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228 of 236 people found the following review helpful
on November 28, 2010
I've been intrigued by the Tracy Anderson Method for a couple of years now, but hesitated to spend the money on her DVD's, as they are somewhat expensive. When I discovered the book, which includes both a dance cardio routine and mat work, I bought it immediately. I've always been very active, yet have given birth to three kids. In my mid-40's, I'm very fit, but have just never been able to get rid of that pregnancy "pooch". After having done 20 days of the 30 Day Method, the pooch is gone. I've done so many different kinds of exercise routines over the years, but nothing has given me the tight, knitted stomach that this does. I'm now definitely a believer of using cross-vector muscles to knit the larger ones tighter. However, I do want to make a few comments:


1. This workout is LONG! Tracy describes the entire workout as lasting between 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. If you are continually increasing the repetitions during mat work as suggested, that alone can take up to 1 1/2 hours, bringing total time to 2 1/2 hrs. I found I had to split the mat work from the cardio just to get them both in, otherwise, I would have to start my day at 4:30 in the morning!

2. The food. Even though I live in the boonies, I've been able to find most of the ingredients listed in the diet portion of the book. However, the diet seems kind of bland and repetitious. I understand the concept of "eating clean," so instead of following the diet to a T, I've made several substitutions that worked to my tastes and time availability. Anyone with internet access should be able to find more user-friendly recipes that are similar to what Tracy has in the book.

3. As mentioned by previous reviewers, following the cardio portion on the dvd is difficult not only due to editing problems, but there is NO instruction given. After several days, I finally "got" the routine, but it was frustrating in the meantime. It would be helpful if Tracy were to have her back to the camera so it would be easier to follow along.


1. As I stated before, this works! I've done all sorts of exercise over the past decade or so - P90X, Jillian Micheals, yoga, Pilates, marathons, triathlons, etc..., and I've never been able to get my stomach reasonably flat. While I still have some excess skin from my pregnancies, my stomach hasn't looked this tight and flat since my early 20's! I can see definitive toning improvements in my hips, glutes, and arms as well.

2. I found the dance to be fun, and once I mastered the routine, I found that I could just turn on my stereo, and dance around the house to my favorite tunes. I found a couple other Tracy Anderson dance routines that were free on YouTube, so I wasn't stuck doing the exact same thing for days on end. Learning this DVD routine helped me master the other ones a little quicker.

3. I like how the mat routine gets increasingly challenging, yet you have 10 days to master each set of exercises. By the end of each of the first two 10 day sets, I was very aware of how all my little and big muscles were being used. I literally felt like I was controlling the outcome of how tight my muscles have become by controlling my movements.

4. Considering the price of Tracy Anderson's Mat Work DVD, and her Dance Cardio DVD (each around $30), this book/dvd combo is a bargain. It's easy to read, and it helps to understand the philosophy behind doing what you're doing for 1 1/2+ hrs. each day. It's helpful to have each exercise broken down in the book as well as on the DVD. Plus, you get several healthy, nutritious recipes as well.

Bottom line:

I really didn't need to lose weight, just the "surface fat" that Tracy discusses in the book. Still, I've lost 4 lbs., and I've dropped almost two dress sizes in just 20 days from using this book. If you consider yourself fit already, but not tight and toned, The Tracy Anderson 30 Day Method, if followed properly, WILL get results.
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176 of 196 people found the following review helpful
on September 17, 2010
I read the book in one day. After receiving motivational encouragement from Tracy, I decided to commit.
It's been 3 days and I've lost 3 lbs.
I like the idea of switching up the routine every 10 days.
The meals are not hard to cook (look at my cons for the rest of the menu)
It's ONLY 30 days!
Cardio is VERY repetitve. I turn on different music so I can finish the 40 minutes.
1 1/2 hours to work out is long. I schedule it in. I am dripping with sweat after!
Meal plan is hard to follow. Lots of ingredients. I modify the menu by picking and choosing the meals that appeal to me.
No wine- I still have my glass of wine!
I am glad I bought it and am motivated to continue.
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186 of 214 people found the following review helpful
on September 19, 2010
I've had other Tracy Anderson DVDs, and think the exercises and her approach is great. This book isn't that great.

