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After reading "Fury", I believe this story is a bit better, even though it's a little shorter.

Roane has come to the town of Tranquility to be among other shifters, but he doesn't want to cause trouble. He doesn't want to challenge Marcus, the pack leader, he just wants to be left alone. But because he's a natural alpha, his mere presence is stirring things up, especially with the local females. Scarlett, sister to the pack leader, is drawn to Roane. What will be stronger, her loyalty to her brother or her desire? Is a good leader born or made?

There are still problems with grammar, but nothing a good editor couldn't fix. The story is still very steamy, but this time the heat builds instead of just slapping you in the face. You get more character development as the sexual tension simmers. Minor characters are still a bit two dimensional or else caricatures. Again, this story could easily be spun out into a full-length novel. Time/scene transitions aren't marked consistently by the use of asterisks, which is a bit disconcerting. And you have to suspend logic a bit more than I'd like when you have naked and bloody shifters running around a non-shifter town in broad daylight with nobody noticing a thing. But it's still a fun read.
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on October 22, 2011
After Roane leaves the Fury wold pack so his brother, Merrick, can rule with his mate, he must find a new home. As a natural Alpha, finding a new home isn't easy, because wherever he hoes, he is bound to cause unrest. He finally settles on a town named Tranquility; although he keeps to himself, the local alpha gets his hackles up.

He didn't think things could get any worse until he gets a glimpse of the alpha's sister, Scarlet. Now he will do anything to touch, and make her his mate. Scarlet really tries to stay away from him, but his very touch burns her like flames.

This story had the bones to be more, but it held its own, unlike its predecessor Fury (OtherKin). This time there is a little more emotional development between the characters before the sex begins. I still wish there had been more background, but as it was, it was still better than Fury (OtherKin), and it makes more sense. Recommended for those who love erotic shapeshifter romance. Highly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon October 22, 2011
I hadn't previously read anything by Anya Bast before I read FURY, so I have no idea if TRANQUILITY is part of an ongoing series or something the author is writing separately to release as just the two interrelated short stories.

That being said, I liked the concept of the shifters, of being a Shadow, of the OtherKin in general. I enjoyed Roane, who is the brother of Merrick, the hero from FURY. When Roane realized that Merrick and Nikki (the werecougar who the elders of Fury had chosen as Queen) already had chemistry, he stepped aside and left town so as not to have to fight his fellow Alpha brother for the rule.

Now, Roane has moved to Tranquility, wanting nothing but to have a home with a pack and be left alone. He doesn't want to be the Alpha of the Tranquility pack, but the fact that he's recognized Scarlet as his mate is causing problems. Namely, that Scarlet is the sister of Marcus. And Marcus is the current alpha leader who hates Roane's guts. But, as always seems to happen, hot sex ensues, followed by the inevitable HEA filled with more hot sex.

Just as I said with FURY, I did enjoy the concept of the story, and I probably would have moved that to REALLY liked if not for two things. One, although I recognize the "I-just-met-you-but-want-to-sex-you-up-now" plot device, especially in stories involving shapeshifters who seem to "recognize" their mates upon meeting, just a tad more introduction before the horizontal tango would have been nice. And secondly, Holy Smokes, Batman!, this story badly needed an editor before it went up! I know Ms. Bast has published a bunch of stories through large-name publishers, but due to the lack of editing, I'm guessing this wasn't one of them.

So overall, a great concept, just as FURY was, and I'd definitely be interested in reading a full-length novel or novella starring the OtherKin. Yet on the other hand, the horrible execution of this short tale kept me from loving it like I wanted to.
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on November 18, 2015
Another lying cover, saying it’s a free read but it’s really not however, it’s only $0.99.

Again, there could have been a lot of story here, there was a lot of potential that could have made this book so much better.

Because it was such a short story it just moved much too fast. Personally I feel like she could have left out the two of them saying I love you to each other and it would have had more of an impact. Or maybe if the story had been more specific in how long he had been there.

In these types of books, I’m alright with the couple saying those three words almost right after getting together but, that’s when they’ve known each other for a good bit. That’s just me though.

A few typos and I stand by the statement I made in Fury, it applies here as well.

It was written a little more simple than Fury but I guess that’s to be expected with such a short story.

It was okay, these two books could probably be used as a quick kill time method, a filler for waiting somewhere, or even if you want a quick read to fall asleep to.
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on February 21, 2014
Very strange book with weaving story line and terrible plots.....I couldn't finish the book due to sheer boredom. It's just the same OLD story plot of every other shifter book but, badly written.....It needs to be slimmed and cleaned out.....Disappointed, greatly......SOOOOO glad this book was free so I didn't waste my money.....I won't buy ANYTHING from this author if this is what I will get.....Bleck!
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on March 3, 2014
This review may contain mild spoilers.

I almost gave this 4 stars. For a novella, it’s a decent read—and if you’ve read my reviews before, you’ll realize how hard it is for me to say that. I don’t like novellas. They tend to be rushed as a whole, and because I like to sink into books and not come up for air, this makes it very hard for me to enjoy them. I did enjoy this story—but it certainly had some issues I need to point out.

