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on February 18, 2005
Top Gun never claims to have epic scope, emotional gravitas, or a deep plot. I imagine that those who criticize this movie for its supposed shortcomings also look upon the Three Stooges with disgust for not exploring the depth of Moe's antagonistic relationship with Curly. The fact is that only about 10% of films released in general circulation attempt to have the depth of a Citizen Kane or Godfather. Among the other 90%, Top Gun is the best of the best.

Top Gun's obvious strength is the aerial visuals. Not since perhaps Howard Hughes' Jet Pilot has there been such an ambitious attempt to capture the look and feel of high performance flight. The F-14's photogenic qualities combine with Tony Scott's signature backlighting to create a terrific sense of energy and screen presence for the Grumman bird. The tactical realism may suffer, but the tight spacing and resulting packed frames of the ACM sequqnces are uniquely energetic and fast-paced. It is a shame that this may be the last time that anyone goes to the expense and hassle of using real film to capture such manuevers. The footage still compares favorably to state of the art CGI 20 years after its release.

The non-flying scenes are remarkable only for the collection of young talent that would eventually drive box office returns for a good part of the '90s. But the greatest compliment I could give the plot and acting is that they don't detract from the pacing and cohesiveness of a visually-driven movie.

*RE: Review Title- OK3 is the best grade possible for US Navy pilots performing carrier landings.
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on February 21, 2013
This review is about the new 3D version of TOP GUN and not the story itself. TOP GUN has been around in so many different formats that anyone that likes this type of movie should already be familar with the story.

The TOP GUN 3D case includes two discs, a Blu-ray 2D and Blu-ray 3D disc. There is also an UlTRAVIOLET Code to Download a Digital Copy.

Both Blu-ray discs have three audio choices: DTS Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital sound.

The video of the 2D TOP GUN Blu-ray is as good or better than previous releases of this title. The audio from both discs is also excellent.

The big disappointment is the 3D BD version, which is probably the main reason someone would buy this movie re-release. The video noise is so great that it is one of the worse grainy blu-rays I've seen. Even with turning the sharpness all the way down on my OPPO BD Player the grain was still unsatisfactory. I also checked the disc on a Panasonic 3D BD Player and the grainy picture was still present.

Yes, the 3D effect of the jets in the air does add depth enhancement but the grain problem distracted so much I would just rather watch the 2D version or turn-on the simulated 3D feature of my 3D HDTV.

TOP GUN is one of my all time favorite movies and was the disc of choice to demo back in the days of Laser Discs. It is regrettable the studio did not do a better job in making the 3D pristine clear like so many other remastered old movies.
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on August 11, 2013
The video quality of the 3D version is so poor I stopped watching it after the first 10 minutes and changed to the regular blu-ray version I had bought a few years ago. As others have mentioned, the 3D version has a really grainy look to it and the red and orange highlights are so over-saturated that they look ridiculous. If they couldn't do a decent job of the conversion, they shouldn't have bothered. Amazon's no return policy on opened movies is pretty much the same as any store, but I do feel I wasted my money! Shame on you, Paramount, for such a schlocky release.
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on February 22, 2013
I wish I had waited to see reviews instead of pre-ordering the 3D Blu Ray version. As others have stated a good portion of the movie is incredibly grainy as if there was a defect when manufacturing the disc. I'm not sure why they even released it. The quality is that bad. The 3D effect is pretty good for a conversion but still, it is almost unwatchable especially the first 10 minutes which gets you thinking I must have a defective copy...?
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on March 20, 2013
I recommend no one should purchase this 3d version it really sucks ,poor resolution not worth it. It ashame on such a great movie on original format, do not waste your money
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on March 2, 2013
Do not buy this BluRay 3D DVD set! The picture quality is absolutely terrible. It looks like a grainy, old VHS video tape and the 3D effects don't look that great either. The worst thing about this purchase is you have to open the package to see how bad it looks, and then you will only be eligible for a 50% refund, and you will have to pay for your own return shipping.

