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on June 22, 2013
We purchased this TV, after deciding that we weren't interested in having our "smart" TV built in. We have an Apple Smart TV, and can always consider upgrades to this (developing and fairly inexpensive) technology. Our Sony dvd player handles our streaming needs quite well; so, otherwise what we wanted was a quality TV with a beautiful picture, as well as enough inputs/outputs to give us flexibility with our needs.
This Toshiba (32L1350U) is truly a beautiful set - especially for the price! (I went ahead and took Amazon's credit card and received the $50 gift certificate - so that came off the price.) This TV has true stereo analog outputs (full size - not a single, mini-"headphone" jack, audio output), so you can easily go through a stereo receiver to quality speakers. Otherwise, 3 HDMI jacks (cable box, dvd player, etc.); as well as a PC port, and a USB, if you must use it as a computer monitor.
It has absolutely beautiful color definition, a small frame - so a maximum viewing area, and the built-in speakers are really quite good! We were happy that we could still get full analog stereo, output capability and all the features of a current HD television.
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on March 20, 2014
I purchased two of the 29L1350U LCD monitors to use as in a CCTV application. Within a few months of installation each of the units displayed instances of random power cycling (the monitors will power off and back on during use). An internet search of this phenomenon indicates that my monitors are not unique in this behavior.

One unit has only performed this random power cycle on three occasions over six months (and though annoying, this will seem acceptable as you read on). The second TV, however, is unusable, as it power cycles four or more times per hour - in some instances requiring unplugging for several minutes before it will resume function.

The defective unit is less than six months old, so after contacting their customer service, I sent it to a Toshiba authorized repair depot. I was responsible for shipping, which is frustrating, but acceptable. The unit was allegedly "repaired" (a new motherboard was installed) but upon its return it exhibited the same behavior IMMEDIATELY after being reconnected to a power supply. I was told to send the unit for a second round of service (again at my shipping expense) and that if the unit could not be repaired "other options" would be explored. I have received it back from this second repair and it still does not work. I have spoken to customer service, warranty service , and customer relations personnel, including several "managers." I am told that there is no option to have a replacement TV issued, only to resubmit to the same repair depot, AT MY COST. The "other options" are that they will request that a senior technician inspect the TV (implying that the lower level technician should not have been trusted to complete a successful diagnostic and repair?).

If I am to submit the set again, I will have spent $75 on shipping to repair an ongoing problem for a $190 TV. This experience has taught me that a Toshiba warranty is not worth the paper it is written on. I intend to file a complaint with my local bureau of consumer protection / the Better Business Bureau, as well as post as many online warnings to would-be-customers as I possibly can. I used to look at Toshiba as a trusted brand name and a reputable company. I understand that any manufacturer can have problems with products. A reputable company cannot guarantee that all of its equipment will be without defect, only that they will help to restore the consumer who was burdened with a defective item. The issue is not the faulty TV. The issue is the horrendous run-around that I am being put through in my attempts to resolve the issue. This is the last Toshiba item that I will ever purchase, PERIOD.
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This is a review for the 39" version.

While Samsung is likely over-rated, Toshiba is equally under-rated. This TV puts out a great picture AND sound. This is also one of the most efficient TV's on the market.

O Great Picture. Although not always 120hz (it depends on the source), the picture is fantastic. Realistic color representation. Works great as PC display (I use mine as part of a Home Theater PC setup). Great viewing angle. Plenty bright even with natural sunlight coming in the room.
O No "fancy" frills. Forget "smart tvs", let TV manufacturer do what they do best: make a TV! You can buy a dvd player, apple tv, roku, etc that does everything a smart tv can do. I personally let my HTPC running Windows Media Center do all the heavy lifting.
O Has all the outputs you need. Lately alot of manufactures are cutting back on outputs, probably keep the displays as thin/light as possible. This has output for analog audio (goes to my sennheiser wireless headphones) and optical audio (goes to my audio receiver for when I want full theater experience).
O Built in speakers are quite capable. A worthy sound for a thin tv!
O AWESOME energy efficiency. Energy star rates this as 49.6Watts, but my killawatt measures it at 36.9Watts. The Energy Star Sticker estimates $10 per year in power costs, far below the average for comparable sized screens. And given my measurements, Energy star is overestimating the consumption.
O Clean design, uncomplicated user interface!
O Price is terrific! This performs as well as much more expensive Samsung models which paying the unnecessary premium. Toshiba makes great sets and has great reputation for superb engineering in Japan. I will point out that Samsung is not nearly as popular a brand in Japan, which reinforces my belief that perception about brand and quality is very relative.

