Customer Reviews: Toshiba 32C120U 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV (Black) (2012 Model)
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Updated this review on April 18th, 2012 Look Below >>>>>>>>>>

I have had this tv for a few weeks. The choice was between this one and a cheaper Panasonic that had lots of good reviews. When I went to the store, I expected to buy the Panasonic, but this one seemed to have a better picture. The clincher was the sound quality. This one was much better. I could actually hear this one, but the other one sounded muddled. Maybe the speakers were blown on the Panasonic, but I couldn't hear it. Since I have a wood pellet stove, there is a lot of background noise in my living room, so I needed good sound. This one has some equalizing scheme that allows it to sound better at lower volume. Perhaps Toshiba pumps up the gain on the highs which makes it easier to hear.

As for the picture, it is fine. Not near as bright as my friends TV of the same size that cost over twice as much, but okay for what I want it for, which was primarily to watch netflix at 480P.

When you first hook up the tv, it asks you if you want to take it out of "store mode" Which is why it looked so great to start with... I guess it pumps up the brightness, and contrast so it looks great in the store, and makes people want to buy it.

It isn't quite as bright as it looked in the store, but it is fine.

I don't regret my purchase, and as long as it turns out to be reliable for years to come, I will be satisfied with my purchase.

I could use some separate composite inputs.

Overall, it is fine.

I increased the rating of this TV to 4 stars after I found the following EXTREMELY HELPFUL TIP ON A BEST BUY REVIEW posted by USofANDY.

"The picture looks excellent, however, I did need to make a lot of changes to the menu settings to achieve this - the picture is too dark at default settings but the two key settings to remedy this are the energy saver settings and backlight intensity.
Turn off energy saving and crank up the backlight and you have a very bright picture, the remaining settings can be easily calibrated to your preference.
Make no mistake, I love the picture quality and the screen itself has low reflection."

The picture was always nice, but the first thing I noticed was that it was a little dark. I didn't like it, but could tolerate it. Turning that energy saving mode off, made a HUGE difference! Now I have a nice bright picture, which looks much better.

I am really glad I found that tip by chance, and I hope you find the tip either on Best Buy, or here on Amazon.

That one little tip made me give it another star. Now I am completely satisfied...

James Ruffin Says:
"1. Hit the menu button,
2.go to "preferences" in the menu
3. press the down arrow key to scroll down (the energy settings are sort of hidden at the bottom),
3. hit the enter button to select energy savings
4. Set auto brightness sensor to "off"
Picture should be much brighter. "
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on March 11, 2012
I purchased this 32" LCD TV as a "slick deal" recently, which means I found it at an uncommonly low price, and purchased it on a whim.

Out of the box, I was pleased to learn that the picture quality was going to FAR exceed my expectations. I have discerning taste, and I can say with a clear conscience that the picture quality of this set is on par with what I've seen from Sony & Samsung. The black is black, the contrast is great, and the colors really pop. It is truly a stunning picture! And completely unexpected from a set of this price range (and brand name).

I read reviews that disparaged the sound quality before I received the TV - but I was pleased to learn upon setting it up that the sound quality was fine. It's average, mind you, but not terrible. I have it currently set up in a 14 x 23' carpeted & fully furnished family room and it sounds fine. I just wish it had an "analog audio-out" port so I could hook up one of my subwoofers to it.

Besides the picture quality, the HDTV antenna reception was an unexpected surprise. It's outstanding! I don't have an antenna connected to the TV, yet it pulls in every local channel that I get on my other LCD TV (that has a highly rated Leaf antenna connected to it)! In fact, this Toshiba TV provides BETTER reception than my other TV. None of the channels "come in and out." They just work, all the time, clear as day, in high def. Pretty impressive stuff! [In the spirit of full disclosure, my other LCD TV is a few years old and might not have a great tuner. So maybe all LCD TVs have great in-the-box reception these days. Take my feedback for what it's worth.]

