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on January 6, 2012
Recently I went through a round of software updates while trying to get my Windows media center to play a blu-ray disc. After spending more than three hours trying to get software updates and patches installed, I was finished. This was a great price to get the device. I connected it to my WIRED network and streamed netflix movies. The interface is intuitive, and the netflix player compares to the welcome screen in netflix. Organized with titles good for kids, like recently watched, etc. For the price it is well worth it. I just hope it lasts. Would have given it five, but it didn't have Wireless streaming built in.
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on August 8, 2012
I own the Toshiba BDK33, and it is an excellent product for the money. Many people who have written a review do not actually own this unit. How do I know this? Simple and I'll give you two reasons. First, this model is sold exclusively through Walmart. You can see this on Toshiba's website. Second, this particular model has WiFi built in, and states it is WiFi Certified. You can not be WiFi Certified without having it included.

I purchased the unit from Walmart, not my favorite store but the price was great for what the unit offers. I paid $78.00 and it has worked flawlessly right out of the box. I have a Netflicks, Hulu and Vudu account, and all three work excellent over this unit, with it's built in WiFi.

The DVD and BluRay is excellent as well. I have a 9 year old son who didn't need me to show him anything, the menu is that simple to navigate.

Why did I purchase this unit? Simple, less then a comparable Roku box or a little more then the Sony SMP-N100, I got the ability to have DVD and BluRay. Roku is great, however, as I stated it costs more and does not have the ability (as of this writing) to stream Vudu or YouTube, both of which are included in this Toshiba unit. The Sony, while and excellent value at just under $50.00 at Walmart, and includes what I wanted, does not have a Search feature for it's proprietary Netflick menu. I know, it sounds crazy but it doesn't.

So, I got all I wanted and more at around the same price.

Again, for those that say this unit is only WiFi Compatible or you need to purchase anything else, you are incorrect. You have a different model, period.
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on November 18, 2011
I believe that when companies to a great job for consumers, we as consumer should praise them with our wallets. That is the case of the Toshiba BDK21. After buying BD players from Samsung and Sony I had to return both. They both sold there players as having apps like Netflix. But when it came time to use them they did not work. I called Sony where they told me that Netflix was not available in PR. I told them that it was. That I watch it everyday. They told me they could not do anything. Toshiba took a different approach. When I opened Netflix it ask me to active the machine online. I was surprise to see that as soon I activated the device online, the machine automatically detected to activation and started working. WOW!!! Finally engineers that actually know what they are doing. Not only that but this player has everything : youtube, netflix, picassa, vudu, pandora, blockbuster, cinemanow. It really puts the other players to shame. The device is small and silent. It even has a USB port for my own media. The interface is very simple and easy to use. I highly recommend this player to anyone. Not only that but it seems to be the least expensive player you can buy. Dont even bother taking a look at other players.
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on October 25, 2012
I bought this product at Costco. It is hands down the worst piece of electronics I have ever purchased. I will be throwing it in the trash and replacing it shortly. Why?

1) Very slow to start up, load discs
2) Very noisy when playing
3) Poorly designed remote control. Buttons placed almost randomly.
4) Unreliable--freezes often.
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on August 3, 2013
Yes, that is right. I am in need of my third Toshiba Blu-Ray/DVD player in six months. Please take my review very seriously.

Within the first two months of use, our Blu-Ray/DVD player started skipping, shutting off and not responding to commands. I contacted Toshiba, and was relieved to learn that they replace all defective electronics through their Acclaims Department and a website called Toshiba Direct. What a joke!

Yes, they replaced my original defective player but they replaced it with another piece of junk. Within months, it also started shutting off, skipping and not responding to commands. As of today, my 3 1/2 month old Blu-Ray/DVD player, does not even play DVD's and only plays about 25 minutes of a Blu-Ray disk without shutting off. This is not an exaggeration!

When I contacted the company recently, I was told that I was out of warranty (two weeks past my 90-day warranty) and there was nothing that could be done for me.

