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on December 3, 2013
This is the third TomTom I've had. My last one was stolen out of my car in Raleigh, NC. I got a call about a year later from a police detective in DC. They had recovered my unit, but it was evidence in a stolen auto parts case because they used it to track the suspects' travels as they sold or fenced the car parts. In other words, "We recovered your GPS, but don't hold your breath waiting to get it back." I like the features and definitely needed the European maps, as I go there about every other year for a couple weeks. This unit is lightweight and works great. It takes a little while to update the maps ("free updates" actually means four updates/year), but I just let it run overnight to download the new ones. On my first TomTom, I didn't like the mounting system, but I've come to like it a lot better. For one thing, the unit no longer pops off the mount so easily. The only reason I don't give this unit five stars is because of TomTom's absolutely absurd computer interface package, their website, and their policies/support. Remember that my last unit was stolen? Well, guess what? You apparently can't add a second unit to an existing TomTom account...and you have to have an account to get the updates or any other reasonable support. What's more, they told me that I can't replace the unit that's on my account with the new one. In order to add my newly-purchased, entirely legal GPS, I would have to prove that I bought it by sending them a copy of my Amazon receipt, including purchase price. Then, I would have to call them during business hours to have a rep remove my (stolen) unit and add the new one so I could simply use the TomTom management program, much less download any updates. I told them to get lost and just created a second account with an alternate e-mail. But along the way, it took a couple hours and multiple e-mails to figure out why nothing would work on my account and what i had to do to make it work. That's just plain stupid.
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on June 14, 2014
The reviews which say this does no thave free European mapupgrades is not true. I called Tom Tom--provided you get the model preloaded with European and USA maps maps it has free life
updates for all maps including the European maps. If you buy the version with just USA maps prelaoaded and then add the European maps then the European maps are not available for lifetime updates . Here is a copy of the e-mail I received from Tom Tom to confirm this:" Thank you for your phone call today, I'm glad I was able to help you. If you have any more queries, myself or one of my colleagues will be more than happy to help. Your Call Reference for today is------
As mentioned on the call, the VIA 1505 M WTE does includes the free updates for Europe.
i had that confirm with a supervisor.
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on November 10, 2013
I purchased this device for our travels to Great Britain and Ireland. I updated the maps before we left and it worked like a charm. Purchasing this device was much cheaper than renting one through the Car Rental Agency.
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on July 24, 2014
When I purchased this it said it was the international model with maps of Europe. after I purchased it I found that I would have to purchase the international maps for $80 plus I would have to delete the US maps since there was not enough memory for both. You could not tell this before the purchase,
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on April 25, 2014
I have several times rented Garmin Nuvi units for trips to Spain, France, and Portugal. My disappointed guess is that the directions were wrong as often as they were right. Recalculating, recalculating! Sometimes the directions were spectacularly wrong. It might have been a problem with out of date maps, but whatever the reason, it made for some pretty unpleasant driving.

So we were eager to try out A TomTom system for a trip to Italy. I am happy to report a MUCH better driving experience. In three weeks, there were only a couple of flubs. A minor irritation was that sometimes the unit -- as though showing off a knowledge of tiny roads -- sent us on obscure routes...not a problem unless you're in a big hurry. We have another trip to Spain/France in a few months, and I'm looking forward to more excellent route-mapping.

Update a year later. Two weeks in Italy, the GPS unit showed some misbehavior. First, the recommended routes were too often obscure, winding, and long. On surprise (and unnecessary) portion of a trip was a gravel road. Second, the claimed speed limits were generally 90 kph, hilariously reckless on narrow mountain roads with hairpin curves. Following the GPS speed limits is an invitation to die.
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on April 10, 2014
I've had several Garmin GPS devices over the years and have been pleased with their performance except for longevity. The last unit I had, a 2595LMT, was dead after only 18 months. So, this time I decided I would try TomTom hoping the longevity would be better. Since I need both US and Europe maps, I chose the 1505M World Traveler. The unit is easy to operate and performance seems to be good. The maps and directions seem accurate, although I've only used it in the US at this point. However, based on using TomTom software in a rental car in Europe last year and based on my US results so far, I expect this unit to perform well in Europe as well. My big complaint with this unit is the built-in windshield mount is very awkward to use. I find it is difficult to mount to the windshield and the ball & socket joint is very stiff making adjustment somewhat difficult. I much prefer the Garmin two piece system, which is quite a bit easier to use and more flexible. Perhaps as I use it more, the mounting and adjustment will become easier. While the fine print says only the US map has lifetime updates, I did find that when I connected to TomTom MyDrive Connect for the first time, both maps as well as other software were updated automatically. I find the MyDrive Connect to be easy to use and to work as expected.