O Base is a bit wobbly for my tastes, but is adequate given the light weight of the TV itself. I only notice when I turn the TV to face a different room. (Which I do frequently, and it has been no problem whatsoever)
O Other reviewers have mentioned the low sensitivity of the remote. I admit it's a bit weak, but it's not so hard to aim it at the TV. Really the only time I need it is to turn on/off or change volume. These days most viewing control is done thru media devices anyway (my HTPC in my case), so I'm not bothered, and I suspect neither will most people. (Who doesn't have a media player of some type these days? Tivo, Cable box, Roku, DVD player, etc...)
O I wish the TV would auto-power down faster after not detecting a signal, or allow the user to customize this. I think it takes about 20 minutes.

Overall, I am very happy with this TV! I would absolutely purchase again and recommend this TV. 5 stars

Please feel free to leave a comment/question as I'm happy to reply.

Update 4/5/2014:
Still very happy with this TV. Just wanted to add that the TV and the stand stood up very nicely to all the earthquakes we've been having.
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on December 12, 2013
All are TV are Toshiba we have had no problem with any of them. The new 58 in is a amazing picture, we have a surround sound system and you feel like you are watching everything at the theater. I highly recommend this TV.
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on January 16, 2014
This 58" Tv is amazing, so amazing I ordered another one for my parents. I purchased my first "flat screen" back in 2007. It was a 42" Toshiba that was highly recommended in Consumer Reports. I still use it today with only one issue... The battery cover on the remote falls off easily. Everything else still works perfect on it. Im a huge gamer and love to watch sports (football, nascar, hockey, xgames) and this tv worked ok, but was a little blurry. 240hz wasn't available back then. Then a few years down the road I bought a 32" Toshiba for my bedroom. Again, no issues but I decided a few months ago that I needed to get with the times and update the 42". So, I gave my uncle my 32" and he loves it. I researched Tvs on here, bestbuy, new egg, sears, target, walmart, basically anyone that sells TVs. Everyone thinks Samsung is the way to go... I have no problems with Samsung, but they are overpriced. I have a ps3,a ps4, and a labtop that i hook up to my TV's hdmi. I want the best technology but minus the aps on it and the 3D on it. Which I personally believe isn't the greatest thing for your eyes. (Just my opinion) I came across this big guy... Now when I was going to purchase this, it was right around black Friday... Huge fan of ad watching... Everything that was cheap on BF was a cheap brand or not worth the wait. That's when I decided on this and don't regret one bit of it. Im not loaded or well off by any means. Im a veteran and a full time college student. I have been saving up money for a while just to afford a nice tv. For 899.00 (tax free and free shipping) You get a huge almost 60" tv... 240hz, which is amazing on any sports, movies or fast paced show (almost looks fake cause the clearity is so real)... Now for gamers out there... This TV was rated my numerous gaming magazines as the 3rd best tv for lag response time (the other 2 were over $2,000) However Toshiba has a "game mode" which sets everything to the exact setting for you to achieve this quickness without sacrificing image quality. COD GHOSTS LOOKS AMAZING ON PS4!!! GTA V and Gran Turismo 6 on ps3 = AMAZING! I recommend everyone that reads this... DO YOUR RESEARCH... Make sure you know what you want before you buy... I did and don't regret it! After 3 months having it... I cant believe the difference it is compared to my 42". Any responses with questions, I'll try and answer after this post. Thank you and CHEERZ to Tv shopping!
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on February 3, 2014
Had this tv for exactly 4 months when it died. No power. Nothing. Called the customer service department and I must send them the unit at my own expense and find a box to put this piece of trash in. I asked them to provide a box and they told me to take it to a UPS center and buy one from them. I expected them to send me a replacement tv and I would then send them the broken one in the box I received but I guess that's just too difficult for them to do. I also think they should cover the postage for this defective junk they sold me. After going online I found out the 4 month mark is pretty typical for their products to self destruct. I am over this company and will never do business with them again.
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on August 20, 2013
I got this on sale at Best Buy for $350 and for the price I don't think you can really get much better picture in "120hz" and 39". I'll compare build and functionality to my last TV a 2009 samsung 22"LCD.