All in all, I'm very impressed with this set from Toshiba. I never would have purchased one of their sets if I hadn't gotten such a good deal on it, but now I've opened my mind to their TVs. They certainly did a good job with this one! Particularly around the picture quality and over-the-air HDTV reception.

Quite impressive for this price range.
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on August 8, 2012
The picture is very sharp and it is much better than I expected for the price.

But I have one big complaint and one smaller one.

The small complaint is that the remote is oddly designed. Some frequently used buttons are very tiny and poorly labeled. The mute only goes to half mute when first pressed. If I wanted to turn the TV down, I'd turn it down. I expect the mute button to mute the TV.

The large complaint is that the audio is not very bright. The maximum sound level is barely enough for me to hear over my fan or when I am cooking. If you like to watch TV loud or if you are putting it in a large room with background noise, you will be disappointed. I am going to have to buy some external speakers. I am not a gamer and don't care about extra bass--I want a crisper sound in the midrange/human voice levels. I keep rewinding to hear what is said during movies and dramas when conversations are soft. News shows and game shows are OK.

That said, the picture is very sharp. It is my first HDTV so I have nothing to compare it to but the picture is very nice, and I was expecting to pay a lot more.
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on March 30, 2012
Got this television for my bedroom because my old television broke. I was tossed up between this television, and the Panasonic VIERA TC-L32C3, and picked this. At the time there was a negligible difference in price, under five dollars difference. This was a great deal for a tv that is barely used. The main reason I picked it was the screen the panasonic had was an IPS screen, after looking online, although I had trouble understanding the specs, the info led me to believe this is brighter as it has a different style of screen.(Wikipedia IPS and CCFL) The picture is crisp and sharp and the sound is fine for a bedroom, it is currently more than loud enough On half volume at 10 feet away. The only cons I had was I had to screw the stand on to the television, and the remote feels cheap, although it works well. The USB function does not play video for me so it was essentially useless, and the screen defaulted at 4:3 and I had to set it to 16:9 so the image would fill out the screen. I know I am nitpicking because all the cons with the exception of the remote were easily solved. In the end there are televisions better than this one, but not at this price.
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on June 16, 2012
After my old CRT TV died in my bedroom, I was looking for a decent TV with a good match of features and value. I didn't need anything fancy since I use it to watch news/weather/traffic in the morning or as a TV for my daughter to watch cartoons. I am very happy with this Toshiba as it has a good set of inputs, a decent picture, and a reasonable price ($250).

Anyone buying this TV should read the review by Mark Fellows. You have to turn off the auto brightness sensor to get a sufficiently bright picture (see instructions below) or keep it in "retail" mode. I took off one star for the frustration of trying to find the energy saving options. Turn off the auto brightness sensor and you'll be more than pleased with the picture quality.

How to turn off the auto brightness sensor:
1. Hit the menu button,
2.go to "preferences" in the menu
3. press the down arrow key to scroll down past the REGZA-LINK options (the energy settings are sort of hidden at the very bottom, off-screen),
3. hit the enter button to select energy savings
4. Set auto brightness sensor to "off"
Picture should be much brighter.
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on June 20, 2012
We bought this TV to replace a 27-inch tube that blew. We've had it a week and we're pretty happy so far. We bought it in June 2011 at HH Gregg in Myrtle Beach after reading online reviews. Paid $270 inclusive. We'll be using it as our main set in the living room, primarily to watch cable tv. It is comparable to the 27" tube we had; just wider. If money was no object we might get a slightly larger one but it is adequate for our needs. I have a larger, older projection model I'll be setting up in another room for football.

