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on May 13, 2012
I received this TV yesterday delivered by's carrier Pilot. I first want to say how pleasant the delivery experience was. I had considered buying this TV elsewhere where the shipping would have required me to lift the TV off the back of a truck and carry it up myself. The Pilot delivery person was very friendly, carried the TV into my apartment, unpackaged it, assembled the TV's stand mount and together we placed it on my TV stand.

As for the TV itself, I am very satisfied.


* Passive 3D - I've watched several movies with 3D shutter glasses and, while enjoyable, I found the glasses heavy and uncomfortable and the process of charging them tedious. I am sooo happy I don't have to add 3D glasses to the list of things charging in my apartment. I also found the quality of the 3D image superior on this set to the active set I watched (believe it was an early 47" Samsung 3D LED). The 2D-3D conversion is neat to play with, but is not something I will actually use (gives little extra depth of field, but no more than that).
* Off Angle Viewing - compared to the 55" Samsung C6300 LED I owned previously, the off-angle viewing on this set is a massive improvement. The Samsung use to wash out pretty quickly at off horizontal angles, not so with the l6200u. Note that with passive 3D, however, the vertical angle is important and the TV will need to be positioned at eye-level. Not a problem for me, but may be an issue for those mounting this TV on a wall.
* Bezel - I really like the sleek bezel-less design. Note however that while the screen is bezel-less, there is still a 1/3 inch zone of glass extending to the corners of the screen without pixels.
* Accessories/Features - this TV comes with a wireless QWERTY keyboard in addition to the remote for use with the Apps. I also tested it and it will work on any PC for those not looking to use the Apps (I have an HTPC). I was also impressed that the TV came with an IR blaster extension cable for those planning to use the TV remote as a universal remote (this passes the signal through the TV to the blasters (2x) that can be positioned in front of the other devices' IR receivers. Also came with 4x sets of Real 3D glasses (same ones used in the cinema). 4x sets of active 3D glasses would set you back another $200.
* No lag - I use my HTPC to play games on this TV and have not noticed any lag. Haven't run any official tests, but I understand that lag is a noticeable issue on some TVs. I run an HDMI cable directly to the TV and a digital audio cable to my receiver.
* Price - TV is generally priced lower than its immediate rivals (the LG sets) and with the apps, QWERTY keyboard, dual core processor and bezel-less design that are available only on premium models. Compared to the price of active 3D TVs (TV plus glasses) - it's an absolute bargain.


* Flashlighting - flash-lighting is present on this TV, but only noticeable on a black screen when there is no ambient light. I watched an entire film last night (Cave of Forgotten Dreams) and did not notice the flash-lighting.
* Stand mount - the mount this TV came with is pretty cheap and flimsy compared to others (Samsung at least) and the TV itself in the mount is slightly off-level. I droops slightly to the left (barely noticable, but I took out a level and tape measure and confirmed it).
* Software update - the TV tried to automatically update its software once connected. I allowed it to do so and it broke the 3D option. I called Toshiba and was able to fix by reseting to factory settings. I would suggest new owners not update their software/firmware until it is confirmed working.
* Glossy screen - screen is glossy. Not generally noticeable, but during dark scenes, I have occasionally found myself looking at my own reflection.
* Limited user control - [SEE UPDATE BELOW] you can control settings such as brightness, contrast, color and backlight, but not much else. No individual color temperature control, no options regarding dynamic contrast, smoothing etc. The good news is that the default contrast and smoothing settings are well calibrated out of the box. I like the soap opera effect, but most don't - and it isn't noticeable on this TV.

Overall, very pleased. Will update this review if my continued experience with it changes my mind.

