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Toy Story 2

Platform : Nintendo 64
Rated: Everyone
3.9 out of 5 stars 57 customer reviews
Metascore: 58 / 100

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Product Description

Product Description

Buzz Lightyear and the gang are back in this fast-action family game, which is inspired by the Disney/Pixar feature film Toy Story 2. Your mission is to keep Woody the Cowboy from falling into the hands of a toy collector. Film favorites Hamm the pig, Rex the dinosaur, and Slinky the dog are back to help you save your friend in this 3-D-based action game.

While movie-based games are always a hit-or-miss venture, this title does look promising. A quick peek at this game reveals that it succeeds in preserving the charm and humor that characterizes the hit film. The cute, colorful design of the various game levels does not come at the expense of gameplay. You'll have to travel through 15 levels and five nasty bosses, including the evil Zurg, to get to the end of this graphically impressive game. Fortunately, you'll have several special weapons to help your cause, including rocket jet boots, an arm laser, moon spring boots, and a grappling hook. Young and old Disney fans will definitely want to give this game a try.


The N64 version of Toy Story 2 surprisingly doesn't win any graphics competitions against the PlayStation game, and actually falls short of the 32-bit companion. The gameplay, however, salvages what the visual side is lacking. Unfortunately, the lack of animated cutscenes from the film is sorely missed. Part of what makes the Toy Story 2 game experience fun is that it's like interacting with the movie. Still screens with oversimplified text just doesn't seem the Pixar way. Toy Story 2 is something like n-Space's Rugrats: Search for Reptar in that it has mission-based levels set off a hub, which, in both cases, is a house, and that it follows the film's scenarios to a T. Toy Story 2 is larger, with about 15 levels (three levels within five zones) you can play through them either as quickly and easily or as difficultly as you wish. By picking up all the items and solving all the puzzles, Toy Story 2 has a bit more complexity than Rugrats, which probably exists more in the "good for kids" category. Toy Story 2 wants to appeal to a broad range of gamers, not just kids, and this is obvious in its level design. In each of the levels you have several objectives. You have puzzles to solve, tokens to collect, enemies to fight, and items to find - in addition to a boss fight at the end of zone. However, once you complete one objective, you have the option to move on, fight the boss, and work your way to the next zone. It's usually easy to acquire 50 tokens in a level, as they're scattered about the environment, often lending clues as to which obstacles you can jump on, and so forth. You can also pick up tokens from dead toys you've destroyed with your Buzz Lightyear laser. Eventually you must go back and replay levels, if you haven't picked up all the goods, as you'll need a decent-sized stash of Pizza Planet tokens to advance toward the final stages. But as in any game, you learn certain skills as you progress that will make stages that had seemed difficult in the beginning much easier. The graphics, however, were disappointing. Not bad, but not what you'd hope for from the N64 - given what developers started out with in the Toy Story motif. With movie license games, it's easy to assume that the PlayStation/N64 trade-off, should both versions exist, will be graphics for the N64 and sound and fmv for the PlayStation. This is not the case. The PlayStation version actually has both, and the N64 offering was pretty weak. Without scenes from the film, the movie's energy is gone. The look and feel is there, but the mood is not. The environments are colorful; they're mostly easy to get around in and free of depth perception. But the color seemed a little flat on the N64, even with the same nice touches found in the PlayStation version, such as Buzz's reflection being visible from inside his space helmet when you're in targeting or close-up mode. The cameras presented a bit of a problem. You could choose passive or active cameras, with either you in charge of the camera or the camera in charge of itself. You decide. What's good is that you can change between active and passive cameras on the fly during gameplay. You'll probably find yourself doing this quite often in the beginning. When the active camera is agreeable, it's suspiciously good. But then, seconds later, you'll find yourself cornered in an alley, pushing a box next to a chair that you must jump on to leap onto a scale that will in turn send you soaring into the air. This isn't fun with a camera whipping around you like a mosquito, yet you've too much going on to manage your camera while you navigate your jumps, grabs, and leaps. This becomes a problem far too often, dragging the game's overall score down a bit. It's certainly not the worst camera system out there, and you will get used to it and probably settle on the active camera at some point, cursing your way through the game. It proves the game to be yet another notch away from being a kid's game. For a movie with generous voice-over already in the can, you'd expect an overload of catch phrases and one-liners in the licensed game. This is not the case, and Crystal Dynamics could learn a thing or two for Gex from this one. It's a simple model: Less is more. The voices from the film are intact, but they're not out of hand, at least Buzz's voice isn't. It does get a bit annoying when Hamm whines, "Buzz, come 'ere" the entire time you're in his territory. And Sarge's pep talk gets old pretty fast. But for the most part, the catch phrases are few and far between - just enough to make it interesting without driving you to the brink. And the music? Toy Story music. 'Nuff said.--Lauren Fielder--Copyright © 1998 GameSpot Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of GameSpot is prohibited. -- GameSpot Review

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  • ASIN: B00001QERY
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 10 inches ; 3.2 ounces
  • Media: Misc. Supplies
  • Average Customer Review: 3.9 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (57 customer reviews)
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #16,451 in Video Games (See Top 100 in Video Games)
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Customer Reviews

