Customer Reviews: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - Playstation 3
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on March 21, 2008
If you liked the first game, you'll definitely like the second. The core premise of the R6 Vegas games is relatively short, but white-hot gunfights in various locations. These can take place in large, open areas with lots of running; or strategic, carefully planned room takedowns where you have to worry about hostages. The AI is generally smart (and improved over the last game) and will flank you, or try to hide in dark corners. They will pop smoke grenades, use covering fire techniques, "leapfrog", and generally try to use wits as much as firepower. The locations of the game are also varied. You might have to sneak around a huge refinery, or you might have to escape a skyscraper before it blows up. It is a carefully plotted game, and very exciting, much like an action movie.

The frame-rate is very smooth, there are more levels in single-player, and the variety present in the online modes is astounding. The graphics probably won't blow you away, but this game is more about tactical choices than it is about eye-candy. The sound-effects are also top-notch, with guns and grenades actually sounding very realistic.

One interesting addition over the last game is the ability to customize your character for single-player and multi-player. There is a wide variety of faces (males and female), armor, camo patterns, and assorted gear. If you have a webcam or Eye Toy, you can put your own face on the character (it's creepily realistic). Experience points, used to unlock gear and guns, is accumulated over both single-player and multi-player modes, so you won't feel like a "noob" when you enter an online match after completing the story mode.

One warning: As of 3/21/08, the online modes are having a little trouble. This is a server overload issue, not a problem with the game. It will probably be cleared up within the coming weeks.

If you like challenging, tactical shooters, you will no doubt like this game. It's not run-and-gun like Halo, and it is definitely a very hard game (two shots and you're dead, and the bad guys are very accurate!) There are also a few minor bugs here and there, but definitely nothing game-breaking. While the graphics could have used a little more polish, and Ubisoft could have anticipated the demand for online play a little better, it's still a solid release, and might even take Call of Duty 4 out of your disc drive.
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on March 25, 2008
to start: this game took a while to load. It might have seemed even longer to me, because when I got it on the 24th of March PSN also released a Systems Update. So I had to wait for that to download/install. I started the game. RB6V2 had a patch (1.10). So I had to wait for that to download/install (this one was short). After that the game had to install itself. This took about as long as the Sys Update. It was just kind of ironic since I was anxious to get started.

RB6V2 is a good sequel. I had tried out the first, and it was just ok. The sequel is more enjoyable in my opinion. The ranking system and the new ACES system that allows for you to gain XP and weapons based on your style of play is a nice / welcome touch.

Within a couple of levels I noticed my "Marksman" and "CQB" XP rose very quickly as opposed to my "Assault" XP. So it depends on your personal style of play. Tag a headshot on a guy through a window while repelling will earn you points toward Marksman, while chucking a grenade into a room will get you well on your way towards the next Assault tier. And every other level rewards you with another weapon; while the Ranking system (total XP) seems to be more geared towards personalizing your character.
I especially liked this feature, and am looking forward to unlocking some features later in the game. Just remember that while outfitting your character, certain camo-styles are NOT appropriate for all terrain/situations!
(Kinda like Corky Romano, Brick: "Nice tie." Corky: "Thanks!" Brick: "It should give some lucky sniper a nice target to aim for.")

