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VINE VOICEon July 12, 2002
Steve Guttenberg is Buzzy Crocker, a Hollywood reporter whose latest stories tend to grace the covers of supermarket tabloids. Buzzy's been blacklisted from the "real" papers ever since one of his news-breaking stories proved to be false. Now Buzzy concocts most of his stories himself by dressing his lovely niece Anna (Kirsten Dunst) in ghost and Alien costumes, taking photos, and writing tales of shock and horror to go with them. But when an old spinster woman named Abigail Gregory from the local nut-house pays Buzzy a visit, he's off on the story of a lifetime, to solve the mystery of the Hollywood Tower Hotel, a story that's sure to get him back into the real newspaper business.
It seems that back in Hollywood's heyday, Shirley Temple-like child star Sally Shine, her nanny Emeline Partridge, the hotel owner's bumbling bellhop son Dewey, aspiring singer Claire Poulet, and Claire's boyfriend Gilbert, all disappeared one Halloween night in the Hotel elevator on their way to a party on the top floor. Ever since that fateful night, the Hollywood Tower Hotel has been shut down, and whatever happened to those five unfortunate souls has been a mystery. But Abigail claims to know the secret. She was there that night, and she believes that Sally Shine's nanny was a witch! Insanely jealous of the child, Emeline Partridge cast a horrible spell over the girl, but the spell backfired and left the inhabitants of the elevator trapped in limbo, left to haunt the Hollywood Tower Hotel until the spell is finished, or broken. Only then will they meet their doom, or else be able to rejoin the party they had originally been on their way to, a ghostly party that still goes on every Halloween night in the hopes that the missing guests will finally arrive.
Now Buzzy is on a mission, and finds himself picking up partners at every turn. First he enlists the help of his beautiful and spunky niece Anna, then recruits an odd "dude" named "Q" to help, since he IS the great grandson of the original owner AND the grandson of the missing bellhop. Before he knows it, former boss Jill Perry comes along for the ride, and the ghosts are eager to have the puzzle solved too.
Disney's Tower of Terror is a great thrill ride of a TV movie, just like the actual ride it's based on, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at the Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park in Florida. The movie is great family entertainment, full of humor, some tame scares, superb music, and a great cast. Steve Guttenberg is likeable as always, and Kirsten Dunst is as dreamy as ever, even if they did make her dress-down and tighten back her beautiful hair for most of the film. Tower of Terror is a must own video for any fan of the cast, the Disney theme parks, or fun, family films in general. Now lets hope Disney gives us a DVD someday.
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on March 8, 2007
I liked this movie. I wasn't expecting much so maybe that helped me suspend reality long enough to enjoy what I was watching. The plot is simple without being simplistic and the ghosts are not too terrifying for younger children (and me either ha ha).

