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on August 1, 2012
This is my first HDTV, having used an analog with converter box and I have to say it's been a delight to switch. It arrived well packed and protected. It was easy to unpack and uncomplicated to assemble to the stand which is square and stable beneath the TV; a little wriggling got even small tight screws (only 4 ea.) to match up perfectly so don't force them. Takes maybe 10 minutes from unpacking to plug in.

After plug-in and "ON", the TV goes right to 2 basic setup options. I forget the other one, but one option was channel scan and that's what I did.

PACKAGING: Be aware the TV arrives in original box, plainly visible as a TV. If you deliver to an exposed doorstep, you might want to use Amazon's "gift packaging" which puts it inside a plain brown shipping box.

SCREEN: The screen is matte finish without glare with a high gloss narrow black frame for full viewing. Display blacks are sharp and colors crisp. Some antenna-TV programs will still appear a little blurred (like VCR pictures) but that's not the TV, it's the program. Digital programs will be crisp and colorful. Flesh tone picture out of box tends to be a little red for my taste, but can be tweaked. Be aware the pixels may need time to fire up so be patient, altho this is more of an issue on the larger sizes. Out of box the larger TV picture is very good and even improved with first use (I know because I bought one for friends and set theirs up). Fortunately, pixel shyness is very brief, uniformly filling the screen as they should.

SOUND: With all the bad reviews about sound, I was sure I'd need a sound bar but the sound is fine for a 12 by 12 room (it's a 24 inch TV after all) In fact, bad reviews imply audio quality on the order of a transistor radio. Not so. Speaker location is on the bottom of the TV display, below the frame. True, it lacks decent bass depth most of us like, but there are customizable onscreen audio settings until you choose a sound system you like to beef it up. I have it set at 10-30% volume with a huge fan running behind it and viewing at 8-10 feet. If still too loud, go to Sound > Audessy ABX ON and Dynamic Volume OFF. CC1 subtitles are useful to back up low volumes during roommate sleeping hours.

There are multiple connectivity options on the back which allow other peripherals like cable/dish or computer or others like DVD player or better speakers. This TV is multi-purpose but has no ethernet port. Of course you can still get cable internet if you have that service, just not connect it to a home network. It does have a USB port on the left side of the screen for other peripheral uses like photos, security cams or home videos. Left side has dramatically recessed controls which are really awkward to reach, especially if wall-installed, so don't lose that remote ;)

I've been playing with this TV for a couple weeks and here are some TIPS:

You may want to use those old 2.1 computer speakers (i.e., 2 small speakers with subwoofer, with a single green stereo plug) for TV sound.
HOW: You'll need two things - a Y wire composed of red/white RCA jacks on one end for the TV with a single male stereo jack on the other end, and a female/female stereo connector to connect both male stereo jacks together (one from the TV and the other from the 2.1 speakers). Connect the RCA ends to Audio OUT ports on the back of the TV. Thats: Red/white RCA OUT on TV ... red/white RCA end of Y wire ... stereo male plug into female connector ... female connector other end to green stereo plug from computer speakers. After connecting all the loose ends, mute the TV speakers and turn on the external speakers to desired volume, and you're done. Remember external speakers cannot be controlled with the TV remote because you aren't using the internal TV speakers.

You can use headphones attached to the TV.
HOW: Use this same RCA Y wire and female/female stereo connector for your earphones. Just plug earphones into the connector instead of 2.1 speakers, mute internal TV speakers and use the volume control on your headphones. You may also want to consider wireless options, but ask yourself how many remotes you really want for a 24 inch TV considering the first one you grab is never the right one.

You can use that old boombox for audio:
HOW: Use this same RCA Y wire WITHOUT the female/female connector and insert it into the AUX port of your boombox. You can also use the MIC port, but it may dampen sound quality to just voice, so experiment to see if this is tolerable for you. If your boombox has a remote, all the better. Otherwise you'll have to control volume manually just like using 2.1 computer speakers. Mute Toshiba TV speakers to eliminate audio echo. The boombox set up is what I currently use, and frankly it's heads above Toshiba TV speaker quality, especially for movie sounds. No sound bar needed and the sound quality is better than a bar anyway. In fact, I bought a multipurpose boombox upgrade and it works great. WARNING: You'll be spoiled.

