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on December 19, 2007
First, I don't see how people can complain that there is nothing new about a video that is being released for the first time! Where is the logic in that?

Now, to the actual review. The video for Vicarious is Tool's first entirely CG music video, running just a little longer than the length of the song of the same title on the 2006 album 10,000 Days [the extra length consists of ambient noise or silence, in terms of the audio track--the song has not been lengthened]. The video is very conceptual and well thought out by all counts, living up to Adam Jones' lofty legacy of directing and shaping Tool's surreal videos into deeply philosophical experiences. I won't take your time up here with any sort of analysis, but I will say that I recommend viewing the video repeatedly. For myself, the first time through I was aware of only a small fraction of what was going on in the video. Again, this is characteristic of most all Tool videos. One subtle thing that took me a long time to notice is the startling differences between the specters, and what their behavior is symbolic of. There are many such hidden gems in the video.

The extras on this DVD put the DVD singles for Parabola and Schism to shame. Foremost is "The Vicarious Documentary", directed by Camella Grace, documenting the creation of the video and revealing a lot of its hidden meanings. Some of the interviewees includes Alex Grey, Chet Zar, Kevin Willis, and many others, including much of the CG animation team from Hydraulx, who worked on the video. Alex Grey's comments are particularly revealing and it is great to see him make as long of an appearance as he does here. Pay attention to his comment about our culture.

Also included are two tracks of audio commentary set to the video, recorded by David Cross of Mr. Show fame (anyone remember where Puscifer got its start?). While they are worth not much more than a few good laughs, I have to say they are a step up in the comedy department from the commentaries on the previous two DVDs. That Cross goes to the liberty of naming the various characters in the video is pretty hilarious in itself. Take it all, of course, with a grain of salt.

Storyboards by Adam Jones and Alex Grey are included, as well as a brief segment on Alex and Allyson Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York City. Both are worth at least one watch; some of the shots of CoSM are particularly impressive, displaying some of Alex Grey's greatest art.

In all, I don't think anyone has a right to complain about this DVD. Tool never purported that live material was going to be included, so there was no reason to expect it. In addition, it is not right to think of this as paying ten dollars for "just a music video". Adam Jones' work really transcends the whole concept of a music video. It's more like a short film, set to a great song. If it were treated like "just a music video", it would be hard for Mr. Jones to get the kind of recognition he deserves, seeing edited cuts of the film on MTV every few hours. This kind of art doesn't deserve to be treated that way, and if you understand that and appreciate the work of Adam Jones and Tool, you have no reason not to pick this up.
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on December 16, 2007
Just so people aren't mislead by 2 other reviews here, THERE IS NO LIVE FOOTAGE (like they would include Swamp Song on the Vicarious dvd!)...

BUT, this dvd is definitely worth buying. Apart from the Vicarious clip which is excellent, you get more bonus stuff than their previous dvd releases for Schism and Parabola. The "making of" runs for 40 minutes and is informative with lots of interviews with people that made Vicarious. It also helps explain why it has taken so long for this clip to be made. The commentary with David Cross is suitably silly and I enjoyed watching Alex Grey's COSM section.

If you're a fan of Tool's you no doubt would have bought this by now anyway, but for anyone who has seen a low quality copy on youtube do yourselves (and the band) a favour and do it justice by buying the dvd.

