Customer Reviews: The Tomb of the Sleeping Hitman Pack [Online Game Code]
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on September 17, 2013
Hi Amazon. Of course this is an amazing deal. I wanted to write a review to let you know the duplicate key error other uses are complaining about HAS BEEN FIXED. Enjoy your games!
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on November 18, 2015
This is definitely a thing to watch for come sales season. Three good to great games for a really inexpensive price is a real treat. And the games in this pack are, for the most part, incredibly good.

The highlight, at least for me, is Sleeping Dogs, aka Hong Kong action movie the game. This has the best realized and executed open world I've ever seen. It just feels alive, and its a ton of fun just to cavort around and find things to do. Not to mention the great hand to hand combat, the great missions, and the great story. This is a total package kind of game, and one that I have no trouble recommending to anyone.

Next is Tomb Raider. While it's not the same kind of game that the old titles were, it's still a fun, if a bit linear experience. There's a lot of game mechanics, but many are only used a few times. The main crux of the game is third person shooting, with some fairly easy platforming. I never felt totally comfortable with the combat, but it did it's job. And the game is a good ten hour ride. It's not got much in the way of repeatability, but it's a fun ride while it lasts.

Rounding out the pack is Hitman Absolution. Probably the weakest game in the pack. Much like Tomb Raider, it's a sequel that is a departure from the older games. Problem is, it still tried to be the same kind of game as previous titles, it just executes it less successfully. You play as a hitman who has specific targets to kill. In previous games, you were given freedom in how to do it. In this games your paths are pretty linear. Also there's more of a reliance on gunplay instead of stealth. And the story is pretty stupid. Honestly, if it weren't a Hitman game, then it'd probably make for a better title. As it is, it's just inferior to the previous games.

Overall though, this is an excellent package. Even Hitman is dumb fun if you go into it with lower expectations. But at the sub ten dollars this pack has gone for, I can't recommend it enough.
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on September 18, 2013
Hitman: Absolution is one of the best games to come out in a while. Best in the Hitman series, by far.

Tomb Raider reinvents Lara Croft and is another big hit with great cinematics.

Sleeping Dogs is a Chinese GTA with much better combat. ANOTHER hit!

This deal is one of the best I've taken advantage from Amazon. Just awesome. Buy now before it is too late.
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on January 4, 2014
I was shocked to see two modern games of 2013 to go on sale this low so early!

Tomb Raider is yet another new adaptation of a newer, grittier Lara Croft that's a bit more realistic and human than previous games, specially the one where it was more dark than gritty. The game play is fantastic and easy to control, very intuitive. The mechanics and the engine itself are wonderful and the graphics aren't that bad either. The story and semi-open world story line is better than most modern games and I feel as though they pulled it off in a good way. The only downside is that I really didn't hear much of this game during its development and even after the game cam out so its almost around my circle of PC gamers, a silent gem.

The new Hitman is really a hit or miss for most people with very little in between. The game mechanics is very similar to Tomb Raider (for good reason...) but the story and gameplay is a bit out of place compared to previous games. The biggest complaint I have with the game is the social aspect that seems way too forced to get players to be competitive with the single player missions with your friends; some missions really stress too much on restrictions or requirements that must be met otherwise you don't complete it. What happened to the "if all hell breaks loose, just shoot your way out" thrill that previous hitman games had that really compelled you to try to be silent as possible, but still have the option to go guns blazing without (too much) negative impact to the mission.

The story line of Hitman is really another major complaint and really doesn't suck me in to their narrative unlike how Tomb Raider does it. It's too much punisher like story line, but without the ability to just blow stuff up, Rambo style. It's an ok game on its own, but I wouldn't really have been compelled to buy Hitman if it wasn't on sale and bundled with tomb raider.
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on July 31, 2014
I bought this a while ago and have yet to review it until now. With three games, this is an amazing value. The games are very fun and last a while. Just redeem the codes on Steam, download, and voila.
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on September 30, 2013
I wanted each of these games, but couldn't scrape together enough change all at once to get each of them for how much they were. Then I find out this bundle has all three together, and for cheaper than any one of them separately! I had to jump on it the first chance I got, and I still get the eat for the week!
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on September 17, 2013
"The Tomb of the Sleeping Hitman Pack" is an online compilation of three Square Enix games, "Tomb Raider", "Hitman: Absolution", and "Sleeping Dogs". The value is great, even if "Hitman" is the most questionable of the three games included. The games are unrelated to one another apart from their developers and publishers.

"Hitman: Absolution" imperfectly marries 'stealth' or 'action'. You play as Agent 47. The game is primarily set in Chicago and the fictional town of Hope, South Dakota. The game was seen as a rather unsuccessful departure from the previous Hitman titles due to its focus on stealth, and also does not have the free-roaming nature the franchise was famous for. First time players will find more to enjoy than ardent fans of the series.

"Sleeping Dogs" almost met the fate of vapor wear. Announced in 2009 as "True Crime: Hong Kong", "Sleeping Dogs" was originally going to be the third installment of the "True Crime" series, but due to missed deadlines and escalating budgets, Activision Blizzard cancelled the game. Square Enix procured the publishing rights and issued the title as a stand-alone game with no relation to "True Crime". Set in the streets of Hong Kong, the game is a sand-box crime game in the tradition of the GTA games. Unfortunately, the GTA titles outdue "Sleeping Dogs" on most levels. While a good open-world crime game, it's not a great open-world crime game The controls are iffy at times

"Tomb Raider" is yet another reboot of the famed Lara Croft franchise. While not perfect (multiplayer isn't that great and the story isn't that good), "Tomb Raider" manages to balance intense action sequences with indepth puzzles, set on a mysterious island where we see Lara transform from a dusty academic to a self-assured adventurer. Although some of the story is by-rote, Lara's transformation and character evolution save what would otherwise be a rather by-the-numbers narrative. Like any Tomb Raider game worth its salt, the setting (this time an island) is rich in history. The island was home to a kingdom named Yamatai, which left behind shrines and other ruins waiting to be explored. There are also more current structures, such as World War II bunkers and shanty towns for modern residents. The game features a wide weapon set and great controls, along with tools to help her further explore the island and evade the cultists, preparing for the final showdown.

In this pack, the best game is "Tomb Raider". Unfortunately people have reported and I have experiences as well that "duplicate code" when trying to activate "Tomb Raider". Amazon had to send me another activation code.

Overall, a very cheap method to pick up all three titles if you are interested. For me it was worth it just for "Tomb Raider".
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on September 18, 2013
Great deal for these three games. And yes they are all redeemable on steam!

I haven't played any of the games yet but I was excited to try each of them, just waiting for the price to drop. Now I am just writing extra words so this will post. I mostly wanted to let folks know that these code do redeem on steam.
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on November 23, 2013
One of the best lara croft game you will ever play! Lots of puzzles which is more like knowing where to climb than the traditional solving puzzles riddles and flipping levers from the original TR. The graphics are awesome and voices are perfect, will play again!
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on October 16, 2013
When I was growing up and I depend of what my parents can and cant buy me the Tomb Raider saga was a top priority in the selection of games, when I play this reebot I was a little concern that they will change a lot of the essence of Lara, but after I play this game I love it I had end it like 5 times and I will play it a 6 time, the graphics are great, the history was incredible, the puzzles are very interesting and if you want to finish it at 100% you will have a lot of hours searching for gadgets.

Totally recommended
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