Customer Reviews: Toshiba 46L5200U 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED TV (Black) (2012 Model)
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on June 7, 2012
This is a great TV if calibrated correctly. I was quite frustrated with it in the beginning, looked online and found following settings [...]They worked for me, hope it helps everyone else looking for good calibration.
All in all, great purchase for the price.

Set picture mode to preference before making these changes.

These settings found in Picture Settings and Advanced Picture Settings:
Contrast 96
Backlight 52
Dynalight Off
Brightness 53
Color 50 (it's already well-adjusted out of the box)
Tint 0 (same as above)
Sharpness 1
Dnyamic Contrast Off
Static Gamma 0
Color Temperature Warm
Cinema Mode Film
Clearframe Off

Noise Reduction Settings:
MPEG Noise Reduction Off

Theater Settings:
Picture Size Native (very important to switch to this)
Auto Aspect Ratio Off
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on April 27, 2012
The picture is outstanding and very natural, Great contrast, whites are super white and blacks are very deep. Menu buttons are very responsive, no delay. Thin frame and a sturdy stand.

For the price nothing came close in comparison that is 120hz l.e.d less than 2" thick with clear frame technology.

The clear frame technology works great but works via HDMI not the dvi pc connection. Whats cool about it is that you can have something in clear frame mode AND then set the degree of "camera stabilization", between smooth, standard and off. So you can avoid the complete soap opera effect by setting it to off instead of smooth.

Blue Ray video is jaw dropping indeed, with the clear frame technology applied over Planet Earth the picture seems ultra real and life like.

There are a few things about it that are small inconveniences but definitely pale in comparison to the overall deal.

-Each input saves display preferences EXCEPT for Game mode
-no dedicated game mode button, access quickly through menu.
-no start up sound; I enjoyed my Samsung's jingle to confirm the button press was received.

I use this as my pc monitor connected via HDMI.
$650 after tax from Best Buy.
I had to do a lot of color calibrating but I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.
I hope this helps as there are not many reviews out about this model.

Enjoy it!
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on May 9, 2012
The thing that attracted me to this tv is the fact that it has 3 HDMI inputs while most tv's in this range only offer 2. I really don't understand the thinking that goes behind selling higher end TV's with more HDMI connections. If the tv has internet connectivity built in, that is one LESS HDMI connection that is required, but if you are like me and want to add a streaming network player, you need that extra HDMI connection if you already are using the other 2 for BluRay and satellite receivers.

The 2nd selling point was that the screen, while not truly a matte finish, is still much less reflective than the other top brands, especially LG. This was a big consideration for me, as my tv room has a lot of windows.

I love the TV's appearance. It is very thin with a modern look. The picture quality is great, and I like the movie mode for watching movies and normal tv dramas and sitcoms, while the 120hz ClearFrame is great for sports, especially fast action sports like Supercross and Formula One.

The reason I don't give it 5 stars is the remote. It is crappy looking and feeling, the buttons are bizarrely either over-sensitive or under-sensitive when using the onscreen prompts. Really hit or miss. It needs a better remote, and I am thinking about trying one from the L6200U series when my local big-box store gets them in to see if it will work with the L5200U series as well.

One tip: Make sure you download and flash the firmware upgrade from Toshiba's website before you try to scan for local channels with the tuner.
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on August 20, 2012
I shopped around a lot comparing features to every TV out there before I made the decision to buy this TV.

I narrowed down my choices in the following order of priority:

1) Size
2) Picture (image quality, colors & refresh rate)
3) Sound
4) Screen resolution when Connected to computers
5) Sound Output (Auxilarry, Digital or Co-axial)
6) # of HDMI ports
7) Component jacks
8) Smart apps & wi-fi

Size is something that every individual will have their own preference on. My comparison came down to Sharp LC42LE540U, Toshiba 40L5200, Samsung UN40EH6000FXZA & Panasonic TC-L42E50. Out of these 4, Sharp had the best picture quality.

Picture & Refresh rate: Hardware on Sharp, Panasonic & Samsung is 120 Hz whereas hardware on Toshiba is 60 Hz. Toshiba presents this TV with 120 Hz refresh rate but truly hardware is 60 Hz. I am a die hard football fan so I made sure I watched some really quick forward passes on this TV before I picked it. ClearFrame technology works good on this TV. You may see a few kinks but overall, you will not notice a difference. The image n this TV however was second to Sharp. It was more true. Samsung image appeared good but it was too bright, looked almost like made up image. Picture on this TV looked real as if I was looking through my window.

Computer Connectivity: Sharp was a better choice in terms that it allowed connection to computer using a VGA cable and it's screen resolution was 1080p for computers using VGA port. Panasonic & Toshiba only provide resolution up to 768p (also commonly called 720p). 768p is higher than 768p but it is easy for people to understand. Samsung had no VGA port.

