Customer Reviews: White Touchscreen Digitizer and LCD Assembly for Apple iPhone 4 Verizon Model
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Size: For iPhone 4 CDMA (Verizon/Sprint)|Color: white witout box.|Change
Price:$11.35+ Free shipping
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on November 1, 2013
I wrote this as soon as I finished using the kit because I wanted to clear up some of the issues that people brought up with the screen.

First, the "cords" (they are actually electrical ribbons) are not too short. I ran into this problem as well while installing the new LCD, but the ribbon just has a tendency to get folded behind the frame. Unscrew the frame and other components and make sure you feed the ribbon through thoroughly and make sure it doesn't fold.

Next, the screen fits perfectly with the 4s. If you have issues with this its likely because you're trying to use it for a 4.

Lastly, I haven't noticed any discoloration or dead pixels so far, so that wasn't an issue for me.

I don't usually take the time to write reviews, but I almost didn't buy this item because of its three-star rating, and I wanted to make sure that others realize that this is the cheapest working option. It's a third of the price of the iCracked kit and much less expensive than getting a phone replacement via Apple.

If you do buy this kit, these youtube videos will guide you through the process using the same tools that are included:
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on March 16, 2012
My GF dropped her phone and she didn't want to spend $150+ for the deductible on a replacement so I offered to find a screen and repair it myself. I was a little hesitant in ordering a replacement screen on amazon after reading the less than stellar reviews by most people, but now glad that we did. We received the screen and screwdrivers/tools in a few days because the seller was shipping from an amazon warehouse. It was packed well and we also received the tools included in the pictures (I wasn't actually sure if these would come or not). The tools are cheap, the pentalobe screwdriver works, but the small phillips was too large for the screws (you will also need a small flathead, that was not included, to finish the repair). I would suggest a better set of tools to order with this kit, I already owned a good set from previous laptop repairs.

The repair process is not for beginners! You essentially have to take apart the whole iPhone to replace the screen and the parts are very delicate and small. I imagine most of the poor reviews are from people who are inexperienced in repairing electronics. If you are not careful you can easily tear a ribbon cable and cause more damage to your phone.

The repair took me about 2 hours and when complete I could not tell the difference between my iPhone (with original apple screen) and this replacement. Time will tell if the screen holds up in quality.
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on February 14, 2013
This replacement screen has a new LCD, the glass, and the digitizer, which is what you need for an iPhone 4S replacement. The actual screen hardware is great, maybe perfect. It looks fantastic, and I have no problems so far. I'll update if something goes wrong. I do want to caution, though, about the difficulty and intricacies of the install process. I am VERY happy with how mine turned out, but this seems like the kind of project that people may undertake not knowing what they are getting into and then being unhappy with the product even though the product is perfect. I don't want to dissuade anyone from buying this screen. If you are up for replacing your screen, this is what you should buy.

As for the install, note that this is a pretty involved process. I've been taking apart and rebuilding computers for over ten years, and this took me around two hours. I'm sure I could do it again in significantly less time (maybe one hour), but be sure you're up to the task of replacing the screen before you attempt this. The entire process requires a near complete disassembly of your phone, disconnecting many components such as the camera, speakers, and antenna, and around 20 very small screws. The included tools are everything you need except for a small flathead screwdriver. I'd recommend buying a separate set of precision tools from Stanley or Startech before taking on this project just to be safe.

Look for videos on YouTube before you attempt replacing your screen to make sure you are up to it. Two other notes of caution: (1) the mesh screen on the earpiece is not a part of the front LCD/digitizer screen; so you'll have to remove this from your old LCD/digitizer and attach it to the new one (I used two small dabs of glue). (2) the home button is also not a part of the LCD/digitizer screen, so you'll have to remove this and the rubber seal from your old screen and attach it to the new one. My home button is completely functional on my fixed iPhone with the new LCD/digitizer, but it seems slightly more recessed (by a millimeter or less).

This is a great option for replacing a cracked front screen for your iPhone 4S, but replacing it is very involved and not for someone unwilling to disassmble their phone and spend a couple of hours. Please watch a video of the process on YouTube first to be sure that you're up for it. I have absolutely no complaints about this product, but wanted to caution people before buying. This seems like the type of product that could be perfect, but people would still complain because installation is difficult. This is a great product, but be aware that because of the difficulty of installation, your phone may not be 100% like it was from the factory. I am very happy with the outcome of mine, but acknowledge it is not exactly as it was before I dropped it (but, of course, it is much better than it was with the cracked screen). This is not because there is anything wrong with the product, but because of the intricacies of the iPhone and the installation process.
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on June 22, 2013
I purchased this product after my daughter dropped her iPhone 4. This product works exactly as promised, and I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase.

The replacement screen arrives with all the tools you'll need except a pair of tweezers, which you'll need when reinstalling the very tiny screws during reassembly.

It took me almost four hours from start to finish, but I took my time and read the instructions very carefully. You cannot get in a hurry, but the instructions provided (via web links included in the product documentation) walk you step-by-step through the installation process. If you take your time and do it right, you will be rewarded with a like-new phone.

My daughter's phone is the CDMA version - be sure you are buying the right screen for your phone. Do you have CDMA or GSM? If you don't know, find out before ordering. I should add, there are a couple of steps in the instructions that apply to the GSM version. You can ignore these, but know that some of the pictures on the instruction web site may not look exactly like the inside of your phone. This wasn't a problem except that a couple of screws won't be in the exact same place as in the photos.