NOTE: You may notice the black audio IN port on the back of the TV, but it will NOT work for external speakers, nor is it a headphone port since it is not audio OUT. This black audio IN port is paired with the VGA IN port permitting sound on your laptop to be fed to the internal TV speakers.` Again, the internal speakers never disable, but must be muted to not compete with external sound systems.

You may want to watch digital free Hulu or other internet movies/programs on this TV.
HOW: USB to USB on the left side of the screen, or HDMI to HDMI port on the back of the TV to your laptop. If the laptop is next to the TV, you'll need to use a wireless mouse for control of mute, pause, play, etc. or, if next to your chair, a very long USB or HDMI cable to reach the laptop at your seating so you don't have to get up when the phone rings. Open YouTube in tabs and click through videos with a wireless mouse. Dim the laptop display and you're set for movie night.

You may want to use your older DVD or VCR player (no HDMI port).
HOW: If you only have a yellow (or red/white/yellow) RCA wire from your DVD player it'll still work fine on this TV for color movies. Even though there are blu/red/grn video ports on the back of the TV, put your DVD player's single yellow RCA adapter into the green port (upper right of cluster) and ignore the other two colors. You'll still get full color for your DVD movies.

NOTE: If for some reason the DVD disc screen is in black/white, go into TV display Preferences > AV input and change from "Colorstream HD" to "Video" ON to correct this. It's a bit buried in the menu so be persistent until you find it.

Remember: Use your DVD player's own remote; DVD options on the Toshiba remote won't work for it. If you try, the TV screen will display in red: "Not Available". When this first happened, I thought there was a connection problem but turns out the TV remote is standard for both this model and the model with built-in DVD player. The Toshiba remote won't detect any Toshiba TV DVD, hence, "not available". It might work if your external DVD player is also Toshiba brand ... can't hurt to try.

UPDATE: 2013, four months of ownership. Turns out the Toshiba remote really IS a learning remote. All of a sudden it started to control my Philips DVD player out of the blue, no programming at all. I discovered this by accident when I thought I was holding the DVD remote but using the wrong buttons on the Toshiba remote. Voila! DVD player control on the same remote. Took maybe a couple months of use for it to learn. :)

Basic troubleshooting:
*remote is fussy about line of sight; just pointing in general direction of TV won't do.

If you find this unbearable, Philips makes a stellar combo remote with wider IR spread, quick code pickup and easy button programming. You can just point it to the sky and control the TV (very useful if your face is in a pillow and you don't want to sit up before falling asleep). I use it to control Toshiba TV/Philips DVP/Magnavox VCR/Bose audio without any trouble. Threw all those crap remotes from the drawer in the trash. [Philips SRU5106/27 6 Device Universal Remote Control, ~$13 retail. Buy NEW so you get all the manuals].

*Sound inconsistencies: Before you yell at Toshiba, check all the audio settings on your peripherals. For instance, if you set your cable box volume to low using the cable remote, you'll still have to crank up the TV audio just to hear your program. Or, if the DVD player audio is set low, you may not hear anything out of your TV. Decide which remote you want for TV speaker audio control before sound problems with too many compounded remote commands.

If sound jumps from low to normal to low to high, chances are you have Sound Dynamic turned ON. This feature was meant to level annoying commercial blasts, but may have seconds delay in volume detection. When you return to the program, it may delay while determining commercial break has ended before returning program to normal volume. For many, just not using this feature resolves difficulties. Also, make sure all your cable connections are snug, not just haphazardly jammed into ports so signals are consistent. ;)

*Note for analog-to-HDTV newbies: there's a few second delay time before onscreen viewing, particularly when turning the Toshiba TV ON. And the remote may skip too far ahead if trigger happy. It takes getting used to this digital delay compared to analog TV, but the picture quality and connectivity options are worth the wait.