Top Customer Reviews

By A Customer on November 30, 1999
The game could've been a lot better. The most frustrating part of this game, was the terrible camera angles that you couln't control. The graphics was decent, it could've improved if it had better lighting/shadowing effect. I had trouble with depth and distance perception because of the lack of lighting/shadowing effects (I had problems judging jumping distances and height). And one other thing, the game was really short, it took less than 2 days to finish (this includes eating, sleeping, and other required activities).
All in all... if you wanna play this game, go rent it, its not worth purchasing!
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By A Customer on March 25, 2000
Toy Story 2 is done well. I think that the game follows the movie fairly good. I like how some of the levels (Al's penthouse) look almost like they did in the movie!
Detail: I don't think that the detail is as good as it could have been. Voice: Buzz's voice was excellent! It's done very well. Rememorble lines like: "You're mocking aren't you?" or "I am Buzz Lightyear! I come in peace." sound almost like Buzz in the movies. Graphics: The graphics in Toy Story 2 are pretty good. Levels: The levels are great! Big, detailed, identical to places in the movie!
Overall Toy Story 2 is worth 5 stars, easily. ONE draw back: you can't save your game. If you want to save your progress you need to have a Controller Pack/Memory Card!
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By A Customer on December 27, 1999
I have to agree -- this game was frustrating. Camera angles were painful, because you have to wait for Buzz to turn around and he didn't turn around like I expected him to. Resident Evil is not of the same genre, but its camera angles were much smoother and easier to use.
While I've only rented the game and didn't have the instruction manual (probably accounting for some of its difficulty), I wouldn't buy it. In my opinion, controls should be straightforward and easy to use -- even w/o a manual. The game itself even _tells_ you how the controls work.
Graphics were nice and colorful -- something you'd expect from a cartoon based video game.
I'm 25 and *I* found some of the puzzles difficult, mostly because game control was not ideal. There are scenes that involve walking on overhead beams where I kept falling off and making several failed attempts.
There are scenes where objects are overhead and out of reach -- I have no idea how I'm supposed to jump that high.
There's a puzzle that I've solved over and over again, but the game wouldn't acknowledge the fact that I solved the puzzle.
I have no idea how they expect kids to play this game.
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By A Customer on October 21, 2000
Our 3 year old son just adores this game. ToyStory2 has really improved his motor skills and agility. He can move Buzz, shoot, jump, climb and help Buzz find toys with no problem. The graphics and sounds are just like the movie. I would recommend this game to any mom who is wanting to get a game that any of her kids could play and enjoy! It's fun for parents too!
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By A Customer on December 26, 1999
This game is cool. Buzz Lightyear can get all kinds of power-ups that help him complete his mission, like a cosmic shield. Also, he can do lots of things like a spin attack. The older players may find it too simple, but I am 9 and really like it. My little brother, 6, is crazy over this game, he likes Buzz's charged laser. Hope you enjoy this game as much as we do.
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By A Customer on February 1, 2000
Disney presents us with another mediocre offering of a video game port of an otherwise great movie in "Toy Story 2."
Gameplay more or less follows the plot of the movie -- Al steals Woody and you (Buzz) must traverse the neighborhood in order to rescue your friend.
The game's theory is an awful lot like Mario 64 -- There are objectives to be completed in each level for which you get tokens (read: stars). After you collect X tokens, you go to the next level. Buzz can get power-ups (read: caps) by helping Mr. Potato Head find missing body parts)
Good stuff: Kids will find the first few levels and their charcters "cute." The first level or two is actually quite easy. I was able to find all the tokens on the first level in about 1/2 hour. the phrases Buzz says when he is just standing there almost make the game worth while (You're mocking me, aren't you?) Some of the solutions for getting tokens require a little creative thought and experimenting.
Bad Stuff: I found the camera angles absolutely awful. Buzz is NEVER looking where you need him to. Buzz's control is terrible. Some of the jumps, double jumps and "fine-line" walking is almost impossible. The characters' voices (except for Buzz) are NOT those of the actors from the film. They just sound 'wrong' and get annoying quick. Some tokens require you to complete objectives in later levels (You can't get Rocket Boots to beat RC Car in one race unless you help Mr. Potato Head three or four levels in the future) -- an aspect I find annoying in a game that is supposed to be following a plot (Buzz didn't have to go back to Andy's house to get something to save Woody in the movie, so why should I have to go back in the game to get stuff)
In a nutshell: Rent this game - once. DO NOT BUY IT. Especially if you love a.) Toy Story b.) N64 gaming. You WILL be disappointed. Small children WILL get frustrated at the length of gameplay and the difficulty of control.
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By A Customer on June 5, 2000
Toy Story 2 is a great movie, but not a great game! The graphics are barely decent, it's too hard to jump high, you can't fly, and it's too simple. I'm no super-beat-a-giant-game-in-two-days person, but this is simple! I beat it in one night! The graphics are so lame it's funny. During the last levels cutscene with Woody and Andy, Woody looks is a limp lifeless pile of pixels waving his arm! You also have to waste a giant chunk of your memory pak to save the game, even though all the cartridge needs to save is the number of tokens you got. This game is better to rent and beat, rather than buy and keep. ... Most of these games are ones that people bought instead of rented, and it was such a short game, they sold it ... for a refund. And what is the major game there? Toy Story 2, of course. Buy some good stuff at the same price like Banjo-Kazooie or Mario 64.
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