Customer Reviews: Torn (Trylle Trilogy Book 2)
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on March 10, 2011
-Wendy is still not a well developed character. Her and Finn's dynamic was horrific... I almost wanted one of them to die so I didn't have to deal with it anymore. And sadly despite Wendy being the main character, I wish it was her.

- It should not have been a trilogy... maybe 2 books. This could have easily split in two and put parts on Switched and Ascend.

-Whoever published this was drunk... many spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes

Loki... I think he's adorable... and finally "meeting" Tove. Adore them both

It kept my interest and I read the third... so not too bad!
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on March 3, 2012
Title: Torn
Author: Amanda Hocking
Rating: 4 Stars

Ok, well the whole reading of Torn started out on an upbeat note because I was attempting to determine what I'd like to read next when I saw that Torn had downloaded itself to my Kindle Library...because I pre-ordered it. Oh frabjous day, calloo, callay, I chortled in my joy!

Often with Trilogies, the 'middle book' is something of a make or break-er, IMHO. The middle book may be a let-down and seem like filler between two better books as Crossed did to me (I guess I have to put out my review on that sometime, huh?), or it may exceed the first (and possibly third) as was the case for me with Catching Fire. Torn is a much better story and read than Switched was for many reasons.
Reasons I Liked Torn a Lot

Wendy - She finally starts to learn to harness her powers, her emotions, and her relationships and you see her growing stronger. Though you do not know still exactly how kick-butt she is going to be, you can tell that it will be awesome once she's fully powered up. In addition, Hocking includes some new information that also makes you worry for Wendy, and care for her and her obligations. I feel like I cared a LOT more about her and her struggle in Torn than in Switched.

Her friendship and alliance with Tove grows as well and you root for both of them...not necessarily rooting for the outcomes their parents have in mind for them, but rather for the outcomes they both seem to be pushing for themselves. Wendy is a good person, whoops, I mean troll. And so is Tove...and that has to be good for their kingdom.

Matt and Wendy's Family - In Switched, I had such a hard time with the idea that Wendy just disappeared from her home for what seemed like quite a while and her family never looked for her. There was no news story about her being missing, and she never called them. Given the strength of Matt's protective instincts, that seemed off. I think he would have searched the ends of the Earth for her and never stopped until he'd found her. So in Torn, with him in the story and their worlds intertwined, it actually makes more sense to me.

Willa - She was already turning into a real friend of Wendy's in Switched, but she was kind of a petulant priss all the time and very classist. I liked her transformation in this book and saw it as foreshadowing of the democratic transformations you KNOW Wendy wants to make. Of course, the relationship between Matt and Willa is pivotal in triggering this change in her, though it does seem to move pretty quickly. But maybe love does that for you. :)

Loki - Sigh. Loki is a great addition. Powerful, sensitive, trapped, and torn himself, he is a much more suitable match for Wendy than Finn, given the 'rules' of Trylle (and Vittra) society. But then again, Wendy seems determined to push back against those rules. This is one thing for which I give her credit, though she is, as the title suggests, Torn. Loki is the mirror by which Vittra society is reflected and despite his strength, he stirs the protective instinct in every woman's heart. Obviously, we are set up for the Finn-Loki-Wendy love triangle and I have to say, I am intrigued.

Elora - Finally there is a peek behind the curtain and you start to see the connection between Elora and Wendy. And I was very happy for her, as the author no doubt intended, given Wendy's nearly being murdered by the woman she'd originally thought was her mother. All this time she has just wanted to know that her real mother wanted her and though the truth is much more complicated, it helps the two to bond.

The Class System - I commend Hocking for getting deeper into the class system of Troll society in this story, and I most especially commend her for the vehicle with which she did this: Wendy's visit to Finn's house. I won't include any spoilers, but it is her first glimpse outside of the 'palace' of Forening and it includes someone dear to her heart. It is an important and edifying moment for her and for you as the reader. You grow more and more 'on-board' with the idea of Queen Wendy as the story progresses.

