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on May 1, 2012
This is a great TV, especially for the price. My main TV is a nice 42" LG and this one is not quite on par with the LG, but still a darn good TV.

Pros: Price, picture, sound.

Cons: Cheap remote, slow channel change.

Note: Like other reviews here you'll find that out of the box this TV is dark. If you try to increase the Backlight you'll find that nothing happens. That's because the Backlight settings are turned off by Energy Saver.

Go into Setup and turn Energy Saver OFF and now you can adjust your Backlight and get a nice looking picture.

Replace the cheap remote with a better one and you're all set. (The remote really is horrible)
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on July 3, 2012
This flat screen is very bright. The colors are clear with good even saturation. No dead pixels. Very easy to set up. The stand is sturdy and even though the flatpanel is rather light it feels very solid.

Sadly I had to deduct two stars for four reasons.

1. It's VGA PC input is incapable of 1920x1080 at 60Hz. If an $87.oo 21" LCD Acer screen can take full HD through VGA then so should a $400.oo LCD screen.
>>>>>>Turns out that TOSHIBA has intentionally crippled Full-HD through the PC/VGA input.The RGB Component input can take Full HD though.Crazy huh? Why would TOSHIBA do this? It's quite annoying to lose an essential input. The VGA input can only properly display 4:3 resoltions.

2. The only analog (RCA) sound output option is a bit noisy, (lots of hiss). Hooking up to non-optical equipped receivers is a waste of time.

3. Remote control has poor responsiveness, often needing repeated button pushing and hard mashing to work.

4. PC hook up though HDMI was more succesful, but took a lot of patience and repeated efforts for only marginal success. (read instructions closely)

>>>Update July 18th 2012.Screen began taking longer and longer to reach full brightness. Something appears to be wrong with the CFL backlighting system. This recent problem coupled with the lack of a usable VGA PC input has led with me no recourse other than to send it back.

This model is one the best selling on the web, and for most people it's a good product. I just got a bad one.

If you don't need a VGA input or a clean analog audio output then this screen's positives outweigh its negatives.
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on April 25, 2012
First realize that the dimensions where entered in error. This TV is not 1.8" but actually 3.9" without the stand. That is what you would expect for a TV this size anyways. This TV, unlike most TV does have a auto dimmer to help save energy and the life of the screen. I find it to operate a little cheaply, and enjoy the picture much more with the auto-dimming off. As a reference, I own a high-end HDTV as well and that one I left the auto-dimming on as it performs wonderfully. The picture on this TV meets my expectations for a cheap TV, the blacks and whites are decent and the 60Hz performs nicely. I do like that they actually put some effort into this unit with the ability to produce clear sound with what they call Audyssey Premium Television. I haven't noticed that the sound is better than average, but more importantly I haven't noticed the sound is bad. A 40" at $400 is a great buy and hard to beat.
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on May 14, 2012
I don't know what people are complaining about the sound for. Granted, I live in a small apartment with thin
walls. The volume has never been above ten and I have had a neighbor ask me if I got a new sound system for
my new TV because she could hear it very clearly. I usually keep it around 5-6. I think it goes passed 30.
I've never needed to test max volume.

The picture quality is exactly what I was expecting in a HDTV of this price/class. I must admit that when
the lights are out the TV auto-dims and the picture suffers. I'm going to mess w/the energy setting and see
how that affects things.

I did not purchase this TV from Amazon. I bought it at a local Fred Meyer. It was on sale for $399 and I
used some of my Fred Meyer Rewards coupons that I redeemed and walked out having only paid $277.67 !!!
I feel that even at $400ish, it's still worth the money. I am very happy.

My only complaint is that it doesn't have enough HDMI ports for me but I knew that when I bought it.
I have my cable and bluray on the two HDMIs and unfortunately my 'puter on the PC in port (VGA) for
video and using the PC/HDMI audio in port for the audio. Which is fine, it's just more cables ...
more clutter. And also the remote looks very cheap but the numbers are big and clearly marked
and .. lets face it .. it's working perfectly. My last TV was a Toshiba and, it's funny, this remote
has the EXACT same layout as my last, albeit it has a few extra buttons for picture selection etc.
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I have this as my bedroom TV and am very happy with it. I have owned Toshiba TV's in the past. I owned two Toshiba rear projections TV's and then went to the LCD flat screens. I bought this TV at a local brick and mortar store that wears blue shirts and has yellow signage. It was easy to bring home and hook right up.

For the bedroom it is perfect! I have it sitting on a desk which is perfect height wise for the bed. The sound is not great but I hooked it up to a VIZIO VSB200 Universal HD Sound Bar when I watch TV. It sounds wonderful! I managed to put the sound bar behind the TV stand since it sits out a little far. I also am using it as a monitor to a PC I have in the bedroom that I rarely use. However, having the VGA input is perfect; the picture is nice even though it is only 4:3 aspect ratio for the PC. I also have a Roku hooked up to it via a HDMI cable and it looks and sounds great!

When I crawl into bed tired, I love watching TV on my Toshiba. With tax I spent more than what it is listed here but am very happy with it. I don't watch much sports or action movies so the 60Hz is fine for me.

