Customer Reviews: Tom and Jerry - Spotlight Collection
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on November 5, 2004
First of all, I agree with many of the reviewers, posted here, that the advertising of these cartoons as unedited while presenting edited material is terrible! However, this could have been a mistake and I think we should be willing to give WB the benefit of the doubt on this one, provided they make good and get us the replacement discs as soon as possible. However, if what the other reviewer says is true and WB does NOT intend to replace the Disc with the correct material, then they open themselves up to a law suit for advertising the set as one thing but delivering something else.

Now, I would like to start by commending WB and the forces and talents behind the scenes who have worked long and hard to get this classic material out there on DVD. It is great to be able to own them in this format and the extra materials, such as the Bill and Joe Story and the Scott Bradley piece are very interesting and informative. This is true, particularly, of the Scott Bradley piece, in which Mr. Bradley regales us, in his own words, (dramatized from an article he wrote for a magazine in the 1940s) of his process and thoughts on scoring these wonderful shorts. It was very detailed and specific; intelligent and fascinating. I also enjoyed the stereo title that was very nicely presented. So let me say thank you, here, to all involved in the process of getting these cartoons released on DVD and PLEASE keep the classic titles coming! We love them, we want them and we thank you for them!

That aside, I have to say, particularly with these "Tom and Jerrys", these prints are NOT recently restored, (with the exception of the Cinemascope prints, which are gorgeous!). The majority of the prints are identical, wobble for wobble and scratch for scratch, to the ones offered on the Japanese DVD sets that have been out for some time. Yes, these shorts do appear somewhat sharper on DVD and the colors are saturated, but re-mastered, I think not. Just take a good look at "Designs on Jerry", for one, and you will be convinced. There is so much debris on that print that it appears to be snowing on screen. In fact, most all of the standard prints on this collection have emulsion scratches and scrapes and "boogars" (as they say in the industry) and that is dismaying to say the least. Compare these Tom and Jerry shorts to the ones in the Looney Tunes collections, (where they actually DID go back to the original materials and re-master the shorts) and you will easily see the difference in quality. Why, even the sound on most of the Tom and Jerry selections is garbled during the first few feet of film and that is just ridiculous.

Actually, I was surprised to read that a few of the reviewers on Amazon comment on the fact that these cartoons have "never looked and/or sounded so good". They actually look and sound very much the same as the prints on Boomerang and Cartoon Network, or in past releases of the material in different formats, (in some cases worse) and appear to be the same prints, redone around 1995. The commentary, by Jerry Beck, is very interesting and insightful, but he remains silent through a good deal of the cartoons and I would really like to hear more detail regarding the process of making these little gems and about the animators who worked on the shows. Perhaps even a comparison of the thumbnails by Joe Barbara and the finished scenes in the films. Now that would be something!

I have discussed this release with a number of friends and colleagues in the animation industry and there is a consensus there. We are so pleased and happy that WB has been talked into releasing classic animation to DVD, we only wish that they would consistently put their best foot forward and put out the very finest quality material they are able to present on EACH AND EVERY classic DVD offering. Please restore them fully and let us enjoy them in the quality they deserve. In the long run, these cartoons are not going anywhere. They will always be around and in demand and they are, indeed, a unique American art form. Down the road, as formats change, as technology improves and as new generations discover the magic of the Hollywood cartoon, I am sure immaculately restored prints will be well worth the while.
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on October 28, 2004
Apparently, the edits in this collection were a mistake, and the first disc can be replaced. I found the following on tomandjerryonline:

I was searching, today the 21st, on one of the forums below and happened upon Jerry Beck's (Cartoon Historian who worked on the DVD) post:

Warner Bros. Home Video is very, very upset over the edited cartoons that made their way into the TOM & JERRY SPOTLIGHT COLLECTION.

This was a mistake made at the servicing level. Warner Home Video and I became aware of the error only ten days before the official release date - and by then, the dvds were on their way to the stores.

It is part of Warner Bros. Home Video's marketing plan not to release edited or censored cartoons because they know that collectors want them complete.

The company is taking immediate steps to correct the situation. The proper digital masters of all three cartoons have been located and are being prepared now for replication. It may take as long as six to eight weeks to have a corrected disc ready for replacement.