-So here is a dirty secret I discovered. The "clearscan" 120Hz prominently printed on the box doesn't exist in my settings. So i'm not sure if it is really doing 120 or just 60. Yes, I know what i'm doing, I even downloaded the manual and it has directions directly referring to this exact model, go to advanced picture settings and toggle on/off cinema mode. Regardless of picture mode it's greyed out. A quick google search revealed others with the same problem. I might contact customer service to see what they say and I'll update if I get to it. But from what i've read 120vs60 is not a big deal. The difference between "game mode", supposedly reducing input lag is marginal compared to the other modes but I think it is better than say cinema for games. The refresh rate seems improved at least on "game mode" compared to my old Samsung and it works well for games and movies my main uses. Saving some money and going to 60hz is something that you might consider. I think my final conclusion is we are getting improved refresh rate from 60hz but it is hard to notice. You don't get the "soap opera" effect like with my parents 240hz Panasonic. Where if you put it on high processing it looks really high frame rate.

-The remote is very cheaply made compared to my old remote from 2009. You have to go out of your way to aim directly at the IR port. Kinda surprising you could mess up a remote in 2013. Samsung remote works normal point it in the direction of the TV and it works. I think some of the unresponsiveness has to do with the tv taking 3-4 seconds between when you hit power on the remote and turning on.

-The stand is very poorly engineered. My model is ever so slightly tipping to the left after installing it correctly and pushing on the tv causes it to wobble around WITH the TV screwed into the stand. I plan to put it on a wall mount so that should solve that problem. Wishing they just copied samsung's no tools or screws required foolproof stand.

-I had to exchange the first TV I got because there was a dead pixel. Second TV was fine. The first TV's stand was fine, in terms of being level, albeit wobbly. This dead pixel out of the box on the first TV kind of makes me worry about how long the TV will last. My Samsung from 2009 is still trucking with a little brightness discoloration spots.

-Menu user interface is slightly worse/funky compared to my old tv.

-At around $200 cheaper than the comparable Samsung model i'm willing to put up with the Cons to avoid the samsung brand tax.

-The picture is all around better than my 2009 TV as you would hope. Only problem is the blacks are really black and I found myself boosting up the gamma +4 out of a max +5 because it was just too dark, abnormally so if you ask me.

-3 HDMI ports. Many TVs this size only have 2. I'm going to plug consoles into all of them. Generally lots of output options Samsung seems to just leave off this size of TV bizarrely these days. I would like to plug my TV into speakers thanks.

-The TV barely is warm on top after extensive use indicating how much energy the LED technology saves.

-The sound is about as good as my Samsung from 2009 probably marginally better and louder.

So in the end I think it is a good deal. I'm happy gaming and netflixing on it so far and I'm willing to deal with some quirks for the price.

UPDATE 10/15/2013:

Support interaction information: Spoke to Jerry, reference number 131007-004922.

I called Toshiba customer service to find out two things. How do I upgrade the firmware for the TV. And why is cinema mode greyed out and "off" in the menu, when the manual says that I can turn it on. After 30 minutes the CSR told me they needed to have a tier 2 person call me back and there is no firmware update. Problem is, on their own website when I enter the model number on the support page at it shows there IS a firmware update. I was told I would get a call back the next day and haven't heard from them 2 weeks later. So based on my interactions I would say avoid a Toshiba TV because they have poor customer service in the support department. I certainly got the run around when I tried to ask why advertised features were not working.

UPDATE 10/17/2013:

I was able to update the firmware from some help from another reviewer in the comments of this review. I am now running 1.08 firmware and there has been no change in menu options.