First of all, the premise is a good one. This is a story of an alpha werewolf, Roane, who has no desire to be the alpha of a pack. Being an all around good guy, when it came down to leading his home pack or giving the pack over to his brother, he stepped aside. (A point which endeared him to me fairly quickly) From there the story tumbles along as Roane attempts to join a new pack, and quickly finds himself being pushed around by the pack’s leader, Marcus, who wants nothing to do with another alpha in his territory-even if Roane assures him that he’s not interested in taking over. The trouble begins when Roane finds himself attracted to Marcus’ sister, Scarlet. You can imagine how well that went over.

The storyline, though familiar, was done fairly well. I liked Roane as a character, and the world building was easy to sink into. Unfortunately, the execution left a little to be desired. This book was plagued with misspelled/missing words and incomplete sentences. It was sadly in need of a good editor, and coming from an author that reportedly has quite a few books under her belt, it was disappointing to see so little care taken in editing the book.

The narrative itself was quick-paced and an easy read. There was just the right balance of detail, action, and dialogue—which for a novella, is fairly rare. Unfortunately, the characters lacked consistency. One minute Roane and Scarlet were lusting after each other, and the next they were professing their undying love. The switch between the two was instantaneous and I couldn’t help but feel it wasn’t genuine.

Marcus too seemed to have a split personality. At the beginning of the story he seemed like a decent brother. He went looking for help from his sister, and being his sister, she agreed (against her better instincts). I thought to myself: this shows loyalty. They must be really close. A short while later, Marcus was abusing his sister physically and acting like a spiteful, nasty person. I was surprised at his sudden change of character, and again, I couldn’t help but feel that this aspect of the story no longer seemed believable. I can understand a brother getting frustrated and angry with his sister because of her betrayal. I can even understand that he’d want to, or even have to punish her… but this wasn’t just frustration and anger. It felt malicious and evil. I don’t think the author maintained the character’s integrity as she should have.

Another thing that stuck out to me was the cheesy, and downright crude dialogue. The story started out all right, but as things progressed into the romance aspect of the relationship between Roane and Scarlet, the dialogue became extremely crude, and Roane slipped into cheesy cliché lines, calling scarlet “baby” and “little one” and repeated all the things he wanted to do to her. It made me roll my eyes. Look, I know that this sort of thing is much more common in erotica where the goal of the sexy bits is to tickle the reader’s fancy (literally), and sometimes that’s accomplished through dirty talk in the sexy bits, but when the bedroom language is so vastly different than the normal dialogue, it just comes across as cheesy and trashy.

That being said, the sex scenes were steamy, but there was a slight undertone of aggression that wasn’t all together pleasant. I can deal with the growling, the biting, even the hair yanking, but generally you want to avoid scenes in a romance/erotica where a guy repeatedly “forces” a girl’s legs apart. I’m just saying: Nudging is a word that exists.

Overall? It wasn’t a bad read. I liked 80% of it. Some things, like the voice/personality of the narrative were done exceptionally well. Other things, like the abrupt changes in character personality and lack of editing, made it obvious that more time should have been spent ironing out this draft of the novella. Would I read it again? Sure. My overall feelings toward the story were that I liked it. Would I recommend it to others? Maybe. I think if the story were ironed out a little more it would be a better read, but it’s decent enough to waste half an hour on as is, and it’s free on Amazon.

P.S. There is an annoying lack of paragraph breaks when POV/Time/Location shifts occur. It’s still pretty easy to pick out when these shifts occur—I never felt lost—but they are somewhat irritating. You were forewarned.
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on January 4, 2013
This story has such good potential, it was wasted in a short story that doesn't allow for character and plot development. I didn't care for the lack of development in Fury, and this is even less developed than the first book. The OtherKin is a great idea, but it goes absolutely nowhere here. Even for for free, I feel I was short-changed on this book. The author thought this was probably a good idea to offer a teaser to get people interested in her series (? - not sure haven't read anything by Bast), if so, the strategy backfired; I have no interest in paying for a book by this author-
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on September 20, 2012
When comparing to first Otherkin (Fury), this one was even shorter, it has more action and less steamy scenes. Overall, I enjoyed first one better. The idea of alpha werewolf coming to new pack and falling in love with chief's sister was interesting at the beginning but just did not work for me at the end. Moreover, characters did not attract my attention and I was glad the story was so short.
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on May 11, 2014
When Roane's brother was declared alpha of his pack, Roane knew he had to leave to keep from having conflict with his brother. Roane knew what he was doing when he left the pack. All packs had Alphas and they did not appreciate a new person coming into town . The new person could be a threat to their authority . But when Roane settled in Tranquility he was tired of wandering and wanted to start a new and just be left alone. But that was not to be. Little did he know that he was going to fall for thee pack leaders sister. The kicker was she also fell for him. As things come to pass there becomes a conflict between the two. The sex is steamy, steamy, steamy. If you like a good book with challenges you will love this one
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on February 15, 2014
Tranquility picked up where Fury left off with the neglected brother Roane finding his place in the world without his pack, his brother or his rule. The first half had a more realistic, somber tone compared to Fury. But it was waaayyy hotter. At least for the first half. All the despairing "I’m caught between a rock and a hard place" (for everyone—not just Roane) kinda weighed down the enjoyment. That, and the antagonist being the love interest’s brother. That’s just sad. Still a cool read, just kinda left a bittersweet taste on my tongue.

Note to author: Roane shoulda found a nice young man to settle down with. That’s just me though. :P
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