I also like how you can play through Single-Player (or Co-Op) to gain XP, which can be used Online as well. CoD4 had a similar system, but XP was only gained for ranks, and could only be gained online.
Heh... speaking of which, unfortunately it took me a second or two to get used to the controls after playing CoD4, the L1 is now "Cover" as opposed to the Weapon Scope, which is R3. Made for a couple "interesting" firefights when I first started.
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on March 21, 2008
The problem that "Rainbow Six: Vegas 2" faces is that it is faced again with reinventing the wheel. First person shooters are the staple of the current generation of consoles in much the same way as driving games were for the last generation. Moreover, last year's hugely successful "Call Of Duty" iteration raised the bar for what gamers should expect from the conventional FPS. "RS:V2" delivers polished shooting action, throwing in the requisite online modes, but without really blowing the hinges off what we would expect from a FPS in 2008.
The new "Rainbow Six" generally sticks to the formula established by Ubisoft Montreal in the first outing. The squad-based Special Ops action will feel very familiar to anyone that has played that game or its stablemate "Ghost Recon" games. Graphically and sonically the sequel matches the first game, although additions such as a cover system and experience levelling set-up (where you gain points for different aspects of fighting) are welcome additions.
Although based in Sin City, the game often accents on the mundane warehouses and leisure complexes of Las Vegas, rather than vulgar casinos and the like. This is my first complaint about the game: it seems rather samey, and at least in the PlayStation 3 version, the backgrounds can seem a little sparse: grey abandoned warehouse segues to nondescript hotel complex, and so on, without there being anything really to capture the eye or the imagination. The game does not feel as cinematic, as much of an "event" as "CoD4". Similarly, the mundanity often stretches to your direction of the AI squad members: move to the closed door, open it, clear the room and then repeat. There is no real incentive to lead the charge from the front, especially as you often earn experience points from the squad's action.
The squad AI can often be irritating, too. For instance, it is not uncommon for one of your "buddies" to block your line of fire, or stand in the middle of the war zone just waiting to be shot: often the squad will not respond to orders very quickly, either. I have also noticed that there is quite marked slowdown in some sections of the PS3 version of the game, which is pretty unforgivable in a current generation game and from a top developer such as Ubisoft, to boot.
On the plus side, "RS:V2" does provide plentiful reasons for immersion in the later stages of the game thanks to the experience levelling system: there seems to be some form of progression from playing through the game at point when you would otherwise feel ready to hang up your MP5 for the night. The online "Terrorist Hunt" mode, where you co-operate with other players online is a good idea, although I have often encountered connection problems trying to access this.
An overall assessment of the new "Rainbow Six" would be that it is a good enough game, which offers plenty of challenge. However, judged by the impressive yardstick of "CoD4" and the deluge of up-and-coming releases for the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360, the game is not really individual or exceptional enough to warrant more than an extended rental play.
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on March 19, 2008
While the first installment of Rainbow Six Vegas flew under the radar the first few months it was out, the sequel has been eagerly anticipated by the large group of enthusiasts who swear by this franchise. Well here it is. This is not your average sequel! The folks at Ubisoft Montreal knew they had a good thing, and merely improved the game where they deemed fitting, and left alone what worked. New to this game is an experience system that encompasses EVERY game mode this time around, rather than just online multi player. A useful 'sprint' command has been added to the game, which allows you to run faster in short bursts. The graphics are very similar to the first game, just a bit more crisp and refined. This game also still can boast the most realistic weapon physics of ANY fps out to date. Even if you have never played a Rainbow Six game before, RSV2 is a perfect place to start. You will not be disappointed. Enjoy!
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on May 13, 2009
The Good:
- Graphics were my biggest complaint with the original Rainbow 6 Vegas. It looked like a PS2.5 game. Well, rest assured Vegas 2 corrects this glaring problem with significantly better graphics. From textures to lighting, scenery to players, graphics have been improved across the board. It's still not up to COD4 standards, but pretty damn close.

- Gameplay is top notch, as expected from the original. Cover is easy to use and a key aspect of this game. Unlike COD4, Rainbow forces the player to use strategy to succeed.

- Character customization is excellent. You can select every detail - clothes, armor, guns, even camo patterns. As you progress through the game, and move up in rank, more items are unlocked. What's nice is you earn XP regardless of what game mode you play - single player, online or split screen. That's a nice touch.

- Location design is fresh, highlighting the darker side of Vegas this time around. You'll still get to tear up some casinos, but you'll also play in junk yards, train stations and refineries. Online mode level design is also well done, covering a wide range of locations.

- Speaking of online mode, this aspect of the game has been enhanced. There are more modes to choose from, a more robust XP/rank system. I also found it easy to join games, better than COD4. My favorite mode is terrorist hunt.

