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on December 14, 2011
I've had this laptop for almost a month now. So far I'm very pleased with it. I use this laptop mainly for everything a college kid does, as well as development software like Netbeans, Adobe, Eclipse, AutoCAD, etc. I'm also a casual gamer.

Pros: This thing is a beast, incredible performance and speed. I can have something Dreamweaver and Eclipse open at the same time, while watching a video or gaming and you barely notice a difference. the 2nd generation Intel Core i7 2670QM, aka Sandy Bridge, has a great benchmark. It can overclock to over 3.0 Ghz via Turbo Boost when needed. It has a lot of RAM, 6GB is more than enough, and you probably will never use all of it. For the average person, 4GB is more than sufficient. Starcraft II ran just fine on it, even without discrete Graphics Memory. Of course, for the hardcore gamers, it will be best to get a model with NVIDIA Geforce.

750GB is a ton, even more than my external hard drive. Many people don't understand that when you buy, say a 750GB hard drive, you do not get 320GB of space. No, you have not been lied to. Manufacturers use decimal notation (320GB = 3.2 billion)but computers read binary, so it's really closer to 690GB. You always get slightly less than what the manufacturer says, I believe it's around 5% less than what is advertised, so this one holds about 692gb. It's roughly 692GB usable, and more closer to 650GB with all the Toshiba Bloatware. But still, The average person won't ever have to worry about running out of space on this laptop.

The screen looks great. It's a glossy LED-backlit LCD screen. The resolution isn't super high, but this isn't a $2000 laptop. It's 1366 x 768, and that's perfect for anyone really. This doesn't bug me at all, as you can't even tell the difference between 720 and 1080 on a screen size like this. But if you really are obsessed with screen resolution, be prepared to spend close to $2000.

There are dedicated hotkeys up by the screen, next to the power button. The Eco button, the wireless button, LED Light Controller, Play/Pause(music), mute, and volume. Very cool and useful.

It does everything that I need without ever having problems. This machine feels cool to the touch, doesn't overheat, even while having Adobe Dreamweaver open and watching a DVD movie at the same time doesn't make it hot. After running for around 4-6 hours, the bottom was still fairly cool. Keyboard is fairly good. Not the best laptop keyboard ever, but I tend to have low expectations for laptop keyboards. This is not a $2000 laptop, btw.

The battery life is fairly good for a machine this size. Usually it's 3 hours, but I can get 4+ hours in Eco Mode(Plus the Environment). However, in Eco-Mode, I noticed that the computer was significantly slower once I was running multiple applications. The Eco-mode does reduce performance, but prolongs battery life, so that's a trade off.

This laptop also has sleep/music and one USB 3.0 port that does sleep and charge. I never use the sleep/music function, but what it does is that you can plug in a headphone jack from an mp3 player and play it through the computer's speakers even when it's shut down. I don't see the point in that, as I could just fire up iTunes when it's on and do that. But pretty cool regardless. Sleep and Charge allows you to charge your portable device(Phone, iPod) via USB 3.0 even when it's powered off, as long as the laptop has a certain amount of battery life. That could come in handy when you are outside traveling and away from a power source. Keep in mind that this feature doesn't work on the other three USB 2.0 ports.

The speakers are amazing, they're harman/kardon. It sounds great, and gives you a mini-theater feeling. It was a lot better than my old computer, I noticed a significant difference. Built in Mic is loud and clear.

I really like the touchpad. It works well, however multi-touch scrolling is not enabled out of the box. You might have to download & install a touchpad driver from Toshiba(search). Then you have to go to the Control Panel, Mouse, Sypnatics, and enable to multi-touch scrolling gesture. You can enable others as well, but the scrolling is the only one I ever use.

The whole laptop design is beautiful and elegant. That design really stops fingerprint smudges, and just looks really cool in general.

Not much cons here, but Cons:
The Webcam. The webcam isn't the best, I believe it's VGA. It's not that bad, just not the best. I don't notice much difference at all between this and a 1.3 MP webcam. How many laptops actually have HD webcams built-in? I don't really video call that often, no this is a non-issue to me. You can always buy an external HD webcam.

