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Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson) is a trooper in Angel City, circa 2247, mopping up the last of the disciples of the evil Whistler. Whistler uses his psychic power to 'trance' those with weak minds and force them to obey his every desire. Whistler had been thought to be dead by now, but he's alive and well: in the year 1985. Whistler's plan - to hunt down the ancestors of the City Council. With the Council disbanded, nothing is to stop Whistler from controlling the city. That's where Jack Deth fits in. Jack is sent back in time by inhabiting the body of his ancestor. The only problem is that Whistler's ancestor is a police detective, and he's begun trancing people back in 1985. With the help of Leena (Helen Hunt), a strong-minded punk rock girl, he must find and protect Hap Ashby, a former baseball pitcher now living on Skid Row, and face Whistler in a final confrontation.

Tim Thomerson, Helen Hunt
1 hour 18 minutes


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Genres Science Fiction, Action
Director Charles Band
Starring Tim Thomerson, Helen Hunt
Supporting actors Michael Stefani, Art LaFleur, Telma Hopkins, Richard Herd, Anne Seymour, Miguel Fernandes, Biff Manard, Peter Schrum, Barbara Perry, Brad Logan, Minnie Summers Lindsey, Richard Erdman, Wiley Harker, Alyson Croft, Michael McGrady, Ed McClarty, Don Ross, Michael Heldebrant
Studio Full Moon
MPAA rating R (Restricted)
Captions and subtitles English Details
Rental rights 3-day viewing period. Details
Purchase rights Stream instantly and download to 2 locations Details
Format Amazon Instant Video (streaming online video and digital download)

Customer Reviews

Didn't finish watching it.
It's too bad the people who made the DVD didn't take the film seriously, as the transfer is fuzzy, there's a dead spot in the middle of the movie, and no commentary.
Jeffrey Leach
It was done pretty well for the time when it was filmed but the special effects lacked more than they should have.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

36 of 38 people found the following review helpful By Jeffrey Leach HALL OF FAME on July 24, 2003
Format: DVD
"What kind of name is Peter Gunn?" "What kind of name is Jack Deth?" is just one of the memorable lines you will see in this low budget 1985 cult thriller "Trancers," starring the ever reliable Tim Thomerson and a struggling Helen Hunt. "Trancers" spawned five sequels, all of which never quite duplicated the fun of the original. I saw somewhere on the Internet that Thomerson is the "King of the B movies," but "Trancers" is the one film he made that stands head and shoulders above all others. If you draw a blank with the name "Tim Thomerson," you most likely saw him in a few bigger budget pictures, such as "Air America, "Uncommon Valor," and "Who's Harry Crumb?" He's done television work as well, appearing on "Xena" and "The Days of Our Lives." Once you recognize Thomerson, you'll remember his appearance in numerous films. Helen Hunt should need no introduction, but the fact that she appears in this low budget film is oddly jarring. Hunt went on to appear in two "Trancers" sequels before moving on to "Mad About You" and eventual stardom.
"Trancers" opens with a futuristic L.A. The majority of Los Angeles sits under water, a victim of a massive earthquake. A council rules the remaining areas of the city, but their reign is under fire by a man named Whistler, an evil psychic with the ability to put certain weak-minded people (called squids) under a "trance." Whistler hopes to overthrow the council with his trancer shock troops. Trancers tend to be rather ugly blokes, with crusty looking lips and yellowish skin. The council dealt a series of blows to Whistler and his movement with the help of trancer hunters like Jack Deth. Deth and his fellow officers move around the city, hunting down trancers in order to kill them.
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22 of 26 people found the following review helpful By gary malone on August 7, 2000
Format: DVD
After waiting years for a excellent copy of one of my favorite movies, I was very disappointed when I received this in the mail. First of all, this is advertised as WIDESCREEN when it is NOT! There is no Widescreen version of this available.There is also no full moon featurette on trancers either. secondly, halfway thru the movie I notice the screen going black for a couple of seconds.No biggie.. Later, after the end credits come up, The Vestron Video Logo comes on, then it says END OF SIDE TWO!!! This DVD is nothing but a copy of the Laser disc transfer that Vestron did quite a few years ago. The quality of the print is not very good, color is weak and images not very sharp, with the film having several cig. burns in it.Come on Full Moon, get your act together, and spend a few bucks to do this movie justice. I would much rather see a widescreen version of this than any of the other so called sequels..One nice note, the flip-side of the DVD does have over 40 trailers for all of the other Full-Moon Videos, but if they look anything like this one, I will not spend the money.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful By Ben30 on August 7, 2014
Format: Blu-ray Verified Purchase
Scrap the old DVD release of this classic film which is in Full screen anyway
and get this all new ULTIMATE EDITION of TRANCERS Supervised by Charles band himself
an All new High Definition transfer in Widescreen format, incredible picture quality
Definitely an improvement from the DVD release, the picture quality looks very clear and crisp on blu-ray
the old Stereo Audio track has been Digital remastered on this blu-ray
and a brand new 5.1 surround sound Audio track has been added to this blu-ray aswell
the new 5.1 Audio mix does sounds pretty Good but not amazing
actually the new HD picture quality looks amazing, better than the Audio mix

There is also all new special features for this blu-ray edition
an all new making of featurette with new interviews with Charles Band, Tim Thomerson
and Writers Danny Bilson and Paul De meo
this featurette only Goes for 15mins but very interesting interviews about the Making of Trancers
it's stated as a Documentary on the Menu, but it's actually just a featurette that goes for 15mins
there's rare interviews with Tom Thomerson, Helen hunt, Megan ward
which is actually just a 4-5mins Promo for the film Trancers 2 that's all it is.
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15 of 18 people found the following review helpful By Chadwick H. Saxelid on January 21, 2003
Format: DVD
And he's never even been here before! Classic quotable ad line for the cult hit Trancers back when it played in theaters in 1985. Yeah, Trancers really played the big screen venues back before video ate up the grindhouse theater chains that booked these exploitive little trash movie gems. Charles Band (of Full Moon fame) created his own little movie studio, the now defunct Empire Pictures, which scored a megahit with Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator and, from 1983 until 1988 (or 89), released many a great piece of low rent cinema, Trancers being one the tiny studio's bigger non-Stuart Gordon hits (Ghoulies was the other one).
Jack Deth is an Angel City cop tracking down the last few Trancers, people who have become mental zombies enslaved to their psychic leader Whistler, who Deth singed (slang for dispatch revolver style) on one of the 'Rim Worlds'. But it turns out that Whistler is not dead, he has gone 'down the line' to wipe out the current Angel City Council members family lines. Deth has to go back in time, to 1985 Los Angeles, and snag Whistler before he rewrites the future to his power mad liking.
Although Trancers has plot holes and paradoxes you can drive several highways through, the script manages some real wit and fun with its premise and character actor Tim Thomerson is obviously having a blast playing Deth. The Full Moon (now Koch Distributing) DVD is just a copy of the Vestron Video laserdisc release, presenting the movie in full frame and offering up some bios and filmographies of the various actors. 40 trailers for most of Band's Full Moon output is offered on the b-side and that makes this disc all the more worth having. Recommended.
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