**Update 5/14/12**
The TV does have advanced picture controls - I didn't see them at first because you need to scroll down past the last item under "Picture". Typical picture control settings are included other than a method for adjusting the motion blur setting (there is a "cinema mode" but it is greyed out in all picture modes).
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on June 15, 2012
I bought this set from Pauls TV thru Amazon, it took 9 days to deliver,threshhold delivery(no help),luckily it was light enough for me to handle myself. It came in it's original box with no additional packing or protection.
Setup was simple and it found my home network quickly, Netflix was up and running with no problem.
The picture quality while viewing hi-def material thru my Direct-TV box is simply stunning. Rich colors,deep blacks with none of the soap opeara effects I see on my 42 inch bedroom set. Sporting events are fantastic, no blurr whatsoever.
I have 3 or 4 3-D channels available and can tell you the effct is amazing! The glasses are light and fit over my regular glasses comfortably. I wasn't able to get the Hubble 3-D disc to play properly tho, it had double side to side images I could'nt format correctly, I can only hope other 3-D discs work ok.(played thru a brand new 3-D Panasonic blue-ray player)
I found leaving the set on standard mode delivers the best picture quality on all material I've viewed so far, tho some may prefer a brighter setting.
All in all I am delighted with this set and highly recommend it, you could pay alot more for other popular brands and not have the picture quality of this tv.
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on August 30, 2013
Bought this TV in April and it has been faulty since June when I installed the software update. It started with the TV turning on and off by itself once or twice. I thought it was just a quirk and didn't pay it too much attention but it kept happening. I called Toshiba about it in July and they said I only had 30 days of support for software issues and then it's $35 for their support. I told them that I didn't install any software to the TV it was THEIR SOFTWARE. They wouldn't assist me and I hung up. I contacted Square Trade and got the same answer. I just lived with it.

Then the smart apps started crashing. Netflix app has been the biggest problem. The app shuts off or doesn't load at all without pressing the button a couple of times. My latest problem is that after I closed out of Netflix I couldn't get back into regular TV viewing. I get a black screen that shows the channel number at the top with the program info but no picture or sound. I called Toshiba again. They said it was a problem with my cable provider. I told them that I got cable service (internet) on other devices from the same cable and it works fine. They reluctantly agreed to contact a support tech to come to the house.

I got a call a couple of hours later from support saying this is a mainboard issue and that it will need to be ordered and replaced. I still think it's due to the Toshiba software update. I had no problems until then. We'll see how it goes. The scary thing is I've heard of this happening with other brands of "smart" TV's. This is my first smart TV purchase and I think I'll go back to a dumb TV the next time around.
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on May 26, 2012
Update in June 2012 :

Although my first TV was excellent, the sound was too low. I had to crank up to 70 (on a scale of 0 to 100) to hear from the normal 8/9 feet. So I contacted Toshibha and they were defensive and said "This is thin LED TV. This was designed to work with a sound system. Shocked. When I countered them by refering to their own page refering to Audesey ...., they retreated and replied, may be the speakers are defective or damaged during transit and recommended contacting the seller.
I contacted Amazon Large items and the CS lady immediately understood the problem and ordered the replacement as the first one was defective. I got the replacement within a week and again CEVA did an excellent job in delivering the replacement and took the old one. I tested for the sound & picture. The sound is much better and even at 35 on the same scale was clear from 8/9 feet. Still not like my Samsung on the sound but much much better. What was the pleasant surprise is Picture Quality on 2D and especially 3D was improved. I thought the initial one was good. This one is excellent and even the 2D to 3D (which was only average on the old one) is very good. Thanks Amazon for replacing the defective one. That is why I prefer to buy from Amazon. Very good customer service.
Overall this TV is amazing and has excellent PQ in both 2D and 3D. Even SD channells look good. LG 2012 TVs (LM6700 etc) claim to do upconvert but this one does pretty good job on SD channells which is important to me as I watch international channels on my DISH. I compared the same channels side by side with Samsung and this, for HD both are excellent. On SD channells this beats Samsung (last year's model) by a mile!!
I would buy one more if I see the <$1000 price again (lol). Thanks Amazon!!

Initial Review :
Got my TV yesterday. I got it for under $1000. Now it is greater than $1500. Thanks Amazon for the amazing price and for amazing TV.

Good service from CEVA/Eagle. The guy who brought in was professional and knew what he had to do. Got it out of the box and fixed the stand and even adjusted my settings!! all within 15 min & gone!

The TV is amazing. I am not saying it because of the price I got it for ($984). 2D content is excellent. Even SD is much better compared to my 2009 SHarp LED or UN55D7000. No soap opera or lag. I played 3D using Bluray & it was stunning!! No drop in brightness in 3D at all. Only thing is I didn't feel it did a good job converting a 2D to 3D.
I put it in a family room with 3 big windows. Yes the TV screen is glass like but even with blinds open even, when the picture is on, no problem. Also no flashlighting or any other problem.

Setting up the network went with a flash. Setup using "Assited" and find the network and adjust the security settings using "Manual". Otherwise the push button setup will not recognize as it defaults to something which you may not have.

Played some Youtube/Netflix. 3D content in Youtube also look amazing. Only cavet is certain picture settings cann't be set in Mediaplayer or in Network. No big deal as I liked the way it defaulted.