*Note for analog-to-HDTV newbies:
VIDEO AND SOUND: HDMI carries both video AND sound and is digital; USB carries both video and sound; COAXIAL carries video and sound.
ONLY VIDEO: S-video carries only digital video; VGA carries only video. RCA red/blu/grn or yellow carry only video and is analog
ONLY SOUND: red and white RCA cables carry only audio and is analog. Be aware audio OUT is for speakers or earphones while audio IN is for sounds to be played through the TV. S/PDIF TOSLINK carries only audio on a digital light beam, so tempting as it may be, don't push anything in that port but a TOSLINK cable. ;)

*Newbie note about antennas: Out of box you can get a few major broadcast channels depending on where you live, unless you're in a valley or between skyscrapers. To get a bigger selection of free digital programs you'll still need an antenna using a coaxial cable or else cable service. The inexpensive $15-20 Artec HDTV Flat Antenna I was using on top of a converter box on the old portable analog TV, added another 15 digital channels (mostly paid programming, but CLEARER, crisper, color picture w/o-annoying-signal-break-up). For newbies, it attaches to the ANT/CABLE post in the back. If you're in a valley or between skyscrapers, you might want something on the roof or closer to the window or bigger. Antenna size and shape do matter. Better shaped antennas can pull in more digital channels. Cable or dish service gives you much better programming, but this Toshiba out of box will give you a few crisp free digital channels to start. (i.e. for newbies, no converter box needed anymore).

UPDATE: I've since switched to an all metal Yagi style antenna with stronger reception. (looks sort of like a model airplane on a desk stand). It's multi-directional and efficient for HDTV signals. Watch out for plastic imitations.

*TIP: put the base and your dvd player on a rotating disk/lazy susan to get to the back or position for viewing without having to lift or scrape it side to side. It's light enough and the base small enough to put on the black plastic ones used in refrigerators but there are nicer ones out there.
*TIP: because the TV is delicately balanced on the base, there is no angle adjustment for viewing. In this case, it may be helpful to set it on a monitor riser, and the turntable on that - or install it on the wall at desired angle with an accessory mounting frame.

I LOVE this TV even in its most primitive setup. Nothing about it is cheap or subpar for the ~$200 price or in its features. This is the first time I've laid hands on a digital TV and it was a breeze to setup, picture is fantastic, sound/volume acceptible for a med/large bedroom or 12x12 living room. Add an inexpensive digital antenna for more free digital channels and less signal breakup, or a cable service line for better programming, and you're all set.
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on May 6, 2012
This TV a great buy for use in the kids room, dorm room or kitchen. I say this because it is great for movies and games. The optional game mode can speed up the TVs processing which is great especially for any online games. The 1080p and LED lighting work well together to create great pictures and decent blacks and whites for a TV so low in price. The TV also has a Dynamic Picture Mode which helps clean up the picture and color when watching a movie of television show.
The sound on this TV is fine for small applications. Toshiba uses what they call "Audyssey Premium" to help the sound quality, and although I can't say that it makes the audio better, I can say that I have no negative comments about the sound and that is a big plus. The Audyssey Premium may really shine when hooked up to external speakers, but due to its small size I have no intentions of ever installing external speakers.
The only complaint I have with this unit is the auto dimming feature that is suppose to save energy and the life of the screen. It does not adjust the back light gracefully, so if the room lighting changes a noticeable jump up or down in screen brightness occurs. You then have to readjust your eyes to the screen which is kind of annoying. This feature is best turned off unless it is in a room without ambient light changes.
Overall this TV provides great picture and sound for a very reasonable price. Five Stars.
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on July 29, 2012
Bought this TV as a gift a few weeks back. I hesitated since the reviews varied so much but after checking it out in a store locally I knew it would be perfect for her room. My Aunt was thrilled - it was her first HD TV.

I was not so happy however.

Construction: The TV bracket used to attach the stand was (pre-installed) incorrectly. It was mounted at a slight angle. It was impossible to adjust & mount the TV stand straight. TV tilts forward in the stand. The TV is quite lightweight <10 lbs.- needless to say this has a noticable effect on the audio capabilities.


Sound - A 'Tin Can'? To a certain extent yes BUT, depending on your application / intended location it is not bad considering the size, weight and price of this TV. It is fine for use in a small bedroom, kitchen counter, boat, RV etc. It is like a portable radio or boom box versus that stereo surround system in your living room. **Be sure to make use of all the audio adjustments available to get the best settings for the sound.**

If you are looking for true surround, deep bass etc. You'll need a larger size, higher priced TV or add a sound bar/surround system.

