Tornado Warning option? When going through the selections to disable the alarms for thunderstorms, icebergs, etc., I did not see an option for Tornado Warning, just Tornado Watch. Is this an error? BTW, we just had tornado warnings in my county an hour ago and my monitor didn't make a peep.
asked by FreeShipping on February 5, 2008
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The tornado warning is probably not on the list because Midland believes it would not be prudent to disable it, so they don't even give you the option. I believe hurricane warning is not on the list for the same reason.
A. Holum answered on February 7, 2008
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Reception is a problem with the SAME encoding. You can receive good audio and still not reliably receive an alert. Fully extend the antenna, choose a location where you receive the strongest signal and make sure the weekly test alert is checked so you can monitor whether you receive alerts or not. If you do not reliably receive the weekly alerts you need to change its location or connect an external antenna.
B. Lent answered on May 12, 2008
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If you go to the Midland website and find Q&A for Weather Radios, you'll see this entry:

Q: My WR300 manual says that the radio is defaulted to not give an audible alert tone for tornado warning. Is that the way the radio is supposed to work?
A: We apologize that was a mistake in the manual. The asterisk was mistakenly placed by some alerts that are preset and cannot have the alert tone turned off. The alerts that you can see in the radio under "defeat siren" can be turned off, all others alerts listed in the manual cannot be disabled, and they will give an audible alert tone.
To me this means the Alerts marked with an * asterick in the manual will Sound the Siren (either Voice or Siren) whenever that ALERT Signal is received by the Radio.
That's Logical Programming. But poor Technical Writer documentation in the Owners Manual.
SybianMan answered on April 27, 2011
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Yeah, I just received this today and noticed nothing for the tornado warning. I assumed that was probably because it couldn't be turned off -- which makes sense, because that's one of the main reasons people would buy this radio -- but it's nice to get the confirmation.

I did leave the blizzard warning, avalanche warning and iceberg warnings on here in central Texas (where it's currently 96º), just for fun...
ziggy29 answered on June 10, 2009
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I had the same questions about the tornado warning. It looks like Midland has corrected on their online owners manual.
Tom F answered on May 26, 2010
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Thanks! I thought that might be the reason, but now I have to figure out why my monitor didn't beep the other night. It was picking up the weather forecast radio broadcasts, so reception seemed okay. I emailed the company, and they said I needed to contact my local NOAA to see if they sent out a signal. The company did not seem very customer-oriented compared to other companies I have dealt with in the past.
FreeShipping answered on February 8, 2008
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Our WR-300 woke us up last night because of a tornado warning - a full minute before the city sirens kicked in. It was very loud and also automatically switched on the radio so we could hear the NWS alert. As Tom F said, the documentation must be wrong. We were able to disable alerts for all of the alerts we weren't interested in, leaving tornado and man-made disasters as the only ones that will wake us up (I think I also left the hurricane warning on - we're in Michigan).
C. Snyder answered on June 22, 2010
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I contacted the company about the non option for tornado warning and was informed that it was "built in" and that we could not disable the warning. I also asked them about the "add alert" function and was told that this was for when the weather service adds a new alert. Ok, fine, is the weather service going to come out to my house and program it in?? I'm kidding here, of course, but as you can see, they did not answer the question or just did not understand their own product. The technical customer service rep said send an e-mail and she'd forward it on to the right person in the company. So I sent the e-mail, and I got a reply today that basically blew me off and did not address any of my questions. Well, as you can see I am a bit frustrated with their lack of customer service.
Scarlet Sage answered on October 7, 2008
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Poorly designed software to say the least. I want complete user control over which Alert triggers the alarm; as claimed in the adverts. Living in Oklahoma with all the various "Thunder Storms", "Frost", "Freeze", and various other mundane Watches and Warnings has caused myself and others in our Skywarn net (tornado spotters) to unplug the earlier model, the WR-100, so we could sleep. Someone in Midland seems to think their settings preprogrammed into the WR-300 is better than the users choices. The instruction book is flawed, incomplete and does not cover the Alert - Watch - Warnings settings and choices very well. It does not explain Midlands' default Alarm settings and when and how they work; only an asterick in the alerts chart to indicate a yellow light will come on. Lots of luck when you are sleeping and a tornado is coming your way. This unit is being returned.
Paul Donald answered on November 5, 2009
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I contacted Midland and learned that the radio is defaulted to sound an alarm for the critical alerts. The instruction booklet contains errors. I will post an update if I actually have a successful alarm. Need to wait for some tornado weather...
J. Ursch answered on April 22, 2009
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