Update: I finally used this on a 10-day trip within the US and now have to drop the stars from four to three. While the mapping software worked just fine giving good directions, the unit was so difficult to mount on the windshield using the built-in suction device that I preferred not to use it unless I really had to. Fortunately, I knew where I was going most of the time (by consulting Google Maps and memorizing the detail) so I only used it when I really had to. Unfortunately, that won't be the case on an upcoming trip to Europe, so I'm a bit apprehensive, particularly on trips with multiple stops where I'll want to dismount the unit at each stop as a theft countermeasure.

Update 2: I used this device in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, and The Netherlands recently. The maps were accurate and the directions were easy to follow. I didn't use it as much as expected since the car I rented unexpectedly had a built in GPS unit. Because the mounting of the TomTom unit is so awkward, it was easier to just use the built in unit despite having a number of addresses programmed into the TomTom unit. However, in some cases the TomTom unit performed better than the built-in unit of the car providing more detail in the city. If it wasn't for the awkwardness of the mounting, I would rate this unit higher; I should say, however, that mounting in the European rental car was not as awkward as I have experienced in the cars I've had in the US.

Update 3: While the update process worked fine and easily during the first update, subsequent updates have been extremely frustrating. Using the TomTom MyDriveConnect, subsequent updates get hung at 99% installation. There seems to be nothing I can do about it. If I exit the app and then disconnect the device, when I connect again it simply tries to complete the update with similar results. Very poor update process. I can only hope TomTom fixes this problem since while updates are available I am unable to get them to my device. Very poor, so I'm downgrading my rating to only two stars from the three I originally gave the device. TomTom could and should do better than this.

Update 4: Contacted TomTom via email on the stalled update process, but haven't heard back yet (still early). However, the update finally succeeded after about 5 hours. This was NOT the map update; this was just a 12mb software update file! I don't know why it took so long for such a small file. Anyhow, I was then able to complete the map updates, which I expected to take a long time since there were 6GB of files to download... 3GB each for the US & Europe maps. This update probably took 3 hr or so but that was expected. It appears, as another reviewer stated, that the Europe Map also has lifetime updates, since this is my third update for both the US & Europe maps. I'll go back to three stars since I now seemingly have access to updates; however, the process is ugly. Hopefully, TomTom will resolve this issue with a more robust software update for MyDriveConnect.
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on February 2, 2014
You have to get pass a couple of pages of description on this tomtom to find that the "lifetime maps" does not applied to European Maps. they have been doing this for years even on the Amazon website. Also have found that the lighter plug does not work well if at all in Opel Corsa model cars,
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on August 16, 2014
I have a TomTom One device that has worked well, but is now several years old. I ordered the VIA 1505M World Traveler Edition specifically for an upcoming trip to Europe. Only after purchasing the device did I learn that the free lifetime map updates did not apply to the map of Europe. But the bigger issue is that the device stopped working after less than a month. I contacted tech support. They could not fix the problem and instructed me to return it for a replacement. I shipped the item as instructed, at my own expense, and received the replacement after about a month. The second device seemed to work, but would not link to my account. I called tech support and waited on hold for about 45 minutes for my call to be answered. The tech guy could not solve the problem and elevated the issue to a higher level. Today, less than 2 days after receiving the replacement device, it has stopped working altogether. It will not even turn on.
Update: TomTom refused to refund my money. They wanted me to return the device at my own expense for another replacement. Instead, I contacted Amazon. The customer support lady was very gracious and offered to issue a full refund. Amazon rates five stars in my book.
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on March 31, 2014
it was time for me to get rid of my old TomTom. I've been using it for more than 4 years and It had no lifetime maps. I thought it was more expensive to update it than to buy another one. I bought this one and I couldn't be happier. I connected it to the computer and downloaded the latest maps. It has many new features and Works perfectly.
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on September 23, 2013
Works great. Clear easy turn by turn directions. Works fantastic in europe. Worth every penny. Haven't used it in us so can't speak to that but europe great
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