From what I've been able to gather, the intention is for fans to be able to replace Disc 1 at no charge to them. I know from personal experience that Warners had a problem a year ago with the film KISS ME KATE. The transfer was not done correctly and fans were upset. Warners responded immediately, created a new transfer and eventually fans recieved replacement discs. It was not an overnight process. But it all worked out in the end.

Those of you waiting for the uncut disc 1 to appear on store shelves, I cannot say when that will happen. It will not happen soon. The quickest way to get the set the way you want it is to buy it now and go through the replacement process.

Despite this inconvience, There is much to recommend on the TOM & JERRY SPOTLIGHT COLLECTION as is. The CinemaScope transfers are amazing, and the never-before-released stereo soundtrack on TOUCHE PUSSY CAT is really fantastic. (Only eight MGM Cartoons were recorded in true stereo at the time and this is the first one to be restored and released as originally intended).
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on December 5, 2007
OK, I've been reading the reviews on this set since it was released over 3 years ago. I was disappointed, like many others, when I read about the editing cuts on Disc 1, #11 - The Milky Waif, #16 - The Truce Hurts, and #19 - The Little Orphan. So I never purchased this set, hoping there would eventually be a unedited version.

Well I received a nice birthday surprise from my son a couple of days ago. He purchased this collection as a gift for me. He didn't purchase it from Amazon but from our local outlet of a national chain whose logo is a bright yellow tag with their name written boldly in black. Anyway, the version he purchased was unedited. I didn't have to return any discs. Before the menu appears on Disc 1, there is a disclaimer about how wrong the ethnic stereotypes were then and still are today. I didn't get to finish the disclaimer because it was quite long and didn't stay on the screen long enough. This disclaimer doesn't appear on disc two.

People have asked how they can tell if their version is edited or not. Here are the scenes that were included on my DVD that are missing from the edited versions. On "The Milky Waif", there is a brief scene where Jerry and the baby mouse cover their face with shoe polish to fool Tom and escape. On "The Truce Hurts", there is a scene where the Bulldog (Spike usually but I'm not sure if that was his name in this episode), Tom and Jerry are going to cross a street with a mud puddle at the curb. A car splashes the mud on their faces and they take on features to imply they are African American. On "The Little Orphan", there is a brief 5 second scene or less of the mammy bringing food to the table.

How can you identify the product before purchasing? I don't know since I only have this version but here is a description of things on my box. Maybe someone can tell if there is any difference from the edited set.
On the spine of the box, the number is 65878. On the back of the box on the UPC it contains these two numbers: ISBN 0-7907-8651-6 and 1256958782. There is no claim on the box that these are original unedited versions. I was pleasantly surprised to get these versions.

BTW, the set was purchased just a few days ago (the beginning of December 2007). I hope this info helps others.
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on November 12, 2005
The print on the box says these cartoons are not edited and it turns out they are (no black-face gags, no original Mammy two-shoes voice, etc.). When will the producers of these cartoons get with it and release the unedited cartoons and leave censorship to the discretion of the consumer (at least with these cartoons)? Plus these people have disreputized themselves by claiming they are unedited when they really are. Buy only if you want "censored" versions of an otherwise fine cartoon.
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on November 11, 2004
I just spoke with a representative of Warner Home Video. There is no and there never has been any intention of replacing the edited DVD with an unedited DVD. Really sad that the few that would be "offended" by the unedited version dictates what the rest of us watch. The majority does not rule. If anybody knows any other info, please post.
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on October 6, 2004
Sorry, but I must correct the previous post by Mark Clegg. The UK Region 2 discs are far from uncut. They have been "politically corrected" to death. Not only are there many cuts, but on many of the shorts the distinctive voice of the black woman with the slippers and broom has been dubbed over with a "whiter" alternative. How could you not notice this?

Censoring a black woman for sounding black is sheer lunacy, not to mention an insult to the actress!

Not only that, but the Region 1 set contains the shorts that were produced in Cinemascope in the original widescreen ratio, on the UK Region 2 set the image is cropped with a good two-thirds of the image lost.

And why on earth would any T&J fan want the later shorts after the Hanna & Barbera era? These are virtually unwatchable - might as well go for "Tom & Jerry - The Movie" while you're at it! Urgh!