What I Didn't Like About Torn - Nothing. :) And since I spent time in my Switched review letting you know that I don't usually read stuff in this fantasy vein (trolls and such), unless it's exceptional...well, I really enjoyed Torn a great deal. I am looking forward to Hocking's finish. As someone who is mid-stream on her own '2nd book' in a trilogy, I endeavor to make mine entertaining and functional in its own right as she has so deftly done.

BTW - People always bang on typos in her work because she is/was self-pub, but her stuff gets professionally edited now people! And guess what, there are still a few errors sometimes. Please, just deal.
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on February 28, 2012
First Impressions: I was so looking forward to reading Torn after I finished Switched, the first novel in the Trylle Trilogy. Even though Switched had a few small flaws, these books are fairly addictive and I was dying to know what would happen next for Wendy. The author is quite amazing herself, having gotten her start as a self-published author. I wish I had known about her books earlier because I've really enjoyed her writing so far. Plus, just take a minute and look at the cover art! It's beautiful!

First 50 Pages: Loved it! I devoured Torn in just a few hours, so it is hard to separate the beginning from the rest of the book. Amanda's style of writing is very easy going and the pace of this book moves at a fast pace. I never thought I would be into books about trolls, but these books are so good! I love the whole idea behind the world of Trylle and so I commend the author for thinking up such a good, unique, and interesting idea for each of these books. Torn also seemed to be more action oriented then Switched, which is another plus!

Characters & Plot: Torn picks up right where Switched left off, with our main character, Wendy, who is tired of her life at the palace and she somehow manages to persuade Rys to take her to Matt, who is her host brother's house. Wendy grows so much in this book as she tries to figure out her place in everything that has happened to her. As the book continues, Wendy comes to realize that she will never be able to go back to her old, normal life, and that she must accept the cards that have been given to her and try to make the best of all that happens.

I love the world-building in Torn. I wasn't too impressed with it in Switched and I had a lot of unanswered questions after I finished reading the first book. Luckily for me, the world-building becomes a hundred times better in Torn as the author dives deeper into the world of Trylle. I learned much more about the history of Trylle and how everything operates, as well as much more about the Vittra and how both play into Wendy's character and history. There is two big revelations in Torn, with one being that Wendy will have to be forced into an arranged marriage to someone other than the person she loves. The other big revelation is that Wendy is not only half Trylle, but she is half Vittra as well, so she will have to work to do what is right for both of her people, since you know, she is a princess!

There, of course, is a good amount of romance in Torn, and Wendy definitely has her pick of a few great male characters. However, I don't think that Torn had the same amount of romance as far as passion goes. Wendy's forbidden love, Finn, isn't the same character we met in Switched. This time around he seemed more cold and reserved towards Wendy. At this point, I don't know which boy I want to root for! Loki might just be it because he has some major bad boy appeal!

Final Thoughts: Torn was a very good follow-up novel to Switched, and I need the third book like, right now! If you haven't read this series yet, now is the time to start. The paperback books are cheap too! They are definitely worth your time and attention, especially for fans of the paranormal.
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on July 10, 2011
I just finished the Trylle Trilogy. Overall, I liked it. There were POV errors, odd word choices at times, occasional poor grammar in dialogue that didn't fit with the character's typical speech ("Tell me where she's at."), and numerous instances of characters smiling, nodding, sighing, winking and laughing dialogue--esp. in book #3-- but the story was good and the plot moved.

There is a fair amount of back story mentioned in book #2 and even some in book #3. The books could possibly stand alone, but they are best read in order, as they each tell part of a bigger story.

**Plot Spoiler regarding Book #3**
One thing was a big disappointment. It was the reason I gave the third book 1 star instead of three. Hocking switches heroes midway through the series. I mean, I like the second one, but she doesn't spend time developing Wendy's feelings for him like she did with the first, and, as a result, her choice of who she ends up with is a little hard to believe and accept. According to the way things were initially set up, I expected a different outcome. I WANTED a different outcome. The second 'hero' should have died protecting her and she should have ended up with the first. Instead, she kicked him to the curb. His only crime? Doing the noble thing, following the rules of his society and doing the right thing for her and their kingdom.

