Customer Reviews: Total Recall (Mind-Bending Edition) [Blu-ray]
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Fantastic movie, but this is the poorest-quality Blu-Ray image quality that I have yet seen.

I traded in my Special Edition DVD of this movie for the Blu-Ray version with the expectation that the new version would have high-definition video and at least a few of the Special Edition's extras. Not so.

The video is very grainy and spotty, almost like watching a videotape recorded in a theater with the camera pointed at the screen.

The disk includes a single featurette and none of the commentaries or other extras that were included in the Special Edition.

If you possibly can, don't buy -- wait for a fully remastered and restored Blu-Ray which includes the commentaries.
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on March 2, 2009
Total Recall had its controversy in its heyday. Known for its violent scenes and fast paced action sequences, it was a favorite movie of mine when it first entered the theater. It was an interesting blend of science fiction, action, and some suspense mixed in together. One left the movie with many questions that are still being pondered to this day. That said, the Blu Ray version is a bit of let down.

The film quality of the Blu Ray version is sub par at best, with artifacts and some noise. My Blu Ray player up scales dvd movies with better picture quality than this transfer. I ended up having to change my picture settings to get a less noisy picture. This version was a real downer since high definition should look better than high quality dvd transfers. While the $10 price tag (or around this price range) is attractive, if one has a previous DVD version then one should really wait for a better edition on Blu Ray.

On a side note:
This Blu Ray version of Total Recall really shows the need for accurate reviews of Blu Ray movies (instead of dvd versions). Not all Blu Rays have good picture and sound quality and some are outright poor in these two areas. I would advise anyone to check out reviews, especially those that detail the picture quality, of prospective Blu Ray movie purchases.
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on September 14, 2001
Total Recall is one of those movies I can watch over and over and never get sick of. It is what every true Arnold fan wants in an Arnold flick. And aside from being one of Arnold's best films it is a very great sci-fi flick period.

Arnold plays everyman Douglas Quaid, a guy living an average life on the near future earth who is obsessed with the idea of going to Mars(which is colonized). He decides to go to a futuristic company called Recall, which sells it's customers memories of vacations they did not really take. Quaid decides to do it and while the salesman is making his pitch he poses the question, "what is the same about every vaction you have ever taken?" The answer: You. So Quaid buys the secret agent package and that is when the action begins. Suddenly everyone is out to get Quaid and he can't figure it out, all he knows is he has to get his "a** to Mars." He does and the film really takes off with mutants, rebels, women, corruption, double crossing, heavy carnage, planet saving, and Arnold, smack in the middle of all of it.
The story in summary can actually be found within the movie, which is a very unusual plot device, but it works in this film. The guy at Recall says by the time this is over you will kill the bad guys, get the girl, and save the planet. So is Total Recall a dream or a reality. This question is one of the things that makes it such an engaging movie because you don't know. Really though the best part of this film is Arnold. He is in tip top form in this film and it is certainly one of his best. The character allows him all the elements to shine, odds against him, guys always trying to fight him, lots of guns, and terrific one-liners. Paul Verhoeven(Robocop, Basic Instict) has crafted a awesome film. The set direction is great and it makes the fantastic action that much better. Sure Verhoeven may get a little carried away with violent nature of his action, but would anyone really want this film any other way? Not me.
Total Recall is a blast. On an additional note I just picked up the DVD Collector's Edition and it is a must have for fans. The commentary with Verhoeven and Arnold is hilarious and the making of's are very well done. This is one of those films that will become a classic over time because that is what it is, CLASSIC.
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Paul Verhoeven's stylish non-stop action TOTAL RECALL is one of Arnold's better movies. Featuring the now classic "consider this a divorce" scene, TOTAL RECALL bristles with electrical tension and brutally explicit action and violence. Based on a short story by Philip Dick, the movie focuses on Arnie, whose memories have been wiped away and when he discovers that, it leads him to Mars and confrontations with nasty guys that want him dead. Considering that this is a 1990 film, the special effects, set design, costuming, etc. are very impressive, as is the late Jerry Goldsmith's atmospheric score.

Arnie is Arnie, who has never made us think of him as a serious actor, but this is his kind of movie, and he is surrounded with some competent supporting performers: Rachel Ticotin as Melina, his love from his previous life, who exudes a smoldering sensuality; the then lesser known Sharon Stone, who plays Arnie's "wife" with a mixture of flirtatious sexuality and out and out viciousness; the irrepressible Michael Ironside, the consummate villain chewing up the scenery; and Ronny Cox as the nasty Coalhagen, who is masterminding all the trouble on Mars to meet his own excessive needs.