1. Ok fine to follow her 1.5 hour a day routine. It's alot but it I can make that kind of commitment for the hoped for outcomes...

2. But on top of that, I just spent 1 hour creating 2 out of the 4 meals for the first day. I don't have this kind of time to create meals like this just for myself. Recipes call for things like "2 tablespoons of chive" which means I have to throw the rest of the chives away or figure out how someone else in my family will eat them...

3. There are quality issues with the DVD program. In the book, it says things like "you can start with 20 repetitions, move on to 25, when you get to 60 start weights and go back down to 40 repetitions." THe DVD, however, simply states to do 40 repetitions.

Because on the DVD she doesn't do the full 20, 40 or 60 repititions, I have to constantly stop the DVD so I can finish my complete set and catch up. Obviously, we are meant to memorize or follow along with the book -- but since this is a DVD and we have to follow along with the cardio anyway, why not just have her run through at least a full set?

The cardio is nice and fun, but it does move fast through the sequences. Four repetitions of a move, and its off to another movement. Most of her cardio DVDs are like that, there is a steep learning curve.
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293 of 347 people found the following review helpful
on September 13, 2010
Please keep in mind that this review is of the book/DVD combo and not a review on what Tracy Anderson can do, I have searched her website and have read many success stories of people using her other DVD's and I do believe her 3000 patented moves could work. Also keep in mind that this is my personal opinion and my thoughts may not be the same as others.

I was provided the book "30-Day Method" by Tracy Anderson. You are asked to follow three parts. Part one "TA Method Muscle Design". part two "TA Method Cardio Complement" and part three "TA Method Menus". Before I started anything I read the book completely. Tracy Anderson repeats many times the importance of following all three parts in order for her method to work.

I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone unless they have a lot of time and money. You need to set aside 45 min- 1.5 hours for the work out each day. That part wasn't too bad to me, it's a lot of time to set aside as a mommy but I had no problem taking time for myself to get fit and have more energy. On top of the 1.5 hour you need to work out you will have to follow her meal plan and not sway from it.

Upon looking at her meal plan, she must think mom's have time to cook all day. She has 4 "meals" per day and most are made of foods I never even heard of. When I went to make our grocery list for just one week for only me and it ended up being 2 full notebook pages of just veggie/fruits and two more full pages of other foods. I sent my husband to the store to buy the ingredients and he spent $150 and was only able to find maybe a third of what I needed.

Tracy Anderson's 30-Day Method is very unrealistic for "normal" families. The menu is very unreasonable and actually very unsafe for how hard you will be working out. You would not be getting enough calories to make up for what you will burn in our workout, you are starving yourself to loose weight.

To be able to afford & find & have time to cook the foods you would need to eat for these 30 days you would need to have a lot of money and hire someone to do it for you. And I hope you're not a full-time working mommy who so easily has 1.5 hour of extra time to workout on top of cooking those meals. This 30-day method is for celebrities, just like all the ones she mentions many times in this book, not for the average mommy, women. Way too many unrealistic expectations of us.

Yes, she calls it her boot camp, if I had time and money for boot camp I wouldn't be using this book. I do plan on finding a better eating and workout plan, one that fits into a mommy's schedule and budget.

I do wish this 30-Day Method would be something that would work for me, as in reading the book it sounds very good.

As for the DVD. It's not really a workout video. All the "TA Method Muscle Design" is just a how-to video and the rest is on your own. The "TA Method Cardio Complement" looks pretty good, and is the only part of all this that looks like something I will do for my workout. The video is all in black & white too, just to let you know before you watch it.