Note to parents: there is a love scene, occurring out of wedlock, that is carried through to its conclusion in the last book, but it is brief and not terribly graphic.
**End of spoiler**

These stories are interesting and entertaining, and it's obvious Hocking has some talent. Despite the 'rules of fiction' errors and the odd twist with the hero(es), this trilogy managed to keep this 40-something mother of three reading all the way to the end. I finished all three books in less than a week.
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on March 9, 2012
I LOVED this series!!! I thought Torn was a great book. I enjoyed the entrance of Loki into the matter. The only point I dislike is how Finn is now treating Wendy. But as much as I disagree, I understand. And I feel Hocking handles the love triangle she has created very nicely, building it in such a way that by the end (I feel) the reader will be happy with where the tale has gone.

Of course, there are some typos and editing errors as other reviews have mentioned. All right. It's not the end of the world.

Wendy grows up a bit in this book as does her relationship with her mom. There were definitely other developments I didn't expect that shocked me (don't want to say more for fear of spoilers, though some other reviews already have), but only in a way to make me even more interested!

All told, I love the Trylle trilogy, and I loved this book as part of it! I definitely feel they're worth reading. (And when I bought Torn, it was only $2.99, what a deal!)
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on August 2, 2013
I'd written the first book in this series off as a cookie-cutter romance, but I was interested enough to read the second book, and I was impressed. The writing style and character development has gotten better. I still think the author, Amanda Hocking, is falling into the trap of making the Wendy have several love interests (possibly only to add tension...?), but overall, it was a nice read. In the first book, I wasn't as attached to Wendy's character as I am now. Amanda has added more depth to her, as well as the other characters, which is a breath of fresh air. I may have underestimated this series and almost abandoned it after reading the first book. My only gripe is that it would be nice if the romance drama was toned down just once in a teenage novel. Just because a book has teenagers doesn't mean they have to be agonizing over it all the time.

I've been a teenager and dating wasn't as big a deal to me as it is to Wendy, or indeed, several other of the characters in the novel (the upper class issues aside). Some teenagers realize that meeting your true love isn't very likely in high school and don't feel like giving everything up because the person they like either dumps or doesn't like them. And Wendy definitely seems too strong a character to become depressed upon being turned down by someone she loves, even if she feels like that someone (Finn) is really the guy she wants. Even when she first met Finn she was upset that he didn't seem to like her, which seemed too off-character for her, in my opinion. And speaking of Finn, Wendy even seemed to like him when in the same moment she was mad and creeped out that he was watching her all the time. That troubled me a little, even if Finn's reason for the "stalking" is explained later. It still is stalking, and Wendy acknowledged that at one point before forgetting that and apparently going on to be happy that Finn was staying near her so much.

But I'm glad I decided to give the series another try. These are just complaints I have. Like I said, the second book was more developed than the first, and I hope that continues. Amanda Hocking has an interesting, original idea here.
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on February 2, 2013
My review:

The second book in the Trylle series, Torn, is picking up exactly where Switched ended. Wendy is back at home, trying to avoid Matt's questions about her whereabouts when she was gone. Wendy also brought Rhys back at home, a boy who was switched with Wendy when newborn and taken to Trylle.

Wendy tries to get settled back at her home, but she can't. She is being kidnapped by Vittra trackers and taken to prison. This is where she first meets her real father and learn more about her mother, past and about her dad. Besides that, she sees Loki again and Loki helps her and her brothers to escape after Tove, Finn and other are coming to save her.

Back in Förening Wendy realizes how important her role is and grows with the task. She also understands, that she will have no future with Finn, because Finn is so bound to old traditions and Wendy is like a fresh breath of air wanting to change things. Wendy makes some huge sacrifices of her personal life to step in as a Princess.

