Customer Reviews: Toshiba 46SL417U 46-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Net TV, Black (2011 Model)
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on June 25, 2011
Television was easy to set up. Had Netflix up and running over wifi in minutes.

Picture is clear and crisp, tiny amount of light bleed on pure black screen, but have not noticed it on any of the content I have viewed yet. Has a superb viewing angle.

Used built in speakers to test their functionality, they are of average quality. I would say for casual watching they are adequate. I choose to use the digital optical to an amplifier to use the web apps.

The built in apps provide great functionality although the webtv application itself seems to not flow very well and has considerable lag while rotating through the list of available applications.

The set itself is thin, and as a package I would say it is very aesthetically pleasing. The base feels solid and the on-set buttons are easy to press. I would say the remote, while providing plenty of functionally, it's physical shape seems awkward.

I am so far very impressed and glad that I made this purchase. Also, at this price with built in wifi and web applications it feels like a steal.
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on July 6, 2011
Following are my observations

1) Picture quality not upto the standard of Samsung, but not bad either. This is noticeable in a showroom where both TV's were placed side by side. I tinkered around with the settings of toshiba and was not able to reproduce picture quality of samsung (UN46D6300). But on its own, the picture quality is very enjoyable and definitely acceptable.

2) Speakers are substandard. Will not be enough for a large living room.

3) For the price, this TV has lots of features (For e.g. wifi internet support, helps in reducing one wire going to my TV).

After using the TV for couple of weeks, I can say that I will make the same choice again, and do not regret this at all.
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on August 9, 2011

It it now December 22 and I finally came to a solution with Toshiba. This nightmare is finally over, after various tech visits, 2 panel replacements (with the second one being DOA) and a board replacement, and close to 6 months of fighting and arguing with Toshiba I have received a store credit for toshiba-direct. Not as good as a full refund, but I'm glad just to get rid of the thing. During the second panel replacement a helpful tech had the television apart during a repair and informed me the issues I was having was unacceptable and the wiring/connectors they used were the flimsiest and cheapest he had seen. He had to call and request a 3rd panel replacement AND new wiring harnesses to fix issues with the wiring in the set as well. I did not have go through yet another repair, as Toshiba finally agreed to issue a credit and scheduled a pick up for the shipment.

By this point I had already replaced it with a Panasonic Plasma (st30 series) and couldnt be happier!

As mentioend before, I have owned previous Toshiba televisions and not had issues, but be forwarned of their decline in quality.


While waiting for my scheduled home service visit my problem worsened to where the sound and video would cut in and out, and dead pixels started appearing. The last service visit was a joke. After being told by Toshiba and Pinnacle services (the contractor conduct the second repair) that the main board would be replaced, rescheduling the appointment to make sure the part would be in so the tech could conduct the repair, the technician came WITHOUT the part to do a "diagnostic visit" on the television. He concluded the MAIN BOARD and the PANEL needed to be replaced, and he would order both parts.

I called toshiba "Case Managers" immediately after he left. I basically refused to get off of the phone until I spoke with a supervisor, which never happened. First, James was sarcastic, not open to listening to any problem I have, and hung up on me after arguing with me that would do nothing else but schedule another repair visit. That means I would have to stay home from work yet again, and in the meantime be stuck with a faulty television which I had bought new. After being hung up on I called back and spoke with Brianna, who I had the same result with. She was rude, closed off, and acted like I was a bother to interrupt her day. This resulted in me being hung up on again because I wanted to speak to their supervisor and make a complaint against the product AND the way I was being treated by customer service. So I called back AGAIN, and after a few minutes of arguing she finally began to answer my questions. There is a serious lack of any sense of responsibility to the consumer. They both informed me they were the highest level there I could speak to, although James had to put me on hold to speak to his supervisor on my behalf. From a customer standpoint i find this ridiculous, and quite frankly lousy!

I waited a couple weeks, never hearing back from Pinnacle regarding the repair so I called them. They explained only one part has been ordered and after that repair, then they can re-assess and order the panel if needed. The following day I received a follow up call from Pinnacle explaining it would probably be late October before the board was received and they can send a tech out!

I will NEVER buy another Toshiba product and advise all consumers to steer clear! not only is the quality decline unbelievable, but the customer service is a joke!

