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on May 15, 2012
This is a great deal on a 3d Blu-Ray player that has all of the features one needs with built-in wireless connection. Hate those other player that say "wireless" but then require an additional dongle to buy to make it truly wireless. Not this one, all built in and connected seamlessly and has any and every feature one would want WITH a price that is beyond reasonable - when you compare other models and manufactures brands that offer the same compliment of features.

I highly recommend and have been using this without issues to date.
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on July 10, 2012
I normally adore Toshiba products, and it's safe to say I've never owned a "problematic" DVD player before. This is my first Blu-Ray player, since I don't like being an early adopter or paying a premium for the latest features. In the case of this model, the BDX5300KU, I suspect Toshiba has tried a bit TOO hard to provide every feature (networking, 3D, DLNA, apps, etc.) in a low-cost unit. Can't complain about the player's size (only 1.5" tall, and barely half the depth of my AV center"s shelf), weight (so light it slides when I 'press' the soft-touch front buttons), noises (mild servo sounds when starting/stopping disc playback), or construction (shiny black plastic all around), and I'm becoming accustomed to the front panel's controls being "invisible" until touched -- whereupon they light up.
The BAD news is that I encountered THREE significant PROBLEMS during the 1st week of operation: (1) Unit turns OFF occasionally during disc playback; (2) Sometimes returns to HOME screen while trying to access Netflix content; and (3) Occasionally locks up after sitting idle a (usually long) time. Sadly, the DLNA (media server client) feature is sketchy, too, by failing to detect many (sometimes all) of the audio/video files I have stored on my network.
Unfortunately, finding any helpful Troubleshooting resources (few online and even fewer in the User Manual) is difficult, and the only toll-free line to Toshiba leads to the "Claims" department, where operators take your info and complaint, but cannot call you back (if disconnected, which happens often) or offer solutions (only replacements). I've called them about 10 times in hopes of nailing down some assistance; they are "supportive" and nice folks who speak good English, but having to repeat all my info with each call is taxing (plus, the connection via landline calls is always very faint ... why?). So I'm forced to decide whether to initiate a warranty claim, or wait for another firmware update (all my problems are in software, with the possible exception of overheating causing the shut-off?).
If things improve, I will update this Review accordingly.

UPDATE: I initiated a warranty claim with Toshiba shortly after posting the review above. Was it worth it? I had to (re-) box the unit, ship it via UPS, and wait quite a long time for its replacement. One weirdness about the RMA process is Toshiba issues you a Claim Ticket number, which you later use to "buy" a unit of equal or lesser value. For me, this meant going with the BDX5300 again. Did the replacement work better? Yes and no. No more random idling lock-ups, but disc playback DOES result in unit turning OFF about every 20-30 minutes. It is definitely NOT overheating; this seems like a timing issue, and appears to happen less often with Blu-Ray titles, more frequently with DVDs, and most often with home-burned (e.g. DVD-R) movies. We are gravely disappointed, and considering another RMA. I remain cautiously optimistic, however, that another 1 or 2 firmware updates (there have been 1 or 2 already since the initial RMA) over the network might clear up this remaining issue.
At least the player is willing to resume playback at the spot where unwanted shut-off occurs. Yay?

UPDATE 2: Feeling that the replacement unit was just as flawed and misbehaving just as badly as the original, I tried asking Toshiba to try again. No dice. Products from "Toshiba Direct" only get 30 days warranty, they explained, and my call was outside that time frame -- the holidays interrupted my normal disc-watching schedule. SO... I called Amazon and really complained. Why should I forfeit 11 months' worth of warranty just because of manufacturing defects? To their credit (and my extreme satisfaction), Amazon's online assistant concurred, and arranged a cross-ship (something Toshiba refuses to do!), with pre-paid postage both ways. Nice!
This means I'm now on my third BDX5300 player. After playing about 5 (mostly blu-ray) titles on it, here are my observations: The unit still locks up when it wants to, but not as often during movie playback. Instead, it might freeze, say, right after returning to the Root Menu when a movie has ended, or the moment you attempt to turn the unit Off. Of course, I can remedy this by unplugging and replugging ... but by then I'm annoyed at having tried to press the soft-touch buttons a dozen times before really knowing it has locked up.
I also tried plugging this latest (3rd) unit into different electrical sockets, on the theory that something in the AC line might be affecting all these players. Result: Inconclusive -- will continue testing that theory by plugging into original (brand new) surge suppressor power strip and try another movie or two like that.

Overall conclusion: Toshiba gets no points for customer service. To be told "Sorry, can't help you. Out of warranty. Yes, it's defective, but we can't replace it" is simply unacceptable these days. Amazon customer service, on the other hand, gets 5 stars for coming through and saving the day. In only wish I weren't stuck with a poorly crafted device. (Could still return it for a refund, says Amazon, which I may consider over the coming months, if problems continue.)
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on October 27, 2012
This Blu-Ray player has been nothing but trouble. I hate it. It is constantly freezing up. If you try to go from playing a DVD to Netflix (or anything else for that matter) it won't work. It just sits on this strange screen. It won't turn on or off you're eventually forced to unplug it. Often it takes two or three times unplugging it for it to work.