Picture and sound are both very good for this price point. Sound is not overwhelming but this type tv doesn't have much room for speakers. We live in an older house with a good-sized living room and it's plenty loud. Movies might be a problem since the jacks ("ports"?) don't match my old dvd player. There's no yellow jack and hooking yellow to other jacks yields a black&white picture. Guess we'll have to buy an "S video" or "HDMI" cable. That's all Greek to me; I'm a Triceratops. But I'm sure something can be worked out. It would be nice if Toshiba had included a manual to explain this sort of thing. As noted elsewhere, it takes its own sweet time changing channels, so if you're a channel-surfer you might want to look elsewhere.

I was concerned over reports that models like this one with fluorescent backlighting/edgelighting (as opposed to LED) might be difficult to view from extreme angles off to the sides. I checked this out in the showroom and at home and I don't find this to be a problem at all. Unless I'm standing next to the tv, I can see just fine from any angle or distance.

Setup was pretty easy. The stand screwed right on and I only had to make about four or five choices on the setup menu and the scanning began. About ten minutes later we were watching tv. Five minutes later we had our two universal remotes synched to it. Speaking of remotes, for some reason you have to press the button twice to mute the sound. First push just yields half-mute(?)

We can't speak to durability but I was reassured to find that Toshiba recently merged its LCD screen production with Sony and Hitachi in some sort of Japanese gov't.-sponsored deal. This model comes with a one-year parts & labor manufacturer's warranty.
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on September 15, 2012
I am extremetly happy with this set. I have had its' 40" companion model 40E220U in my living room for several months so I already had a pretty good idea what I was getting. I actually purchaed two of these. One for the master bedroom and one for a guest room. I have found this line of Toshiba sets to be affordable with a very good picture once set up properly.

For those who have complained about the picture I think it is only fair to point out that the proper settings on ANY television make all the difference.

First, as has been mentioned in other reviews, turn off the auto brightness sensor. Under the preferences menu scroll all the way to the bottom, past the Regza-Link control option to the Energy Savings Settings (this item is scrolled off the bottom of the screen initially below the Regza-Link option). Select that item and turn the auto brightness sensor off. You will immediately see the picture brighten.

Next make sure the basic adjustments in the Picture menu are set well. Go into the Picture menu and try the following range of settings.

Set the Picture Mode to 'PREFERENCE' (you probably set it to STANDARD in the initial quick setup)

Go into the picture settings and try the following range of values play around with them since there are small varaiances beetween sets and between environments...

CONTRAST 90 to 96
BACKLIGHT 90 to 96
COLOR 45 to 50

As I said, play around with it a bit to suit your room and your taste but I find these settings to be very satisfying and the calibration disk I use bears out that they are as they should be.

One other note, you will need to repeat the picture settings for each input. Antenna, HDMI1, HDMI2, PC...they all have their own settings that the set "remembers". This is good if your cable or satellite box gives a "hotter" picture than your DVD, unless of course you are running all your switching through an AVR (which I do in the living room, however my DirecTV and my BluRay look equally good on the same setting on HDMI1)
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VINE VOICEon July 21, 2012
My son wanted a bigger television for his bedroom but we refused to spend too much on a kids television. This was a "cheaper" television but it turns out we were actually really pleased! The set up was easy, it was an easy set up with the xBox, and the picture is super! The speaker sound is as good as to be expected when you don't have a home theatre system set up. But, this is in a bedroom so the sound is perfect. I cannot find a thing wrong with this or any reason to be unhappy. This is the first Toshiba we have owned, and I would consider this brand in the future!
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on August 1, 2012
This is our first HDTV and replaces a Toshiba 19" color CRT TV that's about 15 years old (and still worked as good as new). We watch TV only for the occasional DVD or national emergency, etc., so our requirements are very low, maybe 1 or 2 DVD's a week, tops. We just leaned how to stream movies from Youtube and Hulu so we might increase our viewing, but seriously, who has the time? Anyway this Toshiba HDTV was a super buy from our perspective. It allows direct hookup of a laptop, and has a USB input, so we can view digital camera photos right off the SD Card; really convenient and absolutely the best way to show photos to friends. The picture looks amazing to us, which you might expect coming from a much older analog CRT display, but we compared this to a Panasonic and a Samsung, which were much more expensive and no better picture. Another advantage to this relatively smaller screen is the unit can be lifted with one hand. We store the TV behind an antique Victor crank victrola that sits in front of a picture window, looking out on the Appalachian mountains. We did not want the TV to spoil the view, so it sits on the floor behind the victrola till needed, then I just lift it off the floor onto the victrola cabinet and we're ready to view. When done I just put in back on the floor and cover it with the foam dust cover it shipped with. The poor man's hidden HDTV setup. I had to rig a strap using two of the wall bracket mounting bolt holes on the back of the unit; no problem. It's almost too easy

