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on June 4, 2010
Big cubes are the latest trend in high-end cocktail bars because of their slower melt rate (less surface area) and curious look. This is a great home version that produces gorgeous 2x2 cubes. It does take a bit more effort to extract the cubes from the rubbery silicone material than traditional trays -- you have to sort of stretch and push them out -- but for big cubes it's actually advantageous to carefully slide them out this way, rather than "cracking" them out and risking fractures. You'll get the hang of it.

The BIG problem I had with this initially was that the cubes produced white "floaties" in the drink that left a rather waxy residue on the glass(!). I'm not making this up! What the heck are those? I googled it and it appears that this is a problem that some people experience with silicone trays. The best theory I found was that it's related to the effect silicone has on freezing certain types of water, perhaps condensing minerals on the surface of the cubes. It's just a theory. But I figured out a workaround which I am happy to share with the internet via this amazon review. If you experience this, just RINSE the cubes briefly before you drop them in the drink, and it will wash off the white reside. All good! I love my big cubes now.
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on July 2, 2013
One thing I like about these Trays is that they are available in multiple colors.
What I don't like is that they don't come in white? Kinda weird?
I was actually able to find this tray in White on Amazon Here: Large Ice Cube Tray White - Same as Tovolo King Cube Ice Trays

I have found that people have many uses included:
Freezing and Storing Homemade Baby Food
Freezing a bit of wine that you have left in the bottle for a future food recipe
Homemade Soaps and even Homemade Candles
People Freeze Coffee and/or Chocolate and stick it in their morning iced coffee so you don't water it down
Freezing Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows on top of them

Also, something I would have never thought of is to Freeze Water with some lavender or other essential oils. Then you put a cube of this water and oil in your shower and you have a Soothing Hot Shower.

All in all, 5 Star Product, but I had to go with White to match the interior of my Refrigerator. I like the cleanliness of White, don't you?
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on January 12, 2013
I won't be too long winded about this, but just want others to know that this tray has a reaction to the freezing process. I'm no scientist, so I cannot tell you what it is, but you will notice that upon putting a cube into a glass of water within minutes some white substance comes free from the surface of the ice and little white floaties are in your water (embarrassing when you have friends over). At first I thought they just needed a good scrubbing, but this made no difference. My brother has the same trays in a different color. I told him about this and he tested his and sure enough he has the same problem. I have a hard time consuming an unknown (potentially toxic) substance.

I've tried to call the Tovolo to ask about it, but I cannot get a response from anyone.

I was very excited to get these trays. We were using them for homemade baby food as well as scotch cubes. The tray feels nice and I love the chamfered bottom edges, but in the end I can't trust the product or the company.
review image
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on July 2, 2012
I bought this ice tray as a cocktail nerd who is not yet going to carve my own ice like the bars do but wanted the big cubes for my drinks. We washed it when it came, cleaned it regularly, and paid attention to the issue of residue that was brought up here but never had any issue. It was fantastic - just what we wanted and my husband and I used it all the time for 6 months. We even gave a bunch as gifts because we were so pleased.

All of a sudden last week our cocktail tasted horrible. We wondered if it was the splash of water and so we changed our britta filter. We wondered if our luxardo cherries had gone off - nope. Finally we thought of the ice cubes. And sure enough the tray smelled terrible. I gagged.

I did online research and discovered this is a common issue with silicone after a while - it absorbs smells from your fridge or freezer but also starts to smell of chemicals all of which gets into your ice. Suggestions for fixing included: white vinegar bath, soak in water and lemon juice, baking soda, boiling the item. We've tried all of these several times to no avail. Our ice cube tray now only produces smelly and foul tasting ice.
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on June 10, 2010
We're cocktail nerds and have worked with the 4 cube size of this Tovolo king cube trays. As already noted, it's a bit of a fight getting the cubes out, but they are nice big cubes.

Our upgrade from this was to the big Beaba "cubes" which are actually cylinder sections with rounded bottoms. That makes them pop out a lot easier and the tray is lidded. Beaba thinks their tray is for freezing baby food, but we mixies know better.

We do recommend the smaller cubed Tovolo tray which freezes up fast and the cubes pop right out. In general, a brand we've liked; it'd be great to see them come up with a lidded tray with rounded "cubes" for easier removal.
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on July 9, 2011
My husband and I cook every day and entertain often but rarely use ice in our drinks. Nevertheless thought we would test this great looking ice cube tray for the summer cocktail season.
So the cubes looked great but by mid way through our vodka tonics we noticed a VERY odd taste ... maybe a bit like freezer burn?
Ok so we washed the tray again and refilled it with filtered water. The we popped out a couple of cubes in our water glass and again YUK!!! .. a horrid taste!