Wi-fi: Sharp had in-built wi-fi. Panasonic was wi-fi ready. You need to purchase a Panasonic Wifi Dongle to connect to the only USB on TV. Samsung & Toshiba both do not have wi-fi. I was not worried of the Wi-fi because I was going to connect Apple TV to make it wi-fi enabled.

Sound: The choice all came down to sound quality for me. I understand that using a Sound bar is cool thing to do with TVs but I want my TV to be able to work without Sound bars too. Sharp was the best choice in every other department except for its appearance and sound. The sound out of sharp was muffled and not easy to relate to. Panasonic on the other hand was barely audible on max vol. Samsung had decent colume coming out but Toshiba was so loud and clear on 34 vol (max 100).

Appearance & inputs: I was instantly sold on this Toshiba TV. It has good appearance. It's skinny (thinner than Sharp, Panasonic & Samsung). It has 3 HDMI ports as opposed to 2 in Samsung & 4 in Sharp. It has a composite input to connect your older devices to your TV. Samsung only had HDMI inputs. It has a PC sound input from computer. The best part is that you can choose your input source on your computer. So if you use a VGA to HDMI converter then you don't need to worry about not getting any sound from your TV. You can select HDMI input as video source and PC input as audio source. Vga clarity is good. I have a display port on my computer so I can connect my notebook using HDMI port and get max resolution but for older computers VGA is a must.

Sound Outputs: Toshiba TV also has both Digital & Auxiliary sound output. Aux output lets you connect your high intensity BOSE computer speaker system to your TV. I don't know about other but I like having only one good set of BOSE speakers which I can use with both my TV & computer. No need to spend money on 2 separate sets. Samsung had only digital audio output.

This TV also has a USB input like other TVs

All in all, this TV has given me the best value for my money.

I saw some reviews on software problems with this TV. I also noticed that at times I had video but no Audio.
I figured out the problem. It only happens (intermittently) if I use my comcast cable remote to turn the TV off but use TV's remote to turn it back on (or vice versa). I now use only my cable remote to turn tv on or off and I have not seen any software issue with the TV.
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on August 8, 2012
I did quite a bit of research before purchasing this TV, so I was fairly confident it would be a good set. However, it was even better than I expected. First, let me say that I was looking for a tv, not a machine that does it all. I did not want 3d, picture-in-picture, or internet connectivity, though I get internet via both Direct TV and my TIVO. The TV itself has a fantastic picture right out of the box. The basic setting for home is so good that I have not yet found a need to tweak it. The sound is loud and clear, and the leveling feature keeps the loud, obnoxious commercials from being too irritating. I have been pleased with the motion reproduction. Other reviewers have commented on the remote, so let me say that it really works fine, though it is a little bit light weight. Personally, we use the Direct TV remote, so it is not much of an issue, anyway. If you are like me and want a great TV that does what it should without all of the bells and whistles, then you can get this at a reasonable price. I suggest shopping around. Also, i don't normally get extended warranties, but I did this time. Not really sure why, but I did. Finally, let me add that I feel good knowing that I paid half of what my friends with different models did, and I got a TV that I think is better.
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on April 20, 2012
I didnt found any reviews in amazon for this tv so submitting this review to help others make the right choice. I m techno person n I looked through lots of brand like Samsung, Sony, LG, Sharp, Panasonic etc. I wanted a tv with best picture and sound quality. After spending hrs in comparing the picture quality n contrast ratio, I purchase this tv from a nearby store for just 600 including taxes.

I found that TOSHIBA has come up with this 2012 model 40L5200U, which has the best sound and great picture with rich colors, the picture looks so real and natural as though u r looking out of the window.

I was initially planning to get a Samsung 2012 ES model, but did not like the picture and color in it after comparing both tv in store for hours. Smart features was not a priority for me because I wanted to get an Apple tv with all the Apple devices I have iphone, macbook etc, Airplay mirroring is a great plus.

I purchased an apple tv n connect to my TOSHIBA n u wont believe that along with my Bose speakers it became the best SMART TV u can think of. Why to pay extra $200-$300 for getting a smart TV with built in wi-fi when u can get smart devices like apple tv, ruku, smart bluray players for just $100.