They obviously don't care about delivering a quality product or a decent customer service experience!


I am so fed up with this television and Toshiba! After having my panel replaced, a wide vertical band started appearing on the left hand side of the screen, just as before. Also, I noticed the sound popping in and out on all of my HDMI inputs. This tv is GARBAGE! I have asked Toshiba to replace the unit since I paid for a NEW tv, but they insist on continuing to send out techs to repair parts. After replacing the LCD panel, the next part to be repaired is the main board. I guess we will see if that fixes the problem. I have had to miss work waiting on repair techs who do not stick to their scheduled appointments (hours late!) and would have rather just stayed with my Panasonic 37 inch (which the 46 inch Toshiba replaced). This is costing me time and money having to deal with this junk product! I NEVER had problems with the Panasonic and I will NEVER buy another Toshiba product again, I advise anyone thinking of buying this TV to stay away and purchase ANY other brand!



Toshiba agreed to change the panel and sent a repair tech to take care of the job. The old panel was obviously defective... HOORAY to Toshiba for providing the replacement so easily, BOO to 6ave for their lousy return policy. It took a little chasing down but Toshiba made it right, no questions asked.

The backlight bleeding and clouding seems to be fixed, no edge-lit LED is perfect but it looks as good as it possibly could. The picture is now even and crisp, and I can enjoy watching movies in the dark again.

The channel lag is still there, but firmware updates seem to have addressed the internet apps freezing and the picture controls reseting. The update also installed skype, which you can use by plugging a webcam into the usb port.

Not five stars due to the channel surfing lag and the initial letdown.


I have owned various LCD TVs, ranging from Samsung to Panasonic to Toshiba. This is my second Toshiba television (my first LED) and I must say I will never buy another Toshiba television again.

To give credit where its due, the color of the picture is great, the design of the tv is sleek and elegant, the 120hz is smooth, and the features/internet capabilities are great. BUT the flaws of the TV itself take away from the potential this TV has.

The backlight bleed is HORRIBLE on this set. The right side of the screen is twice as bright as the left, which is very uneven and distracting. I have turned the backlight to ZERO and it is still very prevalent. during dark shots it looks like someone is shining a flashlight onto the face of the set. It's terribly distracting during dark movies. Forget about watching movies in the dark. The uniformity of the screen is awful.

The internet apps seem great at first, but after a while there have been several lockups and the set will not allow me to access the widgets or the Net TV features. I've had to call Toshiba customer support regarding this, and reset my tv several times. Since then there have been several times that my tv picture settings have suddenly reset themselves, leaving me to recalibrate my picture over and over again.

There is significant lag when changing the channels using the remote. There is at least a 3 second delay between the tuner changing stations and the picture locking in on the set. Its very annoying when trying to channel surf. I've never experienced another tv like this.

I have owned a previous Toshiba television from a few years back. I had ZERO problems with it, this television has opened my eyes to the decline of quality in Toshiba products. I bought this based on my good experience with Toshiba in the past, but NEVER again.

Unfortunately I bought this from 6ave (from their site) and they have ZERO return policy on tv's 37 inches and larger. They defer you to the manufacturer warranty. BUYER BEWARE.

I am currently wrestling with Toshiba's warranty and service department. On Toshiba's end the phone support has been friendly enough and I've been informed a tech will provide onsite assistance but I've been given the run around by Nexicore (the 3rd party repair service). Toshiba has given me several case numbers to contact Nexicore, I have called Nexicore twice and they have no record of any case number for my situation.

I really wanted to like this TV, but I just can't. this is the only TV purchase I have ever regretted. Two stars for the potential the TV had, but its a fail.
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on July 1, 2011
Picture quality is amazing on this TV. Colors are vivid. I was watching NBA and Stanley Cup finals on it and it looked so real! I can watch this TV from any angle (well, almost, I cannot see anything from the back of the TV).

Plenty of ports to connect different devices. All ports are located on the left side. It has 4 HDMI ports. TV comes with adapters to connect RCA video and S-video for your old equipment. It has a VGA (PC) port as well. Two USB ports to connect flash drives or other USB storage devices. I was able to connect my external hard drive to it after formatting the drive to FAT32. The only thing I wish the TV had is analog sound out as my sound receiver is rather old and does not have a digital input.