Some people might think the material feels cheap and plasticity, and would prefer a different material instead. But personally I think it's fine the way it is.

Toshiba Bloatware. Toshiba usually has a lot of preinstalled software on their machines, including free trials to things like Norton. They're not all useless though, the Toshiba Eco utility helps me prolong battery life, while the Intel My Wifi can allow you to connect at the login screen. Once again, not a big deal to me, I uninstalled Norton and Ms Office Starter though.

No discrete GPU, if you're doing something GPU intensive, I recommend you look for another model with NVIDIA.

Overall, this laptop was a great bang for the buck for me. I checked Toshiba's official website, and a laptop with similar specs as this one would range from 975-1000s. If you can get this laptop in the 700s, then it's a fantastic investment. I'm very happy with my purchase, and who would recommend this to anyone.

Update: Had this for nearly 6 months now, Laptop working perfectly fine. Remember to keep a computer at its peak performance, you have to be doing "maintenance" on a consistent base(ie, Deleting Unncessary Files, Defraging, clearing temp).
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on December 30, 2011
I have an old Toshiba with a dual core AMD turion processor and to tell you the truth, afternearly 4 years of abuse it still works fine. But I needed something more. I am a movie poster on sites like youtube and I do digital artwork. I needed to get a faster, more reliable computer and this one absolutely FLIES CIRCLES around my older model! I tell everyone that an i7 quadcore processor is no joke! On my old computer, it would rip a movie at about 20fps. This one? An AMAZING 155fps! Just unbelieveable! The 8gb of DDR3 ram is no joke either! And with the new usb 3.0 I can load a 2TB portable drive in a matter of about 10 minutes!

This computer is so FAST it's IRRITATING! Let me explain. On my older model, I'd click on a program and it would take about 20seconds to load. This one? I can load several programs in a few seconds!

One thing that's a bit strange. The entire laptop has an odd texture. It's a bunch of bumpy straight lines from left to right...sorta like the peel out markings of a tire, lol.

That being said, I am giving this a 5* rating simply because 10 or higher isn't an option!
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on November 7, 2011
Wow. I chose this computer over many others (being a prior Toshiba user swayed my judgement just a bit) because it was reasonably priced and has many features I was looking for. Memory speed was something I would not compromise on, 6 GB is working for me. I have had this out of the box for less than 6 hours and have been AMAZED at the quality. Ohh and on a slightly more personal note.. I have to re-train myself to use the 10-key again!! :) The case of the computer has an interesting finish on it, textured, not smooth. Enjoy.
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on May 15, 2012
I've owned this computer for 3 months now.

The computer itself is gorgeous and works wonderfully- the WiFi is crazy strong when it comes to signal (places that other wifi capable products say only have 1 bar, this computer will pick up at 4 bars no problem).

Runs almost everything that I throw at it game-wise. The only one that I've had issues with so far is having to turn the graphics low on Tera since there's really not a great graphics card on it.

The reason why I'm rating this 3 stars is purely from the keyboard problems. The keys are truly terrible. You have to type really hard and short; Holding ctrl, alt, shift, caps lock turns out to be a problem with it losing the long stroke almost immediately. I don't know if this was a fault of poor design, bad quality-control or what. I mainly watch videos in my bed on this computer, so keyboard-wise, I haven't returned it because its gorgeous screen and audio keeps me using it daily. If I want to play games or type to friends, I usually just use my desktop made for that (however, that's in the living room).
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on April 3, 2012
I think I have finally found the right computer for me. This Toshiba is awesome in every way I've seen so far. First, to all the reviews talking about the keyboard I have no idea what they are noticing. The keys are beautifully designed as to be partially set into a top plate bezel. They are not stiff in any way other than they are not loose. They actually feel nice and responsive and don't feel cramped.