* Disclaimer / Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate my review. This post reflects my honest, personal opinion and experience with the product which may differ from yours. Product information courtesy of the sponsor. No monetary compensation was provided for this post.
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52 of 61 people found the following review helpful
on June 6, 2011
I have never reviewed an item on Amazon before but I feel it would be beneficial to do so with TA method book/DVD. This is an INTENSE and TIME CONSUMING process BUT I lost 18lbs and 21inches in 30 days. My sister lost 20lbs and 19inches. We completed the entire method together, worked out together when we could, and prepared meals together. I really advise having a buddy to do the method with to keep yourself motivated. I am an extremely busy single mother of two working full time and my sister is a full time ER RN who frequently works long shifts, but we made time to complete the work out everyday. What I liked best about the DVD and method is that although you have to exercise for 1-3hrs a day, ( the workout never took less than 2 1/2 hrs for me) you can break it up into segments and complete it little by little through out the day when you have time. For example I would do 40-60 cardio in the morning, leg series in the afternoon, and arms and abs before bed. There were days I was so sore that I thought I was going to die, but after stretching and cardio I was able to make it through. If you want easy this is not the book or workout for you. If you want RESULTS and are willing to work really hard for only ONE month then I recommend this. The book is fairly well written, nice to reference when you want to make sure that you are positioning correctly. The menu is easy to follow I love that she focuses on not calories but eating good energy producing food. TA provides all the recipes and my sister who couldn't cook before this had no problem handling them. The downside, the cardio gets boring, BUT it works, the DVD is not edited the best but it comes with the book and most of her DVDs run 30 bucks anyway, so you can't expect perfection. I know other reviewers didn't like that she doesn't smile or talk much, but i personally liked it because it was so hard that if she had been smiley and talking it would have pissed me off-LOL. I have now moved on to her post pregnancy AB video and plan to stick with it.
FYI - I was lazy couch potato, hardly worked out ever and my sister was uber-active exercise freak, it was difficult for both of us but we both made it:)
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37 of 43 people found the following review helpful
on March 23, 2011
Tracy Anderson isn't messing around. She has devoted to life to making women feel good about their bodies and she deserves respect for that work. This isn't Kim Kardashian who decided to film a lame work-out DVD. You have to push yourself in these workouts and you will hurt. If you can deal with that, then you can absolutely see changes in your body. I've been working out with the DVD in this book for only 3 weeks and I'm already about to drop a pant size. I don't even eat all the food recommended in the book because I'm Southern and, let's face it, I read this book because I'm an eater. Since starting her plan, I've eaten sensibly, exercised EVERY DAY and pushed myself to do more reps each day. You should be sweating profusely by the time you finish the strength training and totally soaked by the time you're done with cardio. I'VE SEEN SIGNIFICANT RESULTS. My calves look hot, my thighs are smaller, my saddlebags have totally disappeared(!), my abs are stronger (I can actually flex them now), and my arms are looking great from shoulder to wrist. If you want a 10-minute exercise, this isn't for you. If you want a quick fix, this isn't for you. If you want a system that WILL CHANGE YOUR BODY'S SHAPE, then order this book. I've already ordered Metamorphosis from Tracy's website so I can immediately move on to the next step when this 30-day boot camp is over. Tip: I put together a cardio playlist, which was super-easy to do since Tracy choreographs to 130 beats a minute, and I use songs to motivate and reward myself. What's so genius about Tracy's method is that you see results within 2 weeks. That will motivate you to work hard because you'll know YOU'RE NEVER WASTING YOUR TIME WITH TRACY!
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38 of 46 people found the following review helpful
on July 30, 2011
I have been the workout Queen nearly my entire life. So when someone comes along and tries to sell me a bill of goods, I'm like..."Yeah right liar!" I worked out in the gym with weights; back in the day when I was "the" only woman in the gym. I have done Yoga, Pilates, running, biking, hiking, you name it I've done it. A few years ago menopause destroyed my figure and I did research for two years to fight the middle age spread. I was going kicking and screaming. Then one day I thought, "What about Madonna?" She has more money than a King but I figured maybe, just maybe, she knew something. I stumbled onto the name of her trainer and figured I'd try it. What did I have to lose?