We have a DVD player and a VHS player piggy backed onto the composite video inputs, which seems to work fine. I used "Y" connector RCA plugs, two female in to one male out. There does not seem to be any loss in picture quality, but we don't have an HDTV DVD player. It just puts out 480dpi so there's not a lot of HD to be lost. There really is some advantage to not being spoiled with super high def expectations. I find the control easy to understand and use, with the most frequent adjustment being for picture size. This is a button on the control you just keep pushing and it rotates the picture through the various sizing options till you stop at the one you like. This feature is also nice when displaying digital camera photos. The sound quality and volume is good. You may get some buzz with high volume of really dynamic sound, but you can use the audio capability through the RCA connectors and run it to a stereo system. We haven't found the need. We sit about 12 feet from the screen in a fairly large room and are delighted with the viewing. Remember we are coming from a 19-inch CRT, so it doesn't take much to beat that.

I'm sure we are using this unit at the lower end of its capabilities, so I am not describing all its more sophisticated features. HDMI will be used for displaying streaming through a Macbook, but I haven't gotten around to get that implemented. The signal from my PC laptop through a 20-foot VGA cable is just great, using the VGA input port on the unit and a separate stereo sound patch cord from the headphone output of the laptop to the same connector input on the Toshiba. You have to tell the TV to use the PC input and analog sound but that is an fairly easy menu access and adjustment.

Overall a good TV and a great price.
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on July 8, 2012
This is right near the top of HDTV's I've seen as far as bang for the buck. While they don't throw in a lot of the bells and whistles (ie built in apps, tons of connection options), I wasn't looking for any of that. I just wanted a bedroom TV that looked good and was affordable. This is about as good as it gets in that regard.

While it is only 720p, it is highly unlikely anyone really needs 1080p at a size of 32". Unless you're sitting with your nose on the screen, there isn't really going to be a difference. Blacks are excellent, very close to LED quality. It even includes a VGA input, which is becoming more and more rare for the less expensive sets. Between 2 HDMIs, one component, one VGA, and the antenna, I'm more than satisfied at this price.

TV cosmetically looks fine, no annoying lights while the TV is operating and no ridiculous "touch of color" style stuff like you see on Samsungs (nothing against Samsung TVs, but I hate how the ToC style looks).

Admittedly the built-in sound is kind of "meh," but again, at this price I'm not expecting theater quality out of my speakers. The built-in speaker is fine for your run of the mill TV watching if you're just watching Simpsons reruns or whatever, but if you're settling in for Game of Thrones or Band of Brothers reruns you're probably going to left wanting if you're just going through the TV speaker.

Also, off angles are not the best compared to other recent HDTVs I've seen. They are not awful, but this is something you're going to want to be sitting pretty straight on in front of. Pic begins to look a tad washed out as you move to the left and right.

Despite those minor qualms, highest possible recommendation. I'd advise getting the warranty, as due to the low cost of the TV itself, the warranty is very cheap as well (around 30 bucks).

Couldn't be happier with this purchase so far (about 2 weeks in).

...just be sure to turn off that auto brightness thing (sort of hidden under the energy saver settings in the preferences menu) as soon as you set it up. Yuck.
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