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on February 8, 2006
For $7 bucks, it is well worth it to own this DVD, however I would have gladly paid more for surround sound. The Salival box set videos are enhanced with surround sound and it makes a whole world of difference. The Schism video is a typical TOOL video, mirroring the concept of the song with the struggle of disconnection between the two "beings" and eventually the combining of the two to form one tortured being. The end of the video climaxes with an amazing fire sequence that fits perfectly with the thunderous ending of the song leaving you a bit stunned for a second. The claymation in this video seems a bit weak and out of place, compared to past efforts. Much like the Parabol(a) disc, the commentary is slightly entertaining, but more annoying than anything, however this remix is quite superior to the parabola remix. Lustmord isolates the instruments primarily Justin bass, and it gives a unique spin on the song. Overall it seems as though this was a rushed product, and maybe it was put out to satisfy a contract obligation, which may explain why there were two seperate DVD's released at the same time, when they clearly could have fit both Schism and Parabol(a) on one disc. My true dissapointment lies with the lack of surround sound, which fails to parallel the eye-opening visuals created by Adam Jones and Grey. Visually this rates a 5 and the audio rates a 2.
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on March 14, 2006
This is an all-around worthwhile purchase for any Tool fan who appreciated what the band did with the spiritually overt Lateralus. The music video, directed as usual by guitarist Adam Jones and featuring interpretive dance duo Osseus Labyrint, really does enhance the song in many ways and open up many new paths of understanding for the critical eye of a Tool fan or aesthetically appreciative newcomer. Brian Lustmord's remix track is also worthwhile if you have learned to be patient with the music and open your mind to it, rather than covering it up with culturally-reniforced expectations. It is in many ways much more like a prayer than a song; you must surrender yourself to it to understand. Once you do, you will find the reward. (Those of you who have listened to it all the way through will know what I'm saying--it's a feeling perfectly characterized in so many parts of the remix, like the moment when Justin Chancellor's melancholic bass chords, which normally introduce the song, finally resonate on a quieted piano.) The dual commentary, however, is a real nuisance, not because it isn't unflinchingly stoic or compelling, but because the humorous route that was chosen for it simply doesn't work. It might be good for two or three chuckles; you'll never visit it more than once per commentary side. But besides that rather useless appendage, this DVD is a great addition to a Tool fan's collection as a means of further exploring the band's art and ideas.
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on September 3, 2014
If you like stories with in stories, this could be for you. Tool is really good with giving you music and imagery that you will think about for days. They really do put a lot of thought into what they do and it's awesome that Adam Jones still keeps in contact with his special effects friends and they brain storm on these videos and work together on them.
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on February 23, 2006
Not completely satisfied with this DVD. Pakaging and content are great. However, this video along with the Parabola DVD release should have been included in a new 2-DVD set with all the Tool videos and and live DVD. Not that this may not already be in the works for the future but, with 2 non-lp remix tracks that make their first appearance on the DVDs and nowhere else, it leaves fans wanting more.
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on November 30, 2009
This is one of my all-time favorite Tool songs, so I'm sure that I'm a little biased. The video is great and does justice to the song. The costuming and make-up work very well and the visuals really do stick with you.

I've read reviews where Maynard says that he writes lyrics based on how the music moves him, while Adam makes the video based on the music as opposed to Maynard's lyrics. I suppose this could be the case, but the images certainly do evoke a sense of struggling within a relationship, as Maynard's lyrics seem to also suggest.

The video is sparse, not much for background, which makes sense because the two characters in relationship are the focal point. Watching the video a few times, then put it away for a while before coming back to it. This is the best way to approach the experience that is Tool. Experience something totally different after you've done some work on yourself and a whole new world will open up.

While I do really enjoy this video, I'm still partial to the videos for Sober and Prison Sex. No, I'm not one of those who clings to the Old Tool, but those videos were amazing, dark and really hit my emotional center more than this one does.
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on January 18, 2007
Rating this doesn't seem like it will make an difference. If you like tool or weird music videos get this!
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on February 12, 2006
Tool videos tend to be dark, strange and incredibly ambiguous. This video is absolutely no different. A surround sound setup would definitely have been much cooler and the inane dual commentary is mostly annoying (but the nature of it is 100% Tool). For $7, I'm happy I purchased it. For those of you that bitch about having to pay cash for so little, the band offered the videos for free download on their main web page for a very long time prior to this release. Get over yourselves.
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on October 1, 2006
I was hoping for an actual audio track of this remix of "Schism" by Lustmord, but in actuality, the remix is played over this strange animation. And the video for "Schism" is on this release as well with optional audio commentary from this guy from Jesus Lizard. Its okay, but not worth buying unless your some obsessed Tool freak.
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on February 3, 2006
Bottom line; for the price, this is a great DVD and will entertain, and for any Tool fans, definitely a recommendation to get.

The DVD itself is fairly simple, with an animated background menu and three track choices.

1) the album audio track set to the music video which is typical Tool wierdness but just perfect.

2) the same music video with dual channel comical commentary by David Yow from Jesus Lizard which at first is very odd, but it is actually fairly funny and I soon learned to like the comical nonsense on top of the more serious looking video, they do not go together at all!, but maybe that's the point, and it seems to work.

3) a 20 minute remix of the song set to a static background. Nothing extremely great here, but a worthy remix nontheless.

The main drawbacks in my opinion is that the audio is simply stereo. With 5 years in the making and DVD format, it would have been nice to have a surround sound audio track for the song, even if it would mostly be stereo. And how about widescreen? We are in 2005 and this is a DVD, even if the music video won't fit, even some static graphics or simple repetetive animation would be a nice additon to the video.
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on December 21, 2005
Why are they on two different disks? Because they are both exquisite works of art. With the release of Lateralus Tool transcendent into the realm of the spiritual art form with their conventional ties completely severed. Tool has grown over the past 10+ years and although the sounds of all the albums strike similarities between them, I believe the upcoming album will totally push the barriers of complexity and length of a single track to an unbelievable utopia of musical bliss. Parabola and Schism's intricate complexity and beauty are analogous to multidimensional calculus. Those who take the time will be rewarded. These DVD's honor the greatness of Lateralus and its two best tracks with a visual pleasing HD experience. True fans need only apply. The rest of you can wait for the new CD and compare it too the crap on the radio. All Tool preaching aside, these DVD's are to remind us drooling fans, and the ones who fell alseep after a 5 year wait, that the actual print is out: "LOOK FOR NEW TOOL RELEASE - SPRING 2006".... It's all about that sticker!!! The DVD's just give us somthing to play with.
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