Picture - Really nice, bright, sharp & crisp. Again, fine for secondary applications, small rooms etc. Display is fine even in a bright, sunlit room.

My Issue ... DELAY Frustrating, annoying DELAY. When you turn it on, when you change the channel, when you change the input ... essentially if you make a change the TV has to think about it for 30>60>90 seconds. The delay is long enough that often you'll use the remote again thinking it did not recieve the signal the first time.

This one is being exchanged - we'll see how the next one does.

As I said, the jury is still out.

Will update ...
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on May 22, 2012
My old SONY (trinatron) died and I made the choice to go to a new LED TV.

The TV arrived and I carried it to my bedroom with one hand. I wrestled the SONY to the floor, as it must have weighed over 50 pounds. In its place went the new set that is as light as a feather.

The set up was easy. It popped to life and what a beautiful picture! So sharp. I had thought I needed glasses with the old set but now everything is sharp and clear and easy to read. Sponge Bob is a whole new experience. What colors! The 1080P is the way to go!

The sound seems great to me. Maybe I'm not to fussy. I had read that others said the older model had bad sound.

The only little thing is it is hard to view from the side. It must be the LED thing.

I thought the 24" screen would be to small. I adjusted the picture size and I am happy.
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on June 26, 2012
I picked up this 24" Toshiba LED essentially as an impulse purchase to replace an old 17" Insignia in my bedroom. My wife and I are just not that picky when it comes to tv's in the bedroom. Actually, she's not, so I just bought something relatively small for a cheap price; I paid approx. $220.00 @ BestBuy. After reading some other posts I see I could have paid less, but as I said, this was totally an impulse purchase and I literally just picked it up on my way out of the store based on a quick, glancing view of the picture...and the price. Oh, and I quite literally mean "just picked up" because this thing is truly a lightweight. Well, long story short, I am incredibly satisfied with this television. I would consider the picture very good if it cost twice what I paid. The picture is just flat out good and very adjustable to individual tastes. I can't comment on sound; I have it connected to an old Bose 321 in the room which is still superior to most in-tv audio even on much more fancier LED's. And just as a sidenote, we just bought a Sony 55" XBR. Flagship series for Sony, with price to match. Amazing picture, though. I only mention that because before buying this Toshiba I did an incredible amount of research on LEDS, (ultimately we went with the Sony XBR because of an employee discount, not necessarily because it was the best 55" LED, but it's definitely close). So, basically, I don't know if I just got lucky with this Toshiba, or if all that research gave me some super human ability to spot a tv with a great picture at a great price. But whether it did or not, that's what I wound up with. So if you're looking for a new LED of a smaller size you should definitely check this model out. For the price, you don't get features like internet connectivity (but you could always just connect it to a blu-ray player that does get a lot of streaming services), but if you're really just concerned with a great picture at a great price give this Toshiba a long look.
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on July 23, 2012
Just got the tv a couple weeks ago. This is a nice looking tv with pretty good picture quality (not great). Whites are bright but dark scenes lose a lot of detail. Also, I have the sharpness turned up all the way but the picture is still not that crisp on my DirecTV receiver. There is noticeable blurring when a newscaster or talk show host moves his head. I realize this is an inexpensive secondary tv but I have not experienced these issues on any of my comparable sized Samsung tv's and the Samsung picture quality is much sharper. Both brands are 1080p tv's. But the worst part of this tv is the remote. It is truly a piece of junk. The red on/off button is very spongy and does not power up my tv even after several annoying attempts. Finally after 45 seconds to a minute, the tv finally accepts the power on command. All of the other remote functions work flawlessly. I checked the batteries to make sure they were fresh, and that is not the problem. I then contacted Toshiba tech department and they walked me through a couple of things in order to diagnose the problem with the remote. The problem was not resolved and they agreed I need a new remote. They had me call Toshiba's "ACCLAIM" department, which is an absolute joke. They tell you to go online and fill out a claim report and do nothing to help you at the call center. I am required to pack up the remote and return it with a return authorization number AT MY EXPENSE and get this...they do NOT have the replacement remote (even though this is a brand new model) so instead, they agree to send me a credit good at Toshiba's online store for about $26.00 to purchase anything of my choosing. A lot of good that does me. First of all, what can you buy for 26 bucks, but the bigger issue here is the fact I am without a working remote for a brand new tv. I will never purchase another Toshiba product again, and if it weren't for the fact it is already mounted on the wall in my exercise room, you can bet I would send this thing back to Amazon in the blink of an eye.
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on September 2, 2012
We got this TV to replace an old Sharp 20"LCD (4:3) in the kitchen. Watching shows in letterbox on the old TV was getting annoying. You can't read the ticker on the bottom of the ESPN channels and if you watch the SD channel, it's letterboxed. FiOS doesn't do pan-scan on all of the SD channels.

