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Capacity: 32 GB|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$12.29+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 13, 2011
(This is the original review - please read all the way to the bottom for an update)

Bought this micro SD card about 6 months for my smartphone. Stopped working all of a sudden. Tried it on my laptop and was not even recognized. Fortunately had all original packaing so very easily went to Transcend's website to get an RMA form. Shipped the product with the form, a few days later I get a package back. Well: they sent me the memory back with a little sticker pointing to a MICRO SCRATCH ON THE PLASTIC, BARELY VISIBLE WITH THE NAKED EYE. They sent a form letter with a check mark next to "physical damage to product" and a parapgraph quoting their warranty. I couldn't believe it. I was not even awre there was a superficial scratch evidnetly from normal wear and tear until they sent this thing back to me. I literally had to get my wife's reading glasses to find this. Then I decided to take a picture of it with a MACRO lense so I can show everyone here what it is but can't seem to find how to post a picture here (if interested send me a note or comment here and I can email you the pictures). I really really wish I could post the pictures here because you will literally fall on your behind laughing!
Bottom line, Transcend is cheaper because they skimp on quality and look for anything they can hang on to to avoid honoring a warranty. Talk about buyer beware! Pay a few bucks more and get a reputable known electronics company to get your memory from!!!!
UPDATE: Uploaded product pictures for your viewing pleasure (under product page, images)

UPDATE March 29, 2012 >>

Today I returned home from a trip and found a couple of things. 1) A phone message from the Sales Manager at Transcend and 2) An overnight envelope containing a brand new 32GB chip and a personal letter from the sales manager. From his writing, it was evident he was not happy about what had happened and surely not happy about how this was handled by the warranty/support department and indicated he had already followed up with them. So, Transcend did make it right in the end. It did take 3 full months and evidently the attention of this thread caught their eye. I have decided not to remove the original review becuase it is in the end the story of my experience, and even though it did end up right, it did take an internet 'rant' and months to call attention to this poor customer experience. I will soon give the sales manager a callback to indicate my appreciatino of his effort as well. I will say I have worked in product support for over 2 decades at a major software company and no support/warranty department is perfect. Others may and will run into similar issues with any other company - it is how you respond to the customer when problems happen that makes a difference, always. If you are wondering, yes, the attention of the Sales manager has made a difference in my opinion of their customer care and even though this did leave me with very little desire to come back as a customer, I will still give them praise for eventually making it right.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Dear Emmanuelli,

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced in respect to the return of your TS32GUSDHC4.

We totally understand you didn't break the TS32GUSDHC4, and the card might get broken during the transit from the postal office to us.

We always we encourage to our customers to keep in mind to use bubble wrap or any protection on any product before they ship it to us to avoid situations like this one.

Since the warranty just covers electrical damage, we can't replace your memory card.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this matter, please feel free to discuss it with me at 714-279-1863 or email us .