One last thing: when you perform the repair, keep your work area very organized, and free of any other clutter. I used Scotch tape to secure the tiny screws to a piece of paper, and I wrote the instruction's "step #" next to each screw so I'd know where to reinstall that item during reassembly.

Again, this product works great. You just have to take your time during the repair so that you get it right.
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on September 28, 2012
I have changed my screen 4 times so far. My son drops my phone offten. The price for the screen/digitizer and magnetic tool set was a great deal!!
And the wires on the digitizer ARE long enough. Everytime i have changed my screen the smaller wire always gets tucked under making it seem smalller. This has happened with every company i have bought A screen from. Carefully lift the screen back up and look under. You will see what i mean by the little wire being tucked. Do not pull on the wires, they will rip. Gentility rework the wires back through.
Phonedoctors has a good tutorial on Youtube.
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on December 29, 2012
First of all, this kit DOES include everything you will need to replace a cracked iPhone screen BUT there are a few important things I would like to point out. I am not an overly picky person however I am particular and I believe these are important things to take into consideration:

1) It is not a genuine Apple screen, is it Fosmon, which I have never heard of. Cosmetically it is identical and has a similar resolution, BUT the picture appears foggy. Almost like the brightness is too low, but turning up the brightness doesn't help, it makes the problem worse. I think the white balance is off or something. This is bothersome to me, especially when I compare it to another iPhone screen, its a pretty dramatic difference. I noticed another reviewer mentioned the same thing. Also, if you push on the screen (especially around the edges) a rainbows of colors appears. Wasn't expecting that.

2) After I replaced my screen, the sensor that turns your screen off while talking on the phone doesn't work. Not sure if I did something wrong during the replacement OR if the replacement just doesn't have that function. It's a real pain in the a$$ when my cheek hits mute during the conversation, or switches on the speaker.

3) There is no mesh screen to cover the speaker where you put your ear. You can see into the phone/speaker. It looks cheap/unfinished.

4) Instructions are NOT included. Not a big deal because there are many videos that walk you though the process on YouTube. However, KEEP TRACK OF THE SCREWS! You will encounter an array of microscopic screws while replacing your screen, you must know which ones came from where.

5) Get a magnetic screwdriver, for the love of God! The screwdriver included is not magnetic and makes the process 10x more difficult.

Bottom line: The price of this product made it a good value and is MUCH better than having a broken screen. But if my screen broke again, I would spend more money on a higher quality replacement or go to a computer store and pay the $100, Apple charges $199.

Good luck!
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on June 8, 2013
First let me say that I made the hasty mistake of purchasing just the glass front (glass digitizer), only to find out that it is absolutely WORTHLESS!!! I left a terrible review after discovering that it is IMPOSSIBLE to successfully detach the old LCD screen from the old digitizer and still use the old LCD screen. The process requires the use of a heat gun to heat the assembly to several hundred degrees Fahrenheit, which of course ruins the LCD screen.

However, after finding all that out and being furious that I paid for overnight shipping to try and get the phone fixed before we left for vacation, I bought this Digitizer + LCD Assembly. After about two hours of tedious work, my wife's iPhone looks and works like new!

That being said, let me emphasize the difficulty of this procedure. I am an engineer and love doing this type of stuff, and it was still very tedious. I watched a YouTube video step-by-step in order to pull it off. You have to disassemble almost the entire iPhone to access the retaining screws for the screen. But if you like tinkering with electronics, don't mind voiding your iPhone's warranty, and want to save a ton of money, this is certainly doable.

Watch 'Verizon iPhone 4 Screen Repair Directions by DirectFix ' on for a great dis-assembly video, it's the one I used. A reassembly video pops up after the first one is over. Hope this helps and good luck!
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on April 2, 2013
I recieved the product fast and arrived as promised but the LCD digitizer front glass is damaged. I istalled it and after 2 days the digitizer started showing yellow spots around the corners and the color began to turn blak. I contacted the bussiness via E-Mail and the owner Steve Costello returned my E-mail and was able to send me a repalcement Digitizer right away. He went over and beyond couse the bad Digitizer was allready installed on my phone and the old digitized (the original) I had dispossed off. He send the new screen before recieving the defective one, thats going over and above in my book. I recieved the replacement and works great clistal clear. I would definatly buy again from this sellen, definatly a five star reviews. thanks
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on May 30, 2012
The person who voted this one star should have read the description clearly stating it was for a 4 not a 4s. That does not deserve a 1 star product rating.

If you know how to handle this process it works (this is for iPhone 4 (not S) on at&t not Verizon or other.

This was my 3rd successful iPhone repair and the most beautiful. I love this kit! Excellent job guys.
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on July 16, 2012
i repair used iphones and ive read bad reviews about this product however after days of researching other similar items i decided to go with this sellers iphone 4s replacement screens. I was afraid while installing it because i kept thinking about all the reviews i had read from other sellers and similar items. After an easy installation i powered it up and the quality was amazing. the clarity was better than i was expecting. I got back on amazon that same night and i ordered his remaining screens. I highly recommend this sellers product and i hope he brings back more of them quick. thanks for a pleasant transaction and i look forward to future transactions with this seller. thanks again
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