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on February 12, 2014
Monster Hunter was one of the main the system sellers for the PSP and now Nintendo has the rights to it. The Playstation Vita has been left to suffer without a good polished hunting ARPG.

Soul Sacrifice filled the void for some, but I wasn't convinced. I never felt attached to my character or his abilities because I didn't work to build each piece of armor or collect loot to craft my next weapon. It just feel way too "streamlined" and that's not always a good thing.

Toukiden thankfully plays very much like the Monster Hunter series. You live in a village, and you take hunting quests. You go on hunting quests with up to 3 NPC's or 3 players via AD-HOC or online play, you kill smaller monsters, kill big monsters, and you loot. Big monsters require you to scope out it's weak spots to cripple it before finishing it off (cut a leg off, cut a tail off, etc) and it prevents the monster from landing it's bigger attacks without limbs. The combat system overall is very similar to Monster Hunter. There is no item management during battle in Toukiden, and healing/power boosts are handled by equipping souls to your weapons with limited ability use in battle. This streamlines the process although my personal preference is the more complex item management system used in Monster Hunter.

The reason Monster Hunter has been so addicting in the past is the complexity of the loot and reward system. You are constantly enticed by the next piece of gear, and you must farm loot to craft/make it. Unfortunately, this is where Toukiden falls short by a bit. Monster Hunter's loot system involved everything from crafting (with crafting tools) to fishing to farming to looting during battles. Toukiden so far has looting from battles and monster kills, and nothing else. There could be potentially add-ons to the village that will include this in the future. This is a new IP after all.

Monsters (Oni) are very diverse and fun to fight. There's not as many as there are in recent Monster Hunter games, 18 boss monsters compared to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate's 43. However, many of Monster Hunter's boss monsters are recycled and reskinned. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate only has 29 distinct boss types. It is also a much older IP with many releases. Hopefully the planned future DLC for Toukiden will increase the number of bosses available.

Pros and Cons of Toukiden:

-Monster hunter clone for the vita
-Fun combat system with well designed bosses
-The same addictive loot/kill/loot gameplay
-Full online infrastructure play with proper lobby support

-Lacks monster variety compared to seasoned Monster Hunter series (although this is to be expected of a new IP)
-Loot system is limited to looting in battle. There is no outside crafting/farming to add to the players attachment to the loot progression as a whole
-Story feels tacked on (although more of a story than Monster Hunter ever had)

Overall, I would recommend this game. It's the closest the vita has to a proper Monster Hunter clone, and that in and of itself is worth the purchase if you have been desperately waiting for a proper hunting game on your vita. Despite it's shortcomings, Toukiden definitely scratches my hunting game itch on the PS Vita.
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on February 11, 2014
You must pick up this game if you enjoy Monster Hunter or Soul Sacrifice.... Sometimes it can get a little repetitive but after a while you will get used to it. It has amazing graphics, huge monsters that are all different in there own way. + You get to fight these monsters along with your friends or random players online. You have a game where you can gear up get better weapons and fight against Monsters...But don't expect it to be 100 % like monster hunter it is different in its own way with different fighting strategies spells and tricks to defeat a boss.. If you want to see how it is exactly I would advice you to try out the demo before purchase trust me you wont regret it... Because reviews are only own opinions so you should make your own trying the demo.

Also the gameplay Trailer:
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on February 24, 2014
I have played them all: Ragnarok odyssey, Soul Sacrifice and monster hunter... but never cared for the genre, especially Soul Sacrifice! I know a lot of people loves Soul sacrifice and I just could not stand it, I thought it was just boring!

Now, explain to me WHY I cannot put Toukiden down? Is it the story? the great graphics? the silly humor? the great control?

It probably is a combination of all. The combat style is what I like the most compared to the other games, It's easy to control, fast combat and it is fun!

If like me, you never cared for monster-hunter-type games before, try this one out (there's a demo on PSN) you won't regret it :O)
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on September 4, 2014
This is an awesome game for the Vita, and well worth the buy. If you're still considering this or Soul Sacrifice/Soul Sacrifice Delta, then consider this: Soul Sacrifice Delta is download only right now (not sure if that'll change or not) and Soul Sacrifice has much less content than Delta, while Toukiden is hard copy or download. In Toukiden you craft all the armor you obtain by hunting monsters and getting the right parts, in SSD you just reach the specified level and the armor/Raiments are given to you, you just have to get the right offering (item) in order to get another color.

I have both games and love them both and they each have their pros and cons, but overall I would give Toukiden a better rating, but only slightly. The thing that sets Toukiden apart is the atmosphere and general storyline of the game. Toukiden has a village with people and allies to befriend while SSD takes all that and turns it into a menu/book. A menu/page to select different weapons (offerings), another page to buy armor and upgrade everything. In SSD outside of combat the only exploring to do, or looking around to do is within the confines of a very small cell. That and there is very little in explanations and tutorials, after the first chapter I found myself wondering what to do next and trying to find the right place to go to do the right quest in order to further the game and story.

Toukiden doesn't really hand you everything on a plate, but makes it easy enough to find out what quest to do next and leaves it up to you to complete the quest. The tutorials are a great way to learn how each weapon works. There are different Mitama (souls) to collect that enhance different ways to use the different weapons. Mitama are a replacement for items to stock up on and bring into a fight only to use them once and discard; Mitama recharge after every mission and there are even ways to recharge those skills during the mission.