I haven't had time to play with the settings yet & I plan to do it in this longweekend. I just got it yesterday evening. I liked the STANDARD mode for Sports & Movie mode for Movies. I am not expert like many of you are but my eyes didn't see any problem (Flashlighting/Lag/soapopera etc). The thin bezel makes the tv look small when on & off. Because I put it in a family room (15 x 15) which is open to the big (12x18) kitchen, the TV looks small to me. May be I need 65/70" TV

1. Excellent while showing HD & even SD channels.
2. Native 3D content is very very good. No drop off in brightness like in my Samsung.
3. Very easy setup for network
4. Played Netflix/youtube very well without buffering. My tv is on first floor & my wireless in second floor! Even then no problem.
5. CEVA gave excellent service. They called to schedule and called on the day of delivery and setup the tv.
1. Some Advanced picture settings cann't be tweaked while in Media player or network but I liked the standard settings.
2. My main issue is the box was damaged and fortunately the TV wasn't. The downside is if I move the box cann't be reused.
3. The stand that attaches to TV is unlike any other model I have seen or owned, fortunately for me, CEVA man knew what to do!
4. 2D to 3D conversion is very average at best.

Overall this is an excellent TV even for $1500.
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on January 31, 2013
Hi, I never usually write a review but in this instance I had to make an exception. I got this tv at its lowest price in months and seemed satisfied that not many reviewers had mentioned the 120hz refresh rate being a problem. Saying that the picture was amazing and 3d almost tangible. Well I can attest that both the picture and 3d are amazing on this tv, provided the screen does not move. This tv is terrible in dealing with motion. In fact sometimes the slower the movement the worse the blur. The 3d is nearly unwatchable in movies as the amount of blurring during movement gives you a seasick feeling after about 5 minutes. I tried 6-7 different style movies from Nitro Circus, Harry Potter, Avatar, The Smurfs & Jean-Michael Cousteau's 3 movies. They all gave the same amount of blurring. Unwatchable. I have even watched in cinema mode as this is the way it is supposedly shown in 120hz and it looks the same, no difference blur. I also dont like that the back of the TV shows this tv's refresh rate as being 60hz. In talking to a Toshiba help person over the phone, it was explained to me that my tv had a 60hz board and used the clearscan technology to improve it to 120hz. However, the HDMI display when shown shows it only to be at 60hz as well. And nothing under the display options about clear scan or how to turn it on. This performs like all other 60hz tv's I have seen, and if this is in fact 120hz then a minimum of 240hz is needed for 3d viewing and sports. I returned this set with amazon's wonderful return policy and bought a Samsung 60 E7100 instead, where this problem is said to be a thing of the past with the 720 CMR on this set making it at least on par with plasmas 600hz and still pay in my price range $1700 for a set worth at least 2500. Read my review of that set later.
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on October 5, 2012
I got this with the pilot delivery which was perfect.. Pilot delivery means they would bring it at a certain range of hours.. not like the phone company a range of a day, no this was supposed to be delivered from 9am to 12pm n the pilot guy arrived 11:50am which was perfect! they unwrap the product put it for you where you want, hook up the TV stand .. turn it on (they don't set up the features they just just make sure it turns on).. then he took the old heavy TV I had and carried it to the garage where I wanted..
now the stand was slightly lop sided (one of the screws was dif for the pilot guy to screw on) I guess that's the reason.. n so the TV wobbles too .. but it doesn't look like a big deal.. It still looks sturdy to me. and very sleek.

Now the thing I was nervous about is Setting it up being that it is not just a TV:
Setting it up was not so difficult (I'm not techno fit) but I was able to get it done..I have cable so I connected the Cable directly to the cable spot in the back which in turn reverted the cable to the built in cable capability but changed the numbers of the chanels n got so confusing where you don't know which is where and what number.. Scanning the chanel made me notice that some were missing so I had to rescan, which made more go missing.. so U have to revert back to scan make sure it is auto from the setting i.e don't pick cable or antenna just auto scan that brought back all the chanels.. so I had to reconnect my cable box back directly cause that new weird re-arrangement of the channels was driving me nuts plus I couldn't locate A couple of channels at all..

The next day I got an HDMI cable and Connected the TV to the cable box and OMG!!! the picture (which w already amazing) with the regular cable, turned beyond stunning!! the sound too almost surround .. . Got to use the HDMI cable so might as well order it since it doesn't come with that.. they give you a few regular cables to connect your sat. or cable components though.