Forget the UK sets, this Region 1 set is the real deal!
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on October 22, 2004
I loved Tom and Jerry when I was a kid. I was thinking that maybe the dvd set of this would be unedited. But of course not. WASTE OF MONEY IF YOU CANT GET THE UNEDTIED VERSIONS. There isnt one single cartoon here either with Mammy Two Shoes. And another reviewer said "The Little Orphan" episode is edited and they are correct, the scene is missing where Tom gets burnt up by the candle. All the cartoons presented are good though, but to dish out money for something edited, I may as well watch cartoon network. I looked on Ebay and seems there is a 140 cartoon set of Tom and Jerry available from China. Its around $40 bucks. Think I'll spend my money over there to get the true unedited cartoon set I been dreaming of. Just a quick note, the cartoons here even though no Mammy and the edited content, are 5 star cartoons, just dont appreciate spending money for edited cartoons.
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on November 9, 2005
I bought this set because the back of the box said the cartoons were uncut. Well they WEREN'T UNCUT & sadly I wasn't at all surprised. I immediately returned it for a refund. I won't spend a penny on edited cartoons. It's just absolutely infuriating, frustrating & depressing
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on November 10, 2005
The BEST of the Best! 5 stars for Tom & Jerry DVDs

Tom and Jerry - Spotlight Collection, The Premiere Volume


1.-The Yankee Doodle Mouse (7.23 minutes 26 June 1943)

Utterly charming tribute to America's fighting men. Jerry has a cat raid shelter in the basement of a house where he battles Tom. Oscar winner and patriotic.

2.-Sufferin' Cats (7.50 minutes 16 Jan 1943)

Jerry is besieged by both Tom and an orange cat (Meathead, in his first screen role). Jerry plays off both cats into fighting each other and makes his escape.

3.-Baby Puss (7.51 minutes 25 Dec 1943)

Tom is forced to play baby for a little girl. Jerry laughs at him and Tom gives chase and kicks him out the room. Jerry brings in three alley cats who in turn have a little fun with "baby" Tom. They before a Carmen Miranda-sh rendition of "mam, You Quiero." The little girl returns, the ally cats run away and Tom is punished with a dose of castor oil. Jerry doesn't escape the castor oil punishment either.

4.-The Zoot Cat (7.03 minutes 26 Feb 1944)

Tom tries to woo his girlfriend with a zoot suit made from a hammock. However, Jerry ends up with the suit and the girl in the end.

5.-The Million Dollar Cat (7.10 minutes 6 May 1944)

Tom inherits a million dollars from a relative, but the stipulation in the will is that he "refrain from harming any living creature, including even a mouse." Jerry takes full advantage of this, who constantly reminds Tom of the condition in the will. Eventually, Jerry pushes Tom too far. Tom tears up the will and then tears into Jerry, throwing away a million bucks.

6.- The Bodyguard (7.21 Minutes 22 July 1944)

Jerry frees Spike from the city pound truck. Spike promises that if Jerry ever needs anything to "just whistle". Jerry whistles, Tom gets crushed, we laugh.

7.-Mouse Trouble (7.21 minutes 23 Nov 1944)

Tom is reading the book, "How to Catch a Mouse". Tom uses every trick in that book, but Jerry is too smart for that.

8.-Tee For Two (7.00 minutes 21 July 1945)

On the golf course, Tom uses Jerry for a tee, and the fun begins. They make a boring sport, fun!

9.-Flirty Birdy (7.13 minutes 22 Sept 1945)

Just as Tom is about to eat a Jerry sandwhich, a hawk swoops down and takes it away to have for himself. Tom disguises himself as a lady hawk to get his sandwhich back, but the hawk falls for him. Tom can't get rid of the lovestruck bird.

10.-Quiet Please (7.43 minutes 22 Dec 1945)

Tom pursues Jerry into a sleeping Spike. Spike warns Tom that if he makes one little noise, he'll skin Tom alive. Jerry takes the cue and makes every effort to wake the dog. Jerry succeeds with a firecracker, Tom ends up bandaged head to toe rocking a sleeping Spike.

