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on January 8, 2010
This toy is a ton of fun. We purchased it for our 3.5 year old, but the 6 and 2 year olds play with it just as much. It is so simple for them to build vehicles, we can get a little peace and quiet! Speaking of quiet, the clicking sound is very annoying and loud, however...if you remove the 4 screws from the main piece (with the battery compartment) carefully, you will find the culprit. There is a plastic piece that clicks against one of the gears and is held on by one screw. Simply remove it and put the top back on. Tada. Don't let the noise keep you from this cool toy.
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on February 13, 2010
This toy is both EXTREMELY noisy and very frustrating to my children.

The toy is frustrating because if you so much as breath near it the whole thing falls to pieces and needs to be built again. My 3 year old has learned to work around the fragility of his creations and is just careful since he likes to watch it motor around the floor.

Then there is the NOISE. This thing is absolutely ridiculous in the amount of noise it makes. I was constantly making the kids go play somewhere else because it is just amazing how loud it is. This may be the loudest toy we have and we have alot of toys.

So... I took matters into my own hands. I opened the motor to seek and destroy the clicker.

For anyone who is so completely irritated with this thing as I was, it is actually fairly easy to remove the clicker. Don't do what I did and take the whole thing apart to be sitting in a pile of gears thinking "now where is that clicker".

Set the motor on a surface with the screws facing up. Remove the four screws then gently lift the cover straight up. Now flip that cover over. Do you see the little white thingie sticking out? That is your noise maker, unscrew its one screw and throw the screw and the piece of plastic in the garbage. Now put the cover back on and you are good to go.
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on March 18, 2012
At first the loud clicking noise bothered the hell out of me. It was so loud I thought it would damage the hearing of our little one since the toy would be very close to his ears. But still he had fun with it, making impractical shapes with the pieces. Kids, you gotta love them. Then on a whim, I took a Phillips screwdriver to the big piece with the motor in it and opened it up. There I found the culprit, a tab that, when the motor was running, would make the clicking noise. So I undid the screw that attached the tab to the housing, removed the tab, reassembled everything, and voila, the noise was gone! Now we all enjoy the toy even more!
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on June 1, 2012
Constructables are super fun introduction to the idea of creativity along the lines of Legos, Megabloks, and other build toys. These pieces, however, are engineered to have a motorized aspect that can be battery-operated or child powered. But the movement and interaction of the pieces is really fun, and the creations both intended, and imagined are a lot of fun.

FYI- with the battery power on, these are quite noisy toys. The dinosaur set, a bit less noisy than the vehicles set. By the way, both sets together... more creative, imaginative vehicles or creatures.
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on December 27, 2011
My 4-yr-old son, who has been diagnosed with a language processing deficit and communication delay, absolutely loves this toy! He is fascinated by things like gears and wheels, and cause & effect; he also likes to sit down and get really involved in building (like with Legos) so this seemed like a good purchase. He has been building and taking apart little vehicles for hours and hours since Christmas morning. The middle piece (engine) has two points on it to push in rotors that turn around and around when it's turned on, and the wheels also drive, forward and backward. We followed the helpful instructions of other posters to remove the "clicker" which is indeed annoyingly loud; it was done easily in less than 5 minutes with a Phillips screwdriver and now runs quietly.

I saw one other review complaining of the pieces falling apart, that has not been a problem for us, however the pieces do come apart easily enough for my son to handle it himself. (He plays endlessly with little Legos and often brings me pieces to separate for him.) He does have a fairly deliberate touch with the constructables, so I think a problem with pieces falling off is due to the "heavy-handedness" of younger or just more 'wham-bang' type kiddos... our 21-mo-old certainly has no luck keeping any of it together so loses interest quickly (another benefit as far as I'm concerned since sharing is a serious challenge. ;) ) So if your little builder prefers to drop or throw or whack things together this may not be the toy for you.

The toy comes with picture instructions for making 4 different vehicles: airplane, helicopter, race car, and train (only one can be built at a time), but my son has no interest in the instructions and puts together his own creations. If you have a little one that likes constructing, go for it! I'm very satisfied.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 1, 2015
Fun toy that stands up to tough play. Our 2 1/2 yr granddaughter loves it.
Nice set for toddlers, with all rounded edges, but also keeps 6 year old entertained.
Teaches application and motor skills, especially while trying to insert a part while the gears/motor is turning.

>>> One 'con' >>> the motor isn't very powerful, the toy won't run on anything but a flat smooth surface.
Not even flat commercial carpet.
On the positive side = that makes it safer for little ones and the toy is also fun to maneuver manually.
The motor is very easy on batteries, we ran continually for 10 hours with no sign of loss of power.

