even if you are playing on a 1080p resolution TV, the game still looks fantastic! It's a shame it doesn't go to 1080p though.. :(

Again guys, this game is awesome! Epic single player with co-op and amazing multiplayer! You will not be disappointed!
I gave it 5/5 because it's just awesome! :D

Oh yes I almost forgot, Ghost Recon Future Soldier DLC comes out in June I believe and it is called Arctic Strike. On the instruction manual it reads, "New downloadable content coming this summer!
New maps! New mode! New weapons! And more!"

So there you have it folks, I sincerely hope my review has helped you in choosing to purchase this game because it really is tons of fun!
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on December 15, 2013
A Good Game.

Gameplay is excellent. This is the strong point of the game. 12 missions, each needing 45mins to 1 hour to complete since the fun lies mostly in killing the enemy without alarming anyone.

Storywise, the game is very poorly written. I had to go to wikipedia in order to find out what was going on. Cutscenes involving your ghosts interacting with other soldiers at military base does not add anything to character development or the main story. A more interesting plot in my opinion would be a coup in Pakistan leaves its nuclear arsenal at the hand of terrorist group. NATO sends in the ghosts to destroy the nuclear weapons. 6 months later, a nuclear weapon destroys the city of Houston, where the President of the United States was politicking for upcoming elections. You send in your ghost to find out how the weapons got to the US, retracing it to Pakistan, bla bla bla.

I think that would have been better. But, I am sure my approach would have made a better template then the one that the developers used.
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on January 29, 2016
I really enjoyed this game. It had some really neat missions and wasn't just the same thing over and over. It has a good mix of mission types. The only thing that frustrated me over and over is the infrequent save points. There were many instances where I had to back track through the same portions after dying repeatedly.
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on February 9, 2014
Very realistic, but even in recruit (Easy) mode, some levels are impossible to beat. There are hints available online, no walk through, and zero cheat codes so far that I could find online. One setting it doesn't have, (for PS3), there is no way to turn off the annoying dramatic background music. Without cheat codes or walk through to unlock levels or needed weapons (unlimited ammo and invincibility would be nice), you get stuck in levels difficult to impossible to beat. Overall I like the game and it is additive. This is a good game for both adults and MATURE TEENS, NOT YOUNG TEENS OR YOUNG CHILDREN. This can be a problem video for young teens or mentally challenged people that might want to try something in real life in a school or mall. But for responsible adults and mature teens, it is fun and a great learning tool if you plan to join the military (not a terrorist group). I would recommend seeing Tom Clancy's movie (on DVD) "Act of Valor". I borrowed the video from my library and it is almost identical to the game. There are good story lines fighting terrorists, gun runners, evil warlords, etc. Add in a few rescues of VIP's, HVT's, and oppressed people, it is a great game. 5 stars if not for the cons I mentioned.
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on June 22, 2013
I was expecting a lot from this game based on some of the early gameplay footage I saw and the pretty awesome trailer, but I'm sad to say this game definitely did not live up to my expectations. It's a very linear, predictable and cliche story-line almost like any other generic shooter. Nearly every conflict and firefight seems almost perfectly setup for you to position your team and handle things with ease with a 1-shot kill coordinated strike. There's some tactical elements to it, but by and large its a very easy game and you can breeze through it with minimal effort. Even the cool parts about using futuristic technology always seems convenient and provided only when necessarily for level-specific objectives. Even then in the end they just make the game easier than it already is even without using the tech.

I'm sure you've seen advertisements about how much you can customize the weapons. Well let me tell you right now that you have to go through quite a lot just to unlock the guns you probably want to use. And most of the attachments and modifications you can make really don't make that much of a difference, and feel mostly cosmetic more than anything given how small the actual areas in the single-player campaign for you to fight in. This isn't exactly a hyper-realistic shooter and I didn't notice much in the way of bullet sway or drop at any point. The actual number of guns you have available to use is pretty small. If you were hoping for some Matrix-style racks of various firearms to use and modify prepare to be disappointed.

The upsides for this game are that it has the mechanics down for creating a competent 3rd-person shooter. I haven't experienced any glitches and generally its got some fun set-up cinematic scenes which are fun the first few times. But frankly they didn't really emphasize the "Ghost" aspect since you can easily get through many conflicts guns blazing and be rewarded. Maybe that was by design so that people can play it their way, but it definitely detracts from the tactical aspect of things. The multiplayer isn't bad either, though I haven't exactly seen many people playing. Even then there's not too much variety and it all comes down to knowing the map-layout in terms of being successful. There's some cool uses of technology though for the multi-player which does add something to the mix.

Overall it's probably not something you'll play for very long since there are just a lot of better games out there to spend your time on. Still, if you find this on sale and want a fun shooter to play through (especially on Co-op with friends) its not a bad game to try out.
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on February 8, 2013
I love the perspective of Ghost Recon compared to that of Call of Duty or Battlefield. Actually seeing your human and how they react physically makes the game seem more engaging because it gives the feeling of a more human element to the battles and firefights.

In my opinion, playind COD and Battlefield are fun, but playing as a first person shooter, you lose some sense of your surround because you are looking down a tunnel per say. Also, Ghost Recon does have a fun tactical side to the game because it will allow you to play certain situations in a stealthy way, unless you enjoy fire fights.

The gameplay does have its pitfalls in regards to enemy AI, like the other games, and sometimes the sense of realism seems a bit overboard, once again, like the others, but overall, it is a different experience and fun to play. At the end of the day, that's what games are all about.

Buy it, have fun, and enjoy something different
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