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Totally Bamboo 20-7930 3-Piece Cutting Board Set
by Totally Bamboo
3.9 out of 5 stars (817)
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I would say yes to some degree. However, I do notice these bambo boards dry rather quickly. That means rinsing the boards quickly after use prevents the depth of absorbing. I do agree I wish these boards larger. I use the largest one for meat as I don't want meat juice spreading and contaminating my table and other stuff on the table.
Mar 10, 2013 by Adventure Mom
The manufacturer, Totally Bamboo, claims their cutting boards are formaldehyde-free: "We had a chemist develop a high grade, non-toxic formaldehyde free food grade glue which we use exclusively on our cutting boards." See "Adhesives" near the bottom of this page on their website:
Dec 28, 2013 by JoeR3tro
The instructions told us to so we did as instructed. If you did not receive those instructions with the product, I would send it back for an exchange.
Oct 26, 2014 by Larry L. Sheneman
Made in USA? Dec 5, 2013
I'm not sure if these are made here in the U.S. I would say probably not since they are made of bamboo and I'm not aware if there is enough bamboo material in one place in this country that would make it more economical than importing these from somewhere that does. I will say that they are of good quality and stand up to a lot of heavy cutting. They are a little on the thin side and the smallest of the three boards is almost too small to be of any use other than an individual cheese board.
Dec 5, 2013 by W. Derr
what size are they? Dec 5, 2013
All in inches: 6 X 8, 8.5 X 11, 9.5 X 13. I first thought the small one was too small, but now use it often.
Dec 5, 2013 by DWY
I cannot answer that honestly. However, within a month or so of using it, the product started warping/bending, and the handle subsequently cracked. I have bought Bamboo boards at places like Bed Bath and Beyond, COSTCO, and they stills works about 1.5 years later. The quality of this product from Amazon is pathetic.
May 11, 2014 by ERVN
Did you use a dishwasher to clean them? If so that's probably why they slit. If not, I'd contact Amazon to get them exchanged
Apr 6, 2014 by Jeremy Krantz
You should take it back...or call the company and explain what happened...maybe they will send you a replacement or refund
Mar 21, 2013 by CelestialBunny
Yes. Kind of cheap though.
Nov 16, 2014 by Joy
That's not a question. If you didn't like it, write a review telling people why, so they can avoid it.
Dec 5, 2013 by Wayne
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