Now the feature of auto 2D to 3D is seemless.. U just press a button on the control. and it is cool but with the real made 3D DVD it is amazing.. if it wasn't for the headaches I get from 3D I would be watching 3D all the time. But just watching the HD off this TV is more than awesome and is like 3D in the "pop" effect..

The wireless keyboard connected well.. it plays dead when U press on the darn Netflix built in button which is useless and freezes n although I am a member it just wouldn't allow me to log in and the keyboard which works fine all along just won't type neither will the remote.. It's that darn Netflix that made me not eager to leave a 5 star.

TV has 2USB in the back one was taken for the wireless keyboard receiver. So U are left with one.

About ppl who think that 42" is better and a sharper image, IDK what they are talking about 55" in this TV is such a crispy sharp image it just can't get any sharper n vivid than that.. Sure the 60" or even bigger would be great if it wasn't for the size of my living room n not wanting it to look tacky or an over kill..

surfing the web? it is fast of- course U won't be writing documents n working off this while u r on your couch.. Kidding me??!! the writing is still small no matter how big your screen may be.. and there is nothing like a screen in your face or on your lap.. but I watched a youtube video off of my big screen TV n the thought that U can enjoy big screen computer videos like that is great!!

Overall with all this was a great buy and Toshiba is a solid brand .. I have a vizio in the bedroom (not a smart TV), have it for more than 5 years but I read some reviews of the sound acting up on the smart TV n that turned me off ..

I had this TV for just a few days now, if there are any problems U'll see me posting an update..
update: 10/8/12
Turns out on netflix you have to type via the remote by clicking enter when the screen pops up to sign in.. n forget about attaching your ipad to the TV and try to watch your amazon videos on that .. the pic . will disappear.. IDK if this is intentional, like w apple copy-write none-sense limitations taken too far, or if it is the TV just not acting 'smart' .. so don't get too excited that you'll be streaming amazon videos on your big TV..
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on May 11, 2012
This will be a brief review based solely on appearances and as I continue to learn about the features of the TV, I will add on to this review. (4 Stars based on initial reaction to TV)

The TV looks excellent appearance-wise. Amazon shipping (Thru CEVA) brought the TV into the house, unpackaged it, and tested the TV to make sure it works! All was good.

The packaging of the TV was pretty good as well (Though I had purchased a 55 LED from LG which had much better packaging...more sturdy which made me worry about this one). All four corners were covered, and there was a Styrofoam board on the front of the TV. I will be setting it up in the coming days and will be doing a more comprehensive review of it.

A big drawback from what I can see is that the screen is very glossy! (I believe the screen is actual glass) so that will most definitely be a concern if lighting in the room is an issue.

The TV came with 4 3D glasses, a QWERTY keyboard, a remote control, and wires to allow RCA cables to be hooked up.

Again this TV looks great and it wasn't very heavy at all!


After getting to play around with my new toy for a few days, I'm pleased to say I really enjoy this TV! Amazon had a price point of 984 when I purchased it, it was on sale for a very limited time so it may come back a this price...? Who knows...

Anyways, here are a few points and grades that I have been able to assign to this TV:

- Screen - 8/10 - It's pretty darn glossy when the TV is turned off, but once it's on, you hardly notice the glare. I, personally, don't have any light source behind the TV so don't really need to worry about glare as much as maybe others but again, when the TV is on, not too bad

-Design - 8/10 - I really like the design of this TV! The TV, when off, looks beautiful. I have a very primitive 60" Sony projection LCD to compare to (MASSIVE!) so anything compared to this looks amazing. The bezel according to pictures that I had seen in pictures led me to believe that there was maybe 1/8" bezel, if that. After turning on the TV, you notice that there's about 1/2" border (on the screen, not the actual plastic border) that doesn't contain picture, so this was a bit disappointing.

- Motion - 9/10 - I haven't messed around with the settings and am still not even sure if the TV has an option to change the 120HZ motion setting. I really hate when TVs have that "soap opera" effect and am glad to say that this TV has none of that! (none that I can notice anyway) The motion is very smooth but not overly smooth that it looks "soap opera-y"

- 2D-3D up-conversion - 8/10 - I have never really seen any other TVs which have up-conversion so can't really compare to any other ones, but I can say that I've tried out Avatar (Blu-Ray) and up-converted that and it looks pretty good! It wasn't the greatest 3D but for up-conversion, it was more then enough.

-3D content - 9/10- I watched Under the Sea: IMAX + 3D and this was awesome in 3D on this TV. The colors were extremely vibrant and not washed out at all. Having darkened 3D glasses, I assumed the colors would fade, but this was not the case at all.