Anyways, I wanted something that was at least as tall vertically as the Sharp, so that meant a 24" or 26" TV. I couldn't find a 26" 1080p TV that is thin, so it came down to the Toshiba and the Panasonic. I chose the Toshiba because it has 2 HDMI ports to the Panny's 1 HDMI port.

The picture is great, the styling is great. It's super thin, so what's my beef? It meets all of the standard requirements, so what gives?

Well, it's two things.

1. The audio is terrible (hard to describe). Out of the box, it has dynamic audio turned on. Turning it off only helped with the volume (as expected). I also turned off the Audessy feature and that helped a bit. I had to turn the bass all the way to +10 and the treble down to -7. It's better, but the old Sharp was 10x better. Maybe I'll get used to it.

2. The other problem is much more annoying. When you turn on the TV, it takes 7 seconds for the Toshiba splash screen to show up. Then it takes another 6 seconds for the picture to show up. That's a whole 13 seconds before you get to watch TV from the time you turn it on. One or two seconds is all it should take. I've had 30 year old CRTs that could warm up faster than that .... My 46" LCD turns on instantly and the so did the old Sharp. This one took me by surprise.

I'll live with these annoyances, though because it's just the kitchen TV. If this were my main TV, I'd return it.

At least when I replace my main TV, I'll have things to look out for ... especially problem #2.
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on July 1, 2012
I got this TV from amazon, 2 day super fast free shipping for 199

I use it as a PC monitor, and for that the picture is not bad, but not as "adjustable" as larger LED TV'S.
It does have an optical out, 2 HDMI inputs, a VGA input , and displays nicely via HDMI connected to my PC card. (1920 # 1080 p). I use an Onkyo 509 receiver to output sound from my 2 Energy C-100 B/S speakers. The speakers on this TV have a harsh distorded sound, that struggles to be understood and it simply does not compare to the sound coming from my speakers via the receiver.

The picutre is bright & smooth and can be adjusted somewhat, however I could not understand for the life of me why I don't have the option to turn off the TV speakers from the setup menu, it simply is not there. I have to keep the TV on mute.
I played a BD movie and the picture was excellent, just like my 60 " LED 120 HZ LG screen. In that department this TV delivers. Of course, the sound was out through the bookshelves.
The stand is sturdy & tiltable you need to tighten up the four screws that comes with it. Documewntation that came with it is somewhat limited, but the TV setup now a days is very intuitive.
This can be best used in a small room or as a PC monior with external speakers. In this set up, I have no regrets. as for durability, time would tell.
Hope this would help.
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on August 7, 2012
Let me preface this by saying that I am aware of the limitations of LED TVs' speakers. I'm not at all picky when it comes to sound quality, though, so I didn't anticipate it would be a problem for me. But the Toshiba 24L4200U speakers swallow up people's voices; it's nearly impossible to understand dialogue. I'm not talking about speakers that give out tinny sound or not enough bass or something like that -- these speakers render incomprehensible audio. I bought this as an inexpensive TV for a tiny bedroom. I'm unwilling to spend additional money on speakers or a soundbar simply to make it useable, so I'll be sending it back. My advice: unless you already own an external sound source to hook this to, buy something else.
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on April 21, 2012
After adjusting the settings for color level and tint, brightness, etc. due to analog cable channels being oversaturated and orange, Television is perfect for our Kitchen. High def display and sound levels are great; Analog picture is acceptable after adjusting. Only negative is with Amazon, since I found this cheaper at, but Amazon has not responded to my requests to honor their 30 day low price guarantee. They claim a 24-48 hour response - have heard nothing after two inquiries.
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