Yours in service,

Captain Transcend.
TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 7, 2011
For price, warranty, speed, and dependability, look no further. This is the best of the bunch. To be fair, it is not perfect. There are pros and cons.
1. The unit comes with an SD adapter. As a result, it is usable for many electronic devices.
2. The speed is fast for a Class 4.
The write speed range is between 2.8-5.3 mb/s. Most of the write activity is at 4.0 mb/s.
The read/data transfer rate is between 13 and 25 mb/s. Most of the transfer activity concentrates at 19 mb/s.
I use this storage device in my Sansa MP3 Player. I can not tell the difference in speed between the built-in 8 gb. internal memory or the Transcend 32 gb. In fact, I prefer the recordings on the latter. The music sounds better.
3. It is the only product with a lifetime limited warranty. So, the material and construction have to be high quality. . . . Transcend is not stupid. Too many defects and short life make the product unprofitable to sustain.
4. The manufacturer is a multi-billion Taiwan based firm. It is not a "fly-by night" company that is going to disappear and not fulfill its legal service obligations.
5. The bulk of reviews on this product is good, with the exception of two or three who received their products D.O.A. All other consumers are very happy with their purchases.
6. I like it so much that I ordered another.
1. The true storage volume is 29.7 gb., not the advertised 32 gb.
2. Transcend does not market a Class 6 or 10 MicroSDHC, but three other vendors do at very good prices. Of course, there are issues with their products.
For $15 more, PNY has a Class 10 with 32 gb. The customer reviews are not as good as the Transcend product, and it has a one-year warranty. . . . Again, Class 10s, as a group, are known to have read and write problems. This is true for all brands. So, until the industry improves on the stability issues that are inherent in Class 10s, it may be better to avoid them.
3C Pro sells a Class 6 with 32 gb. Customer reviews are better than Transcend. Unfortunately, the company is not listed on and does not have a website, although many online companies sell its products. Its biggest problem is product warranty. There is none. This was verified by's customer service.
Komputerbay markets a Class 10 with 32 gb. with a lifetime warranty. One set of customer evaluations gave high ratings, while another gave average marks. Despite the reviews, I never heard of this company - so I conducted an online investigation. The firm is a small importer of Chinese-made electronic devices. It buys up cheap stuff and sells them under its brand. The quality is not consistent because the manufacturing sources vary. As a result, there are consumer complaints listed on the internet.
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on November 28, 2011
Like most, I went for the fastest card when I got my new phone. I figured class 10 was faster than class 4, so it must be better, right? Wrong. It turns out that a card tuned for fast sequential performance has slow random performance on small files. A class 10 card is great for a HD camcorder because it's always writing a large amount of data sequentially. It sucks for a phone or tablet using the card to randomly store lots of small files.

The CrystalDiskMark scores I got with the Transcend class 4 32GB card are (100 MB transferred):
seq: 22.9 MB/s read, 4.3 MB/s write
512k: 22.0 MB/s read, 1.3 MB/s write
4k: 3.3 MB/s read, 1.3 MB/s write

In contrast, here's the 16GB class 10 card it's replacing:
seq: 21.8 MB/s read, 12.0 MB/s write
512k: 21.5 MB/s read, 0.9 MB/s write
4k: 5.7 MB/s read, 0.008 MB/s write (yes 0.008)

So read speeds are roughly the same, with the class 10 having a small advantage with small files. Write speed of the class 10 is about 3x faster on sequential files, but the class 4 is a whopping 160x faster with really small files. Unless you're writing lots of big files to the card (e.g. recording video), avoid the class 10. The class 6 and 4 cards offer much more balanced performance.
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on November 21, 2014
I bought this microSD flash card for my phone because my phone only came with an 8 GB one. This comes with the adapter to plug into computer. When I got it, i was just plugged it in, and it worked. Just simple like that. I was able to max out the storage for my phone by spend less than a dollar per GB. The quality of the card is very good for a microSD card with a cheap price. The best thing that i like about this product is its the only product with a lifetime limited warranty. I would love to recommend this to anyone who needs more space on their phone.
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on July 26, 2011
I dont do reviews.. I think this might be my first. But I consider myself pretty tech savi. I was upgrading from 16 gig class 2 microsd. It transferred at about 3.4 megabytes a second to my PC. I looked at alot of micro SD cards and I usually do my homework before making a purchase. This one is the best for its $$$ in terms of capacity (32 gigs, reads 29.7) and speed (class 4). I get a transfer speed of 9 megabytes a seconds (which is nuts for a class 4! class + # = speed in Megabytes which can vary though depending on quality etc.), when I go into my phone, images/videos load up 3 times faster, it used to take me like 1 min to load 88 image thumbnails. Now it takes like 3-10 seconds. Highly recommended, transcend is sort of a well known name brand. Quality wise.. will if t breaks within the first year, Ill be posting here again.