-I can not comment on Web browsing, Cable-viewing, or gaming yet as I don't have any of those connected, only a 3D blu-ray player. (It's not in its final residing place...once it's there, then I'll connect the other stuff)

Any other info needed? Comment and I'll try and respond as best as I can!
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on January 5, 2013
I purchased my Toshiba 55L6200U from Amazon 22DEC2012 for nine hundred and eighteen dollars. It was delivered within one-hour of the scheduled time by CEVA. Mine is a June 2012 build.

I connected it to the internet via wired connection. Updated firmware (and unplugged TV for 5-minutes to perform a soft reset). Made some quick picture adjustments with WOW! DVD and watched Journey 2: The Mysterious Island in 3D off HBO On Demand via FiOS. Looked great. Have since watched other 2D and 3D content via On Demand on FiOS and on HBO Go online from my laptop going HDMI directly into the TV. All looked great.

Good news, the 6200 does process 1080p-24. I set my Blu-Ray player to output 24-frame content. Watched Avatar DVD in 2D and 3D. Looked great.

The built-in speakers are adequate. I had decent volume @10' away with volume in the 55-60 range.

Even with the polarising screen, the TV is pretty reflective. I have a small living room with three-windows. I need to draw the shades to minimise reflections. I posted a couple of user photos to Amazon.

I have played WMV video and MP3's from a USB stick. Looked/sounded fine to me for compressed formats.

Neflix worked fine. Logged right in and watched a few minutes of some random movie in my queue.

Smart TV - only so-so. Not many apps. I access smart TV content through my Panasonic Blu-ray player that has a wider selection of apps and only cost $99.

Cinema Mode (120Hz/blur reduction mode) is only available on interlaced content. A Toshiba level 2 tech verified that the 7200's version of ClearScan DOES process progressive content. Although the 6200 is advertised as having CleanScan - it really doesn't - it has Cinema Mode which does not have all the features as true ClearScan in the 7200 as stated in the manual on pg 119 and verified by the tech's tests on his TV simulators of these models. What does this mean? Well, most cable/satellite boxes output 1080i max. Set your set top box to output 1080i and Cinema Mode should automatically be activated. Turn it on/off in settings>picture>advanced picture settings>Cinema Mode. Cinema Mode does NOT work in PC and Game picture modes. If, like me, your AV receiver is performing all the audio/video switching, either bypass the receiver's scaler and let the TV and its dual-processor do it or find a combination of the processing available in both units to get the best picture.

120Hz mode offers, to me, a very subtle change in the picture. Its purpose is to minimise blurring while watching sports and other fast-action/motion content. YMMV.

All in all, I'm pleased with the TV.
review image review image
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on April 22, 2013
This TV is one of the faster 55 inch TVs when set in game mode. I am currently using 2 of these and a samsung UN55C8000 in a 3 monitor Nvidia Surround setup with Quad SLI. Although there is a micro amount of screen lag between the 2 brands it is not enough that you can even tell unless you strain to see it. Still I suggest if your going to use a tri TV setup for your computer that you go with 3 of the same brand TV. 3 of these toshiba would be exceptional. There is a little light bleed when the screen is full dark but was not enough to bother me.

The TV stand itself is a bit wobbly and the TV does not sit strait on its stand. Confirmed this with 2 of the same model - same issue is present in both.
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on August 20, 2012
I love this TV. It fits well in the bedroom. Too small for my living room. Will probably upgrade to 55". Make sure you upgrade to the latest firmware! I had problem with WiFi with the old firmware. The new firmware connects to my Cisco E4200 with no problem.

1. Excellent contrast, brightness, sharpness and vivid color in Dynamic mode.
2. Built-in WiFi (Dual band) 802.11n
3. Comes with Keyboard for web surfing (Full Open Browser). No Flash, but I got information from tech support it is coming.
4. Great looking bezel-less glass (looks like full flush).
5. Smart TV functions such as Netflix, Vudu, Web Browser and MediaGuide for the TV
6. Companion apps such has A/V Remote and MediaGuide
7. Dual-core processor
8. DLNA with DMR. (I can send my music, photos and videos to the TV from my Tablet, Samsung Galaxy S2 and PC.

1. Bass from the speaker is weak. Mid-range and high frequencies are good. It does a descent job for a very thin TV. Get a sound bar!
2. Backlight uniformity is not too good if Dynalight is OFF.
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