The big thing for me is that the characters were well done and related to each other and that there actually were motivations for their actions. This is a 3 star plot with a 4 star result because of the acting and directing.
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on October 12, 2010
I have been eyeing this movie for sometime, but was turned off because it was a direct to video movie. I went ahead and took advantage from a discounted price here on Amazon and bought it for the Halloween season. My son (10) would give this movie 5 stars - EASY. He LOVED this movie. He had a friend come over and they watched and now his friends want the movie. It's a kid friendly movie as you would expect from Disney and there is NOTHING that is racy or profane. Younger viewers will like it as well.
For adults, the movie is "O-kay", but it kept my interest. There was an interesting plot twist that I was not expecting, so that bumped this movie up a couple of notches for me. Anyway, if you are looking for a good, fun family flick for the Halloween season, this is a good one.
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Disney has made an exceptionally good movie for ABC's "The Wonderful World Of Disney." I'm so glad they've lowered the price so that everyone can own it. The movie was made back in 1997 to advertise the opening of "The Twilight Zone: Tower Of Terror" ride at Disney's MGM Studios in Walt Disney World. But this movie was so good, I thought they should have put it in theaters. It's the story of a group of people who were traped in an elevator and plumited to their death. Among them was an child movie star. The hotel was closed down. Now it is 1997 and Buzzy (Guttenberg) is a struggling journalist. His neice (Dunst) Goes with him to the abandoned hotel to write a foney story about it, but they discover that the ghosts are real, and that the elevators crash wasn't an accident. It turns into a big mystery with a good ending. You really start to root for the characters. Buy it today. You'll love it!
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on October 16, 2012
You can certainly tell this was a made for television movie, complete with brief blackouts where the commercials would have gone. It also has the low-low budget feel of something made on the quick to capitalize on a showing at Halloween. Not that any of that invalidates the work that went into this modest effort, the filmmakers did remarkably well with very little. It also helped that they hired someone as likeable as Steve Guttenberg to play the lead. Adding Kirsten Dunst bumped things up a notch or two, plus an amusing Michael McShane as the comic relief; they could have done worse (okay, Nia Peeples notwithstanding). The story was passable with one exception, how did one of the characters get their hands on a book of spells and have the wherewithal to cast doom upon an elevator loaded with five unsuspecting souls? What it takes in hatred to manage something like that, then hold the grudge for decades to finish the task, can't be absolved in seconds with a mere trinket; explained away as a simple misunderstanding. That part of the story relies too heavily on human nature which wouldn't allow it to be dismissed so easily, dissolved in a happy ending for Disney sake. But, in spite of that lapse in logic, it wasn't a terrible movie. I found it entertaining enough to make it a Halloween tradition (I have to have something to watch at this time of year besides Hocus Pocus!).
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on April 29, 2001
Disney always makes top quality made for t.v. movies, but this one has made my top ten list! Buzzy Crocker is a reporter for a fake tabloid wich produces headlines such as, "Frozen Ghost Found in Freezer." Anna, his neice, askes if he "Ever wanted to write something real" and her questions were soon answered when an old woman came to him with the secret of why 5 hotel guests at The Hollywood Tower Hotel suddenly vanished from an elevator on Halloween, 1939. Buzzy and Anna go to the run down hotel only to find that it's haunted by the ghosts of the 5 people. When they befriend the ghosts and plan to help them get to the "other world", They find out that someone they know has evil intentions for the 5 souls. Can Buzzy and Anna stop them? Starring Steve Guttenberg as Buzzy and Kirsten Dunst as Anna, although this storyline may sound a bit corny, the movie is great and the plot is drawn out perfectly! Buy it today! This price is very reasonable and It's destined to become A disney Classic! It comes in a hard cover collectors case and is 89 minuites long.
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on August 7, 2013
TOWER OF TERROR really isn't scary or terrifying. It's more of a mystery than a ghost story but there is still some fun in the film. The film seems mildly outdated and it's clear this was a TV film. The suspense builds and pauses and there is no question a commercial was meant to follow. It is somewhat annoying that the commercial pauses were not edited to keep the story flowing.

Steve Guttenberg stars as a tabloid reporter eager to rebuild his reputation as a real journalist. A young Kirsten Dunst adds some life into this ghost story. A strange mystery occurred in the Hollywood Hotel on Halloween 1939. Four passengers and the elevator operator simply vanished on their way up to a party on the top floor and were never seen again. One of the passengers was the top child actress of the day. The hotel has been closed ever since. The mystery was never solved. An elderly woman named Abigail claims to have the key to solving their disappearance and enlists the aid of Buzzy. Finally Buzzy has a true ghost story and mystery worthy of a respectable newspaper.

TOWER OF TERROR is a mild ghost story--nothing too scary for kids or adults. It's relatively fun and mindless but no great piece of entertainment.
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on August 12, 2014
It's An Alright Film The Fact That It Was Made In Orlando Flordia & The Graphics Were Terriable It Still Had The 30's In It The Story Itself Was Great The Hotel Story & Love Story It Was Fantastic All & All It Was Pretty Good Now They Need To Remake It Without Green & Blue Screen Gosh Imbarising HaHa
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on March 9, 2006
I thought it was a very entertaining movie. It had an interesting story and some very good special effects. Some of the action sequences at the end were done well as well. I would recommend this movie.
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on July 11, 2006
This movie is m-Azing! it has a little bit of everything going on. its scary yet funny. i especially love how the lobby in the movie of the hotel looks exactly like the lobby at disney world in their ride. its a great movie and its from disney so whats not to love? right?
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