I am really glad I paid the extra money and bought this one as opposed to the obsolete one for $708. That seller charges shipping ontop of the price so the $750 this one cost was a truly remarkable offer. I'm serious, this computer is the one, it does everything.

Since I haven't found anything to complain about let me list what I really liked on this first day that I've had it.

The shipping speed was free and the time just right. I had it after about 3 days, and since I plan in advance that's perfect. I have a whole 4 month transfer planned out since I'm waiting for Office 2012 to be released. I figured I'd take it slow and transition fully off my current machine.

The packaging is just right, not wasteful and fairly environmentally responsible.

After opening an easy package you are awed by a gorgeous machine. The styling and feel is rich. Opening and closing is a little stiff so take it easy on the hinges, my current Gateway is falling apart at the hinges but it's a few years old and I have to say nowhere near this quality.

Now you turn it on and do a very simple personalization and Windows 7 opens. It is familiar and already I can tell super easy to use, but it's grown up time, we're talking a new and improved video movie maker and very intuitive and attractive layout of the windows. I'd say a seamless upgrade.

I haven't even mentioned the screen yet, holy cow. Old pictures and video look great but seem less than perfect when you see newer higher definition pictures and video. Wow the resolution is incredible. I can't believe how lifelike HD videos even on Youtube look. I played a video from a GoPro on it that I could't even play on my current machine and it was flawless. No choppiness or refreshing.

I am looking forward to integrating this machine with my TV, I've always wanted to do that. It has built in HDMI and also wireless transmitting to transfer video and audio to your TV.

Like I said, this machine seems to have been custom made for me. Good job Toshiba, and thank you Amazon for coming through again.

P.S. The speakers are awesome.
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on December 7, 2011
I got this computer mainly for the i7 intel quad core processor, and I wasn't disappointed. This thing flies. The keyboard feels really nice to type on, a little weird at first, but once you get used to it, it's great. The battery life is what has really impressed me. I take this thing to work with me and use it on and off during my 9 hour shift and I rarely have to plug it in. I'd say it's around 3-5 hours of actual use time. Honestly can't think of one thing to complain about, I'm really happy with my purchase, and I'll be sticking with Toshiba in the future.
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on December 12, 2011
Have had this for a week now and am extremely happy. The i7 processor is very fast and the whole computer works very well. I would rate the keyboard as being excellent with numeric keypad and all. Graphics performance is only average though so I would not recommend this for the serious gamer. My only real complaint with this unit is that it does not come with a recovery disk. Capability is provided however for the user to make their own recovery disks by inserting one or more DVDs and burning using the Toshiba program. If you get one of these be sure and do it.

All in all this unit is an excellent buy when one looks at performance versus price.
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on February 2, 2012

The operating system went south. An attempt to use the "D" drive recovery was supposed to only fix the operating didn't, wiping everything. And even wiped to factory settings, it still didn't work properly. Same deal using the back up DVDs I made as suggested.

I'm going to see if the warrenty gets me anywhere (but I doubt it.)


This isn't a bad laptop for the money but it has one really bad quality...the keyboard is garbage. Ignoring for a minute the loose keys upon opening the box, the real issue is the key response. Sometimes a key that have been pressed will be ignored and at most times, the response is just slow. Maybe if you're using the machine for web surfing or gaming, this wouldn't be an issue. But if you want to type stuff on a regular basis, look elsewhere.
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on March 20, 2012
I love this laptop quite a bit. It's fast and very responsive, the finish isn't bad and it's got a limited amount of junkware on it to uninstall. Still got some kinks to work out but I'm loving it. The only downside is that the keys are a bit stiff and therefore lack the feedback that one gets when normally typing.
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on May 16, 2012
It's a great computer for the $750 it costs. The main downside is that it comes with _lot_ of junk installed. It's a big (but not weight) computer which might make it a bit uncomfortable if you want to carry it anywhere you go. Regarding the keyboard issue many have mentioned, it's not best keyboard but it's not that bad - after a week you will not even notice it.
However, it's great for my needs: a developer machine, used as a desktop most of the times and with another operating system :)
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