- Sound - good use of surround with excellent explosion and gun fire sounds.

The Bad:
- Sound glitches - I found a few instances were the rear surround speakers crackle or pop. Also, sometimes after killing an enemy their gun fire continues to sound off. I'm surprised these obvious bugs were overlooked.

- Story modes lacks a good story... but it's not a big deal.

- As mentioned above graphics could still use some improvement.

The Verdict:
Overall, this is an excellent sequel. It fixes the problems of the original and builds on all the things that were great. If you enjoyed the original Vegas, or just like 1st person shooters, this game is a must have.
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on December 20, 2008
First off, I will say that I am not a fan of games where you simply run around and shoot things. Granted, some days you just need to do that in a video game, but for long-term fun it just simply does not occur. I am more of a fan of strategic games and absolutely loved the "Rogue Spear" title way back in the day ("Rogue Spear" is a mix of first-person shooter and strategic planning for multiple teams). Knowing little about what the Rainbow 6 franchise moved to, I purchased this title thinking it would be more like "Rogue Spear". Unfortunately, it was not.

Now, that's not to say that I hated this game. The storyline was quite interesting overall and there is clearly an effort to tie it in with a general Rainbow Six master storyline. When playing, it does move towards being a "run around and shoot stuff" game, but it keeps some strategic elements to it that I hoped for. For example, you have two assisting Rainbow Six swat officers that you can command around, such as sending them to clear a room, throw grenades, or hold position while you survey the area. This is a "bottom-up" strategic approach, which is better than nothing in my mind, but I really hoped for a more "top-down" strategic approach. The AI seems a little dumb... you can shoot terrorists by firing off a gun repeatedly, yet their buddies a level up seem to only think that "something might be up." It's a step-up from older games where you could shoot one terrorist and his pal would continue smoking a cigarette over the dead body, but it's still a little peculiar.

Overall, if this had been only a game where you shot things, I would have given it 2 stars. I gave it one more star for a creative story and another star for the "bottom-up" strategic planning. It's certainly not the best game I've ever played, but it was not a total waste. At the very least, the multiplayer/terrorist hunt element can provide some entertainment.
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on July 3, 2015
I really love the first one multiplayer with its tactical and team based gameplay and this second installment improves it with the story, terrorist hunt, and the all so great multiplayer. Its seems they wont make a third but I'm really looking forward to Siege and The Division.
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on June 9, 2008
One of the Two games I bought for my PS3. The other was GTA4. As I got older, I've been playing less games, focus more on work, work and a bit of sleep.

I've watched my nephew playing RainbowSix Vegas 2 on his X-Box. Never care for it, was a bit afraid to even give it a try. Didn't know how to use the controls. Then on Memorial Day, got a PS3 with the games as a gift from my honey.

I've played with RainbowSix for a couple of days and I was hooked. The graphics are EXCELLENT on the PS3. I had my setting on 720p. The controls are smooth. The Bots are pretty smart in this game, they don't stay in one place shooting you. Stilling learning as I continue to play this game. But most of all playing as a team with my honey is the best.
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on November 12, 2008
This game is top notch, anyone that says otherwise DOES NOT like First person shooter games. Yes Call of Duty has the better graphics, but you idiots its not about better visual eye candy, if I wanted that I'd watch Planet Earth. This game uses tactical gaming to make your kills. Unlike COD which is an all out war with all out chaos. R62 uses guile and skill to make the kill. You can snipe, hide behind walls, look around corners, set up bombs, and use tactics to make your kills! NOW THATS FUN. Dont get me wrong I love Call of Duty, but this game strategy and tactics makes it my favorite game on Playstation 3.

I promise you will not be disappointed. This game you can play over and over and you wont get sick of it.
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on March 27, 2014
This game is great and I love it so much. It's just very hard to beat even on the easy mode. But it will keep you into the game it for an older game is still great looking game and game play is amazing. The graphics are amazing as well not modern warfare with all the cinematics but a great shooter game but it does have cinematics in them that looks great its just your great basic and good game. You can't lose with this game.
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