This is one of those movies you can enjoy more than once, to savor the lush topography of Mars and Sharon Stone getting her just rewards.
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on August 2, 2012
To coincide with the release of the 2012 remake, "Total Recall" has been resurrected on Blu-Ray from Lionsgate in the form of a "Mind Bending" Special Edition re-issue. The studio's original Blu-Ray was a poor, early-format effort, and this new AVC encoded 1080p transfer is a huge upgrade by comparison, even though the film itself doesn't appear flawless (with all the optical effects, it's no surprise that there's something of a slightly "dirty" aspect to the entire transfer). That said, the lack of DNR is quite welcome and the overall look hugely satisfying, with the transfer closely resembling Studio Canal's superior European Blu-Ray releases of the film (in fact it seems to be a new encoding of that older master). The DTS MA audio nicely represents Goldsmith's score, while extras - none of which were contained on the prior Blu-Ray - are rounded up from Lionsgate's old DVD releases.

These include a chatty Verhoeven-Schwarzenegger commentary, which is wide-ranging and most interesting when it divulges the rocky development of the film, particularly the Bruce Beresford-directed version that was days away from shooting with star Patrick Swayze before DeLaurentiis Entertainment Group went under. There's also talk about the proposed "Total Recall 2" sequel that was supposed to adapt "Minority Report," while an interview with Verhoeven, 2001 "Imaging `Total Recall'" and special effects documentaries, the trailer, a photo gallery, and a restoration comparison round out a fine budget-priced Blu-Ray that's unquestionably better than the release that preceded it.
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on December 19, 2014
one of the best Action thrillers ever made & of course it would be
you have Brilliant script written by both Ronald shusett & the late Dan O' Bannon who passed away some years ago
and you also have Director Paul verhoeven & Great Actor Arnold schwarzenegger for the film
aswell as Great Actor Michael ironside, Ronny cox and Sharon stone when she was in her prime
plus don't forget special make up effects artist Rob Bottin and his team
which i still think his special effects done in the film still Hold up today, better than CGI effects
it's the Cream of the crop in this film
better than the stupid remake with Colin Farrell, but it is matter of opinion
your either loyal to this Schwarzenegger version or you like the remake better, or you like both versions

TOTAL RECALL has been released on blu-ray twice now plus the special edition dvd release from 2001
this Mind-bending release is the 3rd and latest release of the film on blu-ray
scrap the previous blu-ray releases
and get this new Mind-Bending edition which has a new High definition transfer in 1:85:1 widescreen
supervised by Director Paul verhoeven so it says on the back cover
and i tell you what this new blu-ray transfer looks fantastic, an excellent clear pictured transfer, not much Grain at all
better than the old dvd release of course
plus a new 5.1 Master audio mix has been added to
i think maybe 6.1 or 7.1 mix should have been added aswell, the sound quality would be incredible
but there's only a 5.1 master audio mix
and that's not all,

there's a new special feature on this blu-ray a long with the old extras of course
every single special feature from the old special edition DVD is on this blu-ray
MODEL & SKELETONS featurette which is about the special effects of Total recall
the old TV promo featurette only goes for about 8mins which was filmed during the making of the film in 1989-1990
a restoration comparison where the VHS or DVD print of the film is compared with this new blu-ray transfer of the film
which may be interesting to some fans i guess
and the old DVD commentary by Paul verhoeven & Arnold schwarzenegger is on this blu-ray aswell
there's also the Trailer & Photo Gallery aswell
the extras are not in High definition, more like Dolby digital surround sound
except for a brand new 1hour length interview with Paul verhoeven filmed just for this new blu-ray
which is in HD ofcourse
very very interesting interview to, Paul speaks in Great indepth detail about TOTAL RECALL
some things he talks about that he didn't mention in the 2001 Documentary for the special edition DVD of the film

you get the film & the old & new special features on 1 blu-ray Disc, incredible.
scrap the old blu-ray releases & the old special edition DVD
definitely time to upgrade and get this Mind bending edition of this classic sci-fi action thriller
which is now 24years old now can you believe it it's been that long since the film was released to theaters
5 stars i gave it worth the cash for sure
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What if you could have memories implanted? What if the implanted memories were so real that you could not tell the difference between the implanted memories and reality? What if you went to a place that implanted such memories and when you woke up, you discovered that you had lost your sense of reality and you no longer knew who you were?

