Customer Reviews: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - PC
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Price:$6.95 - $72.12
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on July 1, 2012
First off the good:

Campaign is interesting.
Gunsmith mode provides a great experience for people who like to tinker.

Then the bad:


You can't play with your friends 90% of the time.

I specifically purchased this game in order to have a similar experience to Rainbow Six Vegas series, a modernized third per person shooter with tons of customization which you could play with your friends.

Within the second mission, the game desynced, making me and my friend unable to continue the story. Being average PC players we tried to do a workaround, so we skipped that part by playing it solo and then proceeded to go to the next mission. Then we came across another problem: Whoever hosted (we tried hosting, both of us) got stuck in infinite loading. This occurred for many missions. Other times the host would crash with different errors.

We've tried everything, updating drivers, rolling back drivers, direct connections to modem, port fowarding. Everything. Nothing has worked.

I've also tried playing multiplayer. It's even worse then the CoD system. When you migrate hosts, you don't start where you were, YOU HAVE TO RESPAWN. Other times, YOU SIMPLY DISCONNECT.

It is obvious that there was little to no quality assurance testing done for the the PC version of the game.

I am utterly disappointed that I had paid simply to play the campaign mode alone.
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on June 29, 2012
I've got a couples hours of play in and I have to say I agree with previous reviewers. It's a console port. From the very start, the game feels dated and poorly done. Graphics are sub-par, the cinematics are boring and the gameplay is stale. I figured it would graphically as strong as BF3, but its deff. not... Doesn't really seem to matter what you do, the game holds your hand every step of the way, telling you what to do at every turn.

Don't get me wrong, it's got some fun factor, i just don't know how long it will last. I should have waited a month and got this game for $20 instead of $50. Oh well, another game I waited years for only to be sorely disappointed. Coming from someone who has played many of the Tom Clancy games, starting with the first Rainbow six, this game is a disappointing departure from previous efforts. The new Rainbow 6 looks pretty awesome though, I hope they don't try to ruin that too...
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on June 27, 2012
Whatever you do, do not purchase this title. This is the fundamental example of how terrible console ports are destroying PC gaming. Check out the official and steam forums to see countless customers complaining about this broken product. Where to begin? The frame rate is absolute garbage. My machine is immensely superior to the recommended requirements (GTX 680, i5 @ 4.5ghz, etc), and no matter what I do to the settings the frame rate runs like crap.

Some customers can't even get their mouse and keyboard to work with the title. dnottis from the Ubisoft forums said it best:

So at least we can confirm something here - as we all know UBI loves to blame PC game delays on piracy. Clearly it's not a piracy issue, it's an incompetence issue. This game is NOT finished, 6 more months wouldn't help, 2 more years wouldn't help. Stuff is broken and doesn't work.

UBI next time you delay a game - be honest and tell us - "Game delayed because we've become a company geared towards consoles and we don't know an effing thing about how to release a proper PC game."

You can shove your piracy argument next time - we all know its bunk and this has absolutely confirmed that.
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on June 29, 2012
And that's an order! I can say that, 101st Airborne Division Air Assault former Infantryman! Hooooooah ;-)

Did I have fun playing it for the little time I did? Yep, it's got some fun parts! But it's buggy! And the graphics make you think you've gone back in time five years, then they look pretty good, then a cut scene makes you think you've bought some shareware.