A side note. dont go for the class 10 cards, they are unreliable and i read reviews that they break fairly easy. Unless its a great name brand and not some Unknown KompPlus yada yada company. I think itll be fine. Also class 10 on smaller size microsd should be more reliable.
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on July 9, 2011
This card is now inside of my Motorola Atrix 4G. I upgraded from an 8GB SanDisk Class 2 card.
This card works, it's not one of those bogus cards (Don't quote me - just make sure you check the vendor of the card before you buy!), but it's also a bit of a disappointment too.
This card is class 4 - which means it is guaranteed to write at 4MB/s. Which it does, but not much more. Doing speed tests gets me around 4-5 MB/s write speed and 8 read. My old class 2 got 6-7 write, and 12 read.
Class 10's are incredibly expensive, but this works for me.
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on August 12, 2011
It came in retail packaging and included the adapter, so the product does not seem to be a knock off. However it was broken right out of the box. If this was a hard disk drive I'd assume it was most likely the delivery companies fault and I wouldn't be leaving a review, but for an SD card to be broken out of the box brings into question the reliability of their products. I bought a 16GB SDHC Sandisk card on the same order as this card and the Sandisk is working flawlessly. Just to reassure you that I am not an idiot I tried this card on multiple devices and none of them could mount the card. I first tried it on a Windows Machine, Windows tried to format it but failed after taking forever to detect the card, then I tried it on my Android phone and it stated the card was empty, asked for format and it also failed. I saw people complaining about broken cards on the bulk packaging versions so I thought perhaps this was a safer bet. At the end of the day, the cheap Sandisk in bulk packaging was the working card and this retail one was broken.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon April 2, 2012
Purchased this card with the intent of using it in a tablet. At the time this card was in the gold box with a pretty good price. Since getting the card I have had no success getting it to register as fully operational. I have tried the card in new micro sd adapters (I have a few around), tried in a camera where it would format but would start failing in the other devices, even failed in the camera after a few pictures. This card also failed in 4 different notebooks bought within the last year and a cellphone. Some could say, perhaps my devices do not support sdhc; other cards have worked in these devices but this is the first brand and type not to. Following another review I found on the product website a software download for reformatting but this has not been successful either. My first clue this card was not working right was after plugging the card into my computer, it asked to be formatted, most cards don't ask to do this out of the box. As a product sold directly by amazon, perhaps I just got one of the "very few" duds out there; doesn't appear to be fake but you can't always tell.
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on July 2, 2011
My Motorola Droid X came with a 16GB Sandisk Class 2 MicroSDHC card. After running out of memory thanks to apps and music, I bought this card as an upgrade.

Drag and drop of the old card's 15.4GB contents to my new card (via a Kingston USB-MicroSD adapter) did take a good 40 minutes, but no other complications. Apparently this Class 4 card can sustain a write speed closer to 6MB/sec.

I've read the Droid X can't support higher than Class 4 so I settled on this card, and it seems like a winner.
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VINE VOICEon November 21, 2011
So, the first thing I did is to run h2testw like with any memory card I received. No errors.

Write speed : 4.23 MB/s
Read speed : 19.5 MB/s

The read speed was a surprise, so I ran it again. Same result.

Write speed is as advertised for a class 4, nothing more. At this speed, it will take more than 2 hours to fill the card with content, if you're using this for media storage for playback on another device. It's a tradeoff between speed and price. Just remember to budget enough time before setting out on your road trip.

It comes in a plastic case and a warranty statement, which is in a paper envelope. Included is the full size SD adapter. I really like Amazon Frustration Free packaging.

I copied some files into it and popped it into my Sandisk Clip Zip. Works without a hiccup. Wish I had bought another one for my phone, since it was on a good sale (Gold Box offer) when I bought it.

As a class 4 card, I rate it 5 stars. Compared to all other microSD cards, I rate it 4 stars. Ultimately it comes down to price / performance tradeoff, and you have to decide if this card is the one for you.
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