I have spent HOURS on the phone with individuals from Toshiba's acclaims department as well as their customer service department. It has been a pure nightmare and a HUGE disappointment in this brand name product. Because of my experiences, with the products and their customer service, I will never purchase another Toshiba brand electronic again.
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on October 27, 2012
Warning! I don't usually write reviews, but do yourself a favor and stay far away from this player.

Two weeks old, and already faced with these issues:

1. The remote only works when it wants to, and you need to point it directly at the player from less than a 5-foot distance.
2. The Blu-Ray player sounds like grinding brake pads.
3. Sometimes it will not even turn on without first unplugging it/plugging it back in.
4. Sometimes it will not turn off.
5. Menus are slow and extremely clunky.
6. Even after you see that your remote commands have been issued by the on-screen status, they take what seems like an eternity, or sometimes not at all.

The bottom line is that this piece of junk is riddled with design/build issues. Even after the downloadable updates that I was hoping would fix these issues, it's still just a pile of almost unusable garbage
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on July 7, 2012
Toshiba's BDK33 BluRay player is an entry-level model that includes built-in WiFi, support for YouTube, HuluPlus, and CinemaNow. Its $80 price tag (varying by as much as $5 depending upon retail outlet) makes it an attractive alternative for many consumers. Unfortunately, the chronic bugs and failings of the product make it impossible to recommend.

As if it weren't bad enough for a single flaw to emerge only moments after setup, my BDK33 failed in multiple ways. It locked up when initializing pristine copies of "Julie and Julia" and "The Vow," with the only way to regain control of the unit via unplugging it from power. All front-panel buttons failed to respond, and the remote was useless.

Even more problems emerged after the initial lockups. After regaining control, attempting to configure the unit for WiFi and subsequent firmware upgrade check caused yet another player freeze-up. Merely accessing the menus for basic player configuration induced yet another freeze. Again, mind you, there's no "reset" button on the unit; once it freezes, the only choice is to unplug it.

I have little doubt that there is a significant firmware/low-level driver issue that causes the lockups, and I have no confidence that Toshiba will address the issue. I would also strongly suspect that the same basic firmware and hardware is sold under various configurations with additional options, so any such player sold under the Toshiba name would be prone to precisely the same kinds of failures.

Needless to say, after one evening of frustrations, freezes, and failures, this unit is going back to the retailer. For $80, I don't expect a Cadillac, but I do expect a functioning product. How this made it out of even the most rudimentary quality control testing defies the imagination.
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on May 1, 2013
I just purchased a refurbished Toshiba BDK21KU Blu-Ray Player based on reviews on this page which lead one to believe it has built-in wifi. THIS IS NOT THE CASE! The BDK21KU, also known as the BDX2150, has NO WIFI! It requires the use of an external wifi adapter, so if you depend on wifi for the internet connection in your living room, choose a different model.

Also, Amazon really needs to REMOVE the reviews for any model number other than the BDK21KU/BDX2150 from this page, as they only confuse matters further. Those other players need to have a separate page on Amazon with the reviews for them isolated to that player's own page.

To recap: Do NOT buy the BDK21KU if you want built-in wifi!
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on July 31, 2012
I bought the BDK33 from Walmart for $78.00. It was a horrible product right out of the box. It was sluggish, unresponsive, and near intolerable to use. The Wi-Fi dropped regularly; other electronics in the same room have no problems with the network. The remote and unit buttons would become unresponsive for minutes at a time, and sometimes it would freeze for so long that I had to unplug it. The english grammar on the menu was pretty bad. Cheap construction, cheaper software, horrible product. I returned this and spent a few more dollars on a player that actually worked. No lie, the BDK33 simply did not work.
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on January 17, 2013
When I called Toshiba for support on this machine I was told they do not provide technical support for this model. However after some discussion I was told that I needed a USB Wifi adapter WLM-10NB1 to hook into my home wifi. None of the usual store have this item and I couldn't find one on the net so I called Toshiba direct. Guess what? They don't have that adapter either and they don't have an adapter that will work with it. Surely won't by Toshiba again.
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