Really Appreciate TOSHIBA for making this Great TV without the smart features at a reasonable price and giving back the price benefit to the customers, to choose the smart device of their choice.
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on December 4, 2012
I purchased this TV over 2 months ago. It did not work. Called Toshiba, they needed an exact purchase date to start a tech support ticket. I gave them this information. One month later 1st technician comes out with a new part, replaces it, and the TV still does not work, they order a 2nd part, Takes about 1 month, Tech come out replaces it, and the TV still does not work. He changes a different part still does not work. It has been over 2 months and the TV still only shows Toshiba splash screen. I call Toshiba directly, to request a new TV instead, they say I need to fax a copy of the proof of purchase and they will evaluate my claim??? Excuse me, you have the warranty information, you have the purchase date, you have had techs on site multiple times, yet I still need to go find a PO and fax it to them They claim in case it is a gift?????? So if it is a gift I guess you do not get it replaced??????????????????? Well we did purchase it, it does not work. Toshiba is extremely difficult to work with, I will never buy from this company again, I recommend you stay clear as well, and if by some chance you want to gift one to someone, buy a different brand, because even if it is registered and under warranty it is totally meaningless for a gift. Bad company, bad tech support!!!!!!!!
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on April 4, 2012
OK so i bought this TV at best buy for about he same price about 3 days ago. Because i am making this review so early since my purchase so that people will have an idea of this tv because it has not ratings besides this one.. that being said i will update. so anyways lets get on with the review. I''l post pics soon later.

For starters i was on a budget and before getting any tv i came across over everyone of them online, this tv was just luck but i still looked for reviews from customers and found ZERO so i knew i was taking a chance.
I was planning on getting a cheapo westinghouse but when i went to Best Buy somehow this TV cought my attention. I have a 3 year zero percent interest financing plan so i have a while until the tv is mine....
Anyways I got it for my small-medium sized room and it looks perfect. not too big if you are looking away from 5+ feet.

Specs: This TV is 45.6 inches diagonally. full 1080p (1920x1080) and has clear frame 120hz. It also has 3 HDMI outputs, VGA for pcs, one usb port that only plays music and photos a component,optical port, and pc in jacks for audio (which i think is just a 3.5 mm jack)

This is my first Tv with 120 hz refresh frame and i gotta say i can really see the difference. Also worth noting is that color may not be good out of the box as in some tv channels i saw a warm color so people's faces were red tanned, i tweeked my video settings and i got a much better color. I've heard Toshiba has awful sound but i am not disappointed with this tv's sound . It sounds a lot louder than its predecessors but for optimal sound i recommend a sound bar or 5.1 which i plan getting( i mean c'mon lets be honest 95% of all HDTV's speakers suck).

Pros: It is 1080P,120HZ, has 3 HDMI ports, i am a gamer and this tv has a game mode when connected to an hdmi (without it you would see input lag or a slow responding gaming experience),

Cons: i have an old Sony 5.1 with no digital coax or optical so i cant connect it to this unit, i have tried everything from RCA cables to a RCA to 3.5 mm jack and nothing....... this tv only accepts digital so i will have to replace it but hey i was planning on getting blu ray either way.

The USB port does NOT play video so that is a con for me so i use my xbox 360's usb ports to play them.

the color kinda of fades when moving away from the center but its minimal. i see no difference really when being from an angle but it IS brighter if you watch from the center since this is an LED tv.

so far this tv has been great. i gave it 4 stars because of its cons but then again no TV is perfect. so if you think about getting this tv i recommend it if you are on a budget for a big screen. if you have any questions feel free to contact me. I wish good luck.
UPDATE APRIL 7 2012: i have found out that the censor is at the middle portion of the tv which is the aero design with the brushed stainless steel metal.... this probably means that if you have a sound bar it may be conflicting.
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on July 25, 2012
I researched all available LED 120Hz HDTVs in 46-55'' range and this one was the best value I could find.
I was expecting some lower class TV for the money that I paid but it appeared that its picture quality is ever better than that of its >$1000 competitors.
Remote control is not very good but usable, I will replace it with some universal one.
I compared my TV to Samsungs (we've got lots of Samsung HDTVs at work), and I started to LOVE Toshiba's matte screen.
Samsungs' glossy screen reflects everything and it acts more like a mirror if it faces window. I've got huge windows in my room so I can't imagine having a glossy screen TV.
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on April 13, 2012
This unit is great! I use Mediabridge 1080p HDMI cables for it, and the picture is RIDICULOUS!!! Video games and Movies are crystal clear from the xbox 360, and blu-ray takes it to another level. For the specs (1080p, LED, 120HZ, 46"), combined with the price of $800 on sale, I simply couldnt find a better deal.

It is not a SMARTtv, so if you need that, this model is not for you. I didnt need one because I run all apps through my xbox and ps3. For an HDTV, the speakers are rather impressive, but if you are focusing on having such a great picture and not combining it with some sort of surround sound, shame on you I do not want to hear how much you hate the speakers. I find them more than adequate.

When playing through an HDMI input, you have to turn the TV to "game mode" or it will show lag. It takes two seconds and does not bother me one bit.

Toshiba has long been known as a great television set maker, and this one falls right in line with that assessment. I am so happy and am feeling zero buyers remorse. This tv is stunning.
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