The set is excellent quality - includes 18 chunky pieces - which not only make the four 'Dinos' shown
but parts are interchangeable, so other creatures can be invented.
There's off / forward/reverse and three gears to press legs/heads onto for movement.
Over-all this is a good, durable set, and currently a good price point.

As mentioned in another review, the clicking noise is rather loud = but can easily be dealt with.
Remove the four housing screws, and it's obvious how to remove the clicker.

(( After removing = it seemed a good idea to leave screw in the hole, and tape clicker to the inside of housing
so it wouldn't get lost = in case we want to return it to original ))
1st photo = complete inner workings.
2nd = screw/clicker
3rd = screw & clicker stored inside toy.

The toy uses one AA battery, not included.
Rechargeable batteries work very well.
review image review image review image
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on December 24, 2014
So I got this as a gift for my kids. They really liked the idea of constructing a car. I also got the dinosaur set too. At first they tried to assemble something that moved, but that was a challenge as the pieces need to be arranged in the right way for the creation to move. Especially the dinosaur pieces. The feet only fit in one direction or they will not contact the ground correctly.

My very low fluff carpet was also a huge challenge for the car and dinosaur parts. The wheels only seem to work good on my berber carpet. It is very compact like you would find in an office building. That and the hard wood, but the car wheels are made entirely of plastic so they slide all over the place. The only thing that saves it on this surface is that the thing moves so slowly that it can get traction.

Like everyone has mentioned the noise coming from these things is unbearable. It sounds like a gear is broken in the thing, but it is just this annoying piece of plastic the inventor through in for no reason. It works like a card in bike spokes. You simply take the four screws out of the motor unit and pull the case off. Turn that piece over and you will see the plastic piece making all of the noise held in by one screw. Remove this or turn it around so it will clear the gear that it rubs against. Takes only a few seconds to make this modification.

The motors are weak and don't move quickly. The big yellow propeller barely moves around while the car is running across the floor. This may be okay for some, but I would like to see more spin from this. Every moving piece moves at the same speed. But if you think about real life a propeller would move way faster than a wheel and that is kind of the effect I would want when you build the plane. I would also like the wheels to not move at all, but have the propeller spin and let the child move the plane as they see fit.

I think that the construction of this toy is great, but could use some tuning. There are many pieces that fit perfectly with one another, but some pieces are too tight and some are too loose. This means you either can't get your construction apart or you can't keep it together and that just makes playing with it a pain.

With two sets it would be cool if they could somehow help each other but I have found that where the items connect is not ideal. This is the case for both one and two sets. I have found that my kids are always trying to construct items and then I have to rearrange them so they will fit or move the way they want them.

Kids are 3 and 5 if that helps to narrow down where I am coming from. I got these for the 3 year old, but he can only push the pieces together and not construct any of the items illustrated in the kit. The 5 year old want the kit to do more than it does and quickly moves onto the next toy in the room. They do seem to frequently come back to this toy, but only for a few minutes before moving on again.
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on March 28, 2007
These are fabulous blocks. My 2.5 year old got these recently from his grandmother, and loves them. He can build all sorts of cool things. The only problem with them is that when you put the battery in to make the motors work it makes a horrible, and I mean horrible! clicking sound. Its very loud, and absolutely unnecessary. It would be perfect without the clicks! Just don't make the mistake of putting the batteries in to begin with!
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on May 15, 2014
We have received each of these things as birthday gifts this year (2014). They are total failures. Because:
* They are too complicated for the age range they target. They only fit together a few, somewhat counterintuitive ways, and they take too much force (and precise force, at that) to assemble. By the time the child could do it himself, he'll have long outgrown it.
* Although hard to assemble, they easily come apart.
* Smallest parts are choking hazards.
* Pieces are easily misplaced and once you lose a piece, you no longer have a working toy.
* Unlike Lego or Duplo, you can't make anything new -- you can only make the toy, and that's only if you keep all the parts in one place (good luck with that).
* VERY loud, annoying clicking sound from a ratcheting system in the motor.

My kids spent five excited moments with these toys, after which the toys are ignored plastic junk with little pieces scattered everywhere. Into the recycling they go.
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on January 4, 2016
I love this toy for my kids. It is interactive and they can rebuild it into different dinosaurs. My 5-year-old built a "mutant dinosaur" that he was very proud of. It teaches him basic engineering and creative skills. And once they build their dinosaur, they can watch how it moves!
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