It is supposedly a good quality player from a reputable company and for the amount I paid for it, I expected it to perform at least basic functions. I strongly recommend giving your hard earned money to a company who can make a quality product that works how and when it's supposed to.
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on April 22, 2013
Toshiba Blu-Ray players are junk and their "warranty" is not a warranty at all. My player just stopped working one day. It was on a surge protector and the TV it was connected to was fine. It was still under warranty but I had to pay to ship my defective player back to their contractor Acclaim. They never contacted me, so I had to contact Acclaim to check the status. They said they cannot replace it, so they gave me a coupon code to buy a player on their site toshibadirect dot com. They only had one blu-ray to choose from. With shipping and tax, I still had to pay $15. So including the first shipping, I paid almost $30 on a blu ray that was under "warranty replacement." I complained in the online chat and asked to have everything covered, but "Ana" just said, "I'm sorry." Stay away from all Toshiba products! Not only are the products garbage, so is the warranty. UPDATE: 3 days after I ordered my "replacement" blu-ray player, Toshiba calls me and tells me they no longer have that model and they are cancelling my order! The model it is being replaced with will not be available for OVER A MONTH! She said I need to call Acclaim back and get a new coupon code; then I need to wait over a month and order the blu-ray again. She cannot talk to the warranty people at Acclaim; I must do that. I was on hold for a while so Acclaim could call the person I just talked to that wouldn't call Acclaim for me! She could not give me any details on this new player (like how much it cost). I told her the last coupon code did not cover the cost, etc., but she was no help. When I received the new code from the Acclaim person and complained to her about the month wait, she suggested getting something else from the web site. While that was a good suggestion, I really just want my blue-ray replaced. Apparently this is too much to ask. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR A STAY AWAY FROM ALL TOSHIBA PRODUCTS AND THEIR BOGUS WARRANTIES!
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on June 6, 2012
This is a terrible unit.. I tried 2 different units and both froze up when your on you tube, it would not let me off, I had to unplug the unit to reset it. I called Toshiba's customer service and after a 35 minute hold the guy who answered the phone barely spoke english and transfered me again.
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on December 31, 2012
I was very excited about this player, even though the reviews were love it or hate it. I like to think myself reasonable and will often give things a chance. It's too bad then that it didn't work out.

The first one arrived and we happily plugged it in and hooked it up and turned it on. Hmmm. Nothing. The blue light said ON and the splash screen came up for about 1 or 2 seconds then it went black. Okay, well maybe we need to insert a disc, so we inserted the disc. It said loading. There was a lot of grinding noise and nothing ever came up. So we ejected and put another disc back in. Maybe it was the disc, though it shouldn't have been since it was brand spanking new. That didn't work either. Okay, so this was a dud.

Being the patient people we are, we notified Amazon that we wanted to exchange it for another and waited for the exact same model to arrive (which by the way was thankfully a very simple process AND since I my original order had included an additional $4 for overnight shipping, Amazon sent the second model overnight as well).

We got it early this morning and unfortunately, we experienced the exact same behaviors that the other one had. It too is a dud.

Needless to say, I'm disappointed. Two different players with the same problem spells trouble. This time, I'm going to go with this one. When we bought the Toshiba, we paid $66 at the time and the Sony we're getting is a bit more ($88), but the reviews appear more solid and still does most of what this one does (not 3D though).
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on May 21, 2012
Very easy to operate and provides excellent images. It is also very light and compact. Great price. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.
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on July 12, 2012
We purchased this player for our 10 year anniversary (along with the necessary High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet) and are 100% satisfied with the performance and ease of use. With the Quick Start Guide it took us just minutes to hook up and the picture and sound are stellar compared to our old DVD player. With built-in apps for Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, YouTube, Cinemanow, Pandora and more, it's a cinch to connect to internet-streamed content. There are other nice features like memory recall (even if you shut the power off it will take you right back to your place in the movie), advanced audio, network and video settings and access to movies, photos and videos on your home PC.

Rest assured, this is a high quality, user-friendly Blu-Ray player at an excellent price. If you are new to this type of technology, or aren't looking for something really fancy or expensive, I would highly recommend this one!
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on February 27, 2013
I received this product from Toshiba as an upgrade after my BDX3300 Blu-Ray player quit working after about 3 months. After going through the return process (which was tedious, but still pleasant since Toshiba gave me a more expensive player at no cost), I'm finally able to watch my extremely tasteful DVDs. Or so I think.

Interface: the BDX5300 has the same clunky user-interface that we've all come to expect with DVD players. Everything is slow to respond, but it's nothing worse than other companies.

DVDs/Blu-Rays: the playback looks great, but the BDX5300 has this problem where it just stops responding to the outside world. After I finished one of my Breaking Bad DVDs (great show, go check it out), I went to eject the DVD, but the BDX5300 wasn't having any of my shenanigans. It became completely unresponsive to everything except pulling the power cord. I still haven't found a fix for this occasional problem.

Netflix: This is the main reason I purchased a dvd player in the first place. After setting up my account on the BDX5300, I find the movie I want to watch, hit "Play Movie", and am shocked to find myself back at the default home screen of the Blu Ray player. Confused, I repeat the process. Same results. Every time I try to watch a movie on Netflix, it just crashes and goes to the home screen. As an added bonus, it occasionally decides to go unresponsive at this point and make me pull its plug. After rebooting, I click on the Netflix icon, only to receive the helpful message that "Netflix has failed," with no other details.

While I haven't acted like it, I am extremely disappointed in this product, as well as Toshiba. I shouldn't have to spend this much time and money on a product that clearly fails. It's even more disappointing to know that I'm going to have to pay to re-ship this item to Toshiba, only to have them send me another item that will likely fall short of my expectations as a consumer.

tl;dr this product is terrible, and I would recommend you look at another company's products.
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on August 5, 2012
Don't waste your time with this player. Menus are slow to load and my wifi failed within 6 months. Get a roku and another straight blu-ray player.
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