Net TV is a nice feature. You can connect this TV to the internet via ethernet wire or using built-in wireless adapter. Now I do not have to have a PC connected to my TV, I can watch Netflix or Youtube without a PC and I can watch movies or pictures from my external hard drive using the media player app. The media player app is pretty good, although I found out that not all video compression formats are supported. It is good for watching your photos - you can set plenty of different parameters for the slide show (background music can be selected from a folder). I did experience some problems with youtube videos: some videos were slow too load, even when I used wired internet connection, but it could be just slowness on the youtube site.

Sound from the built-in speakers is average, but that's because the TV is so slim! Anyway, who does not have a home theater sound system?

Overall, it's a good choice if you are looking for net connected LED LCD TV. And I trust Toshiba quality, my other Toshiba LCD TV has been running with no issues for 5 years.
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on February 11, 2012
Overall design:
I am very happy with the overall design. The TV is super thin and in our case mounted flush with the wall into a recessed space above the Fireplace. It looks just great. The chrome around the edges gives it a stylish note. The black plastic around the screen attracts more dust than usual. It has gotten much better after I cleaned it with an anti static screen cleaner.

I find the picture quality fantastic. I cannot see a difference to the more expensive Samsung TV's. However there is a fair amount of light bleeding in from the edges as it is common with current LED TV's. It is most noticeable when we watch 4:3 content and the TV fills the screen with black bars. During normal widescreen operation I don't find the light bleed very noticeable. The settings allow lot's of changes to the picture including turning off the dyna-light feature which has been found annoying by some reviewers. I followed the picture calibrations settings from and overwrote "Movie2" settings as suggested with Dyna light turned on. I am very happy with the picture settings. Some reviewers have also commented on not being able to change the picture settings for Netflix, but there is a simple workaround: Just press the "Quick" button on the remote and you get access to the picture settings this way.

Sound with the built in speakers is poor, which was expected due to the low profile of the TV. The built in speakers will probably work ok in a smaller room. We use it only with an AV receiver so it's not an issue for me.
I was able to set it up in 5 minutes and the connection is fast and reliable to my N600 dual band router. I use the 5 GHz band exclusively for the TV and online streaming works great. Awesome picture quality and the built in Netflix application seems to be better than on other TV's. We watch Netflix all the TV and not once did I see Buffering during playback. I could not be happier with the Networking capabilities.

Some reviews have criticized the remote. I can't see why, as I really like the remote. The style is great and I very much like (and use) the Netflix button.

The apps and Yahoo widgets work fine but there is not much useable content. However Netflix and Vudu look great on my TV via 5 GHz wireless streaming. I used the picture settings workaround to adjust my picture settings for Netflix display.

I think this TV should receive a lot more attention and consideration. For the price it is a great value but you have to be tech savvy for fine tuning in the set-up. The manual is not very detailed and I had to find a lot of the settings and options myself. If you watch a lot of Netflix this TV is a good choice for you. I recommend to get a dual band router and set up a dedicated 5Ghz network for the TV. There is only one draw back and that is the long start up time when you turn the TV on as well as a relatively long delay when changing channels. I was very close to give it 5 stars if channel change would be a bit faster.
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on December 13, 2011
We purchased this TV because we thought that Toshiba products are good and we will not have any problems with them. Our previous LCD TV was Insignia that we got from Best Buy and after two years the unit died. I was happy with Toshiba 46SL417U 46-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LED-LCD HDTV until after a month of using it the screen went dark and we can hear the audio but we couldn't see anything. We were using the HDMI port on the back connected to our DirecTV box. I turned on the DVD and tried the computer but we couldn't see anything. Then I tried connecting the DirectTV box with the regular Video cable and the picture came back. I tried connecting the HDMI cable to all of the ports on the back but noting happened. We could only see video when connected to the regular video ports. I tried calling Toshiba Technical Support so I can find out what was the problem and if they can send a technician to look at the TV since it was still in warranty. It took three weeks just to get trough them after numerous dropped calls and placing me on hold for hours at times. Finally I got someone to tell me that it was the HDMI board that it wasn't working (we figured) and that they will send someone to fix it. After couple days I had a repair shop call me and they said that the part is on back order from Toshiba and it will arrive in three weeks. After a day they called me back and said that they have received the part and they will come the next they to install it. But when the technician came and tried to replace the part he found out that it was defective and they had to order another one. After that they told me that the new part was on back order and it will take between three to four weeks. I called Toshiba to complain but they said they couldn't do anything because they didn't have the parts here. After couple weeks I called the repair shop again but they said that they are still waiting. I called Toshiba but this time their sales department to see if someone there can help me better. They apologized and they said that since I've been waiting too long (two and a half months by that time) someone will call me and they will replace the whole unit. After a week I called the repair shop again, since no one has called me, and they said that my case has been closed and the order canceled. I called Toshiba again and they apologized and said there has been a mistake and my case was closed but they will open another one and they will call me to replace the unit or give me my money back. After a day I received a call and the lady told me that they don't have another TV to replace mine so they will just pick up the one I have and will give me my money back. After couple days they picked up my TV and now I am waiting for my check in the mail. This was one of the worst experiences I had when ordering something. I never expected that I will have a problem with Toshiba product but I guess they don't care for their products anymore. I will think twice about buying from them again.
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on October 21, 2011
I am constantly looking at TVs online and in stores, just to keep up with the constant upgrades and price drops. This was a great deal in comparison. 120 hz, LED-LCD display - well worth what we got it for. I upgraded from a 30-something TV at only 720p. This thing is beastly by comparison.