UPDATE 1/8/15:
TV still works fine, no dead pixels. Changed to 3 star review to reflect no problems with the tv and consensus seems to be 120hz is just forced on all the time with no setting to change it.
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on January 8, 2014
This is my third Toshiba flat screen and I love it. I just keep going with Toshiba because of the quality.

I'm using a RaspeberyPi for streaming, Dish Network for other stuff, and a Sony Blu-Ray DVD player and all are exemplary with my new Toshiba.

I upgraded from a 40" Toshiba Plasma to this backlit LED and find it just great.

I really cannot say enough about this TV. You'll love yours as well.
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on April 24, 2014
First thing, I did not buy this tv through Amazon (wish I would have), but Best Buy. Out of the box the tv had a screen defect. There are these ripples of gray towards the top left of the screen that can be seen on lighter backgrounds. I thought I had 30 days to return the tv, but Best Buy recently changed their policy and only gave 14 days, so . . . I called Toshiba to activate the warranty. First they said the model number from the back of the tv did not exist. I had to take a picture of it and email it to Toshiba--the makers of the tv--to prove I was giving them the right model number. Okay, no problem. They tell me the tv is covered, call tech support. I call tech support. They try to walk me through all these steps to "fix" the picture when it is clearly a screen defect. I've invested about 45 minutes of my life, but okay this must be protocol. They finally say that the tv will need to be taken to a repair facility and fixed under warranty. They give the name and number of a place. The place never answers the phone. I finally get through to the repair place after days of trying and the guy tells me Toshiba should have given me an authorization number. Well, they didn't. Call back tech support. They have no idea what I am talking about. Finally, after being on hold the guy comes back and says, oh yes here is your authorization number. I call back the repair place a few times, finally get them on the line, and the guy tells me to bring the tv in at 4pm. I wait an hour in front of his shop before the repair guy shows up. Beyond frustrated at this point, but at any rate, I leave the tv. Next day the repair guy calls me and says that Toshiba will not cover cost of repairing the tv, they say the screen was damaged by someone hitting it? Yes, I make a habit of smacking around my flat screens. If that wasn't bad enough, this tv is advertised as 120hz, but on the back of the tv it says 60hz. So disgusted with Toshiba. I have laptops from them that are great, but I will not be a repeat customer after my experience with the tv. I seriously want to through the thing in the garbage.
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on March 17, 2014
Considering I already had a multitude of "smart devices" such as my Xbox and Chromecast to access Netflix, internet etc, I had no need for a smart TV. Having a big screen was a priority, and I wanted at least 120 Hz. The "dumb TV" market is certainly dwindling, but it makes sense to save a few bucks and forego the smart features if you can already get them elsewhere.

My shopping search brought me to this model Toshiba, and a 60 in. Samsung (UN60FH6003F), both which could be had for less than $1000. I was able to see both models in person; the Toshiba at Paul's TV, and the Samsung at Costco. Both were close in terms of performance, but the 240 Hz and quicker response time for gaming won me over for the Toshiba.

After optimizing the screen settings over the past couple weeks, the picture quality now astonishes me everyday. Blacks are deep and colors pop without being too saturated. The only thing I negative thing I can say about picture quality (and deducted a star for in this review) is that there is some backlight bleed in the bottom left corner when the screen is completely dark. This only happens late at night when the TV is the only thing illuminating the room. Otherwise it is unnoticeable.

The sound from the built-in speakers is nothing to write home about, but that seems to be the case with most flatscreens. I have a 5.1 system, and pairing that sound quality with this great screen brings a top-notch entertainment experience. If you do not have a sound system, I would highly recommend getting a sound bar at the very least.

I was a bit wary when I bought this TV because there were so few first-hand reviews out for it. Some reviews mentioned that the TV stopped working after a few weeks, or even arrived completely dead. That was not the case for me, and I will knock on wood for good longevity. I consider myself lucky finding this Toshiba for only $799 at Sears, and can say with confidence that it is an excellent bargain. If you are searching for great picture quality in a big screen without the added bloat of smart software, look no further. I can recommend this unit with confidence.

***This is a copy of my review from Sears, where I purchased this TV. Amazon is where I come for my user reviews, and want to contribute here as well.***
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