One thing I like more about Soul Sacrifice Delta is that it doesn't hold your hand in any way shape or form. Toukiden is relatively easy especially with the Soul Sacrifice gear, and while it is still challenging getting killed in Toukiden doesn't hinder you in the way Monster Hunter does. When you die you have a timer for your allies to come and revive you at a cost to their own health, with the AI, they are relatively good at getting the time to do so and it takes getting killed about 3-4 times before actually counting as a death and bringing you back to the starting point while getting 3 deaths before being kicked from the mission. In SSD when you die you tell the AI what to do with you (save or sacrifice) and they do that if they can get the time to do so, but most of the time when you die it is during a tough fight and the AI dies as well, forcing you to exit the mission right then and there, or you'll get kicked from the mission for being dead for too long without being saved.

Overall, Toukiden is my preferred game, but when it comes to becoming a challenge, SSD is much harder and more challenging in my opinion.
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on February 21, 2014
For a new series this game is an excellent spin on the Monster Hunter mechanics. As someone that dislikes slow pace of MHFU(PSP), I actually enjoy playing Toukiden. The learning curve is much more forgiving than MH, in MonHun you encounter insanely powerful monsters early on, but in TK the enemies are tolerable.

Of course, this game has its flaws. The combat itself can seem...Bland. I know there are many weapons & they each have their own combos, but I can't help feel there's something missing. I noticed weapons have "elemental" features, though you don't actually see the elemental effects on the weapons. I think it would've been cool if a sword that has fire damage would also show visible fire on the weapon as well. Besides that I would've liked if "some" limbs could be removed, as in not have the spiritual or ghost limb in its place. Imagine if the Spider(Manhunter) permanently lost a leg, then it would have crawl differently. It just would've been more realistic in a sense if limbs were fully gone from oni.

Graphically, this is probably one of the best Vita games I've seen. If you look closely at boss monsters you'll see how detailed the enemies are.

+Challenging, but not impossible bosses
+Tolerable learning curve
+Good AI allies
+Excellent graphics
+Voice acting
+Cutscenes are nice addition

-Some weapons are lacking
-Random disconnects online
-Cannot invite people online like soul sacrifice
-Story is meh, I skip thru it
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on August 7, 2014
This game is a ton of fun and is a great (I would argue superior) alternative to Capcom's Monster Hunter games. The game is absolutely beautiful, easily trumping the PS3 in terms of graphical quality. The gameplay is solid and varied as you can choose from 6 different weapons to use. Weapon movesets are well designed and all of the moves are meaningful. The story of the game is filled with likeable characters, each with their own secrets and back-story. No character is neglected from the plot. Boss fights, which are the main focus of the game, are fun and rewarding, and award you bonus items based on how skillfully you defeat the boss.

On the down side, the bosses are quite easy until you invest a good amount of time into the game. Unless you are really bad, you won't be dying often, if at all. While the game is quite fun, it can become tedious quickly. In comparison to Monster Hunter, the amount of grinding in this game is mininal. You are able to build a full set of boss armor plus a weapon with at most 4 or 5 boss kills. However, after the first few times the boss fights become boring because the patterns are the same every time.

Overall the game is well designed and fun, but beware of burning out. The grind isn't too bad, and is leagues better than other similar games, but there is still a grind so prepare for it. Luckily, this is not the sort of game where you must get every set of equipment. You can more than afford to skip the majority of sets. If anything, the story and great characters will keep you coming back for more if you burn out.
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on December 16, 2014
If you've ever wanted a hunter game in the fashion of Dynasty Warriors, this might be your answer though I feel the cons outweigh the pros quite significantly.

As far as gameplay mechanics go, the combat is pretty decent and there's a huge emphasis on using elemental weaknesses on your enemies. But even when you utilize what the game expects you to do, boss battles can take quite a long time. Typically, these battles range anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on how you play your game and although this might be staple of hunter games, this is just poor gameplay mechanics. Bosses that are essentially damage sponges with very predictable behavioral patterns don't produce the most satisfying battles. Rather than feeling accomplished because you just overcame an arduous battle, you often times are left with a "well, glad that's over" mindset after repeating the same patterns hundreds of times to finally take down an enemy. Beating these bosses took about as long as punching an elephant to death.

The game really is one of the best looking games on the Vita, that's for sure and the soundtrack while decent, is nothing you haven't heard if you've ever played a KoeiTecmo game. There is a story in this game, but it's nothing worth mentioning and all the characters are archetypes of generic anime characters and not a single one of them are refreshing or feel realistic. If you're starved for hunter games, then yeah go ahead and get this but with games like Soul Sacifice Delta available this game just doesn't have much going for it.
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on May 8, 2015
A must buy for the people that enjoyed Monster Hunter. It has a action rpg combat system that is tough to master, but fun to play! Freeing and equipping souls allows you to play your character differently. You can switch your weapons out at anytime if you get sick of using a sword or knives etc. Simple controls, play solo or other players making it fun to play for everyone! When fighting bosses it reminds me a little of Shadow of the Colossus because you have to find their weakness to take them down.
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on February 19, 2014
i've got about 30 hours sunk into this game now. granted i was pretty sick and had a bad week, so got to stay home playing the game a lot. it was by choice that i put that much time in.

overall if you're not into boss hunting genre games, maybe look up some video and reviews first.
but if you love games like monster hunter, etc, check this one out!!!
easily one of the most beautiful games i've seen on vita. and the gameplay is nice and quick.
i sometimes hope on for 15 minutes and do a mission online or offline, or end up playing for an hour or two.

you end up killing similar or the same monsters / grinding a bit. if you're not into that stuff, this genre of games probably isn't for you.

go look up some reviews though. game is awesome!!!

lots of friendly players online too. i've had no trouble playing with people overseas when i stay up super late :P

add me - PSN - ehafh /toukiden in game name - hugdealer
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on February 24, 2014
Another game that is similar to Monster Hunter
SO good.
Runs really well, very entertaining, and the online runs well too.
So far I've logged about 40 hours, and it's still a fun game.
Hoping for add-ons in the future.
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