Thinking there might be something wrong with our freezer we went through all its contents to make sure everything was in good order . No problems! Then as an experiment we filled an old smaller tray borrowed from a friend and set it in the same spot in the freezer as the blue tray and left it for a week.

The old borrowed tray made perfect tasting ice cubes! So now we we're going crazy trying to figure out the taste problem. We did some further research and saw the recommendation here to clean the tray with a vinegar and water solution. Sadly, this didn't work either - UGH!

Finally, we did what we should have done in the first place... we put the tray to our nose and guess what - IT SMELLS - RANCID, OLD and STALE. - take your pick. Doesn't any one else taste/smell this?
We're throwing away $10 but definitely don't want to be freezing our water in this. It's supposed to be inert. right? If that's the case why the odor and why does it transfer a foul taste our water?

Really not sure what's going on with this product ... but it's a bit alarming. But then they say buyer beware. we just need to figure out how to recycle it.
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on January 19, 2013
I was extremely disappointed with this tray since I already have some genuine Tovolo king cube trays. I ordered from this supplier since my other was out of stock for the holidays and I really wanted to give these to a few family members. The picture of these trays looked different but I assumed that it was just a different configuration. They are imprinted with Cocktail Kingdom, instead of the traditional Tovolo imprint on the end of the tray. They are flimsy, thin, and have already torn in one corner.
I feel cheated but since I gave them as gifts I can't return them. BTW - The actual Tovolo king cube trays are wonderful. We are single malt drinkers and they are perfect!
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on December 9, 2012
I cannot recommend these at all. Filled or empty the material smells terribly. The drink tastes as bad as the smell.
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on July 8, 2015
Hmmm.....kind of like but the novelty wore off pretty quick.
You know how you get this idea of wanting a Borg cube in your drink..without actually paying for a Borg cube ice cube tray? So I had one of those moments and got it in my head that what's BETTER than a lot of ice in a drink is one massive cube!
This does make big ice cubes but I am now a member of the "didn't read all the details and reviews club, just clicked buy" (I'm sure Amazon lovvvvvvves that club, the just click buy in the throes of giant ice cubes in your drink fantasies)
Anyways they are not perfect cubes.
Afterwards I read someone elses mention of this...nit picky much self? Yes but in case you were looking for super square cubes these aren't them. This aint them. This is not those? Er...whatever, you know what I mean.
The bottom of the tray actually has a bevel...perhaps to make the cubes easier to release...I dunno but it means it's not a cube it's a whatyamacallit shape.
It also takes a LONG time to freeze. This is okay, this doesn't ding any stars. This is just a fact of nature and physics and volume of waterin a standard is worth noting though....
If you get this ice cube tray delivered in the afternoon and think "a ha, I'll finish the evening with some Maker's Mark and a giant ice cube that I will pretend is a Borg cube and all will be right in the world.....
Except, it won't be frozen by then...I'm not talking like 6 hours later, I mean I got it in the afternoon, immediately washed and rinsed and close to midnight the cubes were pretty frozen (frozen enough to use but with pockets of un-frozen water) Overnight freezing is a must so you don't sook over your whiskey or iced coffee or whatevers.
As I mentioned, that's just personal experience and nothing to ding a star over.

The tray does's weird...I'll see how it does long term but straight away even after washing and rinsing in vinegar it has a weird smell and if you are sensitive to things like that it may be a deal breaker.

The tray is flexible enough to pop the cubes out pretty easily! Yay!
It's also flexible enough the inner sides of the cubes will be a bit deformed if your freezer is un-level or if your tray gets set in there crooked etc....
I guess what I'm saying is this tray is high maintenance.... Also, again this is just the nature of water freezing I guess but the tops don't freeze level...they are quite biggy but since the bottom is beveled, the sides deformed and the top is's not a "CUBE" in the sense of a real cube...though it is a cube of ice... I am including photos of the ice straight out of the tray so you can see for yourself. I'm nICE like that...bwa ha makes a big azz cube. Which is fun.

I will confess that after using it a few times I wondered why I didn't just get the Borg cube maker...I mean I expect that to be high maintenance....

Anyways, fun idea.....I guess in practice I'm not sure it was worth the little bit of extra expense, time and hassle for getting a larger cube....if that makes sense.

It does look cool once immersed in your beverage though.
Iced Coffee pictured :)
Also showed a standard cube (in the sense of it being from a regular tray not that it's a true cube) for scale.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on August 7, 2012
I was so excited to try this - I bought them the moment I saw them!

They leave an awful taste in your drink! I washed and washed and washed, just thinking that if washed enough the bad taste would go away. It hasn't.

I wonder why it seems that only a small percentage of customers have this problem. If this had worked, I woukd have bought 2 - 3 more. Glad I tried only one first.
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