Douglas Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a laborer living an apparent life of ease (and luxury - laborers must be paid really well in 2084) with his beautiful wife Lori (Sharon Stone). Life is good for Douglas and Lori, until Douglas gets it into his head that he wants to take a trip to Mars. Of course, Douglas is unable to go to Mars (Lori does not want to emigrate to Mars), so Douglas heads off to Rekall to get a brain implant.

Implanted memories are no big deal. You go in, they put you under, you get an implanted memory, and you go home thinking you had a great time on Mars. Douglas chose to be a spy and have a beautiful girlfriend. Unfortunately, the friendly folks at Rekall discover that Douglas had already had an implant and their attempt to implant a new memory was creating problems in Douglas's brain. However, the people at Rekall are able to cover up the problem and Douglas seems to walk away from Rekall without problems.

Unfortunately for Douglas, his wife is quite upset that Douglas went to Rekall. So upset that she works Douglas over. The next thing Douglas knows, a bunch of guys with really big guns are trying to blow him away and he is running for his life.

Douglas can only do one thing. He heads for Mars and the answers to his questions. Things on Mars get even more interesting. A man with a dictator's power, Vilos Cohaagen (Ronny Cox, "Deliverance" and "Beverly Hills Cop"), controls Mars. Quaid seems caught between mutants, Cohaagen and Cohaagen's henchmen, led by Richter (Michael Ironside, "Scanners," "Watchers," and "Starship Troopers"). Of course, Quaid's murderous wife is still running around. Then there are the aliens. You will have to watch.

This movie is filled with action and allows you enough time to wonder what is real and what is fantasy, nearly to the end of the movie. I thought the special effects were quite good for 1990. There are places where you can easily see that a set is a miniature, but other miniatures are beautiful and wonderfully meshed with full-sized sets.

Director Paul Verhoeven and a team of writers did a wonderful job of building on a 1966 Philip K. Dick short story, "We Can Remember It for You." Even with some dated effects and styles, the movie still plays well, especially once the movie shifts to Mars. I absolutely loved the action-packed ending, wondering just how Quaid was going to survive. Fans of Philip K. Dick, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone, Rachel Ticotin and science fiction movies have to see this excellent movie, one of Arnold's best.

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on November 18, 2014
This is a review of the Blu-Ray copy

There is no digital download with this copy

This is the original 1990 Total Recall I think much better then the 2012 version myself.

Total Recall (1990

Quaid, a 2084 construction worker haunted by dreams of Mars in this crowd-pleasing science fiction spectacle. Against the wishes of his sexy blonde wife, Quaid goes to Rekall, a company that implants artificial memories, so he can "remember" visiting the red planet that is now being settled by human inhabitants. However, Quaid is actually an amnesiac secret agent from Mars - or is he?

Video Quality:
Total Recall is presented on Blu-ray courtesy of StudioCanal and Lionsgate Films with an AVC encoded 1080p transfer in 1.85:1. This is an all new high definition transfer supervised and approved by director Paul Verhoeven and struck from the original camera negative. As evidenced by the restoration comparison included on this Blu-ray as a supplement, the results are rather dramatic. Contrast is markedly better in this presentation, as is color timing and especially saturation. Despite the plethora of scenes bathed in red, fine object detail pops impressively, especially in close- ups. No extreme digital tweaking appears to be in evidence, so this transfer has a beautifully filmic appearance, with a nice layer of fine grain overlaying the entire film. Total Recall was done in the days of practical and optical effects, and those occasionally show their age, but not to any real detrimental effect.

Audio Quality:

Total Recall offers lossless DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mixes in English, French and German (and sample the German track to hear Arnie speaking in his native tongue). The English track is an incredibly visceral experience, completely immersive and wonderfully nuanced. The film zooms from set piece to set piece with an abundance of gunfire, snapping bones and other foley effects clearly directional and rendered with excellent fidelity. Dialogue and Jerry Goldsmith's nicely bombastic score are well prioritized and are delivered cleanly and clearly. Dynamic range is extremely wide and LFE is utilized very effectively in several key sequences.
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on December 14, 2008
This movie looks horrible. Watching it mad me wish they had shot me into mar's atmosphere. If I had never seen a high definition movie and this was my first experience, I would never even think of investing in a blu-ray player. My opinion would be what's the use it looks just like regular dvd.
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on August 6, 2012
The blu-ray transfer of this movie is incredible - it's absolutely worth getting. The update puts it up there visually with almost any movie shot today (keep in mind sometimes its the special effects that look cheesy, not the picture quality). I'd seriously give it 6 stars if they let me.
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