I have to admit, that somewhere in the middle of this book, the author lost my attention. I kept reading, but there were things on this plot which I did not understand, for example the necessity of Wendy getting married. Besides, Finn appeared to be totally different that I hoped for. The main thing which saved this plot and the story for me, was the character development, which I enjoyed.


I loved Loki! He is hot and sweet and spicy altogether. Besides that dangerous and strong and he literally stole the place of the most well written character in this book! I enjoyed his playfulness and his protectiveness towards Wendy.

Tove grew on me even more in Torn. He would be a nice friend to have -loyal, smart, independent, supportive. I liked how he rebelled against the traditions in the first book, and I loved how he did things his own way and helped Wendy pushing through her ideas.

I had mixed feelings about Wendy in Torn. In one way, I did understood her sacrifices, at the same time I missed seeing more of the Wendy from the first book, who did things which were good to her. As a character, Wendy grew more responsible, but I think she lost herself in that. Thank god, there was Loki to jazz her up!


Torn was a good sequel to Switched. It was smoothly written and had intriguing characters. I am very curious about how the story ends. Recommended!
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on April 15, 2011
Hocking deserves the success she's gained with this unique-premise trilogy about trolls. Book #2 explores the maturation of Wendy, who reluctantly begins to take an active role in her duties as princess. This series is an addictive and fast read with the romantic tension that we've come to expect from the author. However, I'd like to see more actions scenes...the book got a little "boggy" with all the Trylle stuff. I guess that's great for the "Lord of the Rings" types that love to mire about in all those other-world details but some of that could have been held in check and action in place of it. It's still a four star and I enjoyed the story beginning to end.
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on January 19, 2015
This story is better then the first ( it was great story also) Wendy is more determine to become the best future queen her people has ever had, but with that she has to make sacrifices that she is torn apart to make but its for the best no matter if she wants what her heart tells her or what her mind tells her. We get to see her open up to her roll as princess and future queen. if you had questions from the first story some will be answered in this story.
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on May 14, 2012
This second installment of the Trylle trilogy, Torn, picks up immediately where the last book left off. After being attacked by the Vittra on the night that she is to be presented to Trylle society, Wendy is more than overwhelmed with the duties she's expected to carry out as a princess. She uses her newfound abilities to persuade Rhys, the human boy with whom she was switched at birth, to take her home to her host family. However, she soon finds out that she isn't as safe among her human family as she originally thought she'd be. Her decision to leave Förening leads to her, Rhys, and her host brother, Matt, getting captured by the Vittra.
In the Vittra capital of Ondarike, Wendy meets the king of the Vittra and learns some interesting things about herself. Secrets are revealed and lies are exposed before Wendy is able to escape back to Förening to sort through what she's been told. One of the biggest things that she has to deal with is the fact that Oren, the Vittra king, is her father, which makes her not only the princess of the Trylle, but the Vittra princess as well. Now, Wendy will have to choose which kingdom to rule. Should she stay with her mother, who is cold and critical of her every move? Or should she join her father, a man who she knows nothing about - except that he is cruel and ruthless - as a way to bring peace to the Trylle and Vittra?

This book was absolutely amazing. There were so many things that happened in it that I couldn't fit it all into this review without giving away the entire story. The story went a lot faster than it did in the first book and there was so much action in the book that I really could not put it down. There were more than a few plot twists in this book that definitely contributed to keeping my interest while I was reading. I couldn't get over how much Wendy's character seems to come into her own throughout the course of the story. She is definitely the most interesting character that I've seen in a while and I really enjoyed reading through everything she had to face in this book. Also, as with the first book in this series, the new, republished edition of Torn contains its own never-before-published bonus story called, "One Day: Three Ways." You won't want to miss out on Torn, especially if you've read the first book in the trilogy. Torn is a very satisfying read and will definitely leave you wanting to know what happens next in the Trylle trilogy.
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