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on March 23, 2013
I've always never been happy with just using toilet paper. I don't know who decided that now we are no longer babies, wiping ourselves with toilet paper is now enough. Until they came up with the flushables a few years ago, it was always horrible since you can't flush the regular butt wipes. I've been very happy with the flushables cottonelle butt wipes which I actually have on a subscription basis on amazon until I found the most amazing TOTO heated seat washlet so I have to have it.

Ever since I got the TOTO toilet seat washlet, I haven't used toilet paper and butt wipes and it feels amazingly clean and the comfort for everything it does for me at home is priceless. Unfortunately, I can't take it with me when I travel which I do quite a bit. I always feel the "not so fresh and not quite clean" feeling when traveling and hated it.

After stumbling on this product somewhere, I was so happy to know it exist. I was even more excited to find out amazon sells it and they have it cheapest compare to the other online sellers.

This travel washlet is amazingly easy to use, easy to travel with and does a great job cleaning our private parts.

The only thing that prevented this item to get my 5 stars is the tank is not big enough for one use. You definitely have to a have a water bottle next to you so you can refill it to finish up. Aside from that, WHAT A WONDERFUL PIECE OF TRAVEL MATE to keep you feeling fresh and clean wherever you are.

By the way, they do make and sell an extra tank so you can refill the unit with water if you need more but a bottled water which is available everywhere is better than having to travel with an extra tank of water just to use for one purpose so I didn't get the extra tank.

This is a MUST BUY item for anyone who is used to washlets, bidets, or someone who wants to stay fresh and clean ALWAYS!
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on January 2, 2015
This is a comparison between the Panasonic Handy Toilette and the Toto YEW350/HW300.

The Panasonic is more portable and has a smaller water tank than the Toto. The amount of water on both bidets is sufficient although I have been noticing better results with the Toto.

The Toto is quieter than the Panasonic which makes a difference when it is used in a public bathroom.

The Toto seems to have a stronger stream of water than the Panasonic, although both are sufficient for use.

The Toto has an adjustable sliding nozzle cover from three to five holes, whereas the Panasonic nozzle is removable and comes supplied with a six hole nozzle in addition to being fitted with a four hole nozzle.

With the Toto it is necessary to hold down the button to keep it on, whereas with the Panasonic you only need to press the button to turn it on and off.

Both bidets have a removable lanyard. Because the lanyard tends to get wet it may be desirable to remove it.

You can use PET water bottles with the Panasonic and it comes with two attachment for different size bottles. Unless the bottle was particularly small (ie. a small 350ml Evian bottle) it may not be convenient to carry around.

One disadvantage with the Panasonic is that the removable water tank sometimes leaks when it is fitted onto the unit, especially if the water tank is not pushed into the unit after fitting it on.

Given that this is a device that it meant to be carried with you, the Panasonic wins on portability, but in my opinion the Toto is better.

UPDATE: I am very happy with the Toto as it has a strong stream and large water tank. The Panasonic is far more portable. So I use the Toto at home and use the Panasonic on the move. We cannot use a bidet toilet seat because it's a rental so I use the travel bidet instead.
Another thing is that if someone is particularly overweight they may find it hard to fit the Toto between their legs while sitting on the the toilet. The Panasonic is more slender and easier to fit in this regard.
It is possible to fill up both the Toto and the Panasonic with warm water. However this seems to have little benefit as the cold water is not uncomfortable, and it takes a while to get hot water flowing out of the tap.
I have also tested the Panasonic with different brands of bottled water and found that they all fit using the two attachments.
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on January 2, 2013
I bought it for my trip this holiday and it is wonderful to have. I didn't want to be in the mercy of random toilet paper at people's house and so this was very handy. It is not awkward to hold and use at all. In a guy and I hold the device from the front and I get a pretty constant good stream of warm water for 20 seconds or so. Just hang it up to dry.
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on January 4, 2014
I am a committed fan of Toto's washlets. In addition to the several installed in my house, I have installed 2 more as gifts and they have all performed faithfully, as designed, for years of daily use. The challenge was finding a portable version and this Toto product seemed ideal. It is very easy to carry, collapsible and of good quality. However, the battery power is low and, when combined with a very limited water volume...well sorry Toto engineers, but please consider this review as a request for some improvement.

This travel washlet works, and until Toto comes out with an improved model, this is probably the "best" option. However, my review is meant to keep expectations at a realistic level. There was some trade off between weight, size and power and some recalculation is needed for the next version.
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on May 13, 2013
Let me leave out the graphical details. Let me just say that I can't imagine life without it from now on, and I feel like I had a deprived life up until now.

NOTE. I recommend keeping an additional 200 ml bottle filled with water handy just in case a second round could become useful.

NOTE. I had some minor issues and Toto's customer support helped me out with incredible efficiency. An extra 5 stars for that.

NOTE added on November 10, 2013. A second problem popped up but this time Toto's customer support is noncooperative despite the several emails I sent them. I am very disappointed. I decided not to reduce the number of stars for the time being. Let's see how it works out.

DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM. The water tank keeps collapsing as vacuum is being created by the decreasing amount of water in it. It is quite inconvenient to press the button while the tank collapses. Has any of you experienced the same problem? Is this a design issue or am I just plain unlucky?

UPDATE on November 27, 2013: After my comments and questions on and after I wrote them again, Toto contacted me and told me they will ship me a replacement and that they will check out mine.

UPDATE on November 27, 2013: I ordered the 2 Panasonic models too. I will announce my findings.
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on June 3, 2013
Very compact little device: you pull out the reservoir from the main unit in order to fill it, and you manually fold out the retractable wand. It is very quick and easy to pull out both parts and then flip everything back into place when done. The reservoir may be filled in either a deep or shallow sink (the reservoir door is angled to allow the latter). There are two pressure settings, low and high. To me, both offer a good amount of water pressure; the high setting is actually a bit much for me. The aim from the wand is precise, and the reservoir seems to hold enough water to do the job without needing to refill (this may vary depending on your preferences). Overall, I think this is a great, nifty little device that's easy to use and that gets the job done well!
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on June 16, 2014
Being European I'm used to bidets, and since I can't take the one from my house along to the office, etc. this does the job really well.

Note: In a bathroom where there are no full walls between the stalls, people in other stalls will know that something out of the ordinary is going on in your stall! ;-) It's not loud, but it's loud enough in the quiet of a bathroom. So in the U.S. [many] other people might think you're weird, but personally I don't care. :-D
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on March 15, 2015
Since 2008, I've used one daily at home or while traveling and especially camping, only having to change the battery as needed. Just recently I purchased a second one for backup. This didn't come with English instructions, but I still have my original ones and took pictures, hoping they help those who might want specific information. This is my first time adding photos to a review, so if they don't work well, I welcome instructions I can follow to improve them.
review image review image review image
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on November 18, 2014
Wonderful and better than expected! I am planning a round the world trip and with the variances in tp available in different countries I was anxious to give this a try. I just think it is perfect and would not change a thing. Yes, I do need to fill it twice sometimes, but the trade off for me is the small size and weight - 8.9 oz. Also it was very easy for my smallish hand to hold. It feels very solid and well built.
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on January 14, 2014
Functions well.

OK, it is not 3 litres per minute flow at 2 to 3 bar pressure but it is a hand portable unit!. GOOD JOB!

Remember to bring your water bottle with you if you are doing number 2 (back side) ;-)
The reservoir is good for portable "work". Great for "lady fresh" cleaning buTT not for a clean bum.
Used two fills for a good "rearing" LOL.

Great unit. Good performance. Compact for travel. Only one battery - economical. Two flow settings on nozzle.
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