I don't know if I would have this as a main TV but as a bedroom TV, it is perfect! I am very satisfied with it and glad I purchased it.
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on September 17, 2012
I purchased my Toshiba tv on January 2, 2012 and it stopped working on July 13, 2012. I called customer service because my tv would not turn on, the power indicator would come on then go off within 30 sec but there was no picture or sound. Customer service told me that they would create a work order and I would get an email from Nexicore. They automatically ordered a motherboard without even seeing my tv. Once my part was in the service provider would contact me within 24hrs to sch and it took 3 days to sch an appt w/ (Nick) he then told me he had to come to my house before 4pm because he lived on the other side of town and wanted to miss traffic. He replaced the motherboard and 2hrs later the tv is not working. I was then told they had to order the part again another 3-5 days and then resch a service visit. I told them at this time I did not want the same employee to come to my house and this was ignored. I was told that there are 3 parts to a flat screen tv the motherboard, power panel and the screen. So this time they order both the motherboard and the power panel to guess which part is bad. The same service employee came back out (nick) replaced the parts and the tv worked for 2 weeks. Then the tv not only wouldn't power on correctly but would emit a screeching sound. I then called Toshiba and told them that I do not want to deal with Nexicore any longer and they gave me a list of 3 authorized service providers. I brought my t.v. to HI Definition Electronics and they had no cooperation from Toshiba w/ ordering parts and were told that they were not an authorized service provider after Toshiba was the one to give me their contact. I had to call the customer relations manager myself and be placed on hold while he was on the phone w/ HI definition. Finally both companies decided to order the motherboard for a 3x and Hi definition replaced the part and informed me that the same malfunction is occurring. Finally my complaint was escalated to Mikalla but all Toshiba states that they can do is order another part and keep trying to fix the tv. I have been told by a customer relations manager that this is how electronics work and they will just keep replacing parts until they get it. Then Mikkalla told me I have not been through enough to get a replacement and that all they can do is order another part. I asked what else and how much longer until they actually will make this right and she stated that is not something that they inform the consumer of. Also I was informed that I did not read my warranty information and have not went through the proper steps to get the tv repaired which, I would think that they would of notified me of this the first time I called 3 months ago. It clearly states on my Toshiba warranty "if your are experiencing a technical problem or have questions regarding operation, Authorized service providers, warranty or parts, please contact customer service department at: 1800-631-3811" Mikkalla also stated that I own this tv and it is my responsibility to get it fixed not Toshiba's. DO NOT PURCHASE ANY PRODUCT FROM TOSHIBA!! TOSHIBA DOES NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR POOR PRODUCTS AND DOES NOT CARE AT ALL ABOUT THEIR CONSUMERS.
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on June 13, 2012
I bought this TV for a rental property but ended up using it myself due to a power surge knocking out our plasma. Currently watching Euro 2012 on it and can't believe how good the picture is. Do the Energy Saving trick as advised and the picture is brighter. Remote control is rubbish but not an issue if you have a cable remote. Only thing the TV lacks is IP capability but you can always buy an xbox, media player etc if you want to watch Netflix etc. All in all I don't think there is another 1080p HDTV out there that can rival this one. Denmark 0 - Portugal 2. I might buy another one now :).
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on July 11, 2012
I bought this TV at on June 24th and received it June 27th. After hooking this baby up and adjusting the power feature to the off position(the picture sucks with it on)I used the composite jack on it to run my DVD and satellite till Directv upgraded my box (about a week later) and I have to say I was pretty impressed with the picture. It's wasn't as clear as my CRT TV, but it was better than I expected. After the upgrade to the HD box with the HDMI cable I was just blown away! This TV makes watching shows like True Blood so much better. I had no idea what I was missing in the picture! My only complaint seems to be with the sound. Now I have my TV hooked up to a sound system so this is kind of a non-issue for me, but for those without it could be a problem. The sound coming from the TV is incredibly low, even turned up to 50. I have yet to figure out a way to make that better, but I will keep trying. It's only bad enough for me to knock off one star. People complain about the remote a lot on these reviews, but tell you the truth I don't use mine much. I use maybe 3 or 4 buttons on it and the rest I use Directv remote. For the price this TV is a great TV, especially for someone entering into the flat screen TV market. I paid a total of $384.99 with free shipping.
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on May 17, 2012
We searched a long time before settling on this TV for our office. We live in an apartment and the room isn't huge, and felt 40" was a comfortable size. The picture is what you'd expect for this kind of TV, very nice. As long as you're not expecting a $1500 TV, you won't be disappointed. My boyfriend did spend some time making adjustments out of the box, it seemed to be on some kind of eco mode. So make sure you mess around with the options before deciding you're not happy with the picture. No complaints about the sound either, works great out of the box. We had planned on hooking up a sound bar, but it's really not necessary.

Only con is that like another reviewer stated, the remote is simply horrible. It's cheap and feels like it's going to fall apart. You also have to be at just the perfect angle from the TV to get it to work, I find myself having to stand up and walk over to the other side of the room to do anything remote-related.

We're mainly using it to watch movies(and I watch Netflix during the day while I work on our Xbox 360). We've also done some light gaming on it. For what we use it for, it's great. I feel the picture is just as nice as the bigger Samsung we have in our living room, at a way better price.
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on June 10, 2012
I bought mine at a retail store this weekend for my bedroom.

In demo mode, the HDTV produced rich colors and impressive darks, but then again don't all TV's in retails stores look this good?

Setup was rather easy as Comcast 480i (4:3) signal was identified and HDTV was up and running in minutes. I also changed the screen output to TheaterWide-1 since I'm not getting HD Cable in my bedroom.

After tinkering with the settings, I couldn't get the picture to look acceptable because the screen looked grayed out and too dark. I was about to pack it up and return it but opted to tinker with it one more time.

To remedy the darkness of the screen and brighten it up 75% higher, goto MENU > PREFERENCES > Scroll down to ENERGY SAVING SETTINGS (you won't see it on the screen because its listed underneath Regza Link Player Control and Channel Browser Setup. Keep scolling down, then Turn off Energy Saving Setting.

If you stand up close to the screen, you can see minor defects of distortion but it disappears after you back away a few feet. For the price of the TV, this is a good bargain.
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