11.-The Milky Waif (7.58 minutes 18 May 1946)

When baby mouse Nibbles (screen debut) is abandoned on Jerry's doorstep, it spells trouble for both Tom and Jerry. Nibbles show's his mettle when he protects Jerry with a frying pan to Tom's face. Jerry shows his heart when rushes to the rescue after Tom hits Nibbles with a flyswatter.

12.-Solid Serenade (7.21 minutes 31 Mar 1946)

Tom brings along his bass fiddle to seranade his girlfriend, but Spike is in the yard. Tying up Spike he proceeds to woo his girlfriend with "Is you Is". He is hampered in his wooing by a music loving mouse name Jerry.

13.-Cat Fishin' (7.54 minutes 22 Feb 1947)

On a fishing trip, Tom uses Jerry for bait. Jerry is not to happy about this and uses Spike to get back at Tom.

14.-The Cat Concerto (7.49 minutes 26 Apr 1947)

Tom is the snooty piano player. Jerry is the music loving mouse that sleeps in the piano. Tom plays Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 while Jerry listens. Tom starts pushing Jerry around and then Jerry ends up finishing the concert and receiving the applause.

15.-Kitty Foiled (7.20 minutes 1 Jun 1948)

Jerry teams up wiht a canary to fight off Tom. Trains and bowling balls join in the fray.

16.-The Truce Hurts (7.59 minutes 17 July 1948)

Spike decides to make amends with Tom and Jerry, but the peace falls apart when they fight over a juicy steak.

17.-Salt Water Tabby (7.16 minutes 12 July 1947)

Tom trys to woo a girl at the beach. Jerry interupts the wooing. Tom is not too happy and he begins to chase Jerry all over the beach. In the end, Jerry sails away with the picnic basket.

18.-The Invisible Mouse (8.42 minutes 27 Sept 1947)

Jerry is being chased by Tom and ends up in a bottle of invisible ink. He discovers that he can't be seen and proceeds to use it towards his advantage. In the end he whacks Spike with a golf club and leaves Tom to take the blame.

19.-Heavenly Puss (7.48 minutes 9 July 1949)

Tom tries to gain entrance to the pearly gates but is turned away unless he can obtain a certificate of forgiveness from Jerry with an hour. Tom find it is more difficult than would seem.

20.-The Little Orphan (7.50 minutes 30 April 1949)

Jerry kindly invites orphan Nibbles to Thanksgiving Dinner. The two join forces to thwart Tom and have a peaceful dinner all together.


1.-Texas Tom (6.34 minutes 11 Mar 1950)

Again a women gets the attention of Tom. Tom enlists an unwilling Jerry's help who promptly tries to interupts the wooing with a bull.

2.-Jerry and the Lion (7.13 minutes 8 Apr 1950)

Jerry hides an escaped lion in the house, while Tom is on the hunt for the lion to get the huge reward. Jerry then sees the lion off on the S.S. Africa, tearfully waving goodbye.

3.-Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl (7.22 minutes 17 Sept 1950)

Tom is conducting an all cat orchestra to the overture to "Die Fledermaus". Jerry wants to conduct as well, but Tom will have none of that. Jerry retaliates and Tom ends up playing the rest of the overture solo with Jerry conduting.

4.-Jerry and the Goldfish (7.21 minutes 3 Mar 1951)

Tom tries to cook Goldy, the goldfish. Jerry is on hand to rescue his fishy friend from chef Tom

5.-Cue Ball Cat (7.02 minutes 25 Nov 1950)

A riotous game of pool results when Tom wakes Jerry from a nap in the pool table. Never wake up a sleeping mouse.

6.-Slicked-up Pup (6.19 minutes 8 Sept 1951)

Butch (Spike the bulldog) has just bathed Pup (Tyke) when Tom accidentally get the little dog muddy. Dad is not happy and orders Tom to clean Pup or else. Jerry "helps" with the cleaning and Tom ends up in the washing machine.

7.-Jerry's Cousin (6.39 minutes 7 Apr 1951)

Muscles, Jerry's cat-curdling cousing, arrives to help get Tom under control. Muscles is a mean streets mouse, and more than a match for Tom. When his muscle building regime doesn't work, Tom calls in his alley cat friends, "Dirty Work, Inc." to rid the house of Muscles. But Muscles evicts the alley cats and Tom surrenders to the might of this mouse.