I am seriously re-thinking the purchase of anymore DVD's from Amazon because of this return policy.
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on January 28, 2000
4:3 ratio screen is very good transfer. However, wide-screen isn't really wide screen. it's a 4:3 screen chopped off from top and bottom. in other word, instead of having a whole theatrical picture, what you get is picture that's been chopped up both vertical and horizontally. what we are seeing is only 1/3 of what's filmed, which is even smaller than 4:3. somebody cheated big time from paramount. setup menu is false leading. I want to see entire wing span on F-14! It does make huge difference on impact in fighting scene. movie this good must be done right. and while at it, make it a anamorphic enhanced.
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on March 20, 2005
There's a cliche that anyone who likes this film must either be an anti-intellectual conservative/military type, or a homosexual. Unless I'm a rare exception or something, that cliched stereotype just isn't true, as I fit into neither of those categories. In actuality I'm a 40 year old guy with very liberal political views, and very definitely straight as an arrow.

Saying I like this movie is easy. Defining exactly why I like this movie isn't quite as easy, however. Part of it is admittedly some 80's nostalgia, although that doesn't explain why I enjoyed the film back in the 80's when it first came out. I *was* actually in the Navy Reserves in the 1980's, although I joined well before the film came out (1983).

Another aspect of this film I enjoy is the gorgeous cinematography and camera work -- truly candy for the eyes, those gorgeous San Diego sunsets and such. I also liked the relationships in the film and honestly, until it was pointed out by others, I never even suspected there was anything homoerotic about it. The thought never crossed my mind. I'm still not quite sure I believe this accusation.

Anyway, ultimately it doesn't matter that much why a person likes a movie. If you like a film, watch it... if not, don't. This one is definitely in my top 25 alltime favorites. It has become a permanent part of pop culture, and actually helped to define the 1980's as a decade. For that reason alone, it should be seen at least once. If you end up not liking it, just pop in a different flick next time... no big deal.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on April 8, 2013
Having just upgraded my A/V system to state of the art components, I expected this to be as good as the theater version. The audio was barely adaquite, the 3-D was lame and the overall picture quality was terrible. Total waste of cash!
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54 of 71 people found the following review helpful
on December 8, 2004
"Top Gun" is the mach ten 80s mega hit that set theatre attendance on fire and established producer Jerry Bruckheimer and actor Tom Cruise as two of Hollywood's king size titans, behind and in front of the camera. All about a military flight school run for `the best of the best,' the film stars Cruise as Lt. Pete Maverick Mitchell. Pete's too sexy for his leather bomber jacket and he knows it. He's also short on pleasantries when it comes to wooing the femme fatale of the friendly skies, Charlotte `Charlie' Blackwood (Kelly McGillis). But high flying maneuvers between Pete and Charlie quickly move from the school room to the bedroom. Then tragedy strikes and Pete has to pull it together to prove himself as the hero of the hour. Val Kilmer costars as Pete's annoying and priggish rival for the top honors; Tom `Iceman' Kazanski. The cast also includes Tom Skeritt, Michael Ironside and Anthony Edwards.

What sets "Top Gun" apart from similar military film fare of the 80s is its ability to combine a sense of the miraculous within the gritty world of tougher than tough obstacles. The dog fight footage is thrilling and the plot moves effortlessly from drama, to melodrama, to action/adventure yarn on testosterone overdrive. There's even a shirtless eye candy volleyball tournament thrown in, with the guys doing their machismo best to ignite interest in the female population. However, the soundtrack album, which fueled the film's high octane performance at the box office, now seems to have dated at twice the rate of any other from the 80s - save `Dirty Dancing.' Kenny Loggins' `Playin' With The Boys' and Tina Marie's `Lead Me On' have that faint tinny echo of a forgotten pop culture where hoop earrings and big hair were synonymous with wacky-tacky red carpet glamour. Berlin's `Take My Breath Away' does anything but.

After the disastrous effort put forth on Paramount's `Footloose' special editon, I didn't hold out much hope for this transfer either. However, "Top Gun's" anamorphically enhanced transfer is remarkably clean and solid. Color saturation is very nicely rendered with velvety blacks and very pristine whites. Occasionally one will note a slight hint of film grain. There are no digital anomalies (edge enhancement, pixelization, shimmering of fine details) for a smooth video presentation that is sure to please. The audio has been remixed but continues to exhibit that dated 80s quality that is best left to nostalgia for a time when sound wasn't quite so integral to one's overall appreciation of movie culture. Extras include an audio commentary that is adequate at best. There's also a 6 part documentary that really should have been played as one big one, four music videos which will confound people as to why MTV became so big, and some storyboards, production materials and vintage featurettes. So set your DVD player to `cruise' control and get ready to set off for the wild blue yonder. "Top Gun" is a blast!
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