Oh one more thing - there is no live footage.
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on December 23, 2007
Well to start off I was thinking they were gonna show the vicarious video that is already been shown online. I was wrong, very wrong, the new video is a step up from previous Tool videos in technology and visual art. As in all Tool videos it makes unnerving visuals seem normal in Adam Jones's view of art. The extras are fantastic, their is a biography of the video and a nice background of Adam Jones's previous work on his art in some visuals for film and Tool albums. Also the feature CoSm is a display of a museum in New York inspired by Tool and art for 10,000 Days. The commentary for the video is by comedian David Cross, which is pretty funny as he pokes fun at himself and the visuals of the vicarious video. The packaging of the DVD comes with stereo scopic lenses to make Jones's art three dimensional as it was in 10,000 Days. All in all Tool has provided a great piece of work for fans to speculate and put on the shelves next to 10,000 Days.
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on March 18, 2008
As a loyal long-time Tool fan, I was excited to see they had released a new DVD. The video on the disc was awesome and exciting to watch. I have always been impressed by the visual stylings the band chooses to accompany their music. What I was disappointed with, though, was the lack of other material on the disc. Specifically, I was expecting more videos. Instead, there was the actual music video and some making-of-type documentary footage. Very disappointing. I am not a person who objects to spending money on good quality items, but I must say I was angry with myself for spending $10 for a single video. How many times am I really going to break out this DVD to watch a single video? Tool has been known to add hidden footage to their DVDs and CDs, but do not expect to find anything here. For the die-hard Tool fan out there, I suppose this is a worthy purchase to add to one's collection. For most people, though, find a die-hard Tool fan and make friends.
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on December 18, 2007
I Purchased my copy yesterday and can confirm the video is in 3D, for those who say it isn't get your eyes checked. The music is presented in standard 2.0, and sounds clearer with more bass then the previous 2 music DVD's Tool released.
The packaging is similar to 10,000 days, it's presented in a thick cardboard 3 panel digipak with the 3D glasses attached to view the 4 separate art cards that are included, the inside panel has the skeleton from the video in 3D.
The features include a Documentary on people who know Adam and what work they have done with him, a Doco on Alex Gray' art Studio, and a 2 very funny commentary's.
Now the video itself, if you haven't seen it your missing out, it is absolutely stunning, the visuals are breathtaking in 3D, the colours and images jump out of your TV, (just wait until you see the 2 creatures slowly coming out of the mans eyes to see what I'm talking about) I was glued to the screen for the entire clip & with the Vicarious soundtrack it will just blow you away, this is what Tool fans have been waiting for... not worthy of a 5 star review id give it 100 if possible, this is a work of art!
BTW I haven't found any "live footage"
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on May 10, 2016
This is a 21/2 hour long documentary of visual effects work and creation of the hit single "Vicarious" the video from the platinum selling album 10,000Days. Then also the finished video for Vicarious. The extras alone on this DVD will push Schism and Parabola into the dust!! Once again just like the full length album 10,000Days Vicarious also comes with one hell of a cover/case and it's styled exactly the same way as the actual album. The artwork is unique on its own and comes with an all in one connected pair of 3D glasses. It also has 5 cards front and back with 3D animation expressing the video in an interactive hands on fashion. This DVD is more than a one sing one hit video sample. IRS basically like the child or sibling to 10,000Days. It's a must have in my Tool collection so it should also be in your! Get it? Got it? Good!!!
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on January 13, 2014
I love this dvd. The artistic integrity of the band is a true inspiration. Uncompromising vision and attention to detail shine through everything Tool does; with this being no exception. It is weird and wonderful. The continued collaboration with Alex Grey is such a treat. Thank you Tool. Thank you Adam Jones. Great work.
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on December 20, 2007
I want to smite the ungrateful Philistines who are so eager to dismiss this treasure trove as nothing more than a half a** rehash ripoff. If you want live footage go to their concerts or watch youtube. Let's get to the good stuff...
Packaging-Magic Eye lenses like on 10,000 days CD, 5 back to back 3D image cards (so 10 pics[not of the band]) which stand up in a slot w/in the case. "Woopdeedoo" you say. Well who else does this? Yes it takes some work but it's fun. Yes it takes focus but it's rewarding.
DVD-Video shows Adam's tenacious genius. Prepare to ask the screen "what the h***?" numerous times. Is it random madness? It would be easy to dismiss it as such. It is revealed in the documentary that nothing could be further from the truth. This video is a work of art set to music. It is not a music video. It can not, nor should it be, viewed once.
DVD-Documentary will show you more of Adam Jones' than has ever been revealed to fans before. There are photo's of his many sculpture's which inspired the Opiate & Undertow covers, his major motion picture works, personal works never before seen, pics of other band members away from their instruments, etc. There are interviews with people who have worked with and known Adam for many years. There are interviewers w/ the CGI masters who wielded and welded this work meticulously for many months. All in all I was very suprised that so much was revealed, from so many different people, and from so many different angles.
DVD-Commentary was spontaneous and hilarious like only David Cross knows how to be. Look him up on He gives two seperate satires on the video.
DVD-Chapel of Sacred Mirrors with Alex Grey was a real special treat for those who love and appreciate the psychadelic surreal artwork found in TOOL's last two albums. Alex Grey's book of art Transfigurations will open and blow your mind. This special feature on the dvd takes you into his chapel/gallery in New York.
Price-$10 new! IMO they could've and should've charged more for this. A bootleg, a watch or two at a friend's house, a clip on youtube isn't gonna cut it here. This is worth owning folks.
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on December 31, 2007
Ok, so, i've had this DVD since dec. 18th., i have watched it multiple times and i have to say, this is the most ambitious piece of film i've ever seen from ANY band in ANY genre. To me the 'Vicarious' video itself has alot to do with DMT (for those of you not familiar with DMT check out: and a sort of second awakening. I also own the 'Parabola' DVD and this one blows it away. I love every video that adam does but this one is special. For the first time they've gravitated toward an all CG video, adam usually utitlizes stop motion and a more human element to his videos but, not this time. You can tell it's an experiment of sorts, kind of just sticking your toe in the water before jumping in. Oddly enough they got a stop motion feel with CGI which is hard to accomplish being that CGI is smooth by nature which brings me to the documentary.

Overall 'The vicarious' docu. is a some what revealing look into adam's work past and present as well as all the people who helped create the video. Nothing to write home about since adam does not comment himself, it's more of an ode to him through artists and friends he's worked with.

The commentary is great. David cross is a funny, funny man. He had me laughing out loud on numerous occasions.

The CoSM section is also wonderful and inspiring. Alex grey is def. one of the greatest artists EVER! his vision is executed perfectly and his works are beyond this world. I suggest everyone visit : [...] and support a great man.

This DVD is most certaintly worth $10.00. Buy it and support real artists.
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on December 18, 2007
Once again Mr. Jones and Mr. Grey have created a masterpiece. The dvd is worth the price for the packaging alone. The video is excellent as well. In a day of downloading, we all should support artist who actually give you something interesting to explore in the packaging...
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