I wanted to wait until the 30 days were up but I am so thrilled by the results that I am writing after 8 days. I have lost one dress size to date. I am actually getting dressed to go out in a dress I have not been able to wear in two years. This woman is a genius! I will be fifty-five in two months and by the time I reach my birthday, I'm going to be able to put my bikini back on and flub my nose at middle age. I look fabulous and I am definitely going to flaunt it. I FINALLY found something that works. God bless Tracy Anderson. She is my new Guru.

The bad news is you have to work hard. The first workout took me two hours to get through and I lost my cookies after the workout. I woke up the next day feeling like I lost a fight to Mike Tyson. The diet was easy for me. I was already doing something very similar before I began. After the fourth day, I felt like a true athlete again and today I not only breezed through the workout but then I had enough energy to walk two miles!

Try it, stick with it and soon you will never avoid your reflection without clothes in the mirror ever again. This truly is no gimmick.
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55 of 68 people found the following review helpful
on December 19, 2010
Like many I did a 'modified version'. Didn't fully follow the diet and took 1-2 rest days each week. However, even with my modifications, I lost 8.5 pounds and 12.5 inches. I dropped from a size 8 to 4. Even better, I've kept with the program and continue to get stronger.
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12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on March 30, 2013
Let me first say that I bought this set as a way to firm up...I wear a small size clothing but am in my early to mid forties and would like to tone up & maybe lose 5 lbs. I am athletic, a certified Yoga Teacher, and a first degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do,training for my second degree. I am also a mom. I am also a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist. I state all this because I feel qualified to write this review...not like I'm a first timer looking at and trying fitness plans. Here is what I have to say:

Her plan motivated me to buy her protein powder on QVC. It really is the best out there, and I have tried many. I think you can only get the chocolate from QVC at this point, which is very good. I'm pretty sure you can obtain the vanilla flavored shake from her web site. It really is amazing.

I also applaud the author for motivating women and reminding us we can not make excuses and we are in control. It is tough love, but good advice, I think.

I think TA has come out with better work out DVDs since this one...but the one included in this book is so hard to follow. It does not instruct you from start to finish and the format makes no sense at all.

I could ALMOST work with that, if it weren't for the nutrition plan. I have been studying nutrition for so many years and this is not sound, in fact, it is downright unhealthy. Anyone who works out a lot, has a family and leads an active life needs to eat a more balanced diet than the one included in this plan. For example, a lot of the meals are fruit and fruit alone. I can understand and approve of doing that sometimes, like the morning after you had a big meal, or for a week or so after the Holidays, but not healthy on this kind of plan where the rest of the meals are so scant for 30 days. I'd be afraid my metabolism would suffer and burn out, despite the cardio workouts.

She writes that this plan is the only way and implies that nothing else will work. Really? Perhaps for celebrities who have their own cooks and nannies and tons of time to work out everyday. But do buy her protein powder if you can afford 60 plus bucks a pop...very pricey but like I said the best I have tried. For a work out, and better meal plan, check out P90X. Again, I am speaking based on my own experience here. The workouts are easy to follow, effective, and the meal plan is realistic. You will see results even if you can't finish some of the more difficult work outs. Hope my review helps.
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19 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on September 23, 2010
This is a decent book for those who are completely new to Tracy Anderson and her program. If you already have some of the Tracy Anderson DVDs, don't waste your money on this book. Even for the DVD. The Dance Cardio on the book DVD is a joke - it is nowhere near as good as her Beginner Dance Cardio DVD for those who are new to cardio dance. Even if you are new to the TA Method, I would recommend that you buy her Beginner Dance Cardio DVD so you can learn some real dance cardio routines. If you have the patience and work ethic, her Dance Cardio II is even better - true dance routines that make you not even realize how hard you are working. And I am NOT a dancer!!
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