8.-Cat Napping (6.52 minutes 8 Dec 1951)

A lazy afternoon, a cool class of lemonade, and Jerry napping in a hammock - until Tom wants it. A battle ensues over the hammock with Spike, a frog, and an army of ants joining in.

9.-The Flying Cat (6.44 minutes 12 Jan 1952)

Jerry and a canary save one another from Tom and take refuge in the Canary's birdhouse. Tom fashoins a piar of wings from a girdle and flies after the Canary and Jerry.

10.-The Two Mouseketeers (7.21 minutes 15 Mar 1952)

Given the responsibilities, by the tyrannical King, of guarding the grand banquet table, Tom is confronted by the sudden appearance of Jerry and Tuffy (Nibbles), the Mouseketeers. But the mice outwitt the guard, turning the table into a battle field.

11.-Smitten Kitten (7.49 minutes 12 Apr 1952)

Another flashback cartoon, this time it's Jerry with the flashbacks. All involving Tom and his women.

12.-Johann Mouse (7.57 minutes 21 Mar 1953)

In the house of Johann Strauss is little Johann Mouse, who love to waltz. Every time Strauss played, the mouse would dance. And when the mouse danced, the cat chased.

13.-Baby Butch (7.09 minutes 14 Mar 1954)

Butch (Meathead) dresses as a baby and leaves himself on Tom's Doorstp as a meand of gaining entry to the refridgerator. Jerry teams up with Tom to foil the sham baby's plot.

14.-Two Little Indians (6.49 minutes 17 Oct 1953)

Scoutmaster Jerry has his hands full with two little orphans from the Bide a Wee Mouse Home. Outfitted in Indian feathers and diapers , the two involve Jerry and the sleeping Spike in a hair-raising battle with Tom.

15.-Mice Follies (6.49 minutes 4 Sept 1954)

Jerry and Tuffy (Nibbles) turn the kitchen floor into a ice skating rink.

16.-Designs on Jerry (6.39 minutes 2 Sept 1955)

Tom designs the ultimate mousetrap. But the blueprint mouse comes to life to help Jerry out of the trap.

17.-Pecos Pest (6.35 minutes 11 Nov 1955)

Jerry's Uncle Pecos spends the evening with his nephew just before a scheduled TV appearance. His guitar string is always snapping and it's always Tom's wiskers that get pulled to replace them.

18.-Touche Pussy Cat (6.45 minutes 18 Dec 1954)

Tuffy's father sends him to Jerry for mouseketeer training. He fails miserable and destroys Jerry's place in the process. However, he gains the mouseketteer title when he thwarts Tom.

19.-The Flying Sorceress (6.40 minutes 27 Jan 1956)

Tom unsupectingly takes a new job with a witch. He steals her flying broom to return home and scare the wits out of Jerry.

20.-Blue Cat Blues (6.48 minutes 16 Nov 1956)

When Tom loses his girlfriend to arch rival Butch again, it's too much for him and he ends up on the railroad tracks pondering life. Jerry narrates his downfall.
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on October 13, 2008
We all know how great Tom and Jerry can be, so I won't waste anyone's time praising them with sentences that have no doubt been written many times on this website already.

What I WILL say is that Warner ought to be ashamed for putting out such a shoddy product. The cartoons are in a terrible condition, with muck, filth, dust and cigarette burns flickering around in every frame. They have also been censored to appease the PC brigade and narrow-minded, ignorant parents who want to airbrush history to make it seem like the world has always been at peace.

Mammy-Two-Shoes, a stereotypical black character for the 1940s, has been dubbed over to sound less 'racist' (yeah right) in most of her appearances. And all jokes in which Tom or Jerry are blown up and appear in 'blackface' have been rudely cut out. A couple of Native American references have been cut off also.

If we accept this, then what's the next stop for these PC nut-jobs? Editing Gone with the Wind to give it a happier ending? Equal rights for zombies? I am not a liberal loon, and I am not the type who would let rapists live in women's changing rooms, but to think that some people somewhere are ACTUALLY offended by a harmless cartoon older than my grandmother frightens me.

Buy if it is very, very cheap. Otherwise, don't bother. After the extensive restoration we've seen of other cartoons, especially the Disney Treasure box sets, there's no reason why something as popular as Tom and Jerry should be released in such shocking condition.
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