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on February 21, 2007
Just picked this one up the other day. AWESOME!!! If you even liked the TV series even a little bit (and c'mon now - ya gotta love Julian, Ricky and Bubbs!) this is a great laugh. Loved it!! It's was pretty cool to see some Canadian musical talent in the show too!. Alex Lifeson (Rush), Hugh Dillon (Headstones) and Gord Downie (Tragically Hip) play the parts of a cop, club-owner and another cop, respectively.

Just crack open the beers, put the feet on the table and get ready to laugh your socks off.

Yes, it might be considered to be "low budget" but that truly is one of the magic things about TPB. And, always remember: "A dope trailer is no place for a kitty!"
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on April 8, 2007
First off, that sounds like a good plan to make some money Hockey Town Dude. The Boys would be proud, you could make like 10-12 bucks a day from those Ebay Dicks. Not quite enough to keep you in hash, rum and chicken fingers but hey, what's stealin' for? Anyways, one of the charms of this TV show that made it such a popular cult favorite is the low-budget, handheld camera technique. Despite the big budget, hollywood production of the movie it still holds all of that Trailer Park Boys charm.

The Boys get oot of jail (kicked oot early, so Ricky can't play goal in the guards vs. inmates ball hockey tournament) and hatch a plan for The Big Dirty, one last heist that will allow them to retire. They're all set to steal vast quantities of change .. why change? Duh .. it's completely untraceable! As can be expected, things don't go 'exactly' as planned and our boys run into trouble with the law.

Another difference between this movie and the show is in the ending. At the center of every TPB plot is a similarly bizarre money-making scheme that goes awry. Of course, the movie is no different but the ending might be a little happier than hardcore TPB fans are accustomed to.

The movie is not canon with the show, you can see a list of a few differences between the movie and the show on wikipedia.

Filmed in beautiful Nova Scotia the cinematography is absolutely amazing. Sets include a trailer park and a prison, I know .. not so beautiful. But a nice, peaceful blue sky sat over many scenes that perfectly fit our Boys' usually frenetic action (I mean 'perfectly fit' in the way that their nice, serene theme music fits them perfectly). ;)

Overall, I thought the movie struck a good balance. TPB fans should enjoy it and first time viewers won't have to know the show to enjoy the movie.
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on February 23, 2007
Fans will not be dissapointed, all your favorite characters are at it

again. The fun continues with this movie, the boys are out of prison

and need to get back to what they do best...

Even if you never saw the series, you should enjoy it if you dont mind

the swearing....but it fits the characters.
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on September 21, 2009
If you already love Julian, Ricky and Bubbles and are just looking to finish off your collection of the Trailer Park Boys...then by all means, spend your money on this movie. If you are new to the "Boys" then your money would be better spent on a season of the series - better yet the entire season of the series! Trailer Park Boys: The Complete Series This movie follows the same premise as pretty much every episode of the series - funny bad idea followed by more funny bad ideas with some recreational drug & alcohol use thrown in with badly quoted sayings - and somehow manages to only contain about a quarter of the laughs. The production values and cameras seem to be of better quality, if that is something that is important to you; but the "documentary" style shooting of the original series has always been part of the charm for me. One plus to purchasing this movie is that the extras, especially the lost interviews, are almost worth the price of the DVD for any fan.
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on October 10, 2014
when I really like about the trailer Park boys is that it is a totally different type of comedy and when you are watching it, you almost feel like you are part of it that you live in the trailer Park and you are just one of the neighbors seeing what is going on, even in the beginning when they show the trailer Park and the music playing in the kids riding their tricycles up and down the street. It seems so peaceful like part of the neighborhood. I know people have different taste in comedy and the movies, but I really like the trailer Park boys, because it is so real and I have been watching them ever since they came out. And overall, my favorite character is bubbles with those glasses and his kitties, and the actor that plays Mr. Leahy. There is nobody ever in my opinion that plays a better alcoholic or drunk like he does not even put money on that one, but overall this is a great comedy, but what I suggest is actually watch from the very first season to really appreciate how these movies even came about and what they are about. Thank you
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on March 31, 2015
I really like it, but I have to admit, Trailer Park Boys is an acquired taste. If you haven't seen the series you might not get their sense of Humor. It's set in a Canadian Trailer Park and is a good satire of Trailer Park Life or should I saw Trailer Park Low Life. It's oddly cool. The premiss is that these two Trailer Park Guys are being followed around by a film crew doing a documentary about trailer parks. So it has a Cinéma vérité feeling through out. It's very funny but not for every one.
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on June 9, 2015
It was funny enough but I wouldn't feel tell people that they HAVE to watch this. I'm sure that fans of the series could be on either side of the spectrum regarding how good a job they did translating the story to a motion picture. In my opinion, kinda forgettable but I laughed here and there.
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on April 4, 2007
I've been a huge fan of this show. I own all the seasons and have already watched the 6th season, i'm so what addicted to it. Now when showing this show/movie to my friends theres a couple of things i do first. I'll show them the first season and second season to have them get the jist of the show. Simply being the show is so diffrent from anything in america that it takes some getting used to. But after a while you will quickly begin to enjoy the show. I've never met anyone who watched the whole first season and be displeased. Afterwards they'll love the movie as dearly as i do. I have shown the movie to a few before they seen any of the show and had mixed reviews. But never has someone whose watched a little bit of the show not like the Movie. Overall the movie is great, everyone from the shows i back on except trinity. The girl who plays trinity is an awful actress however shes not in it too much. You'll really enjoy this show if you're a true Trailer Park Boys fan.
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on December 4, 2012
Mike Clattenburg and the three leads for this goofy Canadian Comedy really carry the true nature of the series into this movie. This movie fits somewhere between the 3rd and 4th years of the series and revives the marriage of Ricky and Lucy. If you like the series you'll pick up the movie's theme immediately and you'll know the background. If this is your first introduction to TPB then you might have to endure the first 10 to 15 minutes while you get a sense of place and plot. No matter, Clattenburg does this well, his keen sense for comedy overcomes the hopeless trailerpark life, the screwy thinking so brilliantly portrayed by Trembly, Wells, Dunsworth and pals and highlights the background of the simple set. If you're looking for a different comedy, something you'll think about after the movie is over, and maybe just a little social statement along with your laughter, this is the movie.
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on December 20, 2013
There's so much to love about this movie, although, I'm not sure someone who hasn't seen some of the episodes from Showcase would like it. Having seen everything, I loved this movie. Hugh Dillon was a nice surprise, I've enjoyed watching him on Flashpoint. And the boys are great as always. Jim Dunsworth is an amazing physical actor/comedian and I wonder if he's broken any bones during his Trailer Park time.
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