Shame on you Ubisoft!
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on July 6, 2012
I initially rented this game via Redbox for the Xbox 360 - I had also tried the PS3 Version via the one hour full game download from the PSN Online Store. Both played exceptionally well, most of my gameplay was on the 360 - IMO, the overall better version for this title. I had a blast, played through six campaign levels, played online a bit, Guerrilla mode (think Horde, GEARS) and I immediately wanted to purchase this game. I read online about the PC version was DirectX 11 optimized, in short, exceptionally improved graphics etc., over the console versions. I bought the PC download version for $28, a steal at the time was my thoughts. Then it all goes down hill from there. I downloaded the game from Ubisoft, for some reason the installer would only allow me to pick my "C" SSD HD and not my data "D" drive on install - and I didn't have the necessary space. I had to edit my AppData folder in Windows 7 for it to recognize my "D" Drive for installation. Upon several hours for the files to decompress, very unusual, I had the game installed, nearly eight hours later. Immediately, the sound was garbled, I tried onboard audio via my Asus P6X58D Premium MB, did not work well at all, very choppy, I then tried my Asus D2X Xonar 7.1, again, to no avail, once again choppy. Not only that now all of my audio was choppy throughout my system. The game was taking 20+ minutes to load on a WDC Green 32MB Cache 1.5TB 7200 HD, to make a long story short, this game completely disrupted several things on my PC - especially after I had NO CHOICE but to mod my AppData files for the installation. I ended up having to reinstall Windows 7 (first time on this system since I've owned it, three years). GRFS is a complete mess on the PC, I was using the latest patched version (1.2). I strongly recommend you get the console version if you are in the market for this game, the PC version is debacle, putting it generously. One of the poorest launches I've seen in years on the PC - think Battlecruiser 3000AD, yeah, it's that bad, if not worse. I can't believe the developers did not put more time in the game for the computer - highly recommend if you have a console, if not, don't walk but run from the PC version. A complete waste of my time and money - 1 star is one too many for this disaster. One of the laziest efforts I've seen in this generation of games, absolutely deplorable and disgusting effort on behalf of the shoddy developers and publishers.
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on July 3, 2012
The game is not working at all. Too many errors and bugs, i have a Intel i5/NVIDIA 580GTXs quite stable machine and its not about your pc, you can read it at ubi forums! and everywhere!.....

Ubi products quality is very discouraging, DONT BUY THIS GAME, its the most expensive i've bought and its the one that it not working. A Shame! Try Electronic Arts Games instead....
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on July 2, 2014
who ruin it with their hacking stuff
I stop play against other players
back in Medal of Honor first version
because I can guarantee in all shooter video games
there is always someone who is cheating
and it doesn't matter if the game is running an anti cheat program
so if Ghost Recon Future Soldier multiplayer mode is basically dead
you can say thanks to all dishonest people who destroy it
however I enjoy Ghost recon future solider in coop mode mission
if you don't care about the multiplayer part of this game go ahead buy it
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on November 6, 2012
This is a great game and really fun to play. I'm not a gamer geek but rather just play to get my mind off my daily work, so it is really important for me that I can play "any game" that I install/download to play perfectly using the highest graphics settings possible. However, you will need a fairly strong graphics card/cards to run the game in the highest graphics mode in order to enjoy it in all it's glory. In other words, being able to turn all the video controls to the highest settings is the best part of playing any game for me, thus I upgraded my GPUs to the EVGA 670 FTW 4GB cards in a dual SLI configuration (Overkill). The game has a good story line as it progresses, and in my opinion, the graphics are excellent along with the third person view as your are playing the game. As you play you really don't feel as if you are playing a first person game. The way the game has been programed allows you to see the soldier you are controlling from a (out of body) experience so to speak, and this mode of playing the game is kind of nice from the traditional constantly looking down the barrel of your rifle all the time view point. Unfortunately, it appears as if "Future Soldier" is the only Ghost Recon series game that will run on windows 7. However, If I am wrong please let me know so I can check out more of the Ghost Recon series.
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on January 25, 2016
Its a stretch to give it 3 stars in PC Campaign mode. Lot of bad alignment with aim. You know you hit the target but you don't even wound the person. As someone else said, the game is a console port, if you like tinkering and making out strategy with sensors, and a pocket drone you can launch it makes for a more interesting single player campaign. I've played other Clancy titles and this pretty much is a reflection of those with a little more added complexity.
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on July 5, 2012
I have been a Ghost Recon fan since their first game. I was eagerly anticipating this release and it is a gigantic disappointment. It will not even start. The Forums list page after page of bugs and people demanding their money back. The Patches do nothing. I am running a very good PC with dual ATI Video cards. DirectX and Video drivers are newly updated. All I get is a thunk and a black screen. I have to use Task Manager to gain control of my PC again. So long UbiSoft, I want my money back. This junk is a complete waste of time, shameless Console port and pawn it off to the unsuspecting. I have to give it a star to get out, other wise it would get nothing from me.
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