One of the best features is it's internet connection. Literally, one button press and I've accessed my Netflix account. (It's the red Netflix button - go figure.)

As far as connections go, it has 4 HDMI inputs, which is awesome. An ethernet for your internet connection, and what have you, but the downside is this: there are no regular audio/video (yellow, white, red) cable inputs. You need adapters. (I couldn't hook up my Wii system.) It also has two USB inputs, but for the life of me, I don't see the point. A lot of TVs that have USB inputs aren't always easy to find compatible devices for...

Weighs a lot more than I anticipated, too, for a flat screen. Maybe an inch wide, is all....
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on December 14, 2011
This great TV came very on time from Amazon warehouse deals very on time and well packed and with a very good price :)
Easy to assemble and easy to setup after. In 5 minutes I was connected to internet watching movies on Netflix.
TV is sleek and about 1 inch tiny, look nice with my decoration. Just a little more heavy than expected but I move it all by myself with no problem.
picture is crisp, blacks looks black. sound is good. I connected this to my home theater and sound is just perfect for my Apt.
TV came already with all the software updates, including Skype, Cinema now, Yahoo Widgets (weather, flick, yahoo news etc), Netflix, Blockbuster.
I connected this TV to my Netbook with no problem and I use it as a giant screen for my Acer AspireOne Netbook ;)
I'm very glad to make this purchase with Amazon Warehouse this people is just amazing n costumer service and price. I recommend to anybody this TV and the purchase trough Amazon.
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on October 11, 2011
120hz, great for sporting events.
Nice stand

Black level is non-existent, dark gray at best. This is very evident when seeing an advertisement and side bars are gray, not black. It is also very obvious when watching any scene at night, it always seems as if moon is out. I have turned down everything possible, but this TV just isn't capable of good blacks.

Color gets washed out in certain situations for no apparent reason. All of a sudden it looks like there is a fog between you and the object being filmed.

The viewing angle is absolutely horrible. I have 7 foot couch that was 10 feet away from the TV, anything beyond the width of the couch had much worse picture quality. There is a reason that the manufacture didnt release any notes on the viewing angle.

Netflix, you can NOT change any picture settings while in Netflix. I don't understand why they did this, but picture adjustments are locked while watching Netfix.

The TV is cheap/crummy, and I have returned it. It might be good TV if you plan on watching it in a bright room where darks wont matter too much, or if you're just going to watch well lit sporting events. Other wise I would recommend shelling out a couple hundred more for a better TV.

I ended up going with the LG LW6500 and couldn't be happier.

Hope this helps.
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on June 10, 2011
I bought this to replace a Sony Bravia that developed a black line across the screen about 1/3 way down the display after the warranty ran out. It is bright, clear and easy to setup. I connected to my wireless router and was streaming Netflix in just